Liverpool transfer targets: Are James Maddison & Declan Rice a good fit at Anfield? | Premier League

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With the 2018-2019 Premier League season almost at a close for Liverpool, ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol looks ahead to the summer at his former club to discuss whether James Maddison, Matthijs de Ligt, Declan Rice and more would fit into Jurgen Klopp’s squad at Anfield. #ESPNFC

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BBC TV – Daily Politics – Donald Trump & The Trump Coat of Arms – Rafe Heydel-Mankoo

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Historian and heraldic consultant Rafe Heydel-Mankoo discusses the origins of the coat of arms used by Donald Trump, and which features prominently in his New York penthouse in Trump Tower.

The arms are not in fact personal arms but are those granted by the Scottish Court of Lord Lyon (the authority responsible for regulating heraldry in Scotland) to Trump’s Scottish golf course and resort.

and we're joined now by the heraldic consultant and we're pleased to hear that there is such a job rape Idol Manku I hope I pronounced your name correctly welcome to the program so tell us about this coat of arms of Donald Trump what does it actually represent well this is rather interesting actually this is a arcane Scottish heraldic law providing evidence of Donald Trump's deep Anglophilia I would say and also touches upon the Royal Prerogative another hot topic of today Donald Trump basically in 2008 tried to get government support in Scotland for one of his golf courses and to do so he put out this Trump coat of arms which everyone thought was that Donald Trump's personal coat of arms but in fact they were created by two people in his staff and anyone who knows Harold he would see the clear heraldic violations and the rules so unfortunately Scotland has the most strict her out of regulations in the world what was it in country that regulates it the Queen delegated rule of a monarch delegated all authority through the prerogative to Lord lion who's a Scottish judge and the trumpet basically forced to abandon this coat of arms rather embarrassing me and a four years later the crown granted a coat of arms but not to Donald Trump it went to the golf course Trump has pillars in Trump Tower which are which are basically for an Aberdeen golf course right well look I think we're going to show we can see it there tell us what does it say about him well our coat of arms really is a short hand of history but so here we have the the Scottish lion rampant represented at the top in a stylized version two styles beneath it for his American heritage three chevre Nell's the vert inverted visa for the golf course representing sea sand dune sand and land and there we have the double-headed eagle representing his Scottish Germanic heritage riders though equal the grasping to golf balls which further suggests that perhaps these are very very convenient and what if my guests here wanted to have their own coat of arms how difficult is it well there's a criteria that maybe a lady of outstanding quality and I think that there's evidence for that today to see but anyone who has some professional qualifications or university degree or stand out in the community has received honor can petition for a grant of arms it's rather expensive about 5,000 pounds or so in England 3,000 in Scotland's good old Scots on that level and quite a prolonged process but a wonderful way to preserve your family heritage and history for future generations because coats of arms in this country are personal property which can't be assumed by other people right well let's ask any any ideas for a motto if you were to have a coat of arms or what it might look like there would have to be some some quote from the bard he has a lot to say about harrelson heraldry you know they play a big part particularly I like that the bit at the end of henry v where the herald announces the enormous war debt on the other side thank you I think you thought about what about one piece what about one for you I'm wondering if there were any Smith coats of arms already out there that I could steal can you have loaned them on that basis thank you very much for coming in that was fascinating

DUP agree deal to back Conservative government- BBC News

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Speaking in Downing Street, DUP leader Arlene Foster says her party has been in discussions over “how we can support a minority Conservative government in Parliament” and have reached an agreement.

The parties “will deliver a stable government in the United Kingdom’s interest”, she says, “strengthening and enhancing our precious Union”.

She confirms there will be “no change to the pensions triple lock and the universal nature of the winter fuel payment” and the parties are also committed to spending 2% of GDP on defence.

There will be further financial support for Northern Ireland of £1bn over the next two years to “boost the economy and invest in new infrastructure”, Mrs Foster adds.

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The True Cost

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This is a story about clothing. It’s about the clothes we wear,  the people who make those clothes and the impact it’s having on our world. The price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, while the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically. The True Cost is a groundbreaking new documentary film that pulls back the curtain on an unseen part of our world and asks us each to consider, who pays the price for our clothing? Filmed in countries all over the world, from the brightest runways to the darkest slums featuring interviews with the world’s leading influencers including Stella McCartney, Livia Firth, Vandana Shiva and many more. This unprecedented project invites us all on an eye opening journey around the world and into the lives of the many people and places behind our clothes.

BBC News Bee Gee Barry Gibb revisits Manchester childhood haunts

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Bee Gee Barry Gibb revisits Manchester childhood haunts.

किसान राजकुमारी : Learn Hindi with subtitles – Story for Children "BookBox.Com"

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Visit for story text in Hindi and English. Download activities. Can a princess ever…

Birmingham Bowl Youth Football Clinic

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noon newscast

#### #### NEW AT NOON. IT MAY*JUS* BE THE MONTH OF MAY BUT SOME ARE ALREADY THINKING ABOUT FOOTBALL. THE BIRMINGHAM BOWL AND UAB COACHING STAFF HAVE PARTNERED TO HOSTING THE ALABAMA POWE BIRMINGHAM BOWL YOUTH FOOTBALL CLINIC. JOINING US NOW WITH MORE ON THE CLINIC IS THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR MARK MEADOWS. THANKS FOR JOINING US. 1. What is the event? 2.How much is the clinic? 3.Who will be leading the clinic? 4.What will the attendees receive? 5.What is new this year? 6.How do coaches register for this? 7.What is the address to the Football Operations Center at Legacy Pavilion? 8.Where do I go for more info?

