Pariah Performs at AfroFest Rocking Kitenge African Print Trousers

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This video shows local RnB singer, songwriter and rapper, Pariah, wearing Kitenge African print trousers during one of her performances at AfroFest 2019 at The Trinity Centre in Bristol, UK.

Pariah performed on stage just before the African fashion show featuring modern African print clothing styles by Kitenge and local designers. For more information about Pariah check out her website:

AfroFest celebrated the best of African culture including fantastic: live music, Djs, dance, fashion and spoken word performances. For information about next years festival on Saturday 13th June 2020, please visit the organiser’s website:

Kitenge is an ethical, online made to measure clothing brand and social enterprise empowering tailors in Tanzania, East Africa, to improve their livelihoods one colourful garment at a time. All raw materials are locally sourced from Tanzania supporting small businesses, the local economy and African textile industry.

To learn more about AfroFest, Kitenge’s colourful and unique African wax print clothing please click on the link below to read our latest blog post:

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EastEnders spoilers Rob Kazinsky reveals huge Sean Slater return story Metro News

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EastEnders spoilers Rob Kazinsky reveals huge Sean Slater return story Metro News
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EastEnders spoilers Rob Kazinsky reveals huge Sean Slater return story Metro News 135.6m shares Sean Slater is back in EastEnders – and couldnt be more excited by the storyline that he is arriving back to. While much remains under wraps about an unmissable week for fans of the show, the actor teased unbelievable material ahead. sat down for Robs only exclusive interview about his EastEnders return and he enthused: I think we have done some amazing work. We had an amazing crew and Pete Lawson wrote an awesome script. Michael Owen Morris directed the episodes and we were all very much on the same page. I am hoping that what we do present is thoughtful and honest. Working with Gillian and Lacey always presents unbelievable material. You will be stunned by what Gillian Wright can do every single scene, day after day. I hope that people are pleased with how we brought Sean back. Hinting about what Sean might get up to, he added: Kate Oates asked who he was going to see when he gets back to the Square. I thought hed want to see Roxy – does he know that shes dead? We talked about that for a long time – we both felt that if hed known, hed have come back already. So that led to a very interesting story of why doesnt he know and why hasnt Stacey told him? He also needs to see Amy – he loves her. I lost my dog in a break up 11 years ago and I still think about that dog every single day. You still attach – Amy was his child for a minute. And he has to see Jack. The great thing about Jack is that of all of the people in the Square apart from Roxy – the only one who understands him is Jack. They both love Amy and they both lost something very important on the same day. There is an initial fear of Sean being here, the truth is that this is a man who loves Amy too. Many fans thought that they would never see Sean in the show again but Rob admitted to me that there was one major force which persuaded him to sign on the dotted line for this stint – Kate! He smiled: Every couple of years Id get a phone call asking if Im interested and it was always no. I have always been very busy and I know what a commitment it is to come back. This year, its been 10 years since I went – I left in January 2009 so I thought if ever there was a chance to mark it, this would be it. So I wanted to have a chat and see what they were thinking. I spoke to Kate Oates, who is the most convincing human being on the planet – she is a powerful force, she could sell anything. And what EastEnders will sell the audience next week will be truly unmissable. Tune in on Monday 30th April at 8pm on BBC One where the drama begins.  EastEnders reveals when Max Branning returns and theres huge drama Sean Slater returns with a secret in EastEnders Phil reveals a devastating secret after Bens betrayal in EastEnders Includes exclusive content, spoilers and interviews before they andapos;re seen on the site. {{htmlEntityDecode excerpt}} Share your results

Online Radio App stops playing audio when mobile screen turns off or goes sleep

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Android mobile stops Streaming audio when screen timeout
App stops playing audio when screen goes sleep
Online radio app stops/pauses playing audio when screen turns off
Solution: Power saving mode is turned on. Since, power saving mode will restrict most background data and will stop syncing.
Email, Message and other apps like online audio streaming app that rely on syncing may not be updated unless you open them.
So, turn off power saving mode.
Note: Power saving mode will be temporarily turned off while your device is charging. That’s why online radio app continuously streaming audio when the mobile is charging. While charging the phone, App will stream audio continuously even when the screen goes sleep or timeout.
Music player stops when phone sleeps
music stops when screen turns off
tunein radio stops when screen turns off
Music player stops playing audio from the Internet when phone sleeps
Android music stops after screen lock

The Nigel Farage Show: 3rd June 2019 – LBC

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Nigel is asking: Was it inappropriate for the Mayor of London to insult the President before his state visit.

