Bohemian Rhapsody – The Movie: Official Trailer

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“We’re all legends…”

Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury. Freddie defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound. They reach unparalleled success, but in an unexpected turn Freddie, surrounded by darker influences, shuns Queen in pursuit of his solo career. Having suffered greatly without the collaboration of Queen, Freddie manages to reunite with his bandmates just in time for Live Aid. While bravely facing a recent AIDS diagnosis, Freddie leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. Queen cements a legacy that continues to inspire outsiders, dreamers and music lovers to this day.

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Bohemian Rhapsody – The Movie: Official Trailer

Boris Johnson Live On LBC: 13th March 2019 – Live Phone-In – LBC

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The former Foreign Secretary is in the LBC studio taking your calls. If you have a question you’ve always wanted to answer

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global leading Britain's conversation with Nick Ferrari at breakfast one two three minutes after 9:00 on Wednesday March the 13th one historic vote already down possibly two to go certainly one later today on the idea of taking no deal off the table straight to here in lbc Boris Johnson of course served as mayor of London that's where we first cut our teeth making regular phonons when he was mayor Dennis former Foreign Secretary of course Conservative MP for Oxbridge joins me in the studio now morning good morning mr. Johnson of the two comments one September 2016 our policy is having our cake and eating it or one in March 2016 if the leaves side wins it will be necessary to negotiate a large number of trade deals at great speed why should that be impossible which do you regret more I think both vermin are eminently sensible just being right into the story I think both of those statements are eminently reasonable and how many trade deals to be held in place well as you know Liam Fox is putting in place very rapidly a number of successor agreements how many I can't give you the exact figure I'm not gonna I'm not gonna block what do you think you've acted later you'd have to get a limb I think but in in very short order we will have I think there are 49 that he's trying to get or something like yes from we have six and in Switzerland Israel and various others yes so just remind you that it will bendy be necessary to negotiate a large number of trade deals at great speed why should that be impossible what it's proved impossible hasn't it well only it certainly of course will be impossible if we continue to go forward on the basis that the Prime Minister was advocating yesterday in other words with the withdrawal agreement the parliament rejected and obviously look just to get to the vote cuz I think people have a feeling very confused this morning it is a feeling very frightened and remain as a feeling quite jubilant who's right I think actually the I don't know why Drupal Menace would be feeling do bleep because I don't think that this country is going to remain in the in the EU I think we're going to leave on March the 29th and I hope very much that we'll leave on on good terms with our friends and neighbors and achieved a little over a fortnight well I covered a lot of European Union summits I've been to a lot of them in my time and I've seen how the EU works and the horses always change places in the final furlong and it's always at five minutes to midnight that the real deal is done and in Brussels the real fix is always in at the end and I am convinced that when they looked at what was going to happen in Parliament this week they sucked their teeth and thought this thing's going down again we're not going to give them our final offer let's wait and see and don't forget we've got a summit on March the 21st when the heads of state and government will get together and they will have to consider then how to get a better arrangement with the UK the Parliament is now decisively rejected the the backstop arrangements and for listeners who find this incredibly boring and technical it is very important because what it means is that you're kept in the customs union you're kept in the single market and you don't really get any of the the upside of brexit and you become an economic colony in many ways of the of the EU and clearly that's no basis on which to leave so we need to we need a better deal the first time if the No Deal is taken off the – you agree that the mood currently is that the No Deal will be taken off the table this evening well I think that would be a great mistake do not recognise as a journalist of some stature at one point that that is the mood at the moment I think what irrespective of the mood I think it'd be a disastrous mistake it's a nice having currency then we need to keep that option on the table we need to be able to have the maximum flexibility in the negotiations there is no point at all in the UK government gained to the talks in Brussels and saying we're not able finally to walk away as it happens it's possibly the chalice that you'll hand her as it happens the votes my wife said well I usually get against the deal there's a picture of you chortling as you goes through the lobby yes for the reasons I are given I think we need to do better than this and it's not what people voted for in in 2016 need to come out properly and be able to to to take you take no deal off the table she's got nothing to negotiate in what you mean by taking no deal off the thing if you vote no to to No Deal Oh logically speaking you must have a deal in mind but the only deal that we really know is going to be done is the deal by which the UK leaves the European Union or March the 29th as as ordained in the law of the UK and of the head of the EU and the key thing to do is to make sure that that parting is a smooth and orderly as friendly as possible and that can be done and I want to draw your attention Nick what is going on today in in Parliament where in addition to the stuff about No Deal or some very good amendments being a proposal of the one in particular the the Malthouse compromise which is again coming forth and this has support from remainders in the Conservative Party as well as as levers highly respected figures on on all sides of that who want this thing lastly before we go to calls what does the Malthouse commbuys basically what it basically does it gets us out of this this trap this lobster pot this this Venus flytrap of the of the of the backstop and it enables us to go ahead do a big free trade about do your open questions what about all these free trade rules the biggest one we're gonna do is with the European Union where you said how to be possible and at great speed but there we are think you excluded perhaps it's not well it won't know actually Liam has been working very fast and I think you very wise I think I think you will find that a lot of the columns talk to these deals hole into place but I but the crucial phase if you wanted to do free trade deals you've got to have control of your tariffs you've got to have control of your regulatory framework you've got it you've got to have freedom to negate it and under this deal under this withdrawal agreement in this backstop you can't do anything of the kind that's that's the key ponder and the Malthouse compromise a little nice compromise sentence because we must it's a contest it's a very good way forward it supported by remainders as well as he was I mean it has problem I have problems with it because it involves a long delay up to the end of 2021 in to be paying a bit more money but business has certainty you have a long period in which you continue with the status quo you continue the existing rules and regulation as tariff schedules quotas and all the rest of it until you've done that big free trade deal with the EU and you don't have the backstop you don't have that that prison alright let's get to the course wills in Enfield you're through to Boris Johnson go ahead will morning to you good morning virus and hello take hold and look firstly I can't understand why you're allowing the duty to dictate how this govern the dues run but my question is someone who's tipped as a former future prime minister and he's also the former foreign secretary so can you not possibly know the difference in a border that's three hundred and ten miles long between the north in the sense between that of Camden and Islington and I completely embarrassed by the comments you made and will you apologize to the people of Northern Ireland for travel izing a situation that has cost hundreds of lives well well I don't think anybody could conceivably want to trivialize or minimize the the importance of symbolic importance of that border and I've been there several times in my in my journalistic career I've stood there could be treated the same as a border between us I understand I understand wills point and and a lot of people pick me up on it at the time and what I was trying mistake well what I was trying to get at was a mistake wasn't it what no I actually I think it was it was a valid point because what I was forgiven if I just try I will bring both back in because I think turn sense the level of offenses caused yes well I you know so that made a mistake a long career of giving offence I i-i've what one thing you learn is that sometimes you say things that are taken in the wrong way and you simply have to repeat yourself gently and to explain yourself and to try to to get over that you you meant no offense and and that it was a shame that events was taken because all I'm trying to get at is that I do think and this is what this is the work that is now being done as the Prime Minister said yesterday on alternative arrangements to make sure that we don't need any kind of hard border in Norland and that is the crucial thing well that is what I want it's what Dublin wants it's what okay Brussels wants and you know all I was trying to say from my own experience of of running a transport network is that there are ways of identifying vehicles crossing borders without or crossing frontiers without necessarily checking them and stop is the offence that wills getting let's bring well back into the equation will ya first listen I think all you need to do is just hold your hands and say look I'm sorry I got a wrong no I'm gonna say I'm sorry I think I'm not surprised you've you're right I'll take offense mr. Johnson so let me just finish my point there is that's what I find politicians do not do anymore and upset the president for this country nobody is willing to put their hands up and go you know what I got it wrong nobody's willing to admit that and that are you referring to the board and so did the borders between two boroughs or even just with that comment all it would have taken with mr. Johnson now to just hold you know what I got that wrong I apologize well I'm sick well I mean yes I'm the great respect will I I've tried as gently as I can to to explain what I meant and I meant no offence and I meant no harm I was simply trying to say that I think there are ways of sorting out the problem of checks at the frontier in in Northern Ireland without needing to have any kind of hard border that's all I was saying and remand that was in no way will I want to say it you know if if that if you if you took offense that I'm sorry oh you know I'm really sorry that you were offended by what I said but sometimes you've got you've got to get your points across and that there are technical things that you can do I think from from my experience to make sure that you don't need a hard look border in northern honor thanks what Paulette Paulin top we must move on well thank you Paul and top them your question to Boris Johnson Paul go ahead good morning both morning someone is very very simple mr. Johnson yet campaign to leave and you made it abundantly clear that if we left we would be better off by miles and I see absolutely no evidence of that whatsoever we'll pull the I'm afraid we haven't yet left and wanna wait where's you said would have out would get a better deal from near you we're gonna have our cake and we're gonna eat it and all I can see is theories amazed it was just crumbs yeah well I'm look I can eat it you must regret those words no I well I what I was getting at there was the possibility which i think is is very real that the UK can have a gigantic and flourishing free trade relationship with the EU but not be subject to the whole panoply of EU rules and regulations and that is the future as I 16 days from what some would describe is close to crashing out no under no circumstances will that happen I don't and I don't believe that there will be a forest of of spiky tariffs I didn't believe that there will be but we know the powers of motive industry like I just heard I think I think what we will do almost certainly is protract the existing rangers who will have a standstill between the UK and the EU for an indefinite period probably I think as as the Malthouse compromise suggests 18 months well three years actually three years to code and in that period we'll be able to negotiate a big free-trade deal and I think that would be greatly to the advantage okay in the last two and a half years why would we me they said in the next three well the reason we have negotiating lost two and a half years is because and the reason I resigned from the government is because we've taken in my view a catastrophic approach to the to the negotiations and decided to divide them in to give away the money first and then again I'll call back in all future what's catastrophic is the humiliation you've caused on this country with your lies on the in the leave campaign you promise that you well you promised was two and two equals seven and actually two and two equals four it's not seven well I agree with you two two equals four but wait wait wait well and unfortunately I the we are not yet trying to deliver what was promised by the leave campaign and that is the real flaw in the withdrawal agreement and that's why all the promises you made absolutely absolutely all the assurances you gave of course you don't think that possibly unwittingly you've misled some voters well I don't know I didn't think so at all I think we were very clear that the the option was to come out of the customs union come out of the single market do free trade you'll do a particularly big free trade deal with the EU and to take back control of our money borders and laws and that was of cop was the that was the campaign thousands of car workers who've lost their jobs many of whom think rightly or wrongly it is as a result of the brexit decision what would you say to them well I don't believe is that it is because of the brexit decisions before so people you know more about people Rowe car manufacturing the man who runs check you or the man who runs Bentley if you look if you look at the problems of the car manufacturers at the moment you've got you've got certainly in the case of of the Japanese manufacturers they've got an EU you EU Japan free trade deal now that is leading them to think of reshoring a lot of that manufacturing turn to Japan conditions in the market have changed radically because the diesel problem there they've been rethinking a lot of their a lot of their approach and if you listen to what they say actually they don't really factor breaks it in on and on the country you have seeing continued substantial