Birmingham – History Of Midlands TV News

Birmingham - History Of Midlands TV News

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This piece first broadcast on 9 May 2013. Televised on UK’s regional television ITV Central. Programme (Program) — ITV News Central.

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  1. I lived in Lansdown House back in 1952/1972, and remember the park being built, we had our own play area in between the flats and the maisonettes, I also remember the back to back house's being demolished and the new house going up., I was luckily yes we had hot water, central heating, our own bathroom and toilet, but i didn't take it for granted as I had friends who lived in the back to backs

  2. Birmingham is still a slum today the place is run down and undeveloped people are very backwards and uneducated nothing has changed in Birmingham and the west midlands.

  3. Typical smug TV presenter's, trying to appear to know all about it, BRUM WAS NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER MAJOR CITY IN BRITAIN. The working class were exploited , just labouring fodder, with ''houses'' that only just, passed the 'fit for human occupation.'' laws.

  4. We lived at 1 back of 54 Cato street, having previously lived in part of a house in Cardigan street, eventually we got a maisonette in Hodnet grove, in Highgate and finally my parent got a house in Gooch street.

  5. This report is Tory propaganda the reporter goes on about everywhere having heating and sanitation he obviously has not visited the doss houses ,guest houses and some of the hostels where the council now house the homeless.

  6. Born in 16 Kellet rd Nechells in 1959 moved to College st Springhill a back to back , no bathroom or hot water and a toilet we shared with 2 other families. My kids laugh when I tell them the conditions we lived in , live in Windsor now don't go back very often. …

  7. I once lived on great king St in the 50's one attic one bedroom and one living room,me and a brother a sister.No hot water, coal fire and outside toilet.Imoved from Brum over 40yrs ago now live on edge of peak district in derbyshire.I have a 42 year old son who was born here

  8. the bull ring be came a no go area in the late seventies and eighties, now its knocked down, i like to new hub cap bull ring, its very good.

  9. what the fuck does Carl Chinn know about inner city brum ,,, he was not born here and never lived here only his nan his dad was a rich book maker they lived in kings heath ,,, suck it up chin from a real neachels boy

  10. My sister and her husband and two kids lived in St Martins St Edgbaston/Ladywood and it was real back to back two up and a living room and very small kitchen down stairs. The place was damp no decent heating. Washing was done in a copper with a coal fire underneath. The toilets were across the courtyard and used by everyone, the toilets were flush but that was a bit of a luxury. There was a local shop just up the street and the local post office, which became a nightclub years later. The people who lived there were moved out when the area was demolished and found themselves living in places like Warstock, split up from all the other people in the community. Some of them were moved over to maisonettes on the other side of Broad Street opposite what was the Children's Hospital, and even these places were, and still are rough. Other families were moved to Nechells to live in places like Humber Tower, one bedroom, bathroom, living room and a really small kitchen. One memory I have is a summer in St Martins St, it was really hot and humid, and flying ants decided it would be a good time to swarm! They got everywhere, into cloths, eyes, mouths, up your nose, it was terrible, all us kids were out in the street and the courtyard stamping on them, batting them out of the air. Times have changed since then but it's one of the things you never forget.

  11. Raz Ullah, I was born and bred in Clifton Road Aston, holes in my shoes, frayed jeans , outside toilet and barrowed coal on a Saturday but i made good , with a nice wife and family in Sutton Coldfield all the best Raz

  12. Excellent report. I arrived in Brum as a painfully shy 18-year-old student. I remember some areas such as Lozells,  Nechells and Digbeth as being pretty awful, but when I returned for an FA Cup quarter-final in 1984 (Birmingham City 1, Watford 3, since you ask) the area around St Andrews was a lot, lot better. A documentary about West Bromwich Albion made in 1963 graphically displays how squalid it was for many people.

  13. This doesn't go back to the late 50s early 60s days of ATV studios at Aston Road North, when what I believe was the first woman Newscaster, Patricia Cox presented the Midlands News, no fancy titles then, after the main news which was only 10 minutes then.  The News some years started at 5.55, and Midlands news at 6.05pm.  And I forget wat came at 6.15.  Then before long the 6.45 slot was taken by another ATV Aston that I loathed, bu my mum was glued to it, CROSSROADS – Aarrrgghhh!

  14. I was one of those urchins in the Ladywood slums (featured in B&W early in the video) Our street, Anderton St. Had a sign on the corner saying 1.700 children live in this St drive carefully' The houses were very cramped, the outside toilets unhygenic, wasn't unusual to find cockroaches in your pocket in the morning. But the neighbours were wonderful and the kids were well looked after When they tore the place down, that spirit died with it. I was never happier than living there

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