Empire of the Seas. 2/4 HD

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on a summer's day in 1690 a Sussex merchant called Samuel cheek looked out towards the channel from his home here in Rye what he saw filled him with dread English warships fleeing pell-mell across the horizon the country been at war with France for two years and people in this town knew that just a few days before the Royal Navy had been badly defeated 25 miles up the coast not beachy head so the sight of those English ships on the run could mean just one thing the French were coming with the Navy beaten the English could do nothing to prevent a French invasion the result was inevitable church bells rang out in panic Zeke wrote about what happened next in his diary a terrible alarm in the town of rye the French is coming to land their intentions were to fire and plunder the town in desperation people seized hold of their valuables and attempted to flee the town this gate was the only way in and out of Ryan soon his narrow street was clogged with people clinging to their possessions their panic increased but a terrible sight that was now smouldering down on the beach below the town if ever there was a vision to terrify the people of Rye it must have been that of England's first line of defense in flames lying here on the beach within sight of rye Harbor was began a 70 gun Royal Naval warship which had been terribly damaged in the fighting at beachy head a hundred of her crew have been killed or wounded unable to sail on any further her captain ran her aground on this very spot and then fearing that the French would capture her he set her alight her remains are under my feet now sometimes when these sands shift shiri emerges like a ghostly reminder of a forgotten moment in our history a moment of terror chaos and defeat Rule Britannia and I think so in 1690 there could have been no doubt in anyone's mind France ruled the waves and England was at her mercy the English this disaster was a turning point they had no choice if they were to survive they would have to build a navy capable of resisting the greatest power in Europe but to do that would require a national effort unlike anything that had been seen before it would transform the country revolutionize agriculture lay the foundations of Industry and most of all unleash the power of money if they start with midships the Battle of beachy head in 1690 still ranks as one of the Royal Navy's most humiliating defeats but then in 1693 came an even more terrible loss England was a nation of traders utterly dependent on the wealth generated by her huge merchant fleet a fleet which unless it was properly protected was terribly vulnerable to enemy attack on the 30th of May 1693 400 merchant ships gathered at a huge fleet and set out from England to the town of Smyrna in the eastern Mediterranean this giant trade flotilla was described as the richest that ever went for Turkey on board was a year's worth of trade wool tin spices and silver the lifeblood of the economy which had been accumulating in port for fear of being captured or destroyed at sea the convoy was such a vital national interest that it was given an escort of 102 warships convoy it moved down the channel and out into the Atlantic but this route took them past Brest home of the French Navy which is where the accompanying English Admirals were expecting trouble 0-8 so as they passed without incident had entered the Bay of Biscay the English escort ships turned round and headed home thinking the convoy would be safe this was a disastrous decision the French had found out about the convoy and the time of its departure and they were repairing ships further down here to intercept it as the convoy reached Lagos Bay on the southern tip of Portugal they found 93 French warships waiting for almost a hundred merchant vessels carrying a year's worth of trade were captured or destroyed when news of the disaster reached England it sent the business community into a paroxysm of despair for his house here in Rye the merchant Samuel jeek wrote in his diary news of the miscarriage of the turkey fleet has put a great stop to trade and this was an understatement the losses suffered by the Smyrna convoy were as bad as those in the Great Fire of London of 1666 and there followed a wave of bankruptcies among insurers and merchants the Secretary to King William the third said that he had never seen his majesty so sensibly affected with any accident as this this commercial disaster coming just three years after one of the Navy's worst military disasters served as a brutal reminder for England a powerful Navy was not a luxury it was a central pillar of state without it the country was doomed William desperately needed more ships and to build them money but the Treasury was empty then in 1690 for a completely new kind of financial institution was created in London one offering a unique investment opportunity anyone willing to person at least 25 pounds would receive a guaranteed return of 8% the savvy merchants from rye Samuel Drake thought this sounded like a chance that was too good to miss and he instructed his agent in London to invest 200 pounds but any sign of gap earth gather all this spare cash and head into London himself he wrote in his diary I made myself ready for my journey kind a hundred pounds with me at 7 p.m. I took horse for London now that was a 15 hour ride so it's fair to suggest that by the time he met up with his agent the following afternoon in the city mr. cheek would have been quite saddle-sore so keen was jeek to take advantage of the 8% interest being offered if he even scraped together a further 200 pounds while he was here in London to take his total stake up to five hundred pounds five hundred pounds a lot of money for anyone even jeek but it turns out was a pretty investment that exciting new financial institution that launched in 1694 still exists it's called the Bank of England the funds required to build a new Navy were vast but the Bank of England delivered in just 12 days it raised 1.2 million pounds and on August the 1st 1694 it made its first loan to the government the national debt was born and the Royal Navy was saved England would build now and pay later this is a list of all the original investors in the Bank of England and as subscribers at the time the top of each page here is the date and their names neatly written out here with their occupations next to them right at the bottom of this page is Samuel cheek of Ryan Sussex a merchant this is a remarkable document because it allows us to get a kind of investor profile of this extraordinary new venture at the very top of the list appropriately enough are their Majesties the king and queen who invested ten thousand pounds but lots of other people from the very pinnacle of society as well men like Edward Russell the First Lord of the Admiralty invested two thousand pounds but it wasn't just the bigwigs that subscribed there are nine people listed here as being in domestic service and here I found Thomas Day of London who's a blacksmith he's invested 200 pounds while over the page Joseph's cake is a bricklayer the national debt created a virtuous circle of funding the government borrowed money from the people which it spent on the Navy which protected trade which brought in taxes which allowed the government to pay the people back it was a financial revolution which uniquely would allow England to spend its way to greatness more than half of that first loan over 600,000 pounds went on building up the Navy and that huge injection of cash the first of many had a transforming effect on whole areas of the economy all over the country the northeast of England soon had Europe's largest ironworks thanks the Navy's spending spree and one enterprising industrialist called Ambrose Crowley iron ran in Ambrose Crowley's blood his father and grandfather and both had a steady business in the Midlands in the iron trade but young Ambrose crying the third wanted more he wanted to expand and he realized that to do so he'd have to up sticks and move closer to his most precious raw material not iron but coal that's why he ends up here on the south bank of the time he set up series of blacksmith's shops up there about a mile away and brought the goods down here to the river where they could be shipped south South was where England's shipyards were embarked on a massive building program and it was this that made Ambrose Crowley's ironworks so successful because wooden ships need lots of iron nails and in those days every single one had to be made by hand blacksmith mark fern still uses exactly the same techniques this is the traditional setup it is the double-acting bellows and every time you press that down it's feeding air into the fire how hot is that do you reckon about 1,300 see 1,300 degrees centigrade it's hard to believe that a packet males that we buy in the shop we're actually made individually like this isn't it remarkable right so here we go and then we're going to be ready to put it in the heading tool then you see that Wow and then beat your head on to it into the quench bucket that should it's not a bad nail well do you do you reckon I could have a go I've reckon you could there you go pinkie Maidan okay fine yes okay ready for one nail yes indeed first of all give it some of this by 1700 the industrialist Ambrose Crowley was providing 40% of all the Navy's iron orders he created a factory system with hundreds of workshops like this one and built iron mills and steel furnaces alongside it turned what had been a cottage industry right into mass production into the heading tool after the financial revolution here were the first shoots of the Industrial Revolution and driving it all was the Navy in only a decade English dock yards built over a hundred and fifty new naval ships but since England was at war many of those ships were of course destroyed or captured by the enemy nevertheless by the end of the decade the English Navy number a hundred and seventy-six warships and each of them contained over five tons of iron nails first name and you should be able to knock that out look at that in fact it's just sliding out hey how good is that look at that congratulations your first nail that's fantastic I can imagine that going through a piece of planking onto the hull of a ship of course the Navy didn't just need nails each new ship typically contained the wood of more than 2,000 trees over 7,000 square yards of canvas and ten miles of rope wearing 19 tons the sailing ship was the most complex man-made machine on earth a glorious piece of wooden architecture driven entirely by the wind but it relied most of all on manpower in ten years the number of men serving in the Royal Navy quadrupled to over 44,000 that's more people than lived in any city outside London and feeding them all transformed England's agriculture the Navy was the single largest consumer of produce in the country and it awarded huge contracts to a handful of suppliers who bought up vast quantities of food from small farmers all over the country agricultural output went up by a third but because this was a competitive market prices stayed low once again the Navy's insatiable demand was driving the economy forward it had become the engine of English Commerce a national enterprise it took the work of thousands on land to build the ships of the Royal Navy and keep them supplied but once at sea survival depended most of all on the skill fortitude and raw strength of the crew and to feel all those men required by the Navy was actually quite a generous allocation of food the central part of the diet was of course meat salt 'its and it survived for long ocean voyages this is the weekly ration six pounds of meat four pounds of beef two pounds of pork now the beef was typically and eaten in some kind of stew with soot apparently very salty let's do it if you think salty boot leather that's about right that's the most famous part of the sailing Navy's diet was the key staple standing in for bread the ships biscuit a subtle combination flour water and salt baked for hours until it was rock-hard it's like a particularly disgusting and tasteless version of rye bread an added complication was this became a home of little weevils almost like tiny worms that used to live in them and feed off them now some people like to bang them until the weevils fell out you get rid of them others used to go to the dark corner simply eat the biscuit weevils and all what this diet does show is that the Navy's high command understood just how much physical effort was required to sail a ship effectively sailors were constantly climbing up and down masts and adjusting sails with no protection from the elements and in battle there were cannons weighing three tons each to maneuver little wonder then that the Navy's rations provided sailors with 5,000 calories a day that's twice the recommended intake for an active man today boys feels a little bit precarious up here it takes a special kind of head for Heights to spend your time as a Topman up in the up in the masthead and for my fear of course you also get a much better view so they're the ones with the sharpest eyesight they can spot enemy sails when they saw them on the horizon one bad thing about being up here though is that the movement on deck is magnified quite a lot up here we go through quite a big angle when you rock around sailors in this period were a breed apart the average age would have been about 27 but they'd have looked much older their faces lined and weathered from a lifetime at sea their hands would have been calloused and scarred and their vocabulary was almost indecipherable to landlubbers a mixture of swearing and nautical terms lined out most noticeable of all was their peculiar rolling gait more suitable for the pitching deck of a ship walking on dry land and all of this made them very recognizable to the naval press gangs who patrolled the ports looking for experienced recruits that's quite tiring in the amazing part about that process is that every time the wind changes in strength you gotta go back up there and alter the sails there are some written accounts that tell us what life was like for ordinary sailors one of the most remarkable is by Edward Barlow he first went to sea at the age of 13 he came ashore for the last time in 1703 at the age of 61 a total of 48 years at sea which was an amazing feat of survival throughout that time he kept an incredible Illustrated diary I've got it here and it paints his life at sea in the most vivid terms that leaves you in no doubt as to how tough it was he says often we were called up before we had slept half an hour and forced to go into the main top of or talk to taking our top CIL's half awake and half asleep there we must haul and pull to make fast the sail seeing nothing but the air above us and the water beneath us and that's so raging as though every wave would make a grave for us the Royal Navy rebuilt and renewed with borrowed money was able to avenge the defeats of the early 1690s it even captured gibraltar menorca two important bases in the mediterranean the english navy was now a global weapon it ships opening up the wealth of the world to the merchant fleet thousands of miles across the ocean and no part of the world was more important than the one that had first fired the dreams of England's Mariners the island of Jamaica was the largest English colony in the Caribbean the most hotly contested and dangerous region in the world in the autumn of 1708 a 23 year old naval captain called Edward Vernon arrived here in Port Royal the nerve center of the Navy's operations Merlin's father was an MP he disapproved of his sons career choice but such was the drawer of the sea on the minds of young men in that period that Edward had always had his heart set on joining the Royal Navy he was just a kind of aggressive bold commander that would thrive an environment like this where courage and initiative were key requirements Merlin served in the Caribbean for four years during which time the country was at war with France and Spain it was the job of men like him to defend the merchant fleet on which England's prosperity depended the Caribbean was the center of world trade because of what was grown here so this is raw sugarcane juice made from pressing the sugarcane I'm a bit of a taste wow that's disgusting that just tastes of mud grass and sugar which is not wholly surprising that's basically what it is but of course when this is boiled down and crystallized you get sugar imported into Europe in vast quantities to liven up the rather dull European diet added things like pastries also other imports like tea and coffee over here we have another drink made from sugarcane and that of course is rum much more recognizable become synonymous with the Navy in this period favored drink of sailors that's much more drinkable but still a bit rough this became synonymous with Edward Vernon who's Vernon returns out here to the Caribbean as a senior commander and he discovers that rum has become a staple among the Royal Navy ships companies out here they drink half a pint per man per day so they're in danger of getting quite drunk and falling out of the mast and rigging when they go aloft so he insists that the rum ration is mixed with water now because his nickname is old grog am thanks to a coat he used to wear made out of a material called raagam this new mixture of rum and water that's introduced on his watch is known as grog sugar cane was cultivated by slaves as was the tobacco which was grown in the American colonies the slave trade was a lucrative sideline but the English did not have a monopoly on all these commodities the Caribbean was a pressure cooker of competing nations all jostling over a few small islands the Dutch the French and the Spanish were all here each of them greedily protecting their own interests but also looking for opportunities to conquer New Territories and then there were the Pirates it's not hard to see what attracted those men to the Caribbean it was the job of officers like Edward Vernon to hunt them down and provide a violent deterrent many of those pirates were of course state-sponsored known as privateers because they carry licenses issued to them by the French and Spanish governments to prey on British shipping not the British government was above using the profit motive either in 1708 the year that Vernon arrived out here in the Caribbean Parliament passed the prize act this gave Captain officers and ships company of any Royal Navy ship a portion of the value of any enemy vessel they captured at a time when a Royal Navy captain typically earned about 20 pounds a month and an ordinary seaman less than a pound a month these prizes represented a significant salary bonus while he was out hit vernon took full advantage he captured several prizes one was a Spanish ship laden with tobacco another was French with 400 slaves on board he brought them back in here to Port Royal to have them valued then as captain he was entitled to a quarter share it was the most brutal form of incentive patriotism was now bolstered by prize money Vernon embodied the naval revolution rich confident and supremely professional he was the product of a navy and a country that had come a long way since those dark early years of King William's ray in the 1690s after 25 years of almost continual warfare the strategy laid down by William the third finally paid off France and Spain couldn't match the vast resources being poured into the Royal Navy and after a series of defeats in 1713 they made peace on this side of the channel it felt like time to celebrate this is the painted Hall of the old Royal Naval Hospital in Greenwich and the magnificent ceiling tells you everything you need to know about how the British saw themselves start of the 18th century and I use the word British deliberately because after 1707 England and Scotland were joined together by active union to form the Kingdom of Great Britain and this is the image of that new nation rich confident and filled with a sense of destiny the central character is William sitting in all his majesty bringing peace and harmony to Europe and if you notice he's sitting on the defeated figure of the king of France the terrible louis the xiv the overwhelming theme is of course navel and at the end of the painting here you see this vast British man-of-war towering out of the water with its cannons run out ready for battle the decks of the ship are crowded with the spoils of victory stuff booty stolen off the French and Spanish but fascinatingly the ship is resting on the shoulders of a figure representing the City of London all that financial wealth that she generated and she in turn is above figures representing the great rivers of England Isis and a man representing the Thames and even the time bringing an offering of coal the message couldn't be clearer this vast awesome military machine is totally dependent on the wealth created by the City of London in 1726 just as the finishing touches were being put to this hall the French philosopher Voltaire visited Britain and was very struck by what he described as the grandeur of state he wrote trade raised by insensible degrees the naval power which gives the English a superiority over the seas and they are now masters of very near 200 ships of war posterity will very probably be surprised to hear that an island whose only produce is a little LED tin Fuller's earth and coarse wool should become so powerful by its Commerce Voltaire saw instantly that Commerce and naval power were linked it was a formula for success that was tied up with the creation of the Bank of England and now Britain was reaping the rewards Britain in the 1720s was a changed country thanks to the Navy she had resisted the combined might of the French and Spanish alliance but the coming of peace brought an end to 25 years of naval expansion with no enemies to engage at sea a generation of aggressive naval commanders took their fight to Westminster where they argue the British ship of state should stick to its natural course war in 1722 the country held a general election and former Commodore Edward Vernon became MP for Penryn in Cornwall Vernon was a fiery patriot and what really got him going was the Caribbean during his 21 years in the Royal Navy he'd served out there twice the second time as commander-in-chief of his majesty in Jamaica and while there he'd seemed ports stuffed with ships carrying the produce of Spain's American Empire and he'd seen how the Spanish Navy were all too keen to run away from a fight Vernon was convinced this was the soft underbelly of the Spanish Empire attack their settlement in America he wrote and Spain will fall and if Spain fell that would have dire consequences for her close ally France who of course was Britain's greatest rival so actually Britain would get two victories for the price of one it all sounded like a great idea but there was a problem during the 1720s and 30s the government's policy was to avoid war but at the same time British traders in the Caribbean were aggressively encroaching into the Spanish Empire and they had the backing of merchants and former naval officers at home then in 1738 something extraordinary happened a merchant captain called Robert Jenkins appeared here before Parliament he was told Parliament that day was political dynamite he said the ear had been chopped off by a Spanish naval officer what he'd been minding his own business peaceably of the coast of Cuba it unleashed a wave of xenophobia through Parliament and the public and no one's voice was louder than Edward Vernon Jenkins his mutilation was Vernon's gain he strode into the Admiralty and demanded to be given command in the Caribbean and Vernon got his wish thirty years after he first sailed to Jamaica Edward Vernon returned this time as a vice admiral he arrived in Port Royal on the 12th of October 17:39 and began his preparations a week later British government finally made up his mind and declared war against Spain Vernon was now given official license to commit all hostilities against the Spaniards in such manner as you shall judge most proper Britten's belligerent naval officers and her merchant class had got their war the war of Jenkins is ear and it began when Vernon launched an attack on the Spanish colonial base at Portobello on November the 21st Vernon sailed into Portobello with six Royal Navy warships I opened up a massive bombardment he gave the Spanish defenders the lead ship fired four hundred shot in just 25 minutes the Spanish were powerless to resist partly because much of their gunpowder was damp when Vernon's men stormed ashore only 40 of the original 300 Spaniard were able to resist they'd surrender within 24 hours Britain rejoiced the Navy had delivered on its promise projecting British forced thousands of miles away from home and Admiral Vernon the scourge of Spain was a hero heir to Drake and the embodiment of a new imperial mission a Scottish poet James Thompson really caught the national mood of celebration by penning a poem that became wildly popular it contained the lines to thee belongs the rural reign and thy cities shall with Commerce Shine in case you haven't guessed what it is yet a few lines later account raw Britannia rule the waves Britons never will be slaves these words have become part of our cultural DNA liberty Commerce and mastery of the seas all rolled in ex trick ibly together it was a defining moment in the creation of Britishness buoyed by his success Vernon decided to attack Catalina the largest and richest city in Spanish America he took a massive force of eight and a half thousand troops in 124 ships the public at home anticipated another easy victory but Vernon had overreached himself the attack was an uncoordinated disaster and soon stalled exposed to the extremes of the Caribbean climate and running low on water the British were killed in horrifying numbers not by the Spanish but by disease were still Vernon was out of range of reinforcements and so after almost six weeks of fighting he was forced to withdraw cata Haena was a wake-up call to a nation drunk on patriotism the limits after all to what the Navy could achieve problem wasn't so much ships and men with organization if Britain wants to realize her dream of global domination than the Navy's internal structures running things like logistics and strategic thinking had to be of the same quality as her awesomely powerful ships and had tough sailors the man who would take on that challenge was another veteran of the Caribbean captain George handsome following Vernon's victory at Portobello Anson had been ordered to take a squadron of six warships to attack the Spanish in the Pacific but his mission quickly turned into a nightmare Anson's root may look like the trail of a drunken spider but as he attempted to round Cape Horn his squadron was so battered by storms that he lost half his ships and after so long at sea a third of his men had succumbed to scurvy typhus and dysentery yet by the time he arrived back here in Britain in 1744 he become a national hero why because on his way home as he passed the Philippines he'd managed to capture a Spanish galleon than Westeros and yura the Covadonga and in her hole was over thousand kilos of virgin silver and more than 1 million pieces of eight solid silver coins she was one the most valuable prizes ever captured by a British ship the public had a new hero to cheer and the treasure was paraded in 32 wagons through the streets of London to cap it all off just six months later the age of 47 Anson was appointed to the board of the Admiralty George Anson arrived here just after Christmas 17:44 with a reputation as a man of action and he was shocked by the bureaucratic lethargy he found the organization needed a shake-up from top to bottom so this is it the Admiralty boardroom the beating heart of Anson's Navy I'll tell you what it feels like a long way from the pitching quarterdeck of a man of war going around Cape Horn but in a way of course Anson's experiences on that epic circumnavigation had prepared him well for these seats at this table on that voyage he hadn't just been the commander of a naval squadron he'd had to become a shipwright a teacher a judge even a diplomat and of course he'd seen the terrible effects of diseases like scurvy at first hand Anson was the most experienced sailor in the Navy he was the perfect man to lead a complete overhaul of the service incredible as it may sound at the time the Navy had no formal system of rank it didn't even have a uniform Anson introduced both this is him in full dress he also made the Navy more of a meritocracy officers were to be promoted on the basis of ability instead of time served Anson literally rewrote the rulebook of the Royal Navy so-called Articles of War this was partly in response to a manpower shortage increasing numbers of inexperienced men were being recruited as sailors but he also wanted to stiffen the resolve of his officer corps from now on the penalty for negligence disaffection or cowardice would be death iron discipline and organization would be the keys to success in Anson's Navy Anson was not prepared to rely on the natural talent of a few good men he wanted to ensure that the correct mindset and skills were perpetuated throughout the Navy he was institutionalizing the qualities needed to guarantee victory and he was doing it with a clear enemy in mind over the previous three decades France had been rebuilding her Navy and massively expanding her trade and her empire in places like North America and India by the middle of the century the two great rivals Britain and France were evenly matched their relationship was a powder keg of competing interests it was only a matter of time for someone lit the fuse on the 8th of June 1755 a French squadron was heading for Canada when through the murk of a North Atlantic morning they caught sight of royal naval ships as the two fleets converged a French captain shouted across to his opposite number on the British ship are we at peace or at war the words came back at peace at peace but it was followed seconds later by a crashing broadside the British Admiral Edward bas Cohen had loaded all his cannon with two cannonballs and the French ships were pulverized of this naked act of aggression a formal declaration of war was an inevitability the Seven Years War as it became known was also the first world war wherever British or French flags flew from North America to the Caribbean West Africa to India the two sides launched themselves at each other but perhaps surprisingly the first real test for the Navy came in defending their own base in the Mediterranean in the spring of 1756 Admiral John Bing set sail from England he was to take a squadron of thirteen warships to protect the island of Menorca but by the time he arrived he found the French had already landed and had the British garrison under siege from land and sea despite enjoying a small advantage in terms the number of ships Bing decided not to risk a full-scale battle and retreated to Gibraltar this meant the French captured menorca back in Britain the news of the loss of such an important naval base in the Mediterranean was greeted with outrage Bing was ordered back to England to meet his fate he was court-martialed according to the new articles of war and found guilty of failing to do his utmost to take or destroy the enemy ships the sentence was death on the 14th of March 1757 Admiral John Bing was executed on the quarterdeck of his own ship he's been allowed to direct his own firing squad when he was ready for them to fire he dropped a handkerchief once again the great French philosopher Voltaire put it most succinctly in this country he wrote it is wise to kill an admiral from time to time to encourage the others well it worked from then on royal naval officers were aggressive to a fault relentless aggression became a hallmark of the Royal Navy a psychological weapon just as important as the quality of its ships and guns but victory in this war would require more than just aggression the Navy needed a strategy back at the Admiralty the First Lord Anson was wrestling with the challenges of fighting war on this global scale even though British naval expenditure was twice that of France that still weren't enough ship to send in sufficient numbers to all the different theatres of war and so instead Anson seized on a very simple idea it first been conceived by Admiral Edward Vernon in a previous war now Vernon's idea was keeping a fleet of battleships here to the southwest of the British Isles here they could keep an eye on the French naval base Brest blockading the French ships in there but also protect the trade coming back in here from North America in the Caribbean and up here from the Mediterranean but it was one key problem any fleet of ships being kept at sea for that long would inevitably come up against the two deadliest enemies of the sailor malnutrition and disease 18th century naval rations were based around salted meat and sea biscuits any food that couldn't be dried or salted would quickly rot so a balanced diet was almost impossible and that's where the problems began even on the navy's most modern warship maintaining food supply vic lling as it's known is still a prime consideration on HMS daring it's the responsibility of petty officer Neal Moggridge come through this way afternoon this is a this is the main freezer compartment right oh it's freezing this gets about minus 22 in here so quite cold I see some frozen chips down there is it is everything chips no no we keep your basic meats on board chicken mince beef in see down here stuff like gammon bacon sausages no it's literally everything you go down supermarket for you pretty much find on fine down here so if we just steamed off into the horizon now how many days can we last forward it with a full hold of food what we call endurance on this ship is a maximum in 90 days so the ship can actually stay at sea and sustain itself for 90 days on a balanced diet of the ship coming but that must represent koala of money so what's a full hold cost you'll probably look in and a maximum endurance probably between about one hundred and fifty two hundred thousand pounds off a food online so how much that per sailor per day at the moment we get a massive two pound thirty one to feed per man per day keeping the crews well-fed was the greatest challenge Admiral Anson faced back in the 1750s as he tried to maintain his Western squadron at sea if this had been an eighteenth-century ship within a few weeks of leaving harm that these sailors would be reduced eating rock-hard stale biscuits crawling with weevils and water polluted with algae and bacteria with about six weeks typically diseases like dysentery typhus and scurvy would spread no one knew what caused these diseases but Anson did know that fresh produce seemed to prevent them therefore in order for the Western squadron to become an effective weapon they had to work out a proper way re Vick lling it this was the challenge of Anselm's set to the man he placed in command of the western squadron the appropriately named Admiral Edward Horner Hawk had over 20 years of command experience in the Navy and had earned a reputation for great tactical skill and single-minded aggression he was the personification for new Navy he was given 30 ships and 14,000 men his orders were to position his squadron just outside the French naval base at breast and to stay there realizing the implications of this Hulk set up a supply chain from Plymouth to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables and even live cattle directly to his squadron ship to ship this beat scurvy for the first time allowing Hawk to stay at sea almost indefinitely it was a feat unimaginable 80 years before attractive disease eliminated hawk could concentrate on his mission and that was maintaining such a strong presence outside the French naval base that their fleet would not dare to leave it was called close blockade it was the first time in history had ever been tried successfully on this scale from May to November 1759 Hawk bottled up the French fleet in its harbor it was a massive achievement and it had a decisive impact on the outcome of the war and all of it was done without hawks big battleships firing a shot in anger not only was the French Navy rendered utterly powerless their land forces in America and India were cut off from vital supplies and reinforcements and as French forces around the world began to capitulate in Britain the church bells rang in celebration it became known as the annus mirabilis the year of wonders first of all was Guadalupe the jewel in Francis Caribbean crown then Quebec capital of her vast North American Empire was captured by the British at sea the Gibraltar squadron attacked and destroyed the French Mediterranean fleet off the coast of Portugal while in the east the Royal Navy chased the French out of the Indian Ocean allowing the British army to achieve victory on land it was the greatest year in British military history and being Brits they turned into a year of wild rejoicing one author horace walpole wrote that the church bells were threadbare with the ringing of victories but across the channel the French had one card left to play King Louie the 15th with his empire in ruins his trade destroyed and his Treasury empty ordered his brest fleet to collect an army and head to sea to invade Britain his Admiral conference hope to avoid the Royal Navy but if they did meet he promised I will fight them with all possible glory the French Navy's opportunity came in November when autumn Gale scattered the British ships that were blockading Brest immediately the french admiral conference took to sea he headed south to pick up a fleet of ships with soldiers embarked and ready to launch an invasion Admiral Hawke wasted no time in pursuing him sensing an opportunity for the decisive clash he craved he caught up with the French here in kiba on Bay that brief there but the rollers crashing onto it and all the white water around it is the reason the French thought they'd be safe because they were coming into this dangerous Bay between two reefs as you can see from the chart with an almost impenetrable barrier of rocks islands and reefs I've never seen keeper on bay before it's absolutely fascinating he's incredibly jagged reefs here ups he terrifying terrifying for me but terrifying for the British ships who had no chance of this area the British ships are charging into an unknown Bay with the wind blowing on shore on a November Twilight I'm about half my sales up today because it's so windy if you put any more up it risks kind of ripping fittings out the deck and actually doing huge damage for the ship only that incredible aggression of the kind that have been bred in the Royal Navy over the past decades and reinforced by the execution of Bing I mean that incredible aggression would have driven those men in here and on that November night Lois a bowl Gale blowing from that direction himself Hauk himself was so keen to get to grips with the French particularly the French admiral the French flagship his opposite number his captain warned him he said this too dangerous it's too dark we can't go in after those Frenchmen and Hawk say your duty was to tell me it's not safe but your duty is also to obey my orders and lay me alongside that French flagship what was not gonna make the same mistake that Bing at me he was not gonna let these French get away after six months of tedious blockading he now had his chance to destroy the flower of the French fleet he came alongside and he waited so close that his men could reach out and touch the friendship with their hands and he fired a giant broadside into them tons have led pounding into a friendship at point-blank range the wood shattered sending splinters a yard long cartwheeling through the air sizing people down and soon they see who is covered in wreckage mass survivors clean to the mass their bodies a scene of total aleykum the French lost five and till now a thousand men the British only lost two the battle fought in these waters one of most decisive in British history in an eye native French naval power and it removed any chance France had of getting back her colonies the Royal Navy in this storm-tossed Bay fought and won a battle for global supremacy the story of Britain's transformation inside 80 years is a remarkable one in 1690 England had been the sick man of Europe broke and completely at the mercy of the French Navy now in 1759 the situation was completely reversed now for the first time in history one nation dominated the world's oceans Britannia really did rule the ways behind the vanguard of its now formidable naval forces Britain had become a commercial powerhouse boosted by an explosion in credit and overseas trade at the same time mastery of the sea had helped secure the first footholds of empire around the globe the Navy had delivered victory and Britain was prosperous afloat on a golden ocean away from all celebrations something else was going on unnoticed by most in 1690 England had been part of an alliance of smaller nations together they had resisted the continental ambitions of the french king louis xiv and they'd survived but by 1759 what the british couldn't understand was at the rest of europe now regarded them as as greater threat to Liberty as Louis had been 80 years before Britannia was triumphant but alone and you can see the next chapter of the story on Saturday night's Empire on the Seas at half past seven last stop tonight on BBC HD is with Coldplay at the BBC you

Trump administration remains hopeful after U.S.-China trade talks end in 'no deal'

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FBN’s Edward Lawrence on the trade negotiations between the United States and China. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering …

Morning Qi Gong 10 Min Exercise

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The Morning Qi Ritual gives you a sense of deep inner peace, keeps you stress free throughout the day and gives you a boost of energy and vitality.