investments in this country and I'd remind you that country to what doom stirs like Paul might say employment in this country is it a record-high not in the current unemployment is it a record low yes not in the currency this country this country continues to make I think about 1.5 million cars a year which is more which is more than we did in the 1970s and when when car production was very high yeah we are we are a quite extraordinary robust economy this is the time for us to be talking ourselves up believing in what we can do rather than giving way to this sort of Western the European youth will self-pitying on Winston's week we are a list a leader antastic car manufacturers while we were in the EU yes and and allies so hard to take us out of the and but believe me I don't think that coming out of the EU will materially damage our interests way to the sea on the contrary I think you I think it will be a massive net what you think it will start be employed come get some if and when I you know let you're blaming but you're blaming the the problems manufacturing the cars on brakes I didn't get through tools no there's the diesel argument there's electric car arguments I get all of that but you've got to sense have been a contributory factor well I didn't think I didn't read what they say and I take it I take you to face value and they say that that isn't a factor and actually the the strengths of the UK as a place of high skills a place with the right timezone the right language it's a it's a fantastic place to manufacturing people understand that William isn't thank you for your called Paul to William in Chichester you're through to Boris Johnson go ahead William hello my questions forest is what do you think would happen if the No Deal breakfast is voted down in the House of Commons but then a extension to our 250th voted down do you think will become a second referendum or we will just not leave full stop well I think the problem with voting down No Deal is that it's logical cool the sack there's it's a dead end where does it lead because we've Parliament has already voted by a primary legislation to leave on March the 29th so just go with William this phone does not assist you No Deal is voted off the table which I believe will happen you don't think it will I think it's politically I think Parliament will it's quite possible the Parliament will vote symbolically to say that it doesn't want and lo deal right under and then votes against an extension what happens then well that's what Williams are what happens then yes is of course that under the law the UK will leave the EU on March the 29th because that's what the law provides but it's very important to grasp this this not voting for or voting foot to take no deal off the table saying no to No Deal that doesn't really change anything unless you have a deal and I will put on people nonsense there will be whatever happens there will be a deal there will be an arrangement by which the UK and based on your life as the dictator of Brussels cross because the whole nation resting on the balance of the fact that user report in Brussels we are going to see the UK as well I'm giving you the my in my honest view which is I didn't think that the UK and the EU are gate apart company without coming to some sensible arrangement mr. John stress right to protect businesses and the thing I'm worried about personally is that if a pension is bolted down where the trees made being a remainer will put forward the idea of a second referendum which many MPs might agree with being Mainers well William I don't think that a second referendum will call will command them a majority in the House of Commons I just don't think that's where MPs are right now they don't want a second referendum how would you feel they could get it through I think it would be very sad because I think there'll be an extreme reaction from the the public I think people would feel that it was outrageous that they're being consulted again in this way when they the mandated Parliament to get on and do it and we were in this incredible position ready where the government MPs Parliament are refusing to go ahead and deliver what the people voted for the people said very clear you take back control of money borders and laws that the deal was on the table patently doesn't take back control of our laws on the contrary you'd hands over control of our laws as for our board as well how can you how can you tape I can own your borders your tariffs policy continues to be set by by Brussels so you know this is not brexit it is not what people voted for nobody wanted to be in this position but we can get out of it in in very short order I believe Thank You William David and Paddington you're through to Boris Johnson David go ahead more invite-only we all know that Theresa we're in this Miss partly because threes I had that ridiculous general election wish squandered the power and now needs the DUP so why don't you be a man stand up and be go for the leadership now David because there is no vacancy and that is not what people want believe me what they want is to get ray don't want you doesn't leader or they don't they don't want that is not I believe the British public are simply what you saying they don't want a vacancy or they don't want Boris James leader and they what they certainly don't want to see any change in the leadership of na do they handle a don't want ever to see Boris Johnson or they might want it and frankly I have no idea nor do I nor normal I study these matters but what I can tell you is that they want the prime minister to deliver a better deal than the one she's produced and I think that there is a very good chance that we will and what the poor woman can't even get be hurt but she can't be her she seems to still single his life in her deal she's she's in office but not in power isn't she no I think she has described her power to see what she is a free vote tonight well I do think that is absurd and why because I think this is a fundamental matter of government policy whether or not you're going to work who you'll notice it disable your negotiators by saying that you you're willing to walk away from the table or not if you don't if you're not able to walk away from the negotiation how on earth you what to negotiate believe it – I can't control her cabinet how can she control the government and the country well I think quite frankly she needs to tell her cabinet that they put up all all shut up and it's absolutely absurd for this is a general mistake I think it's I do think I do I'm sincerely worried about this psychology that you have to have free votes on something that is of such importance to the to the country and after it's her own negotiating position that she's undermining if you take away No Deal that's v-initial is the person who needs to have that trouble is of course many of our couple of a walkout this is the real really you know yeah but I mean that's let's put them to the test you don't think folks such as amber rod another exit ident I think I think they would they would discover pressing reasons why the country demanded that they remain in office and continue to luxuriate in their ministerial is a from David yes the question is then are you waiting till the 29th and then you're gonna stand for the leadership David wants you to leave the conservative David can you know I David what I'm what I'm trying to do is I left government eight months ago or so to campaign for a more open and more free trading type of brexit and a brexit I thought really delivered for the people of this country I think the listeners are absolutely paralyzed with with tedium on the subject and I think we should you know we've had this do you always read B team suit yeah you would be a definitely be up for the vacancy if the ball were to come out of the scrum there is there is no vacancy at the moment but we won't be bored wasn't ball to come out of the scrum that this subject is closed I had fed up with it we've had enough the country said no you're fed up with your leadership and fish totally yeah I fed up with this I'm fed up with your subjects after night I felt that the subject and because it's it's mentally it's time until the surge digitally run David thank you Leo's in Kingsland Lehrer on the radio what is your question – Boris Johnson go ahead my brother yes yes go ahead Leo your question sir excuse my question I must say as I'm gone unnoticed since the new hairstyle Leo I made a speech in the House of Commons yesterday you know how more vocal could I be then that one thing I mean I didn't know what I suppose and Here I am on here I'm on Nick Freud sure no I didn't fall asleep but I had a wonderful wonderful hairdresser who who asked me whether she she had my permission to use the shears on my head she was she a madness and she and she did but I thought yeah I did I didn't doze off but I went into a kind of trance and thinking about something I was like and I emerge from the transom I hit my head more that's gone but that said what exactly what's your question leo my question is what's your feeling Boris with the likes of Vanna sue Bri ID Alan and Sarah wouldest and when the three musketeers jump ship where my feeling there is look yeah I think we should one thing I would say about policy we've got to stop beating out each other up in in this in this way you know we never believe how far to kind of acrimonious and and personal Anna is a great conservative she's she's done all sorts of good things when she was a government minister I wish her every possible success in her in her career on the the tig independent group I mean I think why isn't she the leader by the way Rob mr. moon illusion I like that but anyway I was sorry well they need a name by the way and they need it they need it they need a purpose but I identical matters frankly that the the three musketeers as you call them have have jumped ship but I wish them every possible success I wish they'd stop being so so rude all the way you're through you're through to Boris Johnson I sense it might be the last one Alison go ahead morning hi boys it's no secret that you aspire to leadership but there is lots of evidence of your duplicity arrogance indolence could you are you are you reading this I could you explain what makes you consider yourself it's a high office well Alison the only criterion that makes me think I can do things for people is that I've it's been my privilege to get elected and to work very hard for for quite a long time now to try to make the country a better place and sometimes i exceeded sometimes I don't and there you go Allison thank you before I let you go I remind my listeners you and I first started this relationship with phonons when you were Mayor of London London for many commentators of the moment is that a crisis over violent crime particularly youth crimes 17 people have been fatally stabbed in London so far in 20 1975 in last year you inherited a similar problem what sort of job is mayor calm doing Boris Jones well I think irrespective of what of what the present marys is doing I think the crucial thing to do and this is what Sean Bailey is is advocated Sean Bean is is to have a sort of multi-pronged strategy you've got to be about three things you've got to do first of all I do think that stop and search as part of the as part of the aren't you gonna have a tough law enforcement solution you've got to take the knives off the streets and you've got to mean it and you've got to back up the police when they do it you've got to give them the the full support of the politicians the second thing you've got to do is arrest that the key gang nominals now I know people say you can't arrest your way out of crisis I totally accept that but there are in these gang structures there are there are some people who are far more influential arrest them third thing got to do is is show them show the key gang leaders that there's a pathway out that they that they have a great future they they're gonna get jobs they're gonna get a present help them you know love them and by the way what are the jobs on there well they are there in London we're generating jobs are the most incredible rate somebody's young men most people have dropped out of employment they would it have struggle to get a job with many a horse and the committee of them do have multiple PM's and the subsidy and you've got to you've got to address those so one that that is why you could have a two prong strategy but it is not loving or caring to be soft on these on these kids or it's not loving to search the whole cities if your own kids were carat were carrying a knife and going out into the streets of London you'd want to stop them and take the knife off them wouldn't you that's what this city should do and that city or parents or both both parents should be doing but parents but that the parents in my experience want the police want us to help them because sometimes they feel that they've you know they don't have the control and influence that they would like and I found when we did the stop and search we did the big blunt – operation that it was the parents who were most enthusiastic about protecting the lives of their kids and is there a correlation between cuts budget cuts for police officers and a spike in crime I think that it's it's about keeping keeping up as high on the streets is certainly important but the question is where you spend the money in where you deploy the officers and one comment I would make is I think an awful lot of money an awful lot of police time now goes into these historic offenses and all this malarkey and you know it's 60 million pounds I saw was being spat off the wall on you know some investigation into historic child abuse in all this coming home what on earth is that going to do to protect the public know what the people want is to see officers out on the streets doing what they signed up to do and you know we left an awful lot of money in there in the kitty phone yes I don't I mean III I didn't know what I read an awful lot about the the money that's being spent on on press officers and on staff in in City Hall and so on I can't comment on his on his his spending priorities but he doesn't seem to me to be getting that the police out on the streets in the way that he should now see we've got about half of half 30 seconds or so for the listeners who are intrigued by what might happen over the next 48 hours or so Boris Johnson what do you envisage over the next two days or so well I think that actually not much will will change I think that it all depends on what the the the Prime Minister and the government want they cannot just sit by and pretend that taking their deal off the table is manner indifference or extending article fifty something over which they have no opinion I think the whether Parliament wants to extend article 50 or or not we should come out and under law we do come out on March the 29th I hope that this government will at it's responsibilities show leadership and go back to Brussels and come up with an arrangement on the the lines of the montage compromise which as I say he's not ideal for me but commands support across the the house and sent across the Conservative Party do a deal on that basis and take this country out in the way that was promised to the British people that's the way forward Boris Johnson thank you for time appearing here and obviously when Hayes is next Boris Johnson has told LBC he thinks the European Union will come up with a new brexit deal with minutes to go before the deadline on March the 29th the former foreign secretary also