Live from the LBC studio, Nigel Farage will take your calls.

Before his state visit to the UK, US President Donald Trump suggested the UK send Nigel Farage to take part in Brexit talks with the EU, find out what the Brexit Party leader says.
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The Leadership Revolution We All Need | Farrah Storr | TEDxCoventGardenWomen

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Based on her experiences revamping some of the most recognizable women’s magazines in the world, Farrah Storr shares valuable lessons on what it takes to become a successful and authentic leader. Her insights are sure to inspire reflection in the leaders in us about the importance of staying true to ourselves.

Farrah, was appointed Editor of Cosmopolitan UK in July last year. Since taking the role, she has led the magazine through a dramatic new look and introduced brand new content. In the latest round of ABC figures, she has successfully grown circulation by 59% year-on-year.

She joined from Women’s Health magazine where she was launch Editor. Under her tenure, Women’s Health has become the most successful women’s magazine launch of the last decade, recording six consecutive increases in its ABC circulation figures. Prior to that she was Features Director of Marie Claire in Australia and Deputy Features Editor of Glamour UK. She began her career as Features Assistant at Woman & Home, followed by Features Writer at Good Housekeeping. She regularly contributes to broadsheet newspapers and television about a wide range of women’s issues.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

John Dickerson pays tribute to "CBS This Morning" team as he moves to new role

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In John Dickerson’s final Reporter’s Notebook, he turns to the people in the studio, in the building, and CBS News bureaus around the world. Dickerson is shifting roles to report for “60 Minutes” and contribute to election specials.

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Mr & Mrs titles – Border TV programme – 1983

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Border’s best-known networked programme of the era! The presenter is Derek Batey and I’m thinking Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent for the title music…but do comment if you know better!

India: The former child worker who wants a fair wage – BBC News

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Theiyvanai started working in the textile industry in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu when she was still a child. Now old enough to vote for the first time, she is urging politicians to guarantee proper wages for such jobs.

Video by Pramila Krishnan and Piyush Nagpal, BBC Tamil

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Watch on Cyta UK TV the latest news from Cyprus Sigma TV

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Many Greek & Cypriot series, Νews in Greek, Sports, Greek Music, children’s programmes.

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The Nigel Farage Show | LIVE Radio Debate – 23rd July | LBC

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This afternoon Nigel Farage attended a rally with Donald Trump in Washington DC – the President spoke to Nigel about incoming PM Boris Johnson.

He will reveal all from 6pm only on LBC.

On the day Boris Johnson is announced as the new Conservative leader and next Prime Minister, Nigel Farage takes your calls.

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Rafted Canoe Sailing on Keepers Pond, South Wales

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Just two friends having a little play with sailing rafted Canadian canoes on a mountain pond.

We used a purpose made rafting spar in order to secure the boats with a space between them to prevent water lapping inside the canoes. Two aluminium canoe poles formed the a-frame and a 2m tarp’ makes the sail

Brexit News! Can Scotland prevent the Brexit?

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Can Scotland prevent Brexit? A very special topic, because what seems to be attractive to Brexit opponents at first sight, is on the other hand connected with dangers! So Europe has to split even more to be united in the end? So that we do not get bored, we drink a delicious sip of Buckfast Tonic Wine for this conversation. A drink brewed in England and especially popular in Scotland. If that is not diplomatic …?!

In this series, however, we are not dedicated to the specialties for goumets, but the simple, home-style cuisine. The food from the supermarket, the cans, the fast food in between. In short: the everyday kitchen that most people still know from their childhood!

Among other things, we will try Amoreti, Munchmallows and Eurocrem! And we are curious how we like it?

And of course we have time to talk … about the Balkans, Europe, the world and the culture that connects us!