By: Lee Holden

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Please watch: “20 Minute Morning Qi Gong Exercise by Lee Holden”


hello I'd like to welcome you to this chi gong routine for more energy it's going to be about 10 minutes long and it's designed to give you that boost of energy that you might need in the morning or anytime during the day where you feel like you need just a little pickup alright the first exercise is called knocking on the door of life I want you to stand with your knees slightly bent you're going to relax your neck and shoulders and just start turning from your hips and your waist and let your arms knock across your lower abdomen and let your arms knock across the lower back the door of life is an acupressure point directly between the two kidneys around the second lumbar vertebra and this point gives you a lightning flash of vitality to give you more energy for your day so go ahead take a deep breath and let your arms knock across that lower back and knock across the lower abdomen we're going to simulate some vital acupressure points to give you that energy that you need through your day go ahead and take a nice deep breath turn from your hips and your waist just relax your upper back neck and shoulders if you want to did it give you a little more flexibility in their spine you just gently turn look over that shoulder and open up the spine take one more deep breath and this lets your body kind of unwind all by itself come back to the center and take a deep breath good the next one is something called a tiger again it's an exercise to bring more energy into your body so bring your hands up over your head here's our inhale then exhale and bend your knees come down inhale reach up bend your knees on that exhale come down towards the floor this will strengthen your legs and tonify your kidney it opens and stretches the hips and the lower back so here inhale and exhale down a Tiger to bring that power and energy and vitality into your day stretching strengthening the legs opening through the lower back you're going to inhale here through the nose and exhale out through the mouth inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth this will help to release that Tiger energy in your body inhale and exhale now if you can you can come down just a little bit lower and sink into your heels and then come up make sure on this one you feel comfortable on your knees and your legs and you can always just go down a little bit not too far and get that same benefit last one and arms out to the sides good you'll feel that speeding up your heartbeat warming up your body and bringing that energy up to the surface next one we're going to do is something called chi massage here I want you to knock over your kidneys again this is the door of life area so it's going to bring out that energy in your body think of some of these exercises as a way to give your body that natural boost of energy and then from the kidneys I want you to just slap down on the back of the legs and up the inside of the legs so you're going to come from here go down the outside in the back of the leg your kidneys you go down the outside and then come to your chest and knock right here over the chest take a nice deep breath this will open the energy to your lungs into your heart for good circulation nice deep breath and the long exhale then slap down the inside of the arm slap up the outside of the arm right there to your neck and shoulders do that again down the meridians and energy pathways down the inside of the arm up the outside come over to the other side up the inside come down outside to the neck and shoulders and then back to the chest these points here will be really beneficial to your your immune system as well increasing the energy to the lungs the hearts and even the thymus glands take one deep breath exhale and relax and I'll just close the eyes and you can feel this energy start to awaken in your body this is what we call Chi feel the Chi circulating down through the arms into your hands down the legs to the feet very nice alright next exercise let's do one this is called Buddha holding up the earth Buddha holding up the earth it's a breathing exercise designed to tonify and strengthen your lungs so here arms around your knees or bent inhale bring your hands up over your head and you're going to reach the palms up over the head thumbs extend and then exhale and come down good inhale and we come up exhale and come down if you want more energy in your body for health wellness more energy in your life one excellent way to start is by deep breathing so lengthen the breath here inhale bring your hands all the way up over your head little pause at the top of the inhale and then exhale all the way out exhale all the way out and nice deep breath and long exhale inhale little pause here let your body fill up with this energy exhale and come down do one more time deep breath and exhale down good now that the body's energy is open and circulating let's go into a nice flowing sequence that will bring you into a nice harmonious rhythm in your body your hands are going to be here in front of you we're going to open the hands out then the back of the hands come towards each other roll up push forward and then circle this is called embrace the tiger return to the mountain out rolling up push forward inhale as you circle around the exhale we're going to open the hands a little flowing movement up the spine exhale push forward inhale and circle the hands exhale and inhale exhale and then this is a long deep breath gather your energy exhale out embrace the tiger return to the mountain this one harness is internal energy embrace the tiger cultivate your power and your strength at the same time return to the mountain keep that energy calm and relaxed clear return to the mountain also means come back to your Center your place of harmony and balance so when she got what we want to cultivate is both the combination of abundant energy and mental clarity deep vital energy plus inner balance and harmony let it flow through your body let it flow through the body one more time come around to your Center and now that student bring the feet a little closer together one hand under your abdomen the other is going to circle this will bring a state of mental clarity and inner balance and harmony this one is excellent for mental focus and just gathering your energy and your resources can use this one before a meeting as a way to get clarity set clear intention and start your day empowered full of strength and with clear mental focus it's called centering inhale as the arms circles exhale and come down the front of the body inhale encircle exhale and come down for your mind and your heart and your body's energy and harmony and balance one more time and just bring both hands over your lower abdomen close your eyes and feel that wonderful combination of energy and relaxation great and enjoy the rest of your day

Andrew Neil interviews Farage – 12/March/17

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former leader of you kid natural Faraj article fifties being triggered we're leaving the EU the single market and the customs union uh what's there for you to complain about that's gonna happen and hopefully we're gonna get the trigger this week and that's good news what worries me a little bit is I'm not sure all the government recognize how strong their hand is you know just this week at the summit in Brussels the word in the corridors is that we're prepared to give away our fishing waters as a bargaining chip so the worry is what deal we get are we leaving yes I'm pleased about that and in the end you are an irrelevant voice on the deal because the deal will be voted on in Parliament and you have one MP well I think actually you're missing the point aren't you the real vote in Parliament isn't in London it's gonna be in Strasbourg and this is this this is perhaps the biggest obstacle that the bridge government faces is not what happens in the Commons it's that ultimately at the end of two years the European Parliament could veto the deal now what that means is I think we need to adopt a different approach to this we don't need just to be lobbying in the corridors of Brussels to get a good deal we need as a country to be out there talking to the German car workers talking to the Belgian chocolate makers putting as much pressure as we can on politicians from across the whole of Europe to come to a sensible arrangement after all it's in their interests even more than ours in what way is the vision of brexit set out by David Davis this morning and at other times any different from your own well listen I'm delighted that there are people now adopting the position that I argued for many many years good so you but you now but I like Douglas argue he said he found mr. Davis's performance this morning quote very reassuring but it is reassuring but and just as when Theresa May was Home Secretary every performance she gave was hugely reassuring in fact she was seen to be a heroine after her Tory conference speeches and then didn't deliver we have to see I I'm just concerned Andrew that the even before we start we're making concessions uh you've described the e use divorce bill demands a figure of sixty billion euros has been flow you said that's laughable and I understand why you're saying that but you maintained that we won't have to pay a penny to leave the EU just think about this it's nine months since we voted brexit and assuming we trigger article 50 this week and it goes on for two years net will have paid 30 billion in since the British people had a vote and said we should but we're still members but we are still members but I honestly I don't think there's any appetite in this country for us to pay a massive divorce bill there are understand there's and there are also assets my question was not a penny well there will be some ongoing commitments but the numbers that are being talked about a 50 or 60 billion pounds are frankly well you've said that it's laughable but I'm just trying to to find out if you if you be prepared to accept some kind of exit cost it may be nowhere near sixty billion and of course we have to do a net agreement as well the government briefed about our share of the European Investment Bank which is very junky yeah but would you accept a deal boxes and transitional arrangements and so on 510 billion as part of the divorce settlement all I know is we're paying in net 30 million pounds every single day at the moment ten billion pounds plus every year and that and that's just our contribution at the moment we are going to make a massive saving on this what do you make of what Anna Subaru was saying there that if there is no deal and that is now being talked about more I mean it may be the government managing expectations here there is still an expectation we will have a deal but if there is a no no deal that the government can't then just go to WTO rules then it has to have a vote in Parliament what do you make of that well by the time we get to that there'll be a general election coming down the track service anyway so I suspect that if at the end of this two-year process there is no deal oh and by the way No Deal is a lot better for the nation than where we currently are because we freed of regulations we'll be able to make our own deals in the world I think then what would happen and if Parliament effectively was to say it did not back the end of the Braxtons negotiation a general election would happen pretty quickly let me come on to another I'm gonna go back to hanasu be there on it get this to you first according to reports this morning one of your most senior aides has passed the dossier to police claiming the Tories committed electoral fraud in Thanet south they see you contested in the general election what evidence do you have I've read that in the newspapers just as you have and I'm not gonna comment on it as well you're not aware of the contents of the dossier I don't know anything about pedasi he election strategy well yes he was in then it's and and and I I am actually quite dubious as to whether this dossier exists at all I think perhaps the newspapers have got this wrong where their concerns about the downloading of data that took place from that constituency yes but beyond that we don't know anything what about the part of this downloading was allegedly he's refuted it done by mr. Carville your MP to give information to the Tories do you have evidence of that we have evidence that mr. Carswell downloaded information we have no evidence of what he did with it no no if fun and of course it's not just your aide who has been making allegations against the Conservatives in Thanet south and in other seats as well if the evidence was to be substantial and if it was to result in another a by-election being called that the election and Thanet south had to be caught again would you be the you kept candidate well I probably would you probably would yeah just probably just probably it would be your eighth attempt well do you know what winning seats in parliament under the first-past-the-post system is not the only way to change politics in Britain I would like to think I proved that very well let's go back to Anna sue Barry who was listening to that I'm assuming the implicit implication what we were seeing in the panel at the start of the show and I think what Nigel Farage was saying there would be that if at the end of this process whatever the boat the government was to lose it it would probably provoke a general election what's your no no I think that would be right because look I mean let's get real I mean the government is not going to come to Parliament with anything other than something the believes is a good deal so if Parliament rejected it which I think would be extremely unlikely then obviously it would be a fact ever a vote of no-confidence and it would be therefore within the terms of the fixed Parliament's Act and that would be it so either we should be I think I tell you what the real problem is Andrea I think more likely is that because of the stories that have been put up about the 50 billion maybe 60 billion and you look at the way that things are being flagged up they'll actually if the Prime Minister and Boris Johnson say we should be asking then for some money back I think the big fear the sort of the fear I have is that we'll be crashing out in six months you think yeah I think we could leave as quickly as six might explain that to me because I think that they will Stoke up the demand from the EU for 60 billion 50 60 billion back and my very real concern is that within six months we're we're not making much progress maybe nine months we're not making much progress and people are getting increasingly fed up with the EU because they're being told it was unreasonable demands and then we crash out and I think what is happening is that the government is putting in place basically scaffolding at the bottom of the cliff to break our fall when we come to fall off that cliff and I think many in government are actually preparing not for a two-year process but six to nine months off the cliff out we go that's my real fear I know that's very interesting I've not heard that expressed before by by someone in your position I suspect though that you've just made Nigel Farage's day before as its absorbs its a lovely thought just – ooh Bri she's really a bit out of date with all of this you know 40 years ago there was a good argument for joining the common market because tariffs around the world was so high all of that has fundamentally changed with the World Trade Organization and we're leaving the European Union Anna and we're rejoining a great big world out there it's terribly like what we're not going to do this morning as we fight the respect upon what could happen in six and nine months rather than two years but exactly we leave their super energy for as I thank you both

This Rare Black Rose Can Only Be Found in Turkey

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The Turkish Halfeti Rose only grows in exceptionally small numbers in the village of Halfeti, Turkey.

Red roses are probably the most cliched romantic gift ever. Have you ever considered a black rose?

There aren’t too many females who will deny the extremely rare Turkish rose makes an exotic gift, even if it will die after a week or so. The roses appear to be completely black, with the signature green stem.

Called the Turkish Halfeti Rose, they only grow in exceptionally small numbers in the village of Halfeti, Turkey. They won’t flourish anywhere else in the entire world because it’s the river Euphrates that provides the ideal soil and growing conditions for the rose.

Those perfect natural circumstances are due to the pH levels of groundwater in the local area. Adding to the undeniably cool effect of the rose, the black color is only visible during the summer months. In every other season the roses are an exceptionally deep crimson red tint.

Although the rose is unique, the Turks associate it both with passion as well as death and foreboding, perhaps due to the insanely dark color.

What do you think about the black rose?

red roses are probably the most cliched romantic gift ever have you ever considered a black rose there aren't too many females who will denied the extremely rare Turkish Rose makes an exotic gift even if it will die after a week or so the roses appear to be completely black with the signature green stem called the Turkish chef Eddie Rose they only grow in exceptionally small numbers in the village of Health Eddie Turkey they won't flourish anywhere else in the entire world because it's the river Euphrates that provides the ideal soil and growing conditions for the rose those perfect natural circumstances are due to the pH levels of ground water in the local area adding to the undeniably cool effect of the Rose the black color is only visible during the summer months in every other season the roses aren't exceptionally deep crimson red tint although the Rose is unique the Turks associated both with passion as well as death and foreboding perhaps due to the insanely dark color what do you think about the black rose you

13 Hour Illegal Rave Euston London 3rd November 2012 (BBC News Report)

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BBC news item following the illegal rave that took place on my construction site at the weekend……. Broke in and trashed the place………

Brexit LIVE: Leadsom EXPLODED at 'KAMIKAZE' Remainers in Cabinet over EU row – REVEALED

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Brexit LIVE: Leadsom EXPLODED at ‘KAMIKAZE’ Remainers in Cabinet over EU row – REVEALED Brexit latest: A furious Cabinet row erupted yesterday …

Delhi Metro की Red Line को नया लुक देगी DMRC ! HSB News

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When Delhi first met in 2002, it was arguably not less than any of the most modern gifts. At that time the new metro was running on this line, people were attracted, but after 17 years the line has now grown old. The DMRC is preparing to bring back its beautiful look.

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Anti-government protests in Sudan continue | ITV News

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Sudan’s anti-government protests are showing no signs of ending, even though the President, Omar al-Bashir, was driven out of power by a military coup last week.

The protest organisers want the replacement military council itself to be disbanded and soon – to be followed by a civilian takeover..

They have issued a list of demands and if these are met, they might call off the demonstrations.

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four days on from the overthrow of the dictator who ruled them for 30 years and the determination of Sudan's protesters remained undimmed till now largely it's been peaceful but their demands remain the same freedom security and peace is what they're shouting for gone and they've made it clear to these men the military who served President Bashir that they won't accept the Army overseeing Sudan's transition they want to see civilian rule accountable to them we spoke to one young protester who's been updating us since the overthrow of President Bashir people are anxious about being cheated they're afraid that the Vichy regime hasn't completely fallen so they think that it's the success of the revolution actually depends on as I said disempowering of the military people are not certain about how this is going to end exactly it seems to be a little bit chaotic right now people are a little bit divided this is a glimpse of what could happen if Sudan's sense of uncertainty and division aren't resolved police moved in to try to break up one of the many sit-ins at official sites and security buildings around Khartoum nothing has been seen of deposed President Bashir who is said to be under house arrest but sedans revolution is not just about getting rid of him and the rest of his regime many also want those responsible for thousands of deaths imprisonment and disappearances to be brought to justice tonight Sudan's protesters and their rulers remain starkly divided and this country remains on a nervous knife-edge braggy Omar News at Ten you

BREXIT CHAOS: Speaker Bercow admits EU law still OVERRULES British Parliament, BUMMER for Brexiteers

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House of Commons Speaker John Bercow admitted European law “trumps” UK national law, in response to Brexiteer MP Kate Hoey’s question on whether EU …

TuneIn Radio-How To Listen To Live AM/FM on Your Phone FREE

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TuneIn is a great app that let’s you listen to live AM/FM radio from your mobile device. This is a FREE app hat works on iPhone & Android. So all you Android users get off my back! LOL!