How I Named 250,000 Chinese Babies | Beau Jessup | TEDxBrighton

Views:115496|Rating:4.96|View Time:11:52Minutes|Likes:3984|Dislikes:35
This year at TEDxBrighton, Beau will tell the story of how she became aware of China’s growing need for English names, how she developed her idea into a website, then into a business and why she thinks her story connected with a global audience.

Beau believes that providing a service related to a happy event, shared by the families and friends of the largest population on the planet, is a good way to ensure long-term success. She thinks that it maybe easier for a young person to act on their idea because they are unaware of the obstacles ahead of them.

Beau is a 17 year old A level student whose website ‘’ went viral in the UK after featuring in a BBC News story. The following day the story went global and was featured in 187 newspapers in 17 different countries. Beau’s website helps Chinese parents chose an appropriate English name for their baby and in just four months has named 237,000 Chinese babies.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

hi um my name's Bo I'm 17 years old and in the past nine months I've named 250,000 Chinese babies I named the first 162,000 for free to promote the site and then I started charging 60p for the service I currently name around 850 babies a day in this on the 6th of September a local newspaper came to interview me about the site and to my surprise the BBC picked up the story after that I just went crazy within 48 hours a hundred and eighty-seven news channels in 18 different countries had written a story and they were all talking about special name um basically what's all this Chinese baby naming stuff about and that's that in my first week back at school I had just done OK in my GCSEs my plan was to ease my way into my a levels unnoticed I'm quite shy so I like to stay under the radar and I don't really like we're looking photographs very often so that idea of being viral and the whole experience was very overwhelming I'd only told a few of my closest friends about creating the site and I hadn't told my school because I didn't think any won't be very interested and when I began getting bombarded with messages from teenagers asking for advice and adults asking for me to employ them and some Russian man asking for the rights of the franchise it was slightly strange and one of the strangest things was my friends saying that a girl where where she lived had been set a business studies homework on me and I was fine with being in the Gloucestershire Echo next to the apple picking festival but I really didn't know how I felt about being a project um one thing I did like was after the Times article my friends are telling me how their parents are having a go at them for sitting around all summer and Bo's been naming all these babies home and even prompted a half Paula G for my mum and dad for not joining the young enterprise club which is like an entrepreneur Society at my school um yeah so enough about me and more about the site what's this baby naming stuff about and that's that I've been going to China with my mom and my dad for about five years now and that's because my dad has business in Nanjing this met in the holidays my family were quite different my friends would go to Cornwall and I would go to the Great Wall and I wasn't too happy about that and then in Chengdu about two years ago with my mom my dad when we were visiting the pandas a business colleague of my dad's mrs. Wang asked me to suggest English named her for your daughter I was surprised and obviously flattered I didn't want to give a bad recommendation so I said oh can you describe your daughter a little bit more for me and she then said to me that her daughter was pretty intelligent reserved but the main thing that she stressed was she wanted her daughter to be able to surprise people with the things that she could achieve and I gave it some thought and I suggested the name Eliza based on Eliza Doolittle from Pygmalion luckily mrs. Wong was delighted and she then in the rest of the holiday went on to describe to me why Chinese babies will one day need a Western name Chinese babies are given a Chinese name which contains around 2 or 3 Chinese characters and this creates a unique name with a carefully constructed meaning and I mean this is great if you're Chinese but these names don't work outside of China we can't read them we can't pronounce them and we can't remember them this means that also there's another little problem and that Chinese characters can't be used in email addresses so if you don't have a Western name you can't email purchase online or basically function in the 21st century so why don't try knee parents just give a child or western name by themselves and this is because in the internet on the internet in China a lot of it is censored and the majority of websites are restricted so even if they were able to gain access to a baby-naming site they'd have to be able to read English and historically your English teacher in China would give you your English name or you'd pick one yourself and this is where it gets funny and universities start receiving applications from goofily Rolex Wang and Gandalf whoo yeah but while we're feeling superior and we're laughing at the Chinese I do think it is important to remember that these poor translations can be embarrassing either way so for example this tough guy thought he was getting a tattoo what said strengthen powerful when really it says are we goldfish also I've already I've realized that we're actually all quite similar and that mum's everywhere have one thing in common and that's that they want the best for their child I thought that rather than make a mistake and pick a silly name they'd enjoy using a service where they can pick an appropriate name based on their own choice of characteristics there's sixteen million babies born in China every year and now they're allowed two babies each I thought it might be profitable to help so I think the best way to show you is to just show you and let's take a special name so here's the homepage there's two icons a boy and a girl and but our cartoons where you can see how bad your life will be without a special name and first off there's a kindergartener who's happy she has a special name because it means that her teacher can remember her name and she can make friends easily then as many who didn't have a special name she couldn't go to university and she now just has to sit at home while Catherine and William graduate then there's a businessman who is embarrassed because he doesn't have a special name he knows that his English name has a bad meaning so he doesn't want to give a card over to a partner okay so today I'm gonna pick a baby girl um and then there's 12 characteristics I'm gonna pick five which I think best represent how I want my baby to be when she's older today I think I'm gonna make her intelligent confident I quite like her to be honest and I'd also quality to creative and we don't want it to be too much of an overachiever so empathetic and then we begin the naming process by clicking on the green button and then it will start to load as a specialist is beginning the naming process then when the icon pops up we know our names being chosen and when I press the green button you put in your ally PID which is the equivalent of PayPal in China and I get sixty P you get three names here are three names Karen Ella and Julia each name is displayed with a meaning and then with that name you also get two examples of a famous person with that same name for example Karen Karen Carpenter the singer and ella ella henderson X Factor contestant below there's I didn't mean that to be offensive there's an orange button and then if you click on this button you can then share your three suggestions with friends and family by WeChat but I'll get back to that and a lot of people ask me how I have time to name all these babies and much like Google has time to find everything for everyone all at once I use an algorithm the techie people in the room will know how simple a filter and school algorithm is but the basic principle is that I build a database of four thousand names at five characteristics to each name which I think best represent what that name means the user then picks five names five characteristics and then it algorithm matches my five to their five and three suggestions are given why three this is the cool bit I'm I'm 17 I don't know you I can't name your baby and so basically you get three suggestions which I think best match how you would like your child to be then you share these three suggestions via we chat with your friends and family and then without the risk of a cultural mistake you pick your special name in short the parent picks their baby's name not me I just give three suggestions so for example Ella is like my grandfather Julia is like my little sister brother likes Ella and then obviously the husband I agree there with his wife it's a fun process and it brings all friends and family together a really happy time it takes three minutes cost sixty P and yeah I just I thought I thought it was a nice thing actually sometimes it's not about just making the money it's just a nice thing and ever since the story about my website went viral I've been given some amazing opportunities one of which being able to come here and talk to you today and I've also tried to make sense of what happened in that first week when I came back to school and this is about as far as I've got so I think in the diverse world that we live in when every day we're prompted by the media to focus on and fear the differences between cultures we see war and terror and sadness I think maybe the reason newspapers in 18 different countries reported this story was because actually they're all more the same than we are different would rather laugh our cultural differences than fear them we'd rather celebrate success than read more failure and the story invited people to be optimistic for 24 hours if a British child can make something from nothing then maybe the future is not that bleak the story also shared the human side of China and a country often depicted as a sinister global power while we while we're laughing at silly names we're also reminded that actually all trying to fit in and get along imagine the global impact that could be made if next week the same newspapers printed a story about how similar we all are maybe then we could feel safe enough to enjoy the differences I think that would be special [Applause] you

