Black and Tan Coonhound | Dogs 101

Black and Tan Coonhound | Dogs 101

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This breed holds the distinction as being America’s first First Dog.

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most US presidents have had dogs but the black-and-tan Coonhound holds the distinction for being America's first first dog they really are a true American brief in fact our founding father George Washington had black-and-tan Coon hounds with names like taster tipsy Tipler and drunkard they were popular with early settlers because of their abilities to track down varmints good on a cold scent so when the animals gone long gone before they'll pick up on the scent which is on cold originally trained to treat raccoons these dogs have been known to hunt down deer bear even mountain lions wow this true American dog was bred 300 years ago by combining the Talbott with the Bloodhound and the black and tan Fox hound creating a quick dog with an amazing sense of smell and the key to his success lies not a nose but in the ears big fluffy Pluto ish ears when they're running it flaps around it actually helps push the smell into the dog's nose as puppies the ears grow before the legs and not until they're three months old do they fully grow into them along with their ears the coonhounds ancestry created a beautiful coat that gives this breed its namesake the Virginia black and tan Fox hound is instrumental in the breed gives its color but the Black and Tans most distinctive characteristic might be those juicy jowls plenty of skin around their muzzle with these flapping lips you cannot look at a black and tan coon hound and not fall in love they're singing maybe music to some ears but they make for noisy neighbors so they're not good apartment dogs he's much better when he's on the trail when he's got a job to do although not hard to groom shedding is known to be a problem for owners of Black and Tans a pretty healthy breed they can have problems with their eyes and they're prone to hip and elbow dysplasia and when it comes to training you'll need a lot of patience because they're easily distracted by new and exciting scents and they make a great family pet so in general the black and tan coon hound is a noisy dog that prefers the outdoors it's generally healthy has few grooming needs they are agreeable dogs but can be difficult to train and they're good for active families come on gang

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  1. I had the PRIVILEGE of finding my SWEET and EXTREMELY LOYAL 8 years ago at Doggie daycare here in Louisville kynwho had been horribly abused and was actually going to be put to sleep and we had the pleasure to meet him we had actually found a 6 week wolf Pitt lab mix on I64here in Louisville we could not believe what was in front of us some sick and twisted person threw out a brown paper bag it had 2females and our Lucy and 1 male puppy who were already deceased Lucy was running in and out of traffic my husband got her and he picked up the other puppies and went to our vet Dr.John he said we should put Lucy to sleep she was in bad shape but she made it so we socialised her and she met and fell in LOVE with Red so we adopted him he cost us 29.00 he was so sad and scared at first and then he realized this was his forever home we had to let him go last October 19 of 2018 because he developed a really aggressive stomach cancer I MISS my Big boy Red so much if you ever have the opportunity to get one please do it

  2. They're so cute!
    Sadly I have a rather distant imbecile neighbor that is totally neglecting their dog. Yeah, I think keeping such a dog in a 12 x 12 cage at all hours of the day and night is unsuitable confinement. This dog is a black and tan Coonhound. The howling goes on for hours and hours. Basically it's a high energy dog bored out of its mind. That's clearly not proper exercise nor mind enrichment for such a dog. I'd like to stuff the negligent irresponsible human in a cage like that for a long time! Maybe they'll learn why it's unsuitable?

  3. mine just turned 2. His name is George. He is a great dog, he can be loud, prefers to ask forgiveness rather than permission when it comes to getting into the trash, but other than that loves all animals and all people, he is loud sometimes but never worry about it at night as once you tell him its bedtime he runs under the covers, curls up in a ball and goes to sleep at 9pm and wont wake up until 10am, he is great dog i rescued from the shelter and i wouldnt trade him for the world.

  4. My little sister and her husband have a coonhound, and they live in an apartment. Every time I stay there, he humps the mattress I sleep on in the front room, no matter how many times I say "NO!!!!!"

  5. Have to chime in to say that they CAN make good apartment dogs. My coonhound is very quiet. We live in a small apartment in SF. She sleeps all day and never howls, we go to the dog park every other day and the beach on the weekends. This is an amazing family dog, as long as you have other dogs, kids or are home enough. They're very social and have to interact with other dogs or people.

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