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hey what's up YouTube mister after that coming at you with another hot video in this video I got something that's really really neat and this is more of a I guess you want color utility app but this is a really really practical app that I'm just loving right now it's called tune in radio let me get that a chance to focus tune in radio and basically this is just a radio just going up and down the radio but is on the digital side of things so you can listen to it with your phone and all that so right now you can browse this e you can browse you can go live and see what's going on so you look at that you can go trending music local radio sports news and I'm not going to click on all these things because of copyright issues or whatever but let's just say that a you want to see what's going on locally with your local radio so you click on that and check it out it's going to show you all of the radio stations in your area look at that man you can just scroll through and listen just like that like to me like that's amazing you don't even need a like a real-deal radio because you know pretty much all of radio now everything is pretty its digital even with the television signal and all that so there's no more need for like the you know the old-school radio with the antenna you know you just go scroll through your phone right here and then when you find the one that you like you click on it and you can add it to your favorites so I have a few just add it to my favorites right now v103 that's a local station so you can click on that and and see what happens let's click and see alright so you click on it and you start listening you can pause it look at you can share it on Facebook Twitter Google+ email all that the app is really easy to navigate and here's another another setting that I like that is called the car mode or inter car mode and basically when you do that everything is a little bit bigger it's easier to find things it's kind of like you know kind like a radio in your car almost it's like really easy to just click boom click and play because your favorites and it's no like real deals searching that you have to do for it so you know this is a really really good mode to be in right here and sometimes when I'm just around the house are used to that man also the one of the things I really like about this too and it shows you how much data you have used so as you see right now I've been just using it here in the house Wi-Fi only but you can also use it Cellular as well over your network and you can keep track live like how much data you're using so that way you don't go over your limit if you have a limit a gigabytes or whatever you can kind of monitor that and see like you know how long you can listen to it you know for from what I've seen 1 megabyte it's about a minute it's almost like 1 megabyte per minute at least that's what I've seen here on Wi-Fi on cellular it could be a little different but you know you just have to keep that in mind and pay attention so anyway guys this is a great app man it's called tuning the radio you can go pretty much anywhere and you know you can look at listen to different radio stations around the country so you can listen to you can search for other stations as well so yeah check it out guys it's very nice I know that you'll enjoy it and it's really simple to use and it's you know most of best of all its life life stuff that's happening that you can listen to radio so anyway that's it for now thanks for watching and I will catch you guys in the next video be sure to LIKE comment subscribe you know let me know what's good I'll talk to you that I touch you guys in the next video man peace

2017 CDL General Knowledge Exam Prep 50 Questions & Answers

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2017 CDL General Knowledge Exam Prep 50 Questions & Answers
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20:17 CDL general knowledge exam study prep 50 questions and answers this is very Britton and thanks for watching my video I really appreciate it I was hoping you could do me a favor maybe you could subscribe and enable notifications the way that you do that is please click on subscribe button and after you do that would you please click on the Bell to enable notifications that's right next to this to the subscribe button then you'll see a little box please click on the check box and then please click Save and then you've enabled notifications you can get notifications of future videos from me thank you so much okay let's get started going over our CDL questions number one when should you downshift for a curve you should downshift before entering the curve 2 what is true about down shifting before you reach a long downhill grade down shifting helps prevent the brakes from overheating and losing brake power 3 how can you know you have the engine speed and road speed to shift gears by using the sound of the engine to know when to shift you know you have the engine speed and road speed to shift gears what is the purpose of brake retarders brake retarders are to help slow down the vehicle and to reduce brake wear 5 should you turn the returners off when the road is wet or snow-covered yes the returners may cause a skid 6 how far head should you look while driving you should look 12 to 15 seconds ahead of you while driving 7 what is a good reason for knowing what the traffic is doing on all sides you need to have room to change lanes or stop 8 should you always be looking into the distance ahead no you should shift your attention back and forth near and far nine what is a problem that you can have when using your mirrors there are blind spots that your mares cannot show you ten where do you place the three reflector triangles on a two-lane road within ten feet of the rear and a hundred feet to the rear and 100 feet to the front or 100 feet from the front 11 where do you place the three reflector triangles on a divided highway place them to the rear within ten feet and a hundred feet and 200 feet what are three factors of total stopping distance with hydraulic brakes perception reaction and distance brake braking distance so again that's perception reaction and braking distance 13 what should you do if your vehicle hydroplanes release the accelerator and push in the clutch 14 how long does it take to stop a heavy vehicle going 55 miles per hour on dry level Road about the length of a football field or six seconds 15 what is probably your best driving speed traffic is moving 35 miles per hour and a 55 miles per hour zone 35 miles per hour is probably your best driving speed how does tire pressure affect hydroplaning hydroplaning is more likely to occur when tire pressure is low 17 how many times more distance does it take to stop when speed is doubled four times as much distance it takes to stop when speed is doubled 18 what is a good rule as to the speed you should go when driving at night you should be able to stop within the range of your headlights when driving over 40 miles per hour how much space should you keep in front of you at least one second for 10 feet of your vehicle link+ one second 20 what are some things to do if you are being tailgated avoid quick changes and a force of speed or direction 21 why can you never assume you will clear the heights hosted at overpasses because some roads can cause your vehicle to tilt 22 you wish to turn right and you must swing wide you should turn wide as you complete the turn 23 if you are turning left which lane should you use of a 2 left turn lanes use the right-hand Lane 24 at night where can you look to avoid the glare of oncoming traffic try to look at the right side of the road and watch the sidelines 25 what are some items to check especially before driving in winter weather coolant level and windshield washer and antifreeze how often should you check your tire when driving in very hot weather you should check your tires every 2 hours or every 100 miles 27 how does how do you lessen chances of having to make sudden moves to avoid hazards watch far enough ahead so hazards can be anticipated 20 what is a good policy for using your brakes when pulling off of the road try to avoid using your brakes until your speed has dropped to about 20 miles per hour 29 and making a quick turn what is a point to remember do not apply the brake when you are turning 30 what is controlled braking controlled braking is applying the brakes as hard as you can without locking the wheels 31 what is the major cause of most serious kids driving too fast for road conditions 32 what is the only way to stop a four wheel skid let the vehicle slow down stop turning and stop breaking so hard if you want probably 33 if you think that a tire has blown out you should do in stopping pretty tricky if you think that a tire has blown out what should you do in stopping hold steering wheel firmly and don't touch brakes until the vehicle has slowed 34 what should you do when using a fire extinguisher to fight a fire aim at the base of a fire 35 as a driver for what are you responsible regarding your cargo you are responsible for inspecting your cargo and knowing that it is securely tied down and covered often should cargo inspections be made after every break during driving 37 what is a what is important about the center of gravity of a load a high center of gravity means you are more likely to tip over 38 what can happen if you do not have enough weight on the steering axle this can make the vehicle hard to steer 39 what is the maximum distance between tie-downs to prevent cargo shifting to prevent cargo shifting tie-down every 10 feet 40 what is the minimum number of tie-downs that you should have you should have at least two tie-downs 41 what is the purpose of cargo blocking and bracing to keep cargo from sliding and falling and getting out of balance 42 unless you show your logbook to officers yes 43 how do you test hydraulic brakes for leaks with vehicle stop with the vehicle stop come brake pedal three times apply firm pressure hold for five seconds how do you test hydraulic brakes four they're stopping action go about five miles per hour then push the brake pedal firmly 45 what is the minimum amount of tread depth that your tire should have 4/32 inches on front wheels and 2/32 on others 46 when checking tires what are some problems that you should look for bad where cuts or other damage tread separation cracked valve stems 47 what are some steering system defects to look for missing nuts or bolts or cotter keys or other parts 48 what are some defects to look for into in the suspension system spring hangers that are cracked or broken 49 in holding a steering wheel what is the proper way to place your hands firmly with your hands on opposite sides of the wheel 50 what are some things to do when you are backing your vehicle look at your path back slowly back straight back okay that concludes these questions thank you so much and have a great day you

Trumps Endorsement Of Boris Johnson Is All About Israel – Third Ruling State Forming

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Donald Trump has backed Boris Johnson to be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom,
Trump spoke to British newspaper before he visits the UK on Monday, expressed support for the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, in his bid to replace Theresa May, Trump said: “I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent.”
Trump will meet his mother, the Queen of England on his visit, we all know the ruling families from the West are all related, but what’s shocking now is, they are showing their true face. And how keeping the power within the family, means everything.
Donald Trump is shamelessly trying to influence British politics, because the deep state is desperate to get the right people in. And Boris Johnson is certainly a part of the deep state and most probably a part of the ruling elite, that dangerous bloodline causing mayhem on the planet.
Trump’s endorsement has not been warmly welcomed. Mel Stride, the newly appointed Commons leader, said that while Trump was entitled to his opinion, he would not be picking the next prime minister of the UK, and put his own weight behind Michael Gove.
Back in January, I called for the resignation of Prime Minister Teresa May, of course, she probably doesn’t watch my videos, however, it’s becoming all too obvious and easy to predict what’s going to happen next, through political analysis of course!

The United Kingdom has allowed the European Union to have all the cards. This has been down on purpose. And its very hard to play well when one side has all the advantages

May’s resignation has come about because of her failure to produce any deal to bring Britain out of the EU that was acceptable to a parliamentary majority. Britain was meant to leave the EU on March 29th , it’s now been delayed to October 31 –

Brits are critically divided over Brexit. It is fair to say that most don’t fully grasp what Brexit is anymore. Brits were deliberately not informed of the political discussion over Brexit and what it would mean for the future. Brits feel betrayed by the political class and in truth, they have been subjected to gross and treacherous treatment by politicians and media. Brits are not aware of the centrality of Israel and its interests that is at the core of the Brexit debate. It’s not about making Britain great again, it’s about making ISRAEL greater.. and that’s what it seems to be about!

Once Britain is out of the EU, Britain will have to sign separate trade agreements with each state, however, instead of focusing on European States, Israeli trade was the focus? I wonder why? Britain under Theresa May has been reduced into a colony of Israel’s. Brits have become increasingly aware that 80% of their Tory MPs are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel, which is a foreign pressure group dedicated to the interests of another state. And this is exactly why Trump is endorsing Boris Johnson. Because he wants a strong Tory leadership in power as the future of Britain. Afterall, Trump has done everything that benefits Israel, from announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, to giving Golan Heights over formally from Syria to Israel! All this is not a coincidence.

Look at the far right in the country, who have hijacked the Brexit campaign, who is their inspiration right now? Is it not Netanyahu and Israel?

It’s time for British people to decide whether they want to remain being a colony of Israel, or bring change to the country, one that brings benefit to British people first.

Donald Trump has backed Boris Johnson to be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom Trump spoke to British newspapers before his visit to the UK on Monday he expressed support for the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson in his bid to replace Teresa May Trump said I think Boris Johnson would do a great job I think he would be excellent Trump would meet his mother the Queen of England on his visit we all know the ruling families from the West are all related but what's shocking right now is they are showing their true face and how keeping the power within the family means everything nigel Faraj is a friend of mine Boris is a friend of mine they're two very good guys very interesting people Donald Trump is shamelessly trying to influence British politics because the deep state is desperate to get the right people in and Boris is certainly a part of the deep state and most probably a part of the ruling elite that dangerous bloodline causing mayhem Trump's endorsement has not been warmly welcomed mel's tried the newly appointed Commons leader said the president the United States of course is entitled to his opinion but is not the case of him picking the next prime minister of our country that process as you know will be one involving the parliamentary party and then the membership itself back in January our call to the resignation of British prime minister Theresa May of course she probably doesn't watch my videos however it's becoming all too obvious and easy to predict what's going to happen next for a political analysis of course ever since I first stepped through the door behind me as Prime Minister I have striven to make the United Kingdom a country that works not just for a privileged few but for everyone and to honor the result of the EU referendum back in 2016 we gave the British people a choice against all predictions the British people voted to leave the European Union I feel a certain today as I did three years ago that in a democracy if you give people a choice you have a duty to implement what they decide I have done my best to do that I negotiated the terms of our exit and a new relationship with our closest neighbors that protects jobs our security and our union I have done everything I can to convince MPs to back that deal sadly I have not been able to do so I tried three times I believe it was right to persevere even when the odds against success seemed high but it is now clear to me that is it it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort the United Kingdom has allowed the European Union to have all the cards this has been done on purpose and it's very hard to play well when one side has all advantages May's resignation has come about because of her failure to produce any deal to bring Britain out of the European Union Britain was meant to leave EU on March 29th it's now delayed to October the 31st just saying what we're doing now is not right and we need to go back to the people is due again my beloved we've got even the ones who voted to leave this is this what we've got now is not what they voted for either it's the far right of those people who are getting what they want a few people Brits are critically divided over brexit it's fair to say that most don't really grasp what brexit is anymore Brits were deliberately not informed of political discussions of the brexit and what it would mean for the future Brits feel betrayed by the political class and in truth they have been subjected to gross and treacherous treatment by politicians and the media Brits are not aware of the centrality of Israel and its interest that is at the core of the brexit debate it's not about making Britain great again it's about making Israel greater and that's what it seems to be about once Britain is out of the European Union Britain will have to sign separate trade agreements with each state however instead of focusing on European states Israeli trade was the focus I wonder why Britain on to tourism a has been reduced into a colony of Israel Brits have become increasingly aware that 80% of our Tory MPs are members of the conservative Friends of Israel which is a foreign pressure group dedicated to the interest of another state and this is exactly why Trump is endorsing Boris Johnson because he wants a strong Tory leadership in power as the future of Britain after all Trump has done everything that benefits Israel from announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to given Golan Heights over formally from Syria to Israel all this is not a coincidence look at the far-right in the country who have hijacked the brexit campaign who's their inspiration right now is it not Nessun yeah who in Israel it's time for British people to decide whether they want to remain a colony of Israel or bring change to the country one that brings benefit to Britain and British people

Dog And Duck Are Inseparable Best Friends

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A feisty duck has chosen a pretty unusual best friend – a loving golden retriever. Proud duck owner Pam Ishiguro has a flock of seven ducks but her four-year-old Pekin duck Rudy and golden retriever Barclay have formed the strongest bond. The Orange County-based mum said: “The animals are much like my two boys – they have a love-hate relationship. When they are together, somebody is always chasing or jumping on someone else, but when they are apart, they’re always calling for each other.”

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Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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orange county-based mum Pam its owner to a rather eclectic group of impacts but it's had dog Berkeley and pet duck Rudy who have formed a close but rather unexpected bond when the Ducks first arrived sparkly didn't care about them at all if at all change concede real life they have food and their food is delicious sparkly love killing the duck suit in fact he loves food he stole my lunch earlier since joining their home in 2013 the pair formed a mutually beneficial relationship what we love sniffing really fun and really wants to roll Berkeley this is gonna be honest relationship 3d is definitely the ELSA duct he is our official toe biter if anyone gets too close we have a sign that says beware of attack duct enough said and the other desk no Berkeley is his best friend if anyone else gets too close they better watch out Rudy will attack without warning unluckily the pound other dog is e Rudy is not so accommodating to all the family's canines if he stuck the duckling they were babies but now that the duds are bigger than Izzie let's just say payback is sweet is your duck Rudy and Barkley need each other I think that's why they have such a strong bond they're like the oddballs on the playground no one else will play with them so lucky for them they found each other you you

The Nigel Farage Show: 11th June 2019 – LBC

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The Nigel Farage Show is live from Brussels at 6pm on LBC. Tonight, Nigel is asking: How important is the 31st of October Brexit date for you?