Batkid Begins

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BATKID BEGINS takes audiences back to November 15th, 2013 – the day San Francisco became Gotham City and an intense outpouring of spontaneous support reverberated around the world. On one day, in one city, the world came together to grant one 5-year-old his wish. That little boy was Miles Scott, who is recovering from leukemia, and dreamed of becoming Batkid. A simple wish, which started with the Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation, grew into people around the world actively cheering Miles on including President Obama and on-screen superheroes. This wish and this little caped crusader resonated so deeply, filmmaker Dana Nachman was inspired to explore what happens when a small scale event aiming to fulfill one wish goes unintentionally viral, ultimately revealing surprising truths about what happens when someone inspires our society in a digital age.

Did Trump Just Botch His Border Wall Negotiation on Live TV? | The Daily Show

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Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer argue over border wall funding on live TV, while a motionless and pretty weird Mike Pence sits idly by.

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Kashmir in lockdown after autonomy scrapped – BBC News

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Indian-administered Kashmir remains locked down a day after it was stripped of a status that gave it significant autonomy from the rest of India.

Telephone networks and the internet, which were cut off on Sunday evening, are yet to be restored and tens of thousands of troops are patrolling the streets.

Instances of protest and stone-throwing have been reported despite the communications blackout and a curfew.
Local leaders have also been detained.

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the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has reacted angrily to the decision by the Indian government to revoke special status for Kashmir he has threatened to report India to the United Nations Security Council and he says Pakistan will fight this move at every forum India says that the decision to remove special status is needed to ensure security indian-administered Kashmir meanwhile remains in lockdown here's our diplomatic correspondent Paul Adams a state in lockdown all but cut off from the outside world India has flooded Jammu and Kashmir with tens of thousands of extra troops and police phone lines and the Internet have been blocked since Sunday the result an atmosphere of uncertainty and apprehension but some are happy among the states non Muslim minority expressions of support for the government's bold move this is an historic decision by the Modi government a very big thing has been done by the government a priceless gift has been given to the country which one wouldn't have thought possible in a lifetime across this vast country there's little doubt something decisive has happened the Indian government breaking with more than 70 years of history once peaceful imagined state the former princely state joined Hindu majority India in 1947 but only after India gave its special status Muslim majority Pakistan clings to a rival claim the two countries have gone to war over Jammu and Kashmir four times since 1972 the area has been split in two along the so-called line of control but the conflict has never gone away yesterday's announcement stripping Jammu and Kashmir of its special status caused uproar in the Indian Parliament the government of Narendra Modi says it's necessary for security and the state's economic development critics point to a different motivation the idea that Kashmir requires or even deserves any special status constitutionally is beyond the pale for him because his perspective is very much the sort of centralizing force of Indian politics that is a sort of Hindu nationalist mobilization behind his election in his recent re-election in Pakistan outrage and a sense of crisis Kashmir is an incendiary issue successive governments have sponsored violent groups there as Parliament meets to discuss the issue the country's military has warned of retaliation Kashmir is now officially invaded by India it is an illegal step it is unconstitutional Pakistan seems poised to take the dispute to the UN Security Council India says Jammu and Kashmir is a domestic issue and all the while from the streets at the heart of this crisis an uneasy silence Paul Adams BBC news let's go to Islamabad now we can speak to our correspondent Asifa rukia's eve tell us more about what the prime minister has been saying the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan just addressed a joint session of the Parliament which was convened to discuss situation in Kashmir and he basically built on the narrative that my son committed saying yes since yesterday that whatever India has done will lead to regional disability and will be detrimental to the peace in the region he very clearly said that India will obviously try to suppress voices in Kashmir which will lead to further violence and attacks against Indian state and that India could blame in on Pakistan that it has already been doing and at that point in rankin was was very clear in saying that if that and in India takes action against Pakistan this time around it can lead to a conventional war between the two countries he didn't stop there but he also added that this time around a conventional war will not stay conventional but it can lead to a nuclear conflict so basically he said he was not blackmailing nuclear blackmailing the international community but was stating the facts that the situation in the region is very very critical and international community should take notice of it it is a very dramatic statement what exactly does he want the UN to do Pakistan has been saying since yesterday that UN should come in and intervene ended you know try to reverse what India has done Pakistan and India have been to UN for the last many many decades there have been dozens of resolutions passed by the UN but none of those have been very very successful in dealing with this issue Imran Khan wants the government of Pakistan to go back to United Nations and take this issue and actually lodge a complaint against India that it has violated one more resolution of the United Nations which speaks for the right of self-determination for the Kashmiri people we're hearing very little from indian-administered Kashmir there is a security crackdown there and very little coming out what about the Pakistani line what about the other side of Kashmir there have been protests since yesterday as soon as the news was flashed on Pakistani television channel there were protests in Pakistani side of Kashmir the angry protesters were demanding that India should reverse this vision and what they they see it as an Indian conspiracy to change the demography of the state of Kashmir as you know that state is divided between India and Pakistan largely Muslim state by allowing the non-muslims or non Kashmiris to buy land and property in India and to get jobs in Kashmir Pakistani protesters think that it's a conspiracy against the state of Kashmir and people of Kashmir and they are being straight stripped of their own identity and not just by their their conventional rights I see Farooqi thank you for bringing us right up to date from Islamabad

Jamie Oliver's UK restaurant empire collapses | ITV News

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All bar three of Jamie Oliver’s UK restaurants are to close, with the loss of 1,000 jobs.

The celebrity chef said he was “devastated” following moves to put his restaurant chain Jamie’s Italian into administration.

He tweeted to express his sadness, thanking those who “put their hearts and souls into this business over the years”.