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give me some new brakes it ain't about for those who never heard of it about staying in ok that's right yeah in 2014 five years ago long enough and the situation is changed completely Tran yeah embarassed itself also consider a second referendum yeah me too what do you think away I afford go but you had it coming I think back in 2016 I think a lot a right next day the back then framer said if there is a brexit yeah we will have to decide in our fate as Scotland and here has sent it already I think so ok because yes yes I did we had class yeah the referendum was on a twenty sometime in June right yeah and was Wednesday I think mmm the next day I was in class at the on campus at University and sure enough the topic was breakfast ok and announced it was if we have a brexit Scotland will vote do we want to be British or European and here we are as promised what what do you think about it in general I think the question is is it good that we first have to separate more to unite in the end I'll get that tomorrow that's what's your opinion yes I thought today okay do we really understand them because it's a form of separation and a form of being United which we really can't understand Jessa just Jones can we because this whole United Kingdom I mean United Kingdom it should be United but everything is yes everything comes from central from London so yeah and you have your own nationality and you have your own patriotism and but does that go together but when we ever look at Germany Britain was United or the New Year in about in this 18th century in the 18th century long term yeah so 17 something yes so and then there was a long period nothing happens so and yet now look at Germany so Germany was united in a way in the late 19th century yes especially and I think about Bavaria Bavaria protea yes oh yeah so and there was very separate to complete separate kingdoms at that time with a lot of national proud so yes and still but I can't it's not for me would say okay we I I don't know no trophy I paid for noise lunchtime but the truth I mean for once we have to be fair there actually was even in the 90s 1990s by and pitaya at the very party yeah and they really seriously wanted a referendum to split the barrier from Germany no joke for that no big kind of Germany already 90 okay or I believe they had this you know campaign going so these are the data statistics Bavaria is so much better in economy and whatever then Germany okay and they said we are better off alone than in the German Federation now they had like 0.5% of vote but the idea was there now Scotland though again do you have to go way back in history scuffin is actually a different what he called us breed I guess you know they yes they are so United Kingdom since what hundreds of years but the history is there so the the my perception is the Irish and us Scotland please I don't know about Wales they have their own pride you know and they have their own political aspirations well they are very proud very proud but there you know with England they don't want to be separate whereas Scotland and Ireland they're like no no we are our thing birth is nice but we are Scottish that's my perception yeah yeah ok ok ok but the Scottish National Party isn't a National Party and yes in a sense it's it's more kind of liberal or less oriented however you can call it and that's a special mixture I think what do you think I guess but it has always been Scotland England Wales yeah I mean yes of course there is this cover-up with United Kingdom but I think the different countries were always there will always be there even if you I mean ok we are in the European Union but we would never say ok we are European just ok maybe we say so but you're still German French yeah but it's interesting because I read today and that's maybe in what I say is a topic for another issue because I found it on Google Docs coat UK they they have completely different topics then Google Germany and the UK news they discussed that if Scotland will leave the United Kingdom then there is a problem because the European Union said okay you are not automatically into the you so then you are a separate country that we have to look if you can join the you that's right so and that was a shock for the Nationalists either because they thought okay everything is okay we are in the EU but that's not the case because there are some separatists in in in Spain and other parts of Europe and the fear isn't it's okay I think that they will separate after that say okay then the basket lunch won't to live maybe the Catalonia or whatever so and Bavaria maybe yeah yeah yeah funny but but in in theory that would be possible then I think we take a little break we have a special a special drink today a special drink we had it in the show before we've been visiting this Abbey a few years but we never thought I never heard of this famous drink before or when we when we've been there found out in Internet that's Hutus hooligans most Scottish people in general I don't know I think pupils pupils not just only good against maybe the young men is it wants to stop drinking problem yeah okay with this you start when you want to drink you start with this when you start with a girl no okay but I've never seen it when we've been there so I had to ask you if you bring some of it to Germany and we tried it and it has the appearance of being healthy and the Lenape the lady where I bought it's in the back fist every Catholic every down deep in England in Devon she said it's very SS he completes yes it's against everything everything from heart ache to cancer everything with backfist tonic alexia whatever no not cancer but cancer HIV and that I caffeine but let's chase it come on right it's not recommended to children but I mean it has 15 [Laughter] Oh Lisa first good stuffing and maybe a bit like coffee in it's a little taste of coffee in it isn't it yeah afterwards specially you can taste fruity Wow very sweet yeah and a bit like what's what's is the Spanish drink to start off the starter what you