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the Midlands in northern England tonight drier in Scotland in the south with a low of six tomorrow scattered showers for most with a high of 19 degrees from Global's newsroom for LBC M nice Aziz this is lvc from global leading britain's conversation the nigel farage show Thank You Donald and good evening everybody well remember there are 10 runners and riders in the race to become the next leader of the Conservative Party and the next prime minister of our country and the campaign is kicking into full gear more launches today and one of the central arguments is the 31st of October why that day we'll remember article 50 expired on March the 29th and our prime minister told us mrs. may 108 times we would leave on that date we didn't then we were told we might leave on the 12th of April we didn't then we were told we'd leave for the 30th of June out of course there was no way that was going to happen so now the 31st of October is beginning to embed itself in people's minds very much the same way as March the 29th did and one of the key dividing lines between these 10 candidates is what are their attitudes to work Ward's whether we absolutely need to leave on that date or not while launching her campaign this morning was Andrea led sermon she feels very strongly about the 31st of October fulfilling that Democratic decision is now urgent and vital it cannot and will not be put off any longer leaving the EU on the 31st of October is for me a hard red line a hard red line and yet mark Harper now you may never have heard of Mark Harper but he is one of the 10 candidates Mark Harper launched his campaign today and profoundly disagreed the bit where I perhaps will make myself not popular with my colleagues is when I say that it is not going to be possible to leave on the 31st of October I would love to I voted against extending article 50 twice but not enough people in Parliament did so so it's a red line or it simply cannot practically be done and the other launch today is the ever eccentric Rory Stewart who has launched his leadership bid from inside a tent in central London and he thinks he's got all the answers let's hear Rory one of the fundamental things that distinguishes my campaign from the other campaigns is I do not believe in promising what we cannot deliver but I do not believe in pretending that you're going to get some new deal out of Europe before the 31st of October I don't believe in pretending that there is something called no deal that you're going to be able to drive through Parliament well there you are no such thing as no deal and no real change to the existing deal and looks to me like Rory Stewart is saying basically 31st of October is too difficult Stewart has spoken for an extraordinary amount of time and he's still going let's let's cross live to Rory Stewart in the competition for who's standing for the title of the greatest clown in this race they're making some competition well I have to say you've got to hand it to Rory Stewart I don't agree with him on policy but he's actually in many ways set alight this campaign he's been going around the country you know turning up outside the tube station embarking and putting out on Twitter come and meet me he's launching from inside a tent that's been used for basically so versatile virtually circus acts over the years and he's making it fun he's making it entertaining he's catching the mood on social media he's doing I think in many ways a remarkable job with his campaign but the 31st of October basically half the candidates are saying we absolutely must leave on that date Deal or No Deal and the other half are saying it just isn't going to be possible or we're gonna have to consider extending further I want to ask you how important do you think this date of the 31st of October to leave the European Union is and if you think one night it actually come on relax a bit if it takes a few more months past that date it doesn't really matter call oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three or maybe you think for another big set date to pass without us leaving would be a second betrayal text two eight four eight five oh and tell me how important do you think this is for the future of the Conservative Party that we leave on that day please tweets using hash far out and lbc at OBC abacus Facebookers watching us can comment there – Keith M Romsey is a new caller good evening Keith yeah I do not do your ID like I'm doing alright now we got some very divergent views here led some it's a hard red line mark Harper it ain't gonna happen how much does it matter well listen Lori's Rory still smart with his IBM than in India Saturday though he spilled snow in cocaine the way he carried on jump jump jumping around Keith that may be I think to say that two candidates to be on X prime minister are still on drugs is probably unfair I know that I'm just my I'm just making it a very luck like hi alright alright but look at the facts when they all started off I put themselves now I've got a sign near you then I started doing all Marisa all my research now the only research I could get was through social media so this is our spider off her foot to myself at first I thought I know how do I leave the EU in the fall you know what after three normal research I'm watching you Nigel watching you over in the EU and how proud I am of you personally getting over there and sorts and more out because it needs someone like you but there's only three people there's only three people that I can see that excite Felice but I've west there was a good card mmm being as a past history I thought you know what this woman knows what she's talking about and then they said there's only three people that can get us out here you and that's you because you're you are on the platform not getting mainstream media too much of it but you are getting there with it the brexit pie right obviously we've got robbed until Brook and crime more which Keith and and Robyn's hilber at least English Democrats he's taking a court action to say that the extension of article 50 was illegal for those who don't know but Keith realistically the next prime minister in less than 50 days will come from this list of 10 you clear are a brexit ear if we don't leave on October the 31st we've got to write okay I mean we've got to leave and what and what if we don't the mainstream media to start looking at what's going on well people do people do step outside and you can go on you can go on social media Keith but as with many things you can find some great information there and some rubbish stuff as well right Keith says we have to leave on that day Paul Ince abandoned just down the road from him is another new caller good evening Paul good I'm fine thank you so so I'm saying we're gonna leave on that date some say we're probably not going to how much does it actually matter Paul I think it matters immensely well your necklace 13 and all these left wing whiny people going there on about democracy and yet they're funding democracy by with using delete and I think what they should do is actually start stacking these MPs that I've actually gone against their constituents I think it's outrageous that they've been refused to carry out and instruction from welcome speechless Paul but Paul they're going to tell people like you you didn't really understand the implications of what you voted for and and and and Paul it could do great economic damage that's what they'll tell you absolutely rubbish sorry I was listening to Jeremy Vine today and and there are people on about their ten year old children are living in fear a breakfast how bad are the BBC's when they get when they're peddling this rubbish I just can't believe what's going on so if we don't leave on that date or what does it mean for the Conservative Party well unfortunately I think that conservatives now are fighting you and there's the sense of ROI is going to get is gonna get slit people going to go with you I mean I the only time I've ever voted in 47 years and that was to get the hell out of Europe that's the only time I've ever vote without that that was your first your first vote of your life yeah that was the only time I ever thought that it's worth voting for was to get the hell out of you because I'm in a transport industry and all the Europeans that have swarmed over here they've held down wages in my industry you know they've taken jobs all over the place and I and I see it every day I come across it every day and also perhaps some unfair competition in that industry yeah absolutely I mean you see these these felons always on the road you know I know you know it's just absolutely I mean they're not paying any taxes over there they're destroying our roads you don't even know what weight they are and different safety standards that yeah I know well maybe they do some random night checks on the m20 some of the figures about lorries from parts of the EU and safety are pretty shocking Paul thank you for your call thank you for your passion I mean let me say this that you know you've got candidates like Boris Johnson Dominick Rob esta McVeigh you know they are bigging up the 31st of October if one of them was to win and then we didn't leave on the 31st of October I think that would be viewed by many millions of conservative voters as being a second betrayal and I think it would far outweigh any short-term economic shocks that we might have if we're not properly prepared I think for the Conservative Party here on in it would be a catastrophe and yet already there are many candidates saying we cannot leave on that date or we should consider delaying Michael Gove saying that Jeremy how this sort of perhaps thing Rory Stuart pretty clearly saying we don't have to leave on that date I tell you what if they don't I believe they're in very real trouble tell me what do you think how much does it matter that we leave on the 31st of October you're listening to the Nigel Farage show here on OBC at 6:15 and time for news headlines released the receipts the International Development Secretary Rory Stewart has officially launched his campaign to be the next Tory leader and prime minister saying the choice people face in contest is between fantasy and reality over-delivering brexit Oxfam's received an official warning following a major report into sexual misconduct claims against its staff after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti survivors and relatives of many of those killed in the Grenfell tower fire have filed a lawsuit in the u.s. today against three companies including appliance manufacturer whirlpool LBC weather rain and strong winds continuing across Wales the Midlands and North England through tonight drier elsewhere a low of six degrees lbc Travel I'm J Louise night and problems still on several train routes this evening after the heavy rain caused flooding southern remains suspended from Clapham Junction to Milton Keynes central although they are getting back to normal from London Bridge to Sutton Thameslink are warning of possible delays and cancellations across their network for the rest of the day now due to a track problem Greater Anglia and stands that Express have cancellations at Liverpool streets and London Overground remain suspended from Clapham Junction two ones were thrown onto the roads Keys heading out of town the a2 from Dartford hast to an accident before being and just north of Elephant and Castle emergency bridge repairs have shut borough Road from San Giorgio Circus to Southwark bridge Road Southwark bridge Road is also closed from Newton caused by that's the a3 to Marshall C Road this is LBC feeling peckish introducing the smack Geo locator slingshots simply pull on your horn open your window and wait for the yummy goodness to find your exact location oh dear the snack Geo locator slingshot will never happen but with a new beat P me rewards card getting more of the snacks you love more often will search 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May decided to lift it and to extend the legislation and Andrea Letson is arguing that our legislation now says we should leave we will leave on the 31st of October and she says a tough Prime Minister can make sure that happens yeah I don't remember it exactly the same like a noob you've obviously got a much better feel for the politics and the big gala tease of it and I have but I did seem to to remember the feeling that it was a hopeless case and that the speaker was going to allow a amendment to prevent the No Deal happening on the 29th of March as I recall well yeah and Parliament did vote on that but that vote of itself that vote of itself the one thing the speaker can't do is is is to make the government change existing legislation that's something must be absolutely cannot do now there could be you know a human cry in a crisis I mean carry you know if Rory Stewart is right and if it is impractical and impossible to leave on the 31st of October and you know we've got a new European Commission coming in and all sorts of distractions in Brussels but don't you think the real thing that's been broken here is trust yeah I mean I suppose that's my point it's you know it's maybe not I mean I may be wrong and the analysis but I think it's unfair that Teresa may having promised so many times it was it boils down to whether she was allowed to or not if she could have then said okay we're gonna go out well whatever happens then yes she's working the class but if she was prevented then I think it would be fair to say that she hasn't broken the trust I think well I think the problem is as as the documentary on on Europe as a couple of weeks ago showed it was the remainders who were the problem and who discovered scold the saboteurs could we agree on the word because that's whatever else do wasn't it I mean you could accuse people of all sorts of things but I think it you know the whatever the results of the referendum the Democratic result was that we would leave and we should have left I think to try and prevent that happening was probably not you know not whatsoever it appropriate and Gary thank you I'm gonna move on Angela says apart from the voters delays are destroying business well they're certainly slowing up business investment because we want their business wants this done and dusted Rory would make a great leader for the Lib Dems says Chris in Darlington and Colin on Facebook says how many more dates will be given if we don't leave on the 31st there are more numbers on my lottery ticket well or a child's advent calendar was another suggestion I heard let's go to Robin I hate with he was faking to before good evening Robin hello Nigel the question I think was will we believe in on the 31st and I honestly don't think we will because I think Parliament's have no idea what leaving means you know I mean they all want something differently even means something different to all of them and so in 2016 give it in Nuuk it now you didn't break it so you've changed you mean so why is everyone online that you don't think I've changed my chin too much Robin do you well why didn't you just go back to you kids now we've got the Tories you know they let their split no what does it mean to you Nigel it is very simply Robin very very simply that we're an independent self-governing nation end off so does that mean by the way I bought it to leave I hope we can have deals of all kinds with countries all over the world all sorts of stuff we can do and actually leaving on WTO terms or as Andrea Nets and colleagues they a managed exit there will be deals between us on aviation etc many many other things my probably Robin for me Robin the problem will be this what our laws effectively be set somewhere else over which we will have no say would it go on costing us a fortune and ultimately could a foreign court judge over matters that affect our lives that's what brexit means to me well can I ask you another question Nigel Wright the concert is the breath of Tears I don't think any of them can agree what a brexit means none of them know what leave and maybe also different things now I must say you said they're about our loss I could say I bought Italy and I want to leave but at all of what I don't wanna leave word across any one a job and I didn't trust this government to make our laws look at the message the medes is their absolute shambles well Robin if one of them could say Oh Nigel what actually leaving me does it does it mean nationalize Robin Robin it means we could do whatever we like because we would be in charge and we would make those decisions leaving means freedom to make her own decisions and we might make good decisions and we might make bad decisions but the people making those decisions would be directly accountable to us that's the Democratic argument for exit well I think a lot of people who actually boarded leave that I've put off with what the scene now I think here was another referendum I think most people are just there you know what to stay in because we don't want to poop but then is it anymore well actually what I'm seeing Robin with brexit fatigue and that's what you're identifying what I'm actually seeing more with brexit fatigue is people saying to hell with it let's just get out even if there are some short-term bumps in the road let's get out and move on and having the truth of it is if you look at the recent elections and polls you know it's still it's still 52 48 believe and not that much has actually changed Robin thank you very much Boris will win I get by text Boris will delay Boris will be forced out and the next Tory leader will continue delaying until the Tory party is extinct says Archie well I have to say I think it is for the Conservative Party a very very serious issue I am staggered that nearly half the candidates to be the next prime minister are prepared to contemplate not leaving on the 31st of October I think for them and for trust in politics that would be a complete and utter disaster you're listening to the niger para shave here on LBC it's now 6:30 and time for the news release the rosies the International Development Secretary Rory Stewart has officially launched his campaign to be the next Tory leader and Prime Minister saying the choice people face in the contest is between fantasy and reality over delivering practices earlier Andrea let's amande mark harper disagreed about whether it will be possible for the UK to leave the European Union by the new October 31st deadline while the first hustings have taken place in Parliament this afternoon with conservative MPs asking six of the 10 candidates questions Oxfam's apologised for what it's called it's shameful actions after a report found allegations of staff working in disaster zones sexually abused children weren't fully reported the Charity Commission for England and Wales has blamed a culture of poor behavior among workers sent to help victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti survivors and people who lost relatives in the grenfell tower fire a suing three companies in the US over the disaster one of them is whirlpool which made the fridge freezer in the flat where it's thought the fire started the companies insisted its products are safe lbc whether rain and strong winds continuing across Wales the Midlands in northern England tonight drier in Scotland in the south with a low of 6 degrees Nick Ferrari at breakfast weekday mornings from 7:00 lbc bosses pay another pay within the BBC goes up by almost 18 million pounds a year they decide to stop free TV licence over 75 s Gloria Hana Fuda joins me now this is our lifeline if their information it's their entertainment is it fair really that's the BBC should have to decide where poverty begins and ends former director-general Greg Dyke I think it was inevitable that we're going to come up with a solution to something like this taking a 20 percent cut to the total BBC budget would be Nick Ferrari at breakfast 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aspect of this is you know mrs. may's deal as they call it which isn't mrs. may's deal it's monsieur barney is treaty and that is what it is but how interesting that mark Harper tells us he's going to go back to Brussels and open a real transparent discussion to change the backstop Michael Gove is gonna go back to Brussels and negotiate changes to the backstop Matt Hancock is going to seek a time limit to the backstop Jeremy Hunt says there is the prospect of doing a better deal well I'm sorry folks but Michel Barnea has already said that a new prime minister will not change the problem every brexit he insisted conservative hopefuls looking to replace to resume will not be able to reshape the withdrawal agreement listen to him the program is still there and he found any one of the candidate older in this race I will ask him what is your solution to solve the problem create by the brexit you want to deliver the bracket okay tell me what is your solution and of course there is no solution because they've got their treaty they're not gonna reopen it what they may do is change the wording of the political declaration that's the next bit looking ahead for the next few years which of course is not legally enforceable so one way and another I think many of these candidates to be the next Tory leader and Prime Minister are making exactly the same mistakes that mrs. May made and we're just if one of those was to win we're just going nowhere with this we have to surely we have to leave don't we all the 31st of October I don't know you tell me James is calling from Malta and there's a new caller good evening James good very good to hear it now tell me how much how much does this date actually matter in your opinion I'm now 21 I hope this when I was living in the UK to remain at personal reasons of my own but how important it is the democracy be upheld by the so called people who are supposed to be our leaders and if I'm on it I see these new Conservative MPs that want to be running the country and running the party saying these are our red lines these are James James James can you speak a little bit more closely into the microphone please yes so we we hear these red lines from people like we had three Simoes joins you know from these conservative MPs that want to run the country and run the party and what's to say that they won't do exactly what Theresa made it and just cross out all those red lines in one last sailing account to make break that's what happen again the Queen's young lady yeah to make this work is leaving on the WTO legs it it's as simple as that and that is because predominantly you think the main argument is that it's about democracy yeah completely about this and the one thing he said to me is he said that the shambles that have been caused not just by the Conservative Party but by Parliament in total trying to block right there every opportunity possible and both the country to have absolutely no faith if you want to hear about a no-confidence though the country has no confidence in Parliament I think you're right James and there's a big division here between the people and power evening Nigel maybe the candidates should all promise that if they've not taken us out with the 31st of October they will stand down and call a general election if they want our trust back that is what should happen says Andy in Portsmouth well Andy it may well be that if if one of the people who's saying we must leave on October the 31st who knows it could be Boris you know they could face a situation where Parliament stops them leaving on WTO and maybe in those circumstances a general election would be the only way out incredible how these Tories cheerfully say we cannot possibly leave on October the 31st the date was only set last month at least I guess they're being honest well honest in a sense I guess but I you know honestly there's breakdown of trust between politics and the people it's getting worse Chris is calling from Birmingham and is another new corner good evening Chris fine I don't welcome to the show so does this date matter or what extending it for a few more weeks or months if it meant a better deal not really massa well I fundamentally think that is absolutely critical that we try to get the best deal we can one of the things I found in the least campaign one of the things that was most spoken about were the free trade agreement and I was in Norway thoughts I know you yourself mentioned on numerous occasions as well during that time period I think it's fundamentally a problem if we leave on WTO considering that the WTO is basically the old safety net I can't choose opting to jump onto the safety net to be honest well I mean Chris you're right WTO are the base rules aren't they for well trade and then you use that and you build upon it I mean just a thought Chris just sort of try this on you so before we even discuss a trade deal with the European Union we've got to pay 39 billion we've got to accept the fact that for some time to come they will make the laws in our country with us having no say and yet America happy to have a tariff and quote of free deal with us it's to be negotiated I get it but to have that deal with us without us paying a penny without any foreign Court having diction and without the 90% of the economy that is not gonna export they're not being tied by rules set in Washington in a sense leaving on WTO and being able to do deals with countries like America doesn't begin to look quite attractive well the problem you've got there is you have a global powerhouse in the United States of America versus the United Kingdom so let's be honest we are not there's a global superpower that we used to be and certainly not in trade anymore most of our GDP it comes in services you see the fundamental problem you have is yes the 39 billion should be paid whether we go on WTO or not why of course I fundamentally believe that we made commitments I would not if I was moving into a house where friends and I started to pull out a week before I want to say oh hey I'm not putting any money towards Chris oh yeah Chris Chris let me just say this to you very quickly the reason it's thirty nine billion is because what mrs. may had built-in to this new treaty agreement was a two-year implementation period so effectively we were staying members of the EU in all but name for a further two years and paying two more years contributions when the House of Lords looked at this they thought the maximum in their view and they're quite it's got a remain a House of Lords their view was the maximum liability was nine billion but when you start looking at the things to leave without the thirty nine billion almost seems relatively small compared to what we would lose if we went on to WTO and let's be honest it was Chris why why because if we didn't pay this 39 million the EU have no further need necessarily to her well basically they could afford sports at the back of the queue at that point because we're dealing in bad faith I think they've dealt in bad faith in many ways for years and years and years before we even reached the brexit referendum it's one of the reasons we've added to leave isn't it I think there's in fairness yeah you know I mean that's okay the relationship broke down we voted to leave I don't think we owe them any money at all frankly there are some pension liabilities for 22,000 people who've worked here over the years and are still alive or they're all there are still alive we could simply take that off the e use books take it onto our own and I tell you something they also last nine to ten billion through the European Investment Bank Chris to me we could simply call it quits but but this is an argument that will run around Chris isn't a free trade deal with America and maybe one more Canada on Australia and maybe India isn't that beginning to look more attractive indeed yeah but I also agree that the EU being one of the largest trading bloc's under what well probably the largest trading bloc in the world would also obviously have its benefit so I don't think that should be skipped out purely for if we can get a free trade agreement with the EU which one well the emitters made did turndown she did well Chris I reckon negotiate one with America strengthen your hand get a new leader who says we are leaving on the 31st we'll leave on whatever terms we have to I think in those circumstances we might just get what a majority of the country might may well come around Chris thank you very much indeed we will not be leaving I get on Twitter on October the 31st brexit will be dead and buried by them well I don't know James I don't know I don't think brexit can ever be dead and buried because I think the genie is out of the bottle and the public wants it you're listening to the Nigel Farage show here on ABC at 6:45 and time for news headlines will Lisa receives the International Development Secretary Rory Stewart has officially launched his campaign to be the next Tory leader and Prime Minister saying the choice people face in the contest is between fantasy and reality over promises to deliver brexit Oxfam's received an official warning following a major report into sexual misconduct claims against its staff after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti survivors and relatives of many of those killed and the grenfell tower fire have filed a lawsuit in the u.s. against three companies including appliance manufacturer whirlpool LBC weather rain and strong winds continuing across Wales the Midlands and northern England through tonight drier elsewhere with a low of 6 degrees lbc travel NJ Louise night's it suddenly got very busy on the road sticky on the m25 where an accident means it's partly blocked both ways between walls maybe at 26 and 27 for the m11 delays in either direction a serious accidents blocking the North Circular both ways from Ealing common to Leopold road in in barra emergency bridge repairs have shut borough road from st. George's circus to Southwark bridge Road and Southwark bridge Rosie's also clothes from the a3 to Marshall see rage after flooding last night disruption can still be expected on several train routes southern warning of cancellations from Clapham Junction to Milton Keynes central as well as from London Bridge to Sutton Thameslink are getting back to normal although delays and cancellations can be expected for the rest of the day and then because of a track problem Greater Anglia in stencil Express have cancellations it's Liverpool streets coming up at 7 on LBC iandale double bubble this evening in the Tory leadership contest at 8:00 Andrea let's enjoins me for an hour-long grilling by me and you and at 9:00 its estimate Bay's turn iandale on lvc are you about to put your audit out to tender how will you decide which accountants to select whether you decide to spend more or less go bigger or perhaps smaller what you really need to do is choose the one best suited to your company in which 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three four five six zero six zero nine seven three will the new Prime Minister take us out of the European Union on October the 31st half the candidates running say yes the other half say well maybe not there could be a delay some even say it would be impossible Frank asked me on Facebook are the No Deal promises a trick or treaty well fair point because it is Halloween the 31st of October michael says council the parliamentary recess and all party conferences until we leave they haven't earned their holidays I think Michael many listening would agree with that and Andy says the 31st of October is very important to me it's my wife's birthday and brexit would be a great present let's go to Elaine who is calling from Watford Elaine should we leave on that day or what a few weeks more as Michael Gove hinted better deal go on she first of October and I think the leadership contenders who are saying that they'll delay that it may not be the 31st of October so rooster Matt Hancock go vet out all the contenders who think that somehow they can renegotiate the deal they're not fit to be p.m. they might be ok they've led a political life they haven't got any common sense they lack pragmatism they would be completely hopeless as negotiators because they don't understand the basic position if we left without doing a No Deal well there are already deals in place that Airlines to take off and citizens rights a lot of things have been greediest No Deal is misleading term is leave on the 31st of October the European Union leaders will come out for us Germany doesn't want to see its industry damaged they will come out stress for a deal the basic pragmatic position should should be been prepared to walk away and then we'll get the deal we want but these these names are they these names they need mention they think they're protecting you because they think there could be some form of economic catastrophe no I think the continued uncertainty for business and the humiliation of Britain in the world let's get back on the world stage trade with the rest of the world yes the US will do a deal with us but there's a lot going on and either in India there's a big world outside they're not that's not quite true alone you know I mean Europe is the European Union is 15 percent of global GDP it's 38 to 40 percent of our overseas trade it is very important but it is declining every single year Elaine I get your messages loud and clear John a nice currents that is a new corner good evening John hello there so John how much does the 31st of October matter as a date well I think it's these massively over to you to be honest with you right yeah it's very simple isn't it their major law we're supposed to leave on the 29th of March yep the laws been broken well the law was missing he decided to change the law by extending it that was what happened yeah but you know you know all these arguments that we've had these arguments left London Center me the fact is we voted to leave and the salary Nancy yeah yeah yes we we didn't know what we were voting for blah blah I mean I actually voted to go into the a thing called the corn market oh yeah don't worry little head it'll all be fine no absolutely that's it symptom Jena Miller said right we should do this by Act of Parliament which is which and she was right she was actually right yes okay we went into Europe by Act of Parliament and would John John John I tell you what I tell you what the most then one of the most impressive pieces of polling I saw was because on the 30th of March millions of people woke up and realize we haven't left their opinion polling in the next week that showed 92% of leave voters felt they've been betrayed over brexit I mean do you sense there's real anger in the country over this or did it will just get over it in the end there is anger there is anger out there John yeah okay do we just want to leave and we do get a story well there we are there we are and real Edison said much the same thing today John I'm going to move on time is tight go to Cardiff to speak to Rodri is a new call org leave me Roderick good evening Roderick no okay sorry the question the question I got to you then is obviously we've got this kind of a preliminary trade agreement with South Korea I believe this is a modular breakfast that's right [Applause] what are your thoughts on kind of stalling Breck they've been setting up these prelim known or deal agreements before we actually pull the other art i thoughts are Roger II we've had three years and about all they've come up with is Switzerland and South Korea what the hell is Liam Fox's department doing I also got I also got the impression Roger II when I was met the American administration and some of their senior figures last week talking to some of them I got the impression that America is absolutely ready to put its side of the negotiation for a trade deal on the table and we've done precious little so I mean you know there's a breach of trust I think between Parliament politics and the people but also they just look incompetent Rodri in my view yeah I mean do you think well that we should have already been stacking up these preliminary no deals I mean of course we should of course we should and I look we've still got four and a half months until we do to leave a government and a prime minister that was serious on delivering on the will of the people understood who understood our business negotiations work would now be calling in a team of business people and I've volunteered some of our people to help with this and yet they're not you know white Rodri they're not serious are they no I agree with you I mean what were your thoughts eyes are on Cannes UK kind of like the free movement of people more of a relationship that we've got with the EU now but with Canada New Zealand because I know that kind of looking outside of the EU and what will go on after the you because that's why I think people are scared off I think people are scared of leaving EU because they don't know what's gonna happen after well well I don't want free movement of people but what I do want us to do is to stop discriminating against some parts of the world in favor of free movement for others and I think there is a sensible deal to be done here and also we should genuinely draw a distinction between people come into work and come in a settle Roger I'm gonna squeeze it one more caller I'm gay too reading to speak to Liam another new caller good evening Liam good afternoon how are you doing hello that we're doing alright so does that date of October 31st does it really really matter so I believe personally that that date the Tories do not actually have to leave by that date and actually my view and justification behind that is because you may trust earlier with betraying the people if we don't leave on that date when in fact I personally believe that a lot of leave voters voted because of the because of a good deal that was promised by the leave campaign and in fact leaving on that date with no deal would be a betrayal of all those people that actually voted for a good deal that they were promised I didn't deal of any kind I've voted to leave but the motivations behind many people who voted to leave were due to the manifesto well not manifest they were due to the promises well as obtained but taking taking back control of our borders taking back control of our money taking back control of our laws if you look at all the big top lines that levers used getting a good deal barely featured well I think a lot of I think a lot of I mean terms of the legalities behind the leave campaign what's your opinion behind the fact that the leave campaign have been prosecuted and oh I think if you take I think if you take on the establishment in this country that always find fault we're out of time we genuinely are Liam I'm sorry I'm back tomorrow at 6:00 at 10:00 tonight is Thom Swarbrick but up next it's iandale thank you very much Nigel we're coming up on the program tonight we have double bubble in the Tory leadership contest at 8:00 Andrea led some she's launched her campaign today she's going to be joining me for an hour-long grilling by me and indeed you if you want to put your question to Andrea let's um or indeed estimate vay she's going to be joining me between 9 and 10 the number to call Oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three I wonder whether estimate they will be bringing that photo of Margaret Thatcher with her that she had on the lectern yesterday I might ask her out that I thought that was some a little odd to say the least and rule Edison's had a very very busy