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so got a brand new dish on the new James Italian menu that I'm really proud of he injected his celebrity personality along with millions of pounds of his own and investors money but in the end it simply wasn't enough today from the south coast through to Scotland the clothes signs went up a chain carrying just one name now leaving a thousand out of work Jamie Oliver tweeted I'm devastated that our much-loved UK restaurants have gone into administration I'm deeply saddened by this outcome and would like to thank all of the people who put their hearts and souls into this business you can see here the immediate impact it's had they're set up for service this morning industry insiders say today scenes of hastily abandoned restaurants carry a warning about the viability of this sector well we've had a toxic cocktail of rising regulatory costs that over the course of the last two years have wiped 1/3 off the margin of businesses like Jamie 22 Jamie's Italian outlets closed today along with a separate barbacoa Steakhouse and a 15 restaurant in London Jamie Oliver's business struggles date back years in 2017 the last of his four Union Jack Pizza restaurants closed and 18 Jamie's Italians were shut at that stage of closures for restaurant chains there is one surefire ingredient a sprinkling of celebrity but today Jamie Oliver showed that in these tough times even that is no guarantee of success in the end his dining empire has been undermined by a shift away from outlets like this consumers are cleaving towards options that offer both quick convenient and also cheap and on those markers I think Jamie's has just fallen slightly the wrong side of the divide Rob Percival has worked with Jamie Oliver for five years on food campaigns the businesses have gone but is there a business legacy that Jamie Oliver will leave I think his business legacy will be this gold standard for children's food in the high street but other chains now have to step up to meet so that's healthier meals more veg more organic ingredient and we're already seeing that other chains are trying to reach that standard Jamie Oliver says he joined the industry to change it in the end the decline in high street fortunes and our altering dining preferences proved too big a change for his business to survive Chris Choi News at Ten you

Special Report: How Brexit changed Britain

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With the UK set to leave the EU next month, Sky News asks the public what they think of their MP’s and the Brexit process.

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it makes who think what was up on the vault in it they give us what they did like what they don't wanna know if we don't come out I'll never bored . remain is very simple creatures we just want to remain britain is tearing itself apart over brexit democracy's dead I'm not gonna vote because I vote in it didn't can't this government needs to be honest with the British people and they're not and that is a massive problem three years on from the referendum and Britain still hasn't left what happens when the majority don't get what they voted for we've got open rebellion it's literally open rebellion against the people the very pillars of our democracy government Parliament the courts now going head-to-head what's at stake if a brexit deal can't be struck as the possibility that that piece is going to be broken by a return to checkpoints Britain is is broken I'm not sure that everything can be put back together again no ever since the referendum there have been people protesting outside the Parliament on both sides of the debate and there are determined committed lot and I think it's a good place to start people asked me who I'm gonna vote out I've no idea why should I vote why should I respect anybody else's vote in future when they don't respect mine from the 23rd of June 2016 democracy's dead I'm not gonna vote because I vote in it didn't count I'm some sort of second-class citizen who doesn't count it's so soon it's it's more serious than brexit do we have democracy in this country or not and my understanding is no we don't I understand that a single person might have known what they voted for but get any too remote to leave voters next to each other they're not necessarily going to agree you get to remain it's together they're going to agree we just want to remain I wanted to know more about the protesters and what drives them to stand here all day so I have a loud voice and you know I'm not afraid to use it democracy is all about drawing a line in the sand and this is about democracy now and the banner is just so another way of reinforcing it the simple placard the simple message is what what gets over and I've got an old bit of timber lying around in there in the stables and the the marker it needs to be black it needs to be simple it needs to be as wide as possible pop along to the local art shop and see what they've got job done you enter the debate there is no greater disloyalty than the elected class ignoring the will of the people you know it was a clear majority to leave the EU and they are doing their damnedest to not leave the EU that's that's disloyalty of the highest order I don't normally dress up in a in a crazy costume but what else is there to do what else is there to do we need our voices heard and and the parliamentarians need to hear that there's passion out there Jeff isn't alone we've carried out a national poll asking if people have faith in Parliament after brexit 75 percent said faith in Parliament had been damaged lot number 207 we have the docs watercolor picture baby curry nice one again soppy a fight in 308 fries with you your bit at 3 in advance or three that sense of disillusionment in Parliament is being felt right across the UK places like Port Talbot in Wales voted out while the Labour MP here voted to remain truth is many leave voters here expected to have left by now the first person I meet at this auction is an Beynon who voted leave we don't come out I'll never bought full stop definitely and I think a lot of people feel the same way so as I say I don't know where it's gonna end but it's just a mess they want this to both again again if you can't honor the first one no I'm not interested in voting again and as I said if we don't come out I'll never bought again as I was laid by I get chatting to Steve Jones he tells me he'll never vote labour again either it makes you think what was the point of all tenor do you only mean what was the point of end so all in all you feel like you feel like the MPs have obviously they all have an age you know I mean you're acting like a lot of kids up and we're so instead you see another night show you this pathetic don't only mean we don't understand we do understand of your love it I like the MPs but they give us of what they did like the mob they don't want it it's it's a few that I hear all over the place I mean this guy can hardly contain his his anger he voted he says to leave he believes he's been absolutely ignored by MPs says they're taking that the mick out of him and you see you see the anger that gentlemen like that are expressing all across this area all across this part of Wales we asked people if they thought their MP was doing a good or bad job reflecting their views on brexit most 41% said they thought their MP was doing a bad job with only 1/4 thinking they were doing a good job it's clear that brexit has driven a wedge between MPs and some of their constituents with Parliament unlawfully suspended the Labour MP here Stephen Kinnick is back on his patch kennix caught between his constituents and his own party trying to please both he wants labour to renegotiate a deal and respect the referendum result and so I wanted to talk to him about some of the things his constituents had told me should they trust you well I think if those who look at the way that the Labour Party has shifted towards a second referendum position we'll have seen that I have not shifted at all I am saying exactly the same thing now as I was three years ago after the referendum result and so I hope my constituents will say well he is actually prepared to swim against the tide he's prepared not to who don't have a choice don't here you've got no choice but to to face this community and say look my party might be pretty much a romaine party now but listen guys I'm not I'm with you I mean it's a fight for survival for MPs like you I I am saying to you hand on heart that even if my constituency had voted remain I would be taking the position that I do because I'm a Democrat and I play like believe in playing by the rules I don't think that it's healthy at all for our democracy to hit the people against Parliament in that way because then it's no longer a debate about policies and about what people stand for it's about who you are and what is your identity much of the anger I saw here in Wales was over Parliament's handling of brexit but elsewhere if Westminster can't get brexit right they run the risk of opening up old wounds this is the unresolved issue in brexit the UK government is under a lot of pressure to come up with an approach to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland if the UK leaves the EU without a deal it's so sensitive here because people know what border checks can lead to the IRA coming to our home they held us hostage agree of both Bloody Sunday and marches and demonstrations my heroes were the IRA at midnight at the broad Patsy I'm here and he said cabarrus and he said don't worry girl I'll be home soon everything will be all right our enemies with the the loyalist community and in my ace sort of everybody was against us he was chained to a van loaded with 1200 pounds of explosives he was used to a human bomb the age of 18 it was approached by some budding you to become a Republican activist and at that time I didn't hesitate I said yes I had to tell my 18 year old son on the phone noted murdered his daddy mrs. okay yeah Kathleen and Anne have struck up the most unlikely friendship and I've come to meet them here because I want to understand their concerns I don't want to go back to heaven des open me Burton open me Barnett and let them check it out just just to go on a visit you know and then when you look at the way my husband's death was the check point was at the border do you think enough consideration was given to happen absolutely not I don't think any consideration must give them really whatsoever and and even though you at this late stage people still people in England Scotland and Wales only know butts and pieces what they've heard them you use they haven't loved here they don't know what it's been like it's very very fragile do you have faith in Parliament and also and also in the background that I grew up and I never had faith in an in Parliament that was sitting in Westminster but what is making this a but more worrying is the possibility that that piece is going to be broken by a return to checkpoints anin kathleen to remarkable women who have first-hand knowledge of what can happen in communities when divisions are put in place when checkpoints are put in place and they are now looking to Westminster for answers about what the Irish border might look like after brexit having voted to remain in the EU we face know been taking out against our will there are some signs that all the antics down in Westminster could be changing opinion amongst some people here in Scotland just look at some recent opinion polls and you'll see that one big issue one that had arguably gone a bit quiet over the last few years could be making a comeback now the last three years have shown beyond any doubt that for Scotland the Westminster system is broken and you know what else has been broken the promises Westminster made to the people of Scotland they have been broken to the Scottish nationalists cibrex it as their second bite and independence a chance to make a run for it I feel that breaks it's exposed fissures and cracks that were there already and it's it's made them wider but it shone a light on them in a way that I think everybody in the whole of the UK know has to recognize that we want different things we want to go in different variations I've come to see Karen Campbell an ex-cop now author sick of Westminster and sick of brexit for me in Scotland what's happening at Westminster probably always was a bit chaotic but it's it's showing it up for what it is it's illuminated it really brightly that I guess rather than people seeing or should have got me independent it's no a case for thinking what is there left for us in Britain white why should be Steve what is Scotland's future if whatever we revolt will always be disregarded and then something as major as this constitutional change we just have to suck up and go along with with what our larger neighbor South have chosen with people pulling in different directions the main political parties are now gearing up for a general election we asked if an election would solve brexit the majority 53% didn't think a general election was the answer but an election is coming it's not if but when the result of that election will tell the story of where the United Kingdom is right now and where it is heading you

Did Prince William CHEAT on Kate Middleton with her BEST friend?!