drink before a meal I don't know Oh Shelly yeah yeah a bit bit like sherry wine port wine Shelly yes yeah you're right okay rival so okay again for yeah you for Scotland you know that far Wow for audience yep all over the world's the planet the universe universe the universe yeah and so I think this is the best drink for that topic yeah what should we do I I have to confess I wasn't in Scotland before well no November but we cross the border I think just the border [Laughter] again too much I can't stand it it's too much sorry [Laughter] really honestly I like the people they're so nice I mean just you know they get to you it meet them and you get along and you can have a drink obviously lots of drinks but they have us yes you have ever so many mentality even it's just a border it is a border you know believe it or not I mean it wasn't border back in the Roman town or one mm-hmm and it still is they are little Scottish and they had their own things identity okay very special and the went went so friendly all the time no I mean it's more the time as I read it wasn't just the thing England against Scotland it was more thing rich people against poor people absolutely so for them there were rich Scottish people that were not the best at war no I'm they no they weren't okay it actually was a social struggle yeah so very much was rich versus poor that's a nice you know this person this cool but still somehow this narrative of Scotland being Scotland wherever it is is there and you know no Britain or no Europe can really change that mmm so far but how is the economic situation in Scotland was the study what two years ago were where they felt fine you know they were nothing richest in Europe baby but they felt were doing fine we're doing well okay and I think that's actually more important than how much you originally are I think economics is based mainly on tourism no joke whiskey oh yeah the Doyle distillery scene there I think is some modern stuff multimedia and so on and maybe farm farming obviously farming that's the main positions in it yeah yeah we we want them but I'm really not not sure it's in my breasts yeah yeah – two hearts beating in my chest – it's enough and on one end I think okay let's just see that there is no brexit at all and sitting on my shoulder okay let's go yeah we had the vote yeah they want that okay good the real problem is Britain joined back in the what 60 70s yeah right away they took the lead they headed their way so far mm-hm and in 2016 it was really the British way or the highway and both the EU and Berkeley took the highway so I think it's better and like you said we're going to be better together as Europeans if we split it sounds paradox but again coming from Yugoslavia it can work so now these bone has these stupid people who have all comes which I can slam as I said you wanted to now they feel like okay maybe you know let's work together after all this war in this you know acrimony maybe it's something good to working together but as sovereign nations that's very important to them let the English have us that's fine you know we're gonna and close them with Ireland and Scotland say you wash it you know let's face it they want their own thing that's totally fine with me but you speak about the total pressure for special English breaks it total Broxson as in really two separate things I think that's best for both just to think that I mean it wasn't I mean you wish Lamia wasn't split up because of a referendum so it was really the hard way and a really painful way so is it is it really possible to do so here's the thing back when I was studying political science we had Belgium Belgium is was doing a okay they were fine economy whatever everything was good and still the what he called an malonic and blame me for whatever people felt like the other side as a bad guy were being suppressed both have the same feeling yeah and you wonder how how can they feel that or think that when they're doing great they are the heart of Europe literally the heart of Europe but this is a you know and I know that firsthand it is a thing national pride is a thing as a nice love yeah as in England I guess you have to respect that even if it is I call it theological I don't understand it you know but it is there mmm-hmm my view is as a Belgian us loggin European citizen the world is mine it's all there for me that's all I need my own ethnicity whatever that is or religion I can have it for myself I don't have to have it in a political state or entity but some people many people do now do you have some kind of national pride yes I do I do and I'm German I wouldn't say I'm European I'm German so okay so it's I mean maybe pride is the wrong word maybe it's like good self-consciousness of it okay bunches of your nationality I mean pride yes I don't know I mean I've never seen it from any other position than being German so but yeah of course I think we're doing great is a good country and we solve many problems in the past and we will solve many problems in the future of it yes that's hard to be proud of well see pride in the same problem here be proud you have to be really the author I didn't great Germany but I I am very emotionally connected and you noticed that when son really you know attacks say Germany or some other you know country and was people stunned Germany feel like okay you know feel like I'm being attacked myself I wasn't border Minh but I have this emotional connection I can't really explain that that's the problem but it is there now again you have to deal with that emotions and this is something even though the strongest political scientists have to learn people vote and decide by liszt not like this mmm-hmm you know it's not the homo so to know economical that's not true it's the hormone irrational emotional dude or a gal who doesn't have you know I think you both said it pride is the wrong word for it but but it's a strong feeling and consciousness one was good and to be aware of your roots maybe no I I wouldn't say that I feel especially you p.m. that's maybe too much in a very small sense