'Ball of pure white light' thought to be a UFO spotted over Leeds

'Ball of pure white light' thought to be a UFO spotted over Leeds

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According to Iain Boyd, Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, the Pentagon’s sudden interest has little do do with aliens.

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45 thoughts on “'Ball of pure white light' thought to be a UFO spotted over Leeds”

  1. I feel embarrassed to mention this. Me and my partner saw a ball of light last night. It was moving slowly then the light of it turned out as a plane approached. It was really strange.

  2. почему уже непризнаются что чтото летает каждый день наблюдаю за этими шарами и днем и вечером

  3. I,v seen this!in the middle of the day!quite low flying over my house!when I shouted-look at that!!it gave a quick sort of squiggle movement (as if it didn't know where to hide!)and shot off over my house!

  4. I saw the same thing in Texas Devine it was changing colors and morphing different shapes. I was with 4 other people too. It disappeared then reappered. We also started hearing helicopters but we couldn't see any helicopters was quite odd. My friend said their was a military base near by. It could just be the us government testing lightcraft technology.

  5. It's Leeds United Play Off dream. Jogging on at the speed of light. MFC Milllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll See you next season. As if there was any doubt. Globes man made Government fuckery with weather and chemtrails etc. Not aliens unlike most of the scum that vote Tory.

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