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Prince William has been perceived as a beloved grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, who is preparing himself to take the throne, a devoted husband and father, and someone who is reliably fulfilling his duties as a monarch. It is in him that the British see their King instead of the unpopular Prince Charles. But, recently, there are rumors about Prince Cambridge’s infidelity! Maybe William is not as perfect as the image they have painted for us. Find out if William has really cheated on Kate Middleton with her best friend in this video!! #katemiddleton #princewilliam #meghanmarkle

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Prince William has been perceived as a beloved
grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, who is preparing himself to take the throne, a devoted husband
and father, and someone who is reliably fulfilling his duties as a monarch. It is in him that the British see their King
instead of the unpopular Prince Charles. Recently media reports infidelity between
Prince Cambridge and his wife! Maybe William is not as perfect as the image
of him they have painted for us. Find out if William has really cheated on
Kate Middleton with your CurioSips family!! After almost eight years, Kate Middleton and
Prince William were considered a perfect marriage. They made a happy family with three beautiful
children, so there were rarely any rumors of a crisis between them. That's why when the Sun revealed some information
about William's betrayal, the world was shocked! A little later, rumors about the affair were
confirmed by Giles Coren, a British journalist who is famous for providing information about
the royal family. He tweeted: "Yes. It is an affair. I haven't read the piece but I know about
the affair. Everyone knows about the affair, darling. Even us jews." We do not know if this journalist is the most
reliable source of information, but the tweet was quickly removed! Too late though, cause it was already all
over the internet! It is said that the betrayal happened with
the best friend of Kate Middleton. Rose Hanbury is the wife of a good friend
of the Prince, David Rocksavage! The couple has been one of the richest Britons
and they have been very close to the royal family for years. CurioSips often could spot them together at
parties, and Kate and Rose seemingly supported and trusted each other. But you never know what is waiting for you! The Sun reports that the Duchess and her friend
had had a big fight, and William tried to ease the tension between friends. However, his wife broke all ties with Rose,
and following the news of her husband's affair with her friend, she demanded that William
exclude the Marquis and her husband from their social circle. Meanwhile, the royal family reporter Richard
Kay told the Daily Mail that these rumors are not true, and the two couples even think
about taking legal action against this information. Why do you think so many scandals are always
following the Royal family? No one ever writes about the CurioSips family! The spokesman of the Kensington Palace hasn’t
said anything about it, but we in CurioSips think Prince William is not that innocent! He has been talking about his passion for
women for a long time. Just think about the story of his relationship
with Kate Middleton. The couple met in college and were flatmates
which quickly turned their relationship into lovers. Later William interrupted his studies and
went to the army. As Marcia Moody reports, in his controversial
book, “Kate: A Biography”. Prince was not only spending his time with
Kate! And the couple’s split can be a testament
for that! Despite the ups and downs, Kate forgave William,
and he soon proposed. After a fairytale wedding, it seemed that
they were able to create a happy relationship, but the scandal broke out in 2017 when the
prince went skiing alone. While his wife was at home taking care of
the children, William was filmed dancing and putting his hand on another mystery woman's
waist. People did not hide their surprise, and Kate
again tried to save face. Some British media suggest that despite what
people think, the reason for the feud between the two brothers is not Meghan Markle, but
the romance of William! After all, they both remember how things turned
out for Lady Diana after the betrayal of Prince Charles. It is said that Harry cannot understand how
after all that had happened to their mom, William could have done such an act. Do you think William has forgotten the painful
story of Princess Di? Considering that William does not have a close
relationship with his father, does this mean that he really wants to be the same as him? Didn’t he learn any lessons from Prince
Charles'? CurioSips is speechless! Of course, all these are speculations, because
the royal family sweeps most of the scandals under the carpet. It also seems that Kate Middleton will again
hide behind the facade of her sad smile. You remember that William does not even wear
a wedding ring, right?!! But Kate is doing everything to meet the requirements
to be the right wife for the future King. Besides, divorce is not an option at this
point, whether the rumors of betrayal were true or not. Although Middleton seems more devoted to this
marriage, she and William have to put too much money in to think about the separation. What do you think CurioSips family? Do you believe Prince William has cheated
on Kate? If yes, do you think Kate will forgive the
future King? We are waiting for your comments and remember
to become a part of our CurioSips family by subscribing to our channel!

Bruce's first Newcastle task | Football News Today [23 July 2019]

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New Newcastle manager Steve Bruce has a task to appease unhappy fans; plus all the latest news from the major European football leagues.


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[Applause] the appointments of Steve Bruce says New Castle manager has not been greeted with a rapturous ovation fans believing the club could have done better indeed there was instant rancor about the replacement for Rafa Benitez but Bruce knows he has a task to win over the fans I'm not everybody's cup of tea I can understand that too and I'm not Rafa Benitez so whoever's gonna sit in the seat was gonna find it difficult most recently boss of Sheffield Wednesday Bruce's previous stops as a manager have included Hull Huddersfield and Sunderland there has been claimed and counterclaim by Atletico Madrid and Barcelona over the transfer of Antoine Griezmann the Spanish football authorities might have the final say on Griezmann summer moon from Atletico to Barcelona launching an investigation into the transfer while Barcelona has paid 120 million euros for Griezmann Atletico believes it is owed another 80 million euros a key part of Tottenham's marched to the Champions League final it turned out Kieren trippy as final game for the club was at the home of his new team new england defender has signed with Atletico Madrid and whose gritty style could be a perfect fit they give everything for the team the budge and you know you see how close the players are with their with the stuff the club were like were a big family here and I wanted to be a part of this having spent four seasons at Tottenham Trippi air has joined atlético on a transfer fee of 22 million euros the lure of returning to Spain appears to have been snuffed out for goalkeeper David daheia linked with Real Madrid before it's signed Thibaut Courtois last summer daheia is now on the brink of staying at Manchester United on a new six-year deal a defender who took no prisoners Sinisa Mihajlovic has the same attitude as he starts a fight against leukemia recently diagnosed with the illness the Bologna manager is determined to win the fight I respect my illness I know I will win I'll face it like I've always done with no fear despite the ongoing treatment for the disease Mihailovich has been told he can continue working while he feels abled seemingly eager to resume his career after a heart attack late last season iker casillas is still awaiting medical clearance to play again in the meantime the veteran goalkeeper will join Porto's coaching staff a role that could become permanent it took some time and plenty of consideration but Matias delict finally opted for juventus to take the next step in his career the 19 year old defender had several offers but the chance to develop his craft in Italy was a major factor if you talk about Italian players for me the most common names that come up are the defenders but for me it was also big challenge to make a new step so impressive as he captained iyx last season the Licht cost Juventus 85 million euros making him the world's most expensive defender thanks for watching for all your major news latest results and in-depth analysis from across the football world make sure you hit the subscribe button

Breaking News: Afghan Cricket Fans Attack Pakistan Fans outside Leeds Stadium | GNN | 29 June 2019

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Liverpool news : Arsene Wenger's warning to Barcelona about Liverpool comeback before second leg

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How on earth did that happen?  Liverpool were supposed to bow out of the Champions League after succumbing to Lionel Messi in the first leg of their semi-final, but Jurgen Klopp’s side had other ideas.   A remarkable, ridiculous comeback from the Reds turned their 3-0 deficit into a 4-3 aggregate win , as Divock Origi and Gini Wijnaldum both scored braces and Anfield went barmy in a way that hasn’t even been seen there before.  That the Reds are now in the final is something that not even they would have envisaged before the game, but perhaps Arsene Wenger did.   Because the former Arsenal boss had a very particular Anfield warning for Barca before the first leg, for which he was working as a pundit for BeIN Sports. Read More Ernesto Valverde makes Barcelona admission after stunning Liverpool collapse   ” Liverpool is strong where Barcelona is weak, for me,” he said before that first match.   “Because if you don’t score goals against Barcelona you’re guilty. But Barcelona can score as well. That’s what we have to see tonight.  “In Europe they do well. Why? Anfield. Read More Naby Keita rips off recovery pad in celebration at Liverpool’s epic Barcelona win  “[For a] home game, this is the most heated stadium in Europe in a return game. It is the only place you don’t want to go.  “The atmosphere – everything – is special there.”  Well it certainly was on Tuesday night!

