BBC TV – Daily Politics – Donald Trump & The Trump Coat of Arms – Rafe Heydel-Mankoo

BBC TV - Daily Politics - Donald Trump & The Trump Coat of Arms - Rafe Heydel-Mankoo

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Historian and heraldic consultant Rafe Heydel-Mankoo discusses the origins of the coat of arms used by Donald Trump, and which features prominently in his New York penthouse in Trump Tower.

The arms are not in fact personal arms but are those granted by the Scottish Court of Lord Lyon (the authority responsible for regulating heraldry in Scotland) to Trump’s Scottish golf course and resort.

and we're joined now by the heraldic consultant and we're pleased to hear that there is such a job rape Idol Manku I hope I pronounced your name correctly welcome to the program so tell us about this coat of arms of Donald Trump what does it actually represent well this is rather interesting actually this is a arcane Scottish heraldic law providing evidence of Donald Trump's deep Anglophilia I would say and also touches upon the Royal Prerogative another hot topic of today Donald Trump basically in 2008 tried to get government support in Scotland for one of his golf courses and to do so he put out this Trump coat of arms which everyone thought was that Donald Trump's personal coat of arms but in fact they were created by two people in his staff and anyone who knows Harold he would see the clear heraldic violations and the rules so unfortunately Scotland has the most strict her out of regulations in the world what was it in country that regulates it the Queen delegated rule of a monarch delegated all authority through the prerogative to Lord lion who's a Scottish judge and the trumpet basically forced to abandon this coat of arms rather embarrassing me and a four years later the crown granted a coat of arms but not to Donald Trump it went to the golf course Trump has pillars in Trump Tower which are which are basically for an Aberdeen golf course right well look I think we're going to show we can see it there tell us what does it say about him well our coat of arms really is a short hand of history but so here we have the the Scottish lion rampant represented at the top in a stylized version two styles beneath it for his American heritage three chevre Nell's the vert inverted visa for the golf course representing sea sand dune sand and land and there we have the double-headed eagle representing his Scottish Germanic heritage riders though equal the grasping to golf balls which further suggests that perhaps these are very very convenient and what if my guests here wanted to have their own coat of arms how difficult is it well there's a criteria that maybe a lady of outstanding quality and I think that there's evidence for that today to see but anyone who has some professional qualifications or university degree or stand out in the community has received honor can petition for a grant of arms it's rather expensive about 5,000 pounds or so in England 3,000 in Scotland's good old Scots on that level and quite a prolonged process but a wonderful way to preserve your family heritage and history for future generations because coats of arms in this country are personal property which can't be assumed by other people right well let's ask any any ideas for a motto if you were to have a coat of arms or what it might look like there would have to be some some quote from the bard he has a lot to say about harrelson heraldry you know they play a big part particularly I like that the bit at the end of henry v where the herald announces the enormous war debt on the other side thank you I think you thought about what about one piece what about one for you I'm wondering if there were any Smith coats of arms already out there that I could steal can you have loaned them on that basis thank you very much for coming in that was fascinating

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