I feel as a child of soap well yeah yeah maybe and there are some parts of Germany I not just like then I can feel it I like Berlin as an example is not just as capital of Germany I feel so Democratic when I'm in Berlin as an example yes but also I have feel very good in in parts of England or I really like with all my heart I like different parts of South Germany – yeah but it's not mine I'm there like a tourist I'm there like a to reserve different the manners are different the way to live is different and again I like it very much I travel there let me see it from the outside I see from the outside I'm not a sauce young guy so and that's a big part of Germany and I'm also not a North German guy I'm not from the coach now for many parts in the East are very and alien and they can't grow together that's not the problem but also it can grow together with other parts of Europe we can all grow together there's much to do I think so what group do you identify with where you you know feel like I have to you know do something for them or leave these are my people you thank you cause was so young and people I know the region I know and it's no question there are good things invented in Germany so that's that's okay communism is invented in Germany even as [Laughter] because so many big big influences starting in in Germany if you see Martin Luther as the Protestant or yeah even communism socialism this part of of a new left-winged political side starts more or less in Germany or the theory was born in Germany and and so many things are very I cultural community in Central Europe so that's good it's no problem I like our language that's that's not the question but this is feeling yeah I am German definitely I am German but it's not that I say hey wave the flag and say Germany is better and I'm not into football and so it's for me no football no that's interesting I mean I understand it perfectly I just I can't explain why I have these emotions for our feelings for Germany uh okay so put maybe about because you choose it no no no you can't choose that I didn't choose to fall in love with my wife I met her and I was you know stunned did fall asleep we think about you see I guess we need someone who really knows the stuff you know knows psychology and whatever as a terracotta know football I have off my mother she always cheered for Germany back in 96 yeah we were in Kosovo okay and Germany will be four no Lance a ninety six and she was you know jumping up and down you know what's up with you why Germany and what's she the only one in your family everybody was looking at her like four four people the rest was like what happened you know and eventually I realized yes the Germans to me play a very fair football of their likable and all that but you know that came from her she convinced me okay why I feel for Germany as a people or nation well first of all I came here was received in the best of ways him in my personal perception you know that's true for me I understand that everyone makes this perfect you know fairy tale experience that's of course one reason the other is and this is myself I always fell like I'm gonna be in the West as a kid I would see the Western on TV and here I was and you know that's it I'm happy I'm here and it happens to be Germany yeah but but that's what I meant I was born here and I'm here that's nothing special for me well here's the thing I never spoke German I never spoke a single word of German I learned the language in six weeks in six weeks yes I was and okay this again is personal I had a friend here and after naming yeah yeah he germanized me this you said this cultural heavyweight the Germany is he brought it to me in the nicest of ways and eventually you become German you know that's the way it is okay so it wasn't just one stop on your way like okay I want to check out how Germany is and when I'm old enough and have a profession and can earn my own money then I go to France and then I go to England so that was never the question so I just you know I felt in my version was we're gonna be loving the West some time it happened it happened to be Germany I was raised with an English language it was newspapers all that but I was up in Germany and identify as German now and I was really proud back in 2011 when I became a German citizen I became a sim racing world champion flying the German flat I was like because I felt like I need to see give something back you know okay I had gotten so much from Germany I felt like finally I can you know give back this title to this country that I feel so much for yeah does this make sense yeah so yeah again these are emotions I I can't point you know I put my finger on it I try to but it's more complex I guess yeah okay I think that's was a good speech at the end the time is running no I think it's it's an interesting topic for for later on and and and we started with Scotland and we now end with with the discussion about national feelings and our national feelings can work in Europe to fulfill both sides to be united and if your own identity in which way so and it's interesting I think even our positions are slightly different and we we have a common position the last way to finish the show today oh oh cop in Aachen hmm okay then let's finish for today we discussed at the beginning if we should do this kind of shows still in English because of course it's a bit easier for us to speak in German we are native German speakers always in fluent in all he's fluent in good in all languages but she 90% but me just fifty maybe you can write something in the comments about that in question and don't forget to hit and smash like button and if you have some problems with us or what we say then please write it down in the comments you can smash don't like button that's no problem but please then write in the comments what you do not like that's much more interesting for us and at least for you and yeah do you want to say anything thanks for having us really so nice drinks drinks the rest No very empty the water and have a nice weekend and see you next week bye bye you