Cycling in Manchester on Sky News 2016-09-01

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Olympians demand cycle lane legacy. Britain’s top (sport) cyclists are calling on Theresa May to create a “legacy of every-day cycling” following Team GB’s Olympic success. More info at:

okay well we'll see how it goes on the streets of Manchester this is what thousands of cyclists do every day take to the roads of a busy city and hope to survive the journey I mean a criticism of Manchester over the years is that there's been a lack of provision for cyclists cycle lanes places for cyclists to stop at traffic lights no indication well at a close shave their a car decided that it didn't want to indicate when it was turning left and that's a really dangerous thing for cyclist because if you don't know the cars turning left then you could get hit 80 million pounds has been spent in Manchester in the last 10 years to make journeys like this safer but some of Britain's cycling greats now say infrastructure needs better investment we're trying to say to the Prime Minister that the best way that our athletes can be on it in terms of their success at the Rio Olympics is for there to be a real legacy of every day cycling the reason why British Cycling involved in this is to get more people active and what will make the biggest difference on Britain's roads and encourage people to be active as if they were made safer more segregated cycle lanes so people can cycle to school and cycle to work and get in their physical activity that way counselor Chris Paul helps to decide how much money is spent in manchester today the council opens six new cycle lanes across the city British Cycling say there aren't enough of these they're not good enough the ones that are there yes we hard to disagree with what I can't disagree with them we've started relatively late but transport the great amount has been running the cycling strategy for instance 2011 before that all the districts did their own thing the government money's only come on stream over the last few years really in an ideal world we'd like to be matching London that's very those same sort of amounts of money hundred million a year in inner London we've got the same population in Greater Manchester may be spending about 10 million a year ODU started and there are horror stories in every cycle shop the reason that I'm here actually today is pick up my bike because I got knocked off it two weeks ago I Drive you didn't give me time to take a turn and pulled out on me too early it's generally really bad it's just far too many people not looking where they're going turning in front of you to the left going in cycle lanes but yeah it's not it's not a good experience at all really my 10-mile journey across Manchester has revealed there still lots to be done before cyclists young and old can truly feel safe on our city's roads Nick Martin sky news on the streets of Manchester

Suspect injured in officer-invovled shooting in Birmingham

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Suspect injured in office-invovled shooting in Birmingham

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NEWS: T-Bo Touch Cost Metro FM R15 Million!!!!

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So the real reason MetroFM suspended T-Bo Touch was due to him costing the station almost R15 Million, according to Sunday World.

Plus, Black Coffee says there needs to be an end to black on black jealousy and Reason blows up on the airwaves in the USA.

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ReConnect NEW YORK Premiere Tickets:


Johann Hari – Lost Connections – Part 1 of 2.
Johann Hari is an award winning journalist, author, and TED Speaker who has written extensively on social, political and cultural issues.

His New York Times bestselling book Chasing The Scream challenges addiction and examines the war on drugs, and

his latest book Lost Connections, has been described as a ‘game changer’ for its groundbreaking thoughts on depression, anxiety and antidepressants.

It has been endorsed by Elton John, Hillary Clinton, Russell Brand and Arianna Huffington.

00:00 Trailer.
03:34 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:30 Brian’s introduction.
06:03 Personal questioning motivated research for Chasing the Scream and Lost Connections.
16:26 Why Johann travels in search of answers rather than undertake scientific research in a laboratory.
21:12 The core of addiction is not wanting to be present in your life because your life is too painful a place to be.
29:58 “It was the heroin that kept me from killing myself.”
41:40 How can the medical health establishment be persuaded to change treatment practices.
44:07 The role of the internet, social media and mobile devises in contributing to social isolation.
1:00:48 Our battle with extrinsic values versus intrinsic values.
1:17:08 Social conditioning can move us in the wrong direction.
1:26:19 A democratic workplace is just one social change that would decrease levels of depression.
1:28:46 The depressed and addicted need opportunity to talk about what they may be suppressing.
1:42:33 We call four walls home, but it is connection to the community around that it makes it feel home.
1:54:34 What Johann does when he becomes aware of negative thoughts coming into his mind.
2:00:25 What it is like to be in the public eye.
2:01:36 The amazing group of people who have endorsed his book.
2:11:37 Johann’s next projects.
2:13:05 The challenging art of journalistic interviewing.
2:17:39 Johann is such an evangelist for America.
2:22:32 What is Johann’s super power?
2:25:46 Daily habit that has changed his game.
2:29:18 What scares Johann.
2:31:33 Best and worst days of his life.
2:34:03 What keeps him awake at night.
2:35:10 Longer term worries.
2:38:14 Phone call to the 20-year old Johann Hari.
2:39:25 Success secrets.
2:39:54 Why he is fundamentally optimistic about a lot of the things he writes about in Lost Connections.
2:44:54 Brian’s summing up.

Lost Connections website

Johann Hari on Twitter

Johann Hari on Wikipedia

Johann Hari Books:
Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – And the Unexpected Solutions

Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs

God Save the Queen?

People mentioned in this episode:
Billie Holiday

Harry J Anslinger

Professor Bruce K Alexander

Noam Chomsky

Professor Tim Kasser

Professor Carl Hart

Marianne Faithfull

Al Capone

Sean Penn

Professor John T Cacioppo

Sir Sam Everington

Jeremy Hunt

Marc Maron

Dr Gabor Mate

Hilary Clinton

Elton John

Russell Brand

Donald Trump


London Real Academy:
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James O'Brien Live Fact-Checks Boris Johnson's Launch Speech – Conservative Leadership – LBC

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Boris Johnson launched his bid to be the next Prime Minister this morning – this is James O’Brien’s live fact-check as he was speaking.

The former Foreign Secretary held an event for his campaign to be the next Conservative leader, insisting that he would lead the UK out of the European Union by the end of October. Things got testy when six journalists asked him questions – and he struggled to give a satisfactory answer to any of them.

Throughout, James dipped in to correct some of the things that Mr Johnson said, providing an invaluable service.

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Thorium: Kirk Sorensen at TEDxYYC

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Kirk Sorensen discuss “Thorium” at TEDxYYC 2011.

Kirk Sorensen is founder of Flibe Energy and is an advocate for nuclear energy based on thorium and liquid-fluoride fuels. For five years he has authored the blog “Energy from Thorium” and helped grow an online community of thousands who support a renewed effort to develop thorium as an energy source. He is a 1999 graduate of Georgia Tech in aerospace engineering and is also a graduate student in nuclear engineering at the University of Tennessee. He has spoken publicly on thorium at the Manchester International Forum in 2009, at NASA’s Green Energy Forum in 2008, and in several TechTalks at Google. He has been featured in Wired magazine, Machine Design magazine, the Economist, the UK Guardian and Telegraph newspapers, and on Russia Today.

He also taught nuclear engineering at Tennessee Technological University as a guest lecturer. He is active in nonprofit advocacy organizations such as the Thorium Energy Alliance and the International Thorium Energy Organization. He is married and has four small children.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.*
(*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