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We had the opportunity to speak with the last ninja on earth, and learn about the rich history behind ninjutsu and what it takes to be a ninja.

Special thanks to Kawakami Jinichi for sharing his story.
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はい一枚小雨神ボスディアー特に術大富豪忍法 ウェスティ doors コレクションのファンディメンターサバイバー s tenoras データフードジャパン people who プロデュース this marsh at フォームあーりんじゃーんてぃウェア deep 22 t speak it worth ウィンザーレバーとウィッチ3尾犯人術 終わり chase 日や忍者 ん dee uh 海に向かって まあ私が母さんにいいね i チューナーの効果の茂みが続いていた ねっだしながらのは 人間していると言う 血虚おっしゃっケンって 大っっ 現業どう社会ちってっちゃってっ yeah [音楽] あ今日は進み見せたあの 川上よろしくお願い部長 でしょ はいおっね 逃げていん 日本で最後の後任者のパターンですよ here 井戸を起伏もねっれ前からの資料静大思ってずっとやってるにょてしまった ティっていうことだと思いますね ん 今おいくつなんですよーと白の拳で70デマだろクリックようなんです 一番最初にしてませんがやっていただいてた中っての動きが理由じゃないですかはい いろいろありますいや今のやつよりもいっぱいいるんだそう 何百種類とあるんですよ 一番高有名なのはね九字護身法てこそ過去 方ようなこういう これ宗教的な意味で 3蜜と言うんです けれども 体は進退ねでこっち 時は言葉とだらいいしたらいいねかんだよね だろうこの3つを一致させるいうことで自分を守った もうそういう意味ないですねその役ある 忍者ってこうだよねみたいな典型的なイメージってるじゃないですか 特に海外のなんか西洋での映画とかで描かれるみんじゃって多分実際の現場 とは全く一緒ではないと思うんですけどそういうものについてどう思いますか 戦うイメージがもうすぐ強いでしょほとんどその ハイターみたいなねなんかちょっと 現在違うそういうところはねむしろ戦いを避けるものがあり ですよね例えば言って帰っているそうです情報を伝えることできないだろう だからそういう基本的に戦うためではないよ もともとの目的が違うと言うですねただ鈴実の中に武術は含まれているということです ん まだてっ毎回戦いを避けられるわけではないんだぞてそれと戦わなきゃいけないとか ああいうのがある日あの無事通知のソロいうのを会得するってことがマートンやって くるわけですねもともと普通の人たちだったんですかどんな方々なら普通の庶民ですよ ねちわー者に対するハンコ 様子自由自立子 ドンのための指導し4種なんですね そういったものが戦いに役立つわけですね そうすると宣告だめだね行ったほうがいいです それをし飲み物で野党わけですね忍者っていうのってどんな意味が含まれた言葉なん ですか んじゃったりまあ新しい言葉なんですよあれ昭和の30年代ですから1960年ぐらい にまあ一般化した言葉でね もどった忍びの者という第3の名の通りね牛の分もの人から行動を起こして ある目的をもって圧倒する任務を帯びたものが死ぬと思う 誰かを殺めることはできますかロコンド所 いろんな使用法があるだけ てかたそういうのも年じゃあとしてはもう知ってる 無双4のフレ軍には確率にその人という字にはねあれ残忍の人という意味合いもあるん ですよね だからその躊躇なく それも発揮するっていうのが人という 一時なんですよ その忍術っていうのはどんなことなんですか 忍びの術ですね情報 謀略をですねそういったものをれから包丁ねすごいスパイを防ぐ方法ね 流言飛語ばうまく散らすとかまあ総合的なこの政府のための技術だから色んなものの 寄せ集めが現実なんですよ だらこれがえっていうのはなかなかないのでよりも難しいわかりにくい 魔術木ですよねでもなんだけ手裏剣とかもう完全にんじゃの方特有じゃないですかいや 一部あるいは侍のところで忍者の特有だろ えっ村への弔いの後日の中の手裏剣術 あっそうだねマーリンズであるあまりへ使い勝手良くないです まぁ早い話が今も邪魔なてしまいです ブーブーたらもうたんでしょ 確かねしゃー高い ことはないですねそれとなかなか当たらないですよ ブーブ性が高い そろそろ持ってにょってどんな女性これ いつでも多々買えちゃうじゃないですかまあ55ラーム代謝も置いてないですけどまぁ 一部あるいは向けですかあちゃん先生の一番これお気に入り店みたいな武器ってあり ますか 鎌鎌鎌先の使い勝手がいいですよね頑張ってるのねあの要するにの農作業員用の道具で ある ねらー葛武器にも使えですねで合戦の時はそれやっていこう いやーのアレを使ったり もろそう使い勝手いいんですよ くれるすごいですね これはだからん ないわしの日足のおせち前提ばさんですね google でまぁ首にぴったり買おうかって言ったリニア式たり手首切ったり これでこうやっていけ バーンと心 叩くとかね お答えいただくとかごできるようですねね これね叶わって言うんですよねのはーでしょ で粗糖と内側に葉が入ってるんですね でこれを使うときは両手に持ってね そして敵の頭いい感じて首を振ってたら手首に入れて 手首とか動きとか 必ず現大綱亜種とかどこでも切れるもん 川上先生はなんで忍者になろうって決心されたんですか何かきっかけになった出来事と かそういう方がい過去にいらっしゃったんですか どもとまぁこちらが来てた 私じゃないですけどねまでは切っちゃないけど何をされてる方だったんですけどまぁ 忍びの術を代々伝えている まあ戦時中はまあ 特務機関といいんですけどそういうそのピント曇って酸っぱいですねあのそういう仕事 をしていた その1オネエじゃ目をかけられたってことですよねいや私はねあの 片づんまい真源寺へホークの軍法その7であのあまり人と喋ったりしない ぽ潰しトロールというタイプだったのでまあ安心感もあったのかなと言う なるほどお下がりすぎない政府 なんかそのあっ i 始めてから例えば何か傾向をつけ始められればでそのくらい かかったんです いやもうその時からなんか色々遊びみたいなものがその 忍の実の中の一部なんですよ 中根編なくこうね地味に描いてたんですけどねあとはそれをがの 要するあとから包み方に 知らせるためのマンゴーということ趣味つ南郷店に入った 頭1年生の時からもう何ならやってやってらっしゃったんですか1年って言うかそのも 使う てるなぁあるだら遊びみたいなもんでしょ 怪我とかしたことなかったです良ければそれ分の1名的なもんじゃないですね競馬も 集中してました 例えばどんな一番ひどいぬんでもねまぁ空気が足俺が作るから言われます の家の方に書くの大変 覚えちゃう そうかその秘密の特訓だったんですかもう夢分泌がままゆゆなということだったからね 大泥棒だと思っていたらそうでしょ ブーバーし 去年だったら突15位 4日でしょ だから抜き優した違う 全部から抜きやして 上なく誠ソフトダーッと思う んじょだいぶどんな買って絶対仕方なんですよ レゴであると言う ん 超ソフト入れてならですよ これはの一番の基本なっ しのび江戸フラッシュの美康樹あっ 武器やすさせし伸びやすい+からそーっと子以降これでせん 朝どうなってるんだろ みんなアルコールするとはまあしムシですけど大体の おいコーナーでしょとあの 出たら足の判断なのでなぁ 前でてからだけに入れて覚えているはずなんですよね オブジェらしっていうのは 濡れたときは右手 左室でひらいてまあこういうようなイメージの 歩き方であればしなかったころ何羽かするという名前でないならば水の維持 いいはやったことがありますこれけるウッドお疲れですよこれ持ったら 我が娘 c 6としてやのなんだけど 約だんだん カレルもたの宇宙神が移動してちょっと上に体が動く the 昔の人の動かタクシーの方なんかしてるので こうすると本これああ れ方が抑えなきゃいけない 例えばコーナー テーマ a go そしてこう さぁさぁ作った ええええええん ちょっとちょっとあっはぁ 散歩行った旬なコーデ目に足出て来いっ 音で聴いている時も凝っちゃった そんなこれからしはいだから日本の技術はほとんどねこうやって来るってないんですよ ひねらずに来られたこの悪い国そのものがその動きが動こう国盗りもいいします 鏡先生は肩の関節をなんか ブービー際に外せるというふうにもう釣りかどうか夏とコミュにゃんだろそりゃいいよ いいよなんでやるか言うと姉 当たり屋みたいなこともでき はだってほらはこうなってたらいいねえっをやるじゃないですけどねっ ちょっと見せていただくモーヴ爪を見てもあまり対処は彼らのサッカーすごい あっ えっこえっ まずれてるも 後も外れている おりましたバッハだった ere を救っ 業者本当だとねなってるとこのボールを奪った日本向けたん 私は大丈夫 もちサブからどうやっている 誰かお弟子さんを取ろうとはお考えですか昔の音伝統的な その修行様式にのっとったね詩でもやれるというものは 今に町てないと思う これからそのものを座りでね 伝えていくという来ないゲーム内 娘も幼少かられないとマスターできないというでもその中にある いうようなボーンっていうのは たくさんありますからねそれについては新たな観点から構築したら現代にも十分通じる しいろいろ有益なものがあるんじゃないかということで言いますの活動を続けていくと いうことですね だからえーっと今年の5月ぐらいにもそうですねから人道をそうです ウィンドという形でね ブーバーれていたり拒否相打ち名もなく有名もにょた 日立はこういうあたりでしてるんだでて今宿も安全みたいなもんですね それがを本当の忍びの者がね一番の常に出会っていた んですね [音楽] ん ん