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Here is some early confirmed team news for Newcastle United plus Marcos Rojo has revealed his return date for Manchester United!

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Leeds United in the 90s – Defending Champions 92-93 – News Reports & Goals

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Leeds United – Summer & Autumn of “92

Daily Latest News Under 3 Minutes | Manchester United

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All the latest news about Manchester United in under 3 minutes.

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Oral History of 'The Karate Kid' with Ralph Macchio and William Zabka | Rotten Tomatoes

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Back in 1984, a scrappy kid from New Jersey named Daniel LaRusso moved cross-country to California’s San Fernando Valley and squared off against a gang of bullies with the help of his apartment building’s Okinawan maintenance man. More than 30 years later, the film’s legacy lives on in the YouTube Premium original series ‘Cobra Kai,’ which flips the script and asks, “What if Daniel was the bad guy all along?” ‘Cobra Kai’ stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka recently sat down with Rotten Tomatoes to reminisce about the original film, talking about their relationships with the late Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) and Martin Kove (John Kreese), their casting auditions, and what it was like filming the iconic climactic fight. Thankfully, the two remain friends to this day, and their love for the franchise still runs strong.

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World's Smartest Toddler? | Elise Tan-Roberts of London, England | ABC News

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At 2 years old, Elise Tan-Roberts has one of the world’s highest IQs.

The majority of parents believe their children are geniuses, but toddler Elise Tan-Roberts has the official seal of approval to back up the boast..

At 2 years and 4 months old, Elise becomes the youngest member ever of the high IQ fraternity Mensa .

Not only does Elise know her shapes, but the London resident also can count in Spanish. But her favorite thing to do is recite world capitals.

She knows 35 of them, including Paris,Tokyo and Washington D.C.

Little Elise’s IQ is an astonishing 156. Compare that to Albert Einstein’s 160, and you realize just how smart Elise really is considering she still has so much to learn.

Though Mensa can only test people older than 10, Elise was accepted because of a previous “evidence application” that confirmed her IQ score was within the top 2 percent of the population, according to British Mensa’s Web site.

Before Elise took Mensa’s youngest-ever honors, the title of youngest female ever admitted to Mensa was held by Georgia Brown. Georgia had been the youngest girl when she joined in 2007 at 1,041 days old. The youngest boy and youngest member ever accepted was Ben Woods, who joined Mensa in the 1990s at 1,035 days old, according to Mensa’s Web site.

Elise was 845 days old when she joined the international high IQ club.


[MAY 2009]

Rocketman Taron Egertons Elton John before the flashy wardrobe Metro News

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Rocketman Taron Egertons Elton John before the flashy wardrobe Metro News
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The Nigel Farage Show: 2nd June 2019 – LBC

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Club Mobay – VIP Montego Bay Jamaica Airport Service

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Club Mobay –

Imagine escaping from the stress and chaos of security lines and crowded departure halls to a sanctuary where you can relax, unwind or catch up with the office, all while immersed in warm Jamaican hospitality and culture. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Club Mobay’s lounge experience enhanced with an unrivaled visual journey through Jamaica’s history provides the perfect place to unwind before departure.

OPENING HOURS: 6 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Sun)

Fast track privileges through security and immigration for all your guests
Complimentary refreshments of fresh fruits, pastries, snacks sandwiches, tapas and patties
Complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (hot/cold)
Complimentary fully equipped Digicel business centre
Magazines and daily local newspapers
Complimentary phone calls to USA / Canada and UK Landlines
Saving of US$5 per person and guaranteed seats when booked through your group planner (direct airport rate is US$35)
Unlimited Wi-Fi and International cable television (12 flat screens)
Culturally themed sound proof children’s play area
Electronic games on Samsung
Galaxy tablets
Quiet lounge for adults only
Jamaican cultural exhibits
Complimentary access to VIBES smoking lounge on main concourse beside gate 9
Showering facilities
Mango Spa with mini treatments available to purchase

Save $5 booking online through the link below

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Inspiring dancer Andrew leaves Cheryl in floods of tears – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

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Inspirational dancer Andrew freestyles to Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake. Twenty-one-year-old Andrew was born with Down’s Syndrome. A self-proclaimed ‘captain of dance’, Andrew loves contemporary, ballet and ballroom.

Dance talent show where dancers of any age and dance style compete to win £50,000 and a chance to perform on Strictly Come Dancing.

Leading the charge to discover the greatest dancer are three superstar dance captains – platinum-selling singer Cheryl, Broadway and Glee star Matthew Morrison and Strictly Come Dancing professional Oti Mabuse.

The series is hosted by singer and presenter Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo, member of multi-award-winning dance troupe Diversity.

The audience hold the power – if they are impressed by the audition, they can vote to open the mirror, and if 75 per cent of the audience vote yes then the mirror will open and the dancer will make it through to the next stage of the competition, the callbacks. Get ready to see talent from across the world of dance, from ballet to jazz, street to ballroom, contemporary to disco as the dancers give the performances of their lives in the hope of opening the mirror.