80 more migrants rescued as Richard Gere shines light on their plight

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More than 80 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean on Saturday, Aug. 10, as Hollywood star Richard Gere highlighted the plight of those stranded after boarding a charity ship. The migrants, mainly Sudanese men and adolescents, were picked up by the Ocean Viking ship from a rubber dinghy off the coast of Libya, according to Doctors without Borders (MSF), which operates the vessel along with the French charity SOS Mediterranee. The rescue operation comes as a dispute escalates over who will take in migrants rescued by another charity ship, with mild Mediterranean weather increasing the number of people trying to make their way to Europe from Africa. Malta said Saturday it would take in 39 migrants picked up by the Open Arms ship in the country’s rescue zone the day before, but refused entry to 121 others who have been on board the ship for nine days. However Spanish charity Proactiva, which operates the ship, rejected the offer, insisting Malta also take the 121 migrants, including 30 children. Proactiva founder Oscar Camps said the decision not to take in all the migrants “caused a serious security problem on board” the Open Arms. “The anxiety levels of these people is unbearable,” he tweeted. Malta said the 121 migrants “were intercepted in an area where Malta is neither responsible nor the competent coordinating authority.” ‘Closer to breaking point’ American movie star Gere boarded the Open Arms on Friday, Aug. 9, aiming to keep a spotlight on the situation for migrants as they wait for European nations to agree to take them in. “Most people refer to them as migrants, but for me, they are refugees that are running from a fire,” Gere told a press conference on the Italian island of Lampedusa on Saturday. Gere said he spoke to almost everyone on board and “there are 121 stories.” “These are extraordinary people, they are so strong, they lived such horrors, they were living in hell… torture, rapes imprisonment,” he said. Gere said he did not care about politics, that the point was to help people in distress. “I am coming from a place with a very bizarre political situation, with a president who is putting an enormous amount of energy into dehumanizing people. “We have our problems of refugees who come from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, from Mexico. It is very similar to what is going on here. “It has to stop everywhere on the planet now,” Gere said, who helped bring water and food to the migrants. He said they “appeared to be in OK shape,” but warned, “They are getting closer and closer to breaking point.” Italy refuses migrants The Ocean Viking rescued 85 people including four children on Friday, so the latest group means a total of around 170 are now on board, all from sub-Saharan Africa.
The Ocean Viking is registered in Norway, and Italy’s far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini sent a warning to Oslo this week. “Italy is not legally bound, nor disposed to take in clandestine, unidentified migrants from onboard the Ocean Viking,” wrote Salvini, who has taken a hard line against migrants and this week sparked a political crisis by pulling his support from Italy’s governing coalition. Salvini has said the same about the Open Arms migrants. He also said he hopes Gere “gets a bit of a suntan” and that he should take the migrants to Ibiza, a Spanish resort island. Norway’s minister of justice and immigration, Joran Kallmyr, said on television that the migrants should be “transported back to Africa, either to Tunisia or Libya.” “They should not be sent to Europe because then this action will be an extension of the refugee route instead of a rescue operation.” European parliament speaker David Sassoli wrote to European Union (EU) Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Thursday, Aug. 8, urging immediate aide for the migrants and a quick deal between the member states to take them in. However, a commission spokesperson admitted Friday that no mediation effort was underway in Brussels to allow the Open Arms group to disembark on dry land in Europe. France announced on July 22 that 14 EU states had agreed on a “solidarity mechanism” to share out migrants saved in the Mediterranean, so long as they were allowed to disembark in Italy.


dating more migrants rescued as Richard fear sons live on their flights more than 80 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean on Saturday August 10 and communist car racers fear highlight is the slide of those stranded after boarding a parody says the migrants mainly see beneath men and adolescents were seized up by the ocean Viking ships from the rubber dinghy off the coast of Libya according to Doctors Without Borders MSF which operates the vessel along with the French carry the SOS message erased the rescue operation comes as a dispute escalates over who will cave in migrants rescued by another 36 with miles- Iranian weather increasing the number of people trying to make their lazy years from Africa small example Saturday it was taken 39 migrants picked up by the open lung space in the countries rescued them the day before plus review century to 121 others through the skin on both assist for nine days however that is carried equal sizes which are great specific recessive II offers in system long haul so paper 121 migrants including 30 children the sky the founder also and said the decision not to pay the roles in migrants cross a serious security problem on board the eyes and arms the anxiety levels of these people is embarrassed smalls of over 120 women my friends were intercepted in an area where small things neither responsible nor the companies coordinating Authority closer to breaking points American movie stars here for 2 zeros in arms on Friday August 9 gaining the FIFA spotlight on the situation for migrants and say wait for European nations to agree to take them days most people refer to the Nightline bro but for me they are refugees that are running from the fire from the fear for the press conference on this Italian island of lamb to do sit on Saturday fierce Becky spoke to almost everyone on board and there are 121 stories these are extraordinary people they are so strong they recess forward they were living in health torture grace imprisonment he said she said she did not care about politics that the point was to help people in distress I am coming from the place with a very bizarre political situation where the president who is putting an enormous amount of energy into the humanizing people we have our problems of the refugees who come from Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua from Mexico it is very similar to what is going on here it has to stop everywhere on the slam is now fear fest who helps bring water and food to the migrants he said they appeared to be an ocean state but warm they are getting closer and closer to breaking points even we refuse these migrants the ocean Viking rescued 85 people including four children on Friday so the latest spruce means a symbol of around 170 are now on board all from the scattering Africa's the ocean Viking is registered in Norway and designers are rising dear Minister mark a local TV sent a warning to Oslo this week Italy is not the easily found nor disclosed to baked eggs when dusty unidentified migrants from onboard the ocean Viking rose all be nice to have faith in the hard line against migrants and this week sparked the political crisis by filling risk reports from Italy suffer Nicola listen Paul Dini have said the same about the open arms migrants he also says he hosts to get rid of the sun-times and anticipation Muslims to advisors of standard reports iron norway's Minister of Justice and immigration Joran comer said on television that the migrants could be found for tea back to Africa be vertically for Lydia's bases not defense the European detection will be an extension of directing the rate instead of the rescue operations european parliament speaker David sat on row two European Union EU Commission President jean-claude Juncker on Thursday August 8 serving a navy of eight for the migrants and the Swiss field between the Member States to take them big however Commission spokesperson admitted Friday that no mediation effort was underway in Brussels to allow the open arms breeze to the PMBOK on dry land in Europe France announced on July 22nd at 14:00 EU states had agreed on the Solidarity mechanism to spare out migrant states in this method Iranian so long as they were allowed to defend bark in Italy thank you for watching please subscribe

Wrapping Bales for Haylage with Fendt 415 & NEW Kuhn Wrapper

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Taken the other day and down here with this long dry spell, haylage and hay is on all over. Sadly missed the baling but got the wrapping. Here’s Shane with a Fendt 415 using a new Kuhn 4014 wrapper with pink wrap which is to raise awareness and is in aid of breast cancer research. Some tedding & loading up of the bales happened which will be in a later video. Filmed in Hampshire, UK.

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Senator Jeff Merkley wants every American to get involved and get out there and he wants every 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate to answer this one …

UK kicks off European elections despite Brexit turmoil | DW News

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Vision of Asia – Community News | May 13th

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Meri Awaz Suno 2019 – Jhoom Event & Tarang Soni – New Jersey

Final Day of New York Indian Film Festival 2019

Happy Mother’s Day

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Hammond to Attack No-Deal Brexit 'Hijack'!

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The Chancellor, Philip Hammond is set to make a speech at a CBI dinner tonight, where he is expected to say that supporters of a no-deal Brexit are trying to hijack the referendum result.


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Philip Hammond will be taking a firm swipe at the supporters of a no deal Brexit amongst his fellow Tory MPs when he gives his speech tonight at the CBI annual dinner in The Brewery in London.

In his speech he is expected to warn that his party should not copy the populist right in claiming that a WTO Brexit was the only ‘truly legitimate Brexit’.

He will also say that unless the Brexit issue is resolved soon, the country could end up with a new PM leading the country towards a what Hammond calls a damaging no deal exit for ‘ideological’ reasons.

He will also say that “all the preparation in the world” will not avoid the consequences of a no deal Brexit.

As I outlined in a video yesterday, the majority of Tory MPs are Remainers and they will love this rhetoric.

Hammond is doing his best to get a Remainer, probably him, into Number Ten.

Moving on. After telling everyone he would vote for the Lib Dems in this Thursday’s EU elections, arch Tory Remainer Lord Heseltine, has had the Conservative whip removed says the BBC.

Now a few thoughts on British Steel. Much is being made of the Brexit angle and some make it look like Brexit uncertainty has caused all the company’s woes.

The Company says it needs a big cash injection to stay afloat to address what it calls ‘Brexit related issues’.

Crucially 4,000 jobs jobs are directly affected and another 20,000 supply chain jobs are also at risk.

I have to say that I’m no commodities expert but I have tried my best to dig out some relevant information.

Now, the connection with Brexit uncertainty is that, last year, the EU Commission temporarily suspended UK carbon credit processes ahead of Brexit. This led to British Steel having to buy these credits on the open markets leading to a need for an emergency loan from the government.

There is a bit of a glut on the world’s steel markets so prices are depressed and the OECD points out that there are more steel works planned across the globe and says that:

“Should these projects be realised, global steelmaking capacity could increase by 4-5 percent between 2019 and 2021, in the absence of closures.”

Then there’s the raw materials involved.

The UK imports the coal and the iron ore that is used to produce steel.

The price of iron ore has increased worldwide by about 44% since the end of 2018 and, according to the Financial Review, prices could stay elevated well into next year.

And some of this has been driven by a mining tragedy in Brazil when a dam collapsed killing 300 people and flooding a mine.

This, says Patrick Commins of Financial review:

“…ultimately ripped 93 million tonnes from seaborne iron ore supply, or about 6 per cent of the total market. Unsurprisingly, prices for the bulk commodity jumped from about $US75 a tonne to above $US90.”

But, overall it looks to me like a combination of increased raw materials prices, high UK energy prices and low prices for goods produced, coupled with an unforeseen cost to purchase carbon credits to maintain operations have all contributed.

As I said I’m no expert and I don’t know how much the company hedged against this sort of thing happening, but it looks like British Steel has been hit by a perfect storm of adverse events. And the Brexit bit was caused by the actions of the EU Commission.

The end result could be that British Steel goes into administration in the next 24 to 48 hours, which will hit workers and their families the hardest.





FT: British Steel collapse fears spark scrutiny of owners Greybull

hello there the Chancellor Philip Hammond is set to make a speech at a CBI dinner tonight where he is expected to say that supporters of a No Deal brexit are trying to hijack the referendum result Philip Hammond will be taking a firm swipe at the supporters of a No Deal brexit amongst his fellow Tory MPs when he gives his speech tonight at the CBI annual dinner in the brewery in London in his speech he is expected to warn that his party should not copy the populist right in claiming that a WTO brexit was the only truly legitimate brexit he will also say that unless the brexit issue is resolved soon the UK could end up with a new PM leading the country towards what Hammond calls a damaging No Deal exit for ideological reasons he will also say that all the preparations in the world will not avoid the consequences of a No Deal brexit according to reports he will say on the populist right there are those who now claim that the only outcome that counts as a truly legitimate brexit is to leave with No Deal let me remind them the 2016 leave campaign was clear that we would leave with a deal so to advocate for No Deal is to hijack the result of the referendum and in doing so knowingly to inflict damage on our economy and our living standards as I outlined in a video yesterday the majority of Tory MPs are remainders and they will love this rhetoric Hammond is doing his best to get a remain err probably him in to number 10 and we all know in which direction he would take the country don't we moving on after telling everyone he would vote for the Lib Dems in this Thursday's EU elections arch Tory remainer Lord Hesseltine has had the Conservative whip removed says the BBC and a Tory party spokesperson said as a result the Chief Whip the House of Lords has informed Lord Heseltine that he will have the conservative whip suspended this will be reviewed if he is willing to support conservative candidates at future elections but according to Jonathan is a be writing in the brexit central Lord Heseltine has not been thrown out of the party despite earlier warnings that such action was incompatible with Tory party membership they do need to keep every member they can don't they now a few thoughts on British steel much is being made of the brexit angle and some make it look like brexit uncertainty has caused all the company's woes the company says it needs a big cash injection to stay afloat to address what it calls brexit related issues crucially 4,000 jobs are directly affected and another 20,000 supply chain jobs are also at risk but this whole brexit bit did not totally stack up with me so I did a bit of research I have to say that I know commodities experts but I have tried my best to dig out some relevant information now the connection with brexit uncertainty is that last year the EU Commission temporarily suspended UK carbon credit processes ahead of brexit this led to British steel having to buy these credits on the open markets leading to a need for an emergency loan from the government but the FT says that some are questioning the need for that emergency loan as a huge investment package had already been put together for British steel by its investors and the FT also says that British steel pushed ahead with investing 40 million pounds in the French steel producer asked eval at the same time as begging for a UK government bailout however there are also other factors at play here there is a bit of a glut on the world steel markets so prices are depressed and the OECD points out that there are more steel works planned across the globe and says that should these projects be realised global steelmaking capacity could increase by 4 to 5 five percent between 2019 and 2021 in the absence of closures then there's the raw materials involved the UK imports the coal and of the iron ore that is used to produce steel the price of iron ore has increased worldwide by about 44 percent since the end of 2018 and according to the Financial Review prices could stay elevated well into next year and some of this has been driven by a mining tragedy in Brazil where a dam collapsed killing 300 people and flooding an iron ore mine this says Patrick Cummins of the Financial Review ultimately ripped 93 million tonnes from Seabourn iron ore supply or about six percent of the total market unsurprisingly prices for the bulk commodity jumped above that seventy five US dollars a ton to above ninety dollars but to offset some of this is the level of sterling and on this the House of Commons library briefing paper on the UK steel industry says a lower pound makes steel made in the UK cheaper to foreign buyers potentially boosting demand for UK steel however a lower pound makes imports more expensive meaning imported coal and iron ore used in the production process in some of Tatas UK operations will cost more the higher cost of imports will also make imported steel more expensive to UK buyers potentially lowering demand for foreign made steel and increasing demand for steel made in the UK but overall it looks to me like a combination of increased raw materials prices high UK energy prices and low prices for goods produced coupled with an unforeseen cost to purchase carbon credits to maintain operations have all contributed as I said I'm no expert and I don't know how much the company hedged against this sort of thing happening but it looks like British Steel has been hit by a perfect storm of adverse events and the brexit bit was caused by the actions of the EU Commission the result could be the British steel goes into administration in the next 24 to 48 hours which will hit workers and their families the hardest anyway what do you think please share and comment and thank you for watching please do like and share this video and also subscribe to my channel and when subscribing please do remember to press on the little bell next to the subscribe button that way you're getting alert every single time I put up a new video thank you very much for watching you

SIBI, Automated jetting race case study | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

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SIBI, Automated jetting race case study

Andrew Slade
Sheep certainly are hard work if you’re not set up in the right way there’s a lot of equipment out
there to make sheep handling a lot easier and more efficient.
My name’s Andrew Slade and we farm in Mount Barker WA.
We run five and a half thousand breeding ewes and 700 breeding cattle in a mixed livestock and
cropping enterprise.
Previously we were jetting with afire unit and getting limited control maximum control period was
around six weeks, the only other option was to use click which was considerably more expensive.
We purchase the Electro Dip six years ago we saw the Electro Dip as a more cost effective and
productive solution we were able to get up to12 weeks control and not have to treat the ewes as
often and at a lot more cost effective rate.
Having that 12 week protection period we’ve gone from treating at a minimum 2 to 3 times a year
back to once. Probably halved the amount of labour needed to treat our ewes.
We apply 2 L of water per ewe the mix is a two litres of Vetrazin per thousand litres of water.
We can put through upwards of 1500 ewes an hour and get effective control.
The key element of the Electro Dip is the high pressure pump which delivers constant pressure
and 120 psi or whatever rate you set it at. And you get the penetration down to the skin.
So the sheep run through and trip out the seeing eye, which is behind this little bit of glass here
and that triggers jets that come from underneath and jets from the top and also jets on the side.
There are a number of people that hire Electric Dips or similar systems so that maybe an option
but the effectiveness is vastly greater than what you’d get using the fire unit to jet.
Peter Rowe.
I’m Peter Rowe I’m an agricultural economist with over 20 years experience and I was approached
by the Department of agriculture and food to look into the economics of the Slades Electro Dip
Jetting Machine.
It was costing the Slades about $13,000 a year for fly control. They’ve managed to reduce that
down to $5000 a year a saving of about $8000 a year.t
The system cost $14,000 to buy and across 10 years will save them about $4.10 for each dollar
they’ve invested.
The payback period is just over two years.
Andrew Slade.
The Electro Dip is an invaluable piece of equipment on our sheep operation so we wouldn’t trade it
for any other system thats out there at the moment.
Rhys Jones
The Department of agriculture and food WA, through its Sheep Industry Business Innovation
project, made possible by Royalties for Regions is supporting and sharing new technologies in the
sheep industry. This is improving labour efficiency in the sector and making it easier all round, to
run sheep.
Read more at:

You can also find Department of Agriculture and Food WA on

sheep certainly are hard work if you're not set up in the right way there's a lot of equipment out there that can make cheap handling a lot easier and more more efficient my name is Andrew slate and we farm in Mount Darko we run five and a thousand breeding ewes and 700 breeding cattle in a mixed livestock and cropping enterprise previously we were chatting with a fire unit and getting limited control maximum control period was around six weeks the only other option was to use click which is considerably more expensive and we purchased the electrode it six years ago we saw the electrode as a more cost effective and productive solution we were able to get up to 12 weeks control and not have to treat the use as often and a lot more cost-effective right having that 12 week protection period and we've done including at minimum two to three times a year back to once probably half the amount of labour needed to treat our use we apply two litres of water to you the mix is a 2 liters of vetericyn 2,000 liters of water and we can put through upwards of 1,500 use an hour and get effective control the key element of the electrode is the high-pressure pump which delivers them constant pressure 120 psi or whatever rate you set it up and you get the penetration down to the skin the sheep sheep run through and sugar the seeing-eye which is behind this little bit of glass here that triggers jets that come from underneath and jets from the top and also gets on the side there are a number of people who hire out electro dips or similar systems so there might be an option that the effectiveness is vastly greater than what you get using the fire unit to jet I'm Peter oh I'm an agricultural economist with over 20 years experience and I was approached by the Department of Agriculture in food to look into the economics of the slaves electrode jetting machine it was costing the slaves about $13,000 a year for flight control they've managed to reduce that down to five thousand dollars a year a saving of about eight thousand dollars a year the system costs fourteen thousand dollars to buy and across ten years will save them about four dollars and ten cents for each dollar they've invested the payback period is just over two years that's how that is an invaluable piece of equipment on a chef operation so we wouldn't we wouldn't trade it for any other system that's out there at the moment the Department of Agriculture and Food WI through its chief industry business innovation project made possible by royalties for regions in supporting and sharing new technologies in the sheep industry this is improving labor efficiency in the sector and making it easier all-round to run ship

Border Security: Canada's Front Line

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Officer Danielle and Officer Matt are two of the featured CBSA officers featured in the gripping new National Geographic Channel documentary series “Border Security: Canada’s Front Line”. In the series, you get a behind the scenes look at the methods and officers that keep the borders secure.

when we first met our next guest today of course we started blabbing about our own interesting experiences when crossing international boundaries oh I'm sure everybody has one there's a brand new show called border security that you can check out we are joined now by Officer Danielle and officer Matt and we have to explains we thought there was gonna be a drug dog here to sniff the premises but where is Nova Nova is in the truck right alright just having a little rest a little a little break time no break okay well who wants to tackle Matt the the question of what border security is actually all about I mean this is an amazing show to me yeah it's a great opportunity to showcase what we do at the Canada Border Services Agency and show the important work that we do to help ensure public safety here in Canada and it's so interesting to me when I was watching the show is fascinating you feel that stress when people are getting pulled aside and then I thought from a TV perspective these people said it was okay to use their images did that surprise you that people were so willing to be filmed as they were being suspected and sometimes charged with crimes definitely it was it was surprising that people willingly consented to being filmed and being part of the show I might have cocaine on me absolutely also in that I just need a quick break so tell us Daniel let's start with you and where you work for border security we did mention the drug dogs so take us to your your day at the office well I'm based out of the airport Vancouver International Airport and myself and my k-9 partner novo we work in all areas of the airport so that's travelers cargo aircraft search we do pretty much everything at the airport and you know every day is different and there's always something new and and is Nova specifically trained for drugs or are there explosives or these drugs and Firearms really interesting so she can be both okay we're gonna clip with Nova right now Danielle maybe you can explain what we're about to see sure well basically a traveler coming in from Vegas I believe was I have yeah was of interest to to know us so basically the clip just shows a little bit of what we do on a day-to-day ly basis alright here is the scene from border security at the airport a traveler returning from Las Vegas gets an unexpected welcome from a CBS a drug detecting dog aye sir check your passport and your declaration card there and with good reason I do smoke weed okay do you have any with you today how often do you use I probably smoke like twice a week anything else that you ever precised marijuana you regularly use anything else ah when I was a kid yeah okay try already much everything everything and have you ever been checked by customs on any of your travels besides yeah they went through our cards and they found like traces of cocaine and it had been we were like we lived in Fernie man we lived in Fernie man yeah it's a-okay our viewers in Fernie what's up uh but this are you surprised sometimes what what people will tell you because I was asking off air I mean how much information do you have at your disposal about possible run-ins that they've had with border security before quite often when working the dog it's basically I'm not looking at who I'm running the dog just leads me to whoever is there and whoever she smells and then you start talking and things come out yeah people are funny the dog is a tool so you know the next step is to talk to the people to find out what what the real story is and let's talk to you Matt I learned about your department by watching the show's episode because I had never heard of inland enforcement tell us about what you do I work at a downtown Vancouver with our inline enforcement section so we were responsible for enforcing the immigration refugee protection act away from the borders inland I mean most people don't understand that the CBSA has an important role to play in public safety away from the borders yeah in the communities and it's these people that that have gotten into Canada through illegal methods if it's not getting false ID whatever it is but somehow they've ended up here yeah a little bit of everything a large majority of the people we deal with don't actually cross the border like you and I do they they come through right nation II can they walk across the gene you have to deport them when you catch them or they get in some circumstances it hence what kind of section of the Immigration Act they violated we focus our enforcement efforts towards people who are involved in organized crime or have you been convicted of serious criminal offenses here or in other countries and how closely are you working with police forces and things like that because obviously you guys would have to use a lot of investigative techniques to actually track down one of these people yeah we work really closely with municipal police agencies federal police agencies here in Canada and also in the United States so what's it like for you when you're out there because in the episode that we saw which is airing this week on the next episode there's people with cameras in the car with you while you're pursuing yeah it took a bit of getting used to the film crew was excellent too just sitting in the background and allowing us do we do to do what we do what made you guys agree I mean I think everybody when they hear reality show these days thinks of honey booboo or Jersey Shore when some of you guys in a very serious business I mean we've got guns and drug dogs what made you say Porter security honey boo boo edition what's in your go-go juice okay what would you see yeah I think it was it wasn't it's not necessarily a reality show it's more of a documentary um and it was basically done in a way to depict what we do on a day-to-day basis nothing scripted it's all real life your job I mean you know our first instinct to both of you was to talk about our experiences as confessional what you actually do is really misunderstood I think for for a lot of people so that's got to be kind of neat that that people are really seeing what you guys actually do on it I think so there's so many different aspects to the job so the show has done a great job of depicting Matt and Matt are you learning stuff or did you have a pretty good handle because did you start on inland enforcement or well I started working in the borders of the ports of entry and after about three years of transfer torreón land sections that was probably one of the big reasons for me to say yes to was just to educate the public that we have this inland section and have an important role to play as a law enforcement agency away from the borders and was that your decision to get into this aspect with the Canadian yes securities yeah and Daniel how about you what made you get into this and what a business and why yeah I your crazy dog person you did I am a crazy dog person for sure but definitely I saw it as a great opportunity to highlight not only being a border service officer but also the dog program itself and how the dogs are used at all different ports of entry Marine Airport and Nova is very much a part of your life as well I mean you and OVA work together but you also live together which sorry but it's funny right I think people sometimes assume when they see the dogs at the airport they live in a kennel or or someone takes care of them but she is part of your life yeah she's my partner so I spend more time with her than pretty much anyone else my husband and she's just a regular dog at home yep yeah a leash she just hangs out when she's not working she's she's just a regular you have to command her to do her job like dude does a dog like that know the difference or does she go go into that mode if she were to see something you're walking around the city Street if she were to see something suspicious is it innate inverted just do that definitely the dogs that we use with CBSA are high drive dogs so their job they're basically genetically programmed to do their job which for us is to search out things well fascinating stuff both of you thank you so we're gonna sneak some stuff through the board about that more on the way let's talk about that on the break for our livestream audience you can enjoy it make sure that you check out border security Canada's front line it airs a Thursday nights on national Geographics absolutely fascinating stuff check out your local listings to find out where you can watch it near you we'll have more of the rush when we return stick around we'll be right back you you

Face to face with 'IS captors' – BBC News

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Spanish photojournalist Ricardo Vilanova was held captive by Islamic State militants in Syria for eight months before he was freed in 2014.
He says that his tormentors were a group of four British jihadists, dubbed “The Beatles” by their captives.
Now he has returned to the country and met two of the men accused of holding him hostage.

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Farming in the 1940's – Film 39293

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Farming 1940s
Blacksmiths working with hot metal and Forge. Ploughing with a traction engine. Three Shire horses. Haymaking. A horse and wagon. Elevator. Making a haystack. Mechanised and horse drawn farm machinery. Thrashing machine. Harvesting. Farmer with his tractor on an old farm. Farm scenes. Farmers wife with broom sweeping on doorstep. Farmer tightens nut on tractor wheel before driving down the road. Horse and plough. Farmer takes off cap and scratches his head. Comparisons with Tractor ploughing. Horses with nose bags. Farmers sit together and have lunch but someone continues ploughing with tractor. Clouds in the sky. Horses leaving field. Farmer looks at his pocket watch. Tractor ploughing at dusk. Spindly International Farmall tractor. Harrowing. Lorry (G.S. Jones) drives through the countryside with load. Point of view through orchards. Man drives a tiny tractor.

Russian spy: UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats – BBC News

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The UK will expel 23 Russian diplomats after Moscow refused to explain how a Russian-made nerve agent was used on former spy in Salisbury, the PM says.

World's most famous clock – Big Ben – rings in its 150th anniversary – 2009

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Defiantly low-tech yet accurate to the second, London’s Big Ben – the most famous clock in the world – is having its 150th birthday on Sunday. The clock started …

Trudeau's apology tour never addresses his own mistakes | David Menzies

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David Menzies of reports: SNC-Lavalin is still ongoing, numerous Liberal Party MPs are resigning, the Mark Norman fiasco …

Nick thinks the Huawei leak was in the 'public interest'

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News about Huawei’s potential involvement in building the UK’s 5G network was reportedly leaked from the National Security Council.

But Nick Ferrari argues the details were in the public interest as it “affects the security of everyone”.

But Michelle Dewberry thinks the National Security Council should be able to “maintain confidentiality”.

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listen do you want to know a secret do you promise not to tell this is definitely on Her Majesty is not so Secret Service but the government might be about to sign off on a bid that allows a Chinese telecoms giant to effectively run much of our 5g network this is not so much communist Reds under the bed there'll be everywhere from our cars to kitchens and bathrooms to boot was courtesy of the most questionable of decisions by Prime Minister Theresa May there's been one hell of a who why we done it Rao / precisely who leaked details of a highly confidential National Security Council meeting that discuss this defense secretary Gavin Williamson even suffered his very own Skyfall he lost his job as a suspected culprit what a load of thunder balls this is a story of massive public interest that affects the security of every one of us we've a right to know and this was a case of journalists doing what journalists are put on earth to do put simply this was a license to spill the beans it wasn't such a serious topic I mean that was amazing you know there's a few angles to this special of course as a broadcaster I agree with you and it's vital that information like this gets to the public there's a clear public interest I think it meets any threshold when it comes to that test it's certainly in the public's interest to know if the Chinese state will have some form of advantage over the privacy of our lives especially considering what they're doing in China now some viewers may watch the black mirror a TV show there's an episode about so the social credit system where a totalitarian state uses social media to control the lives of its citizens and punish them for misbehavior and indeed that's what China is doing and so it's scary it's scary if China has a foothold in our tech and in our country and regarding I have to wonder what through resumes thinking as Prime Minister I was saying to you earlier I think you know the term lame-duck may not necessarily suffice because the way she's handled this the the way that she seems to be going against intelligence advice in making this decision I think it would be more appropriate to describe her as a drunk-driving doc I think that it is though there is a question about the Official Secrets Act and I think that though whoever leaked this probably did the country a favor they probably do need to be disciplined for another reason and that's the precedent of the Official Secrets Act let's get Michele let's get Michele and just to say Gavin Williamson of course denied that he's the source of the leak although he has paid for as I said with his job the key here Michele is of course cabinets leak they've always leaked this is probably the leakiest of all cabinets but this is the National Security Council where you would be allowed to think that you could discuss the most sensitive details so I still say it's in the national interest even though it's a national security do you I so a cabinet is one thing a colander is another and I am absolutely fed up with the politicians letting us down and betraying trusts not actually doing their job so if you are on the National Security Council you have to be able to maintain confidentiality it's just an absolute basic and a given because our safety is in your hands if you're on that committee so I think it's appalling that a leak of any nature would come from that particular committee I think if there is concerns ie you're getting into bed with someone that you shouldn't be getting into in this case this Chinese cooperation then you you confine it into that room you have your conversations you do your role you you you have your responsibilities and you push back in the confines of that environment and make your voice hello what if you lose well then that's a different question for a point further down the line and there should be some kind of policy and some kind of way of really of raising your concern as I'm fed up with Paula Paula Titian as running to the newspapers every five minutes is what it feels like in order to weather score points whether it's undermining and I think it's absolutely wrong and if we think if we look at the Official Secrets Act for a second yeah and look at this it's a criminal offence to obtain or publish any information from a serving or former member of the security and intelligence services or from certain categories of civil servants where that disclosure would be damaging there is no public interest of it so what I would say is this undermines to me the confidential nature of that committee and how freely people should be able to speak in those meetings without the fear of one of them running off to the nearest press I'm gonna come because your journey so I think I know where you are and I do want to hear it June I'm interested where you are in this yeah I'm gonna be very quick and then now you too Carol and I agree with you I completely accept Michele and magics point regarding the Official Secrets Act but I think we need to make allowances for whistleblowers and the question that we should be asking which is why I have no idea what to resumes thinking is would the reverse be possible look the Chinese allow us to install there 5g I mean I understand that Westminster Journalism is run by by leaks and off-the-record briefings I get bad but this is entirely different this was the leak from it from a national security and the problem here is that what's at stake is the capacity of the security services to get you know to give information in secret and for it to really John Williamson has got form filiz you know that when he's incoming he denies it here what he might deny but you know we were told last night and was on the news that that resume had compelling evidence might not be him it might be someone hid in his office but what I think I know for a fact and never even being a journalist and haven't I got this story I would have absolutely done it and been happy to have done it however does this stop me thinking that the cabinet minister who leaked it should not only be sacked but should be prosecuted because had a civil servant stomach don't notice it Kevin a minute okay others at the meeting but if there was a civil servant who done it he definitely will be prosecuted so why if it turns out to be Gavin Wilson why not him though it does behoove us to remember that many an abuse of human rights has been committed in the name of national security and whether that was a double raid on tanomo and other places especially uh behind the specter of national security being raised to silence people from critics criticizing what's being done in the name of our protection is constantly something that journalist I think do you security services have to be able to give a nice Haislip I already concede that the leaker should be punished but I do think there's a public interest in this knowledge as a non journalist can I ask you a question as a journalist so in this situation so if somebody's leaked from this you know highly confidential forum to a newspaper isn't there a law that obligates that newspaper to disclose the source ultimately the editor could as you when you read that note I mean the editor in the journals of all could face prosecution you have to weigh up two things you have to your defense which I think would whoever has leaked this I think you would be able to prove this is in the public interest and that actually that would allow newspapers believe it ought to hack to do whatever they like if it is in the public interest so that's the measure the other thing you have to do is national security now the government is able to serve what's called a d– notice which stops publication but i my question is so we need to understand who this leak is from the perspective of confidentiality now rather than wandering around doing investigations and all the rest of it isn't it just as simple as to reason we're going to the editor of this news my question alley isn't there a legality when it comes to something such as this the severity in a police state I don't think you can you can't hack for Public Interest because that's committing a criminal offense sorry yeah okay but you can go to you can take other measures that would allow you if you could receive somebody knows that you didn't receive their information source point on the source point I think there's another principle at stake here and that applies to lawyers as well Michelle you know if you're worried about intelligence officers having the confidence in the national security to be able to speak without their words being leaked you've got other systems that play lawyers need to be able to hear testimony from the suspect without being forced to reveal that testimony against attorney-client privilege journalists have a similar thing where if you if you break that taboo if you go into there and say you've got to give us your source the entire professional journey but don't you think don't you think that this is indicative of the government we have now this has never happened before ever to my knowledge anyway and and there's an identity that we have Teresa may we have a government charge where we have a load of ministers and politicians who think they can do whatever and she clearly she's lost control of her cabinet and just one quick point and and I'm not bringing this back to briggsie I promise I think you'll agree with me I do think that you know if we are looking to leave the EU then surely it makes sense for us to be giving these sorts of contracts to British companies so that we know we're creating jobs in this country so not just in terms of national security out of self-interest you were certainly drunk driving drunk that's what I'm just pleased it's taken this long for the B word to be mentioned fair play to cereza mayor by the way she's actually shown an element of leadership for once members of accurate quickly and firing someone but anyway coming up next on the pledge I'm saying we need to support all members of society

José Manuel Barroso – BBC Hardtalk – 2014. Szeptember 9.

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engine look these have been very challenging is very exciting and in fact we have been living through crisis all the time don't forget the first crisis the first crisis was the non ratification of the constitutional three day but then we solved it with the Lisbon Treaty all the countries and supported it then that person wants to see it perhaps a looks at and reform the percentage of each problem at each time now secondly you've mentioned rightly that during this time you have almost doubled our membership from 15 to 28 member states isn't that one of the great success ever I mean in your penis tree for the first time we have almost all the continent United around values of peace and democracy is that the case there when you had the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban saying that he has some admiration for a liberal countries such as Russia if there are some issues and regarding rule of law in Hungary we will address them but look Prime Minister burn was democratically elected in Hungary and I'm sure that is young Gary no surgery respect principles of democracy nothing to do when in garion anger and gary compared with angry when it was a tutor in regime and the common is true