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The Greatest Dancer | BBC

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Searching for the ringleader behind Sri Lanka's attacks – BBC News

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Police in Sri Lanka are still looking for Zahran Hashim, the alleged ringleader of a group of suicide bombers who attacked churches and hotels on Easter Sunday, killing more than 350 people. It’s still not clear if Mr Hashim, a member of a hardline Islamist group, is alive or dead. BBC correspondent Yogita Limaye travelled to his home town, more than 200km east of Colombo. She reports from Kattakundy for the BBC News at Ten.

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Breaking News – UK Cabinet Ministers concerned on the Brexit tax campaign requires

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Breaking News – UK Cabinet Ministers concerned on the Brexit tax campaign requires
Breaking News – UK Cabinet Ministers concerned on the Brexit tax campaign requires

Senior UK cabinet ministers have reportedly expressed concerns after prominent leave campaigners who donated large sums to the Brexit campaigns during the 2016 referendum recently received tax demands from HMRC. The demands from HMRC hinge on inheritance tax rules that require tax to be paid upfront on large gifts. Party political donations, as well as donations to charities, are usually exempt, but HMRC has said that does not apply to individuals who donated to the referendum campaign. Euroscep…


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The Nigel Farage Show 23 September 2019

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Listen as Nigel reflects on the day’s political updates. Labour delegates have decided on the party’s Brexit position. Tonight Nigel asks: Labour supporters, are you happy?

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The Nigel Farage Show:

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Peter Parker Gets His Powers – "Big Change" – Transformation Scene – Spider-Man (2002) Movie CLIP HD

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Peter Parker Gets His Powers – “Big Change” – Spiderman Transformation Scene – Spider-Man (2002) Movie CLIP [1080p HD ]

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BBC News Pro independence newspaper launches in Scotland

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Pro-independence newspaper launches in Scotland

A new newspaper, claiming to represent those who voted for independence from Britain in last September’s referendum, has been launched in Scotland.
The National costs 50p and went on sale on Monday, as part of a five day trial.
Jamie McIver reports.

Revolutionary heart transplant surgery at Newcastle Freeman hospital | ITV News

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A heart transplant technique has been performed in Newcastle for the first time.

Surgeons have carried out a transplant using a donor heart which is no longer beating. A heart would normally come from someone who is brain dead, but whose heart is still working.

This has been described as the biggest advancement in heart surgery in 30 years and is expected to increase the number of transplants by a third. Katie Cole reports.

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Tottenham reach UCL final!, Liverpool get EPL trophy + transfer news! Onefootball Daily News

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Onefootball Daily News brings you the latest football news from around the world! On today’s show we talk Spurs’ incredible comeback against Ajax to reach the Champions League final, Liverpool get their hands on the Premier League trophy and all the latest transfer news and rumours!

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Audio Credit: Artlist

FFXIV Blue Mage Spells and Where To Find Them [Level 1 – 50 Guide]

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Where to find the level 1 through 50 Blue Mage Spells in Final Fantasy XIV. This was put together by Aleu Lyehga and Atria Ba’anyu of Brynhildr

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#FFXIV #BlueMage #SpellGuide
Fantastic Blue Mage Spells and where to find them.
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Metro function hall hafiz baba nagar chandrayanagutta kane huwa paigeo auto se two wheeler ka accident 2 ki hu v spot dead 1 zakmi aur 1thik hai police station limit chandrayanagutta hyd ts.

(1/1) Taranis Q X7 Radio: Tips for setting up a new radio (from

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The Nigel Farage Show: 4th June 2019 – LBC

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Nigel is asking: Should we be welcoming Trump’s trade deal with open arms?

Straight from a visit with US President Donald Trump, who earlier today promised a “phenomenal” trade deal following Brexit, Nigel Farage will take your calls.

Get involved in today’s debate by calling Nigel on 0345 60 60 973.

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How to Use Chronicling America – Part 1 – Find All Newspapers

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The Library of Congress’ Chronicling America site is wonderful for finding American newspapers and articles.

In the first of a 3 part series, this part concentrates on finding all of the newspapers that have been published in the U.S., over 130,000 of them. It shows you also how to find in which libraries and archives, copies of these newspapers can be found for your research.

For further information about this and other newspaper collections, please visit:

The Chronicling America site can be accessed at

Sri Lanka president: IS 'chose Sri Lanka to show they exist' – BBC News

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Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena has told the BBC that he believes the Islamic State (IS) group chose to mount attacks in his country to show they still exist.
Police in Sri Lanka have blamed two local Islamist groups for the Easter Sunday bombings, but acknowledged that they must have had support from groups abroad. IS has said it was behind the suicide attacks, which killed more than 250 people.
Mr Sirisena also told the BBC’s Secunder Kermani that he would not resign despite criticism that the government failed to act on warnings.

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One Woman, 17 British Accents – Anglophenia Ep 5

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Siobhan Thompson performs a tour of the accents of the British Isles – and the celebrities who speak with them!

Five lessons to help you do a better British accent here:

Photos via AP Images.

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the UK is incredibly diverse in terms of accents and it just so happens that I can do many of these accents as my party trick so come with me as I take you on a guided tour through all of the accents and archetypes of Great Britain's hi I'm Siobhan Thompson and this is Anglo tinea and what I'm speaking right now is Rp receive pronunciation or you know your standard BBC English it's spoken across the country generally by middle upper middle and upper class people think of Martin Freeman Benedict Cumberbatch or you know most of the presenters of BBC news so good evening it's night o'clock and this is the news I'm very important heightened RP is generally only spoken on film and television now so you're gonna think of no card or the Dodger countess in Downton Abbey Oh Gerald I do love you but you're so terribly terribly poor now London is the action the most people outside of Britain can recognise you know that classic look Stock and Two Smoking Barrels give out of my pub go on get out of it shut it you taught East Anglia is a flat boggy kind of place with a flat boggy kind of accent I love to give you an example of somebody that comes from there the speaks like this but they all lose this accent as soon as I can Stephen Fry's from Norfolk but he doesn't speak like this because he's posh here's a kind of classic kind of East Anglia phrase I done drop my computer in the fan and it's broken now let's go across the island to the West Country which is a much rounder sound its farmland full of sheep and cows and apples think of like Sam Gangi from the Lord of the Rings or Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies or you bloody kids go off my land or Oh mr. Frodo don't let me turn me into anything unnatural and then you go down to Cornwall it gets a little bit more priority so moist the mizzenmast Squire Trelawney no southern West is this great singing song he kind of an accent think of Tom Jones or Richard Burton you know rage rage against the dying of the light bloody hell I love Dylan Thomas Northland which is where the singer Duffy is from it's a breathy a thicker kind of an accent and most people from there speak Welsh at home and English as a second language so you know dear who've our now cross the country to the West Midlands and Birmingham it's a very nice or kind of an accent mostly on account of all being just through the went on in that area cap Daly who presents So You Think You Can Dance is from there and so is Ozzy Osbourne you know Sharon where's the bloody remote yeah that police that he does isn't because of drugs is just where he's from Scouse is your classic Liverpool accent the Beatles are from there and so spall McGann they're also made European Capital of Culture a couple years ago by the EU so don't tell me that I cultured all right up until Lancashire and you're not think of Christopher Eccleston or most of the cast of the downstairs and Downton Abbey Daisy get those buns out the oven before the burn ah mr. big saw across the pen irons to Yorkshire it's a much kind of flatter accent from Lancashire and they cut off a lot of the words so I'm going to pop up he'll think of Sean Bean from Lord of the Rings our Game of Thrones one does not simply walk into Mordor so in Northumberland and Newcastle is to be in a Geordie accent so you don't think of the Geordie Shore or Carol call remember she got fired from the ex fight at cos nobody could understand a word she was seeing or Billy Elliot oily what I do is dance Bally but my dad makes me box Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland it's a very soft maybe a little snooty a kind of an accent think of you and MacGregor or Dame Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall that's ten points taken from Gryffindor mr. Porter glass keys a much thicker kind of an accent Billy Connolly and Peter Capaldi a booth from there they cut off follow of the word so have me any butter so I got to go to this shop you know and so up to the very north to the highlands of skull and think of Amy Pond from Doctor Who or maybe Sir Robert Burns best laid plans of mice and men gang after Glee now let's go to north and Ireland and it's all about the virus with the north and Irish accent like so like high nigh Bronco Liam Neeson is from there got a very particular set of skills I know he doesn't say it in that accent in the movie but it sounds well cool so like and finally southern ireland is obviously not too far to the United Kingdom but I can do a double in accent so let's just do it it's pretty classic Irish accent with a lot of assonance to it so Sinead O'Connor's from there nothing compares nothing compares to you it's all for me tell me if there's any British accents that I miss because I'm long a challenge don't forget to subscribe and thanks for watching you