譯者: Lilian Chiu
審譯者: Carol Wang 幾乎世界上的每一個人
都是某個社區的一份子, 不論是大社區或小社區。 所有這些社區都有很類似的需求。 他們都需要光, 需要熱, 需要冷氣空調。 在太熱或太冷的情況下,
人無法運作得很好。 他們需要有人種植、提供、
分發和安全儲存食物。 他們需要將廢產品
收集、丟棄,並進行處理。 社區中的人需要
從一個地方到另一個地方, 且越快越好。 上述所有這些活動的基礎
就是能源供應。 能源以電的形式提供了光和冷氣。 能源的熱形式則能幫我們保暖。 能源的化學形式能提供肥料、 驅動農場機械和交通能源。 我在美國太空總署工作了十年, 2000 年我剛到那裡時, 我對社區非常感興趣。 但我在想的是這種社區—— 月球社區, 它和地球上的社區
有完全一樣的需求, 但它有一些很獨特的限制。 我們必須要思考 如何為這個獨特的社區提供能源。 因為月球上沒有煤, 沒有石油, 也沒有天然氣。 沒有大氣, 也沒有風。 太陽能有一個真正的問題: 月球每個月會繞地球轉一圈。 有兩個星期是沒有太陽的, 你的太陽能板
就不會產生任何能源。 想在電池中儲存
夠兩星期使用的能源, 是很不實際的。 所以,核能真的是唯一的選擇。 在 2000 年時,
我對核能的了解不多, 所以我開始學習。 幾乎我們在地球上所使用的核能 都用水來當作基本的冷卻劑。 這有好處,但也有很多壞處。 如果你想要發電, 你得要把水加溫到
比一般能達到的溫度高很多。 在一般的壓力下,
水的沸點是攝氏一百度。 這不夠熱,無法
有效地產生出電力。 所以,水冷卻的反應爐 必須在比大氣壓力
高出許多的壓力下運作。 有些水冷卻反應爐在超過
七十個大氣壓的壓力下運作, 其他的則要到一百五十個大氣壓。 這點無法避免; 如果你想用水冷卻反應爐來發電, 就一定得這麼做。 這意味著你得要把水冷卻反應爐 打造成一個壓力容器, 其鋼壁厚度要超過二十公分。 如果這聽起來很重,
是因為的確如此。 更糟糕的是發生意外時, 會造成反應爐中的壓力下降。 如果你有攝氏三百度的液態水, 突然間將它們降壓, 它們不會維持液態太久; 會馬上變成蒸汽。 所以,水冷卻反應爐都會建置在 大型厚混凝土的
建築物中,叫圍阻體, 萬一發生意外造成失壓, 它能夠防止反應爐
產生的蒸汽外漏。 蒸汽的體積是液態水的一千倍, 所以,相對於反應爐的大小, 圍阻體要建得非常大。 萬一失壓且水瞬間變成蒸汽, 還會發生另一件壞事, 如果不將緊急冷卻劑
送到反應爐的燃料那邊, 反應爐可能會過熱熔化。 現今,我們的反應爐
用氧化鈾來當燃料。 那是一種陶瓷材料, 特性很類似我們做咖啡杯
或廚房用具所用的陶瓷, 或是我們用在壁爐上的磚塊。 在化學上,它們是穩定的, 但不太能導熱。 如果反應爐失壓,失去了水, 很快,你的燃料就會熔化, 且釋放出放射性分裂產物。 製造固態的核燃料
是複雜且昂貴的過程。 在核燃料除役前, 我們對核燃料的
能源利用率還不到 1%。 水冷卻反應爐
還有另一項額外的挑戰: 它們必須要鄰近大型水體, 這樣它們產生出來的蒸汽
才能被冷卻成液體。 要不然,它們就無法產生電力。 在月球上沒有湖泊或河流, 所以,如果你覺得水冷卻反應爐 聽起來並不適用月球社區, 我會傾向同意你的觀點。 (笑聲) 幸運的是,我學到了
一種不同形式的核能, 它沒有這些問題, 原因很簡單: 它不是以水冷卻為基礎,
且它不用固態燃料。 讓人驚訝的是,它的基礎是鹽。 有一天,我在朋友的辦公室裡, 我注意到書架上有一本書
《流體燃料反應爐》。 我很感興趣,問他能不能把書借我。 從這本書裡,我得知了 研究的是一種
不靠固體燃料的反應爐, 也不用水冷卻。 它沒有水冷卻反應爐的問題, 背後的理由很讚。 它使用氟鹽混合物當核燃料, 明確來說,是氟化鋰、
氟化鈹、氟化鈾和氟化釷。 氟化鹽的化學穩定性非常高。 它們和空氣及水都不會有反應。 將它們加溫到攝氏四百度, 才能讓它們熔化。 但那其實很完美, 很適合在核反應爐當中發電。 真正的魔法是: 它們不需要高壓也能運作。 這一點會造成最大的不同。 這表示它們不需要被放在
又厚又重的壓力鋼容器中, 它們不需要用水當冷卻劑, 反應爐中也沒有像水一樣 密度會發生大改變的東西。 所以反應爐周圍的圍阻體小很多, 幾乎「合身」即可。 不像固態的燃料那樣,
若停止冷卻它們會熔化, 這些液態的氟化燃料已經熔化了, 且熔化的溫度低很多很多。 在一般運作的情況下, 在反應爐容器的底端有個塞子。 這個塞子是用冰凍的鹽做成的, 需不斷用冰冷氣體去吹管子外部, 讓塞子保持冷凍狀態。 如果發生緊急狀況, 核電廠失去所有電力, 吹冷風的裝置停止運作, 冰凍的鹽製塞子會熔化, 反應爐中的液態氟燃料 會流出容器,通過管線, 流入另一個叫做
「排洩槽」的容器。 排洩槽內部已裝配成
將熱傳導最大化, 能在鹽的熱負荷隨時間下降時, 讓鹽可以被動冷卻。 若用水冷卻反應爐, 一般來說,必須給電廠提供電力, 維持水循環流動以防止熔化, 像日本的熔化事件那樣。 但用這個反應爐的情況下,
若失去供應給反應爐的電力, 它完全會靠自己關閉,
不用人類介入, 且會把它自己安置在安全、
受控制的結構中。 我覺得這聽起來很棒, 想到有可能用液態氟反應爐
來供電給月球上的社區, 我興奮不已。 但,接著,我得知了釷,
故事變得更精采了。 釷是天然產生的核燃料, 在地球的地殼中,
比鈾還要常見四倍。 可以把它用在
液態氟化釷反應爐上, 以產生電、熱,
以及其他珍貴的產物。 它的能源密度非常高,
一個手掌的釷能源 就足以供應你一生的需求。 在月球上,釷很常見,也容易找到。 這是一張標明月球上
釷所在位置的真實地圖。 釷有一種電磁的特徵, 從太空船上都很容易找到它。 有了液態氟化釷反應爐產生的能源, 在月球社區內 我們就可以回收
所有的空氣、水和廢棄物。 事實上,若要成功,
就一定得要這麼做。 我們可以種植足夠的作物
供社區成員食用 只需歷時兩週的月夜, 而且使用反應爐產生
的光和電就能做到。 液態氟化釷反應爐(簡稱 LFTR), 這種能源可讓自給自足的 月球殖民夢成真。 但我有一個簡單的問題: 如果對於月球社區來說,
它是這麼棒的東西, 為什麼不把它用在
地球上,一個未來社區, 讓它能自給自足、能源沒有依賴性? 對月球上生存產生強大影響的 態源產生和回收技術, 對於地球上的生存也有強大的影響。 現在,我們燃燒化石燃料, 因為很容易取得,且我們懂得運用。 不幸的是,它們正將地球的
某些部分變得像月球一樣。 使用化石燃料, 讓我們捲入世界上
不穩定地區的衝突當中, 付出金錢和人命的代價。 如果我們使用釷,
情況可能會非常不同。 在 LFTR 中,我們若使用釷, 和目前使用鈾相比,
使用效率提升兩百倍。 因為 LFTR 能夠 幾乎完全釋放出釷中的能源, 這能將鈾所造成的浪費減少數百倍, 減少化石燃料的浪費數百萬倍。 我們的汽車和機械設備
仍然會需要液態燃料, 但我們可以從大氣
以及水中的二氧化碳 來產生這些液態燃料,
類似大自然的做法。 我們可以將水分解得到氫, 再與從大氣二氧化碳中
提取的碳相結合, 製造出像甲醇、氨、甲醚的燃料, 它們都可以直接取代柴油。 想像一下碳中和的汽油和柴油, 它們既永續又能自行生成。 我們有足夠的釷嗎? 是的,我們有。 事實上,在美國,
我們有超過 3200 公噸的釷, 五十年前就貯存起來的, 目前掩埋在內華達州淺溝中。 如果把這些釷用在 LFTR 中, 能產生的能源足夠美國用三年。 釷也不是稀有的物質。 在愛達荷州還有許多像這樣的地點, 一個足球場面積一年所產出的釷, 就足以供應全世界的電力。 使用液態氟化釷技術, 我們可以遠離目前昂貴、困難重重、 用水冷卻、採用固態燃料的鈾核能。 我們就不再需要高壓核反應爐, 也不用建造存放它們的大型圍阻體。 我們不再需要大型、
低效率的蒸汽渦輪。 我們就不用這麼多 長距離輸送電力的基礎設備, 因為釷是可攜式的能源來源, 可以放置在需要它的地方附近。 液態氟化釷反應爐會是
一個小型的設施, 有很高的能源效益且很安全, 能夠產生出我們日夜需要的能源, 且不用擔心氣候條件。 2007 年,我們用了 50 億噸的煤、 310 億桶的油、 五兆立方公尺的天然氣、 還有六萬五千噸的鈾, 來產生出世界需要的能源。 若用釷,要達到同樣的效果, 只要在單一地點挖出
七千噸的釷就可以做到。 如果你覺得這些很有意思,
我想請你上我們的網站, 在那裡,一個由提倡釷的人
組成的線上社群正在成長, 透過網站致力於告訴世界,
我們要如何以釷的能源為基礎, 來實現使用乾淨、安全、
永續能源的未來。 非常謝謝。(掌聲)

Jim Shelley talks royal wedding coverage from BBC, ITV and Sky News

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Jim Shelley talks royal wedding coverage from BBC, ITV and Sky News It’s a sign of just how ‘unorthodox’ the union between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle …

Homeland Border Security USA S01E09

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the United States with entry points at hundreds of airports harbors and along a border of more than 100,000 miles is protected by the Department of Homeland Security including the Transportation Security Administration the US Coast Guard Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection including the Border Patrol this is border security USA the checkpoint in Falfurrias Texas sits on a main highway 80 miles north of the Mexican border it's a route often used by illegal immigrants managed to slip across the border and try to make their way deeper into the United States today Border Patrol agents pull over a driver who's a US citizen on the front seat of her car a child who appears to be passed out a lot of tempted to speak to the child they went as far as to go picking up her hand and dropping it to see if she would wake up she wouldn't wake up the agent when he asks the driver of the vehicle her relation to the child she was hesitant immediately that aroused the suspicion is this young girl and some type of danger pre-dawn JFK International Airport Customs and Border Protection officers are tipped off to a suspicious passenger returning from a short trip to Colombia he bought his ticket the day before he left and he always stayed in Colombia for four days which is not consistent with a vacation the passenger was from dominican descent had no family members in Colombia so had no ties to Colombia at all he's a US passport holder he was born here in New York officers decide to search his bags after doing thousands and thousands of passengers thousands and thousands of bags you get to know what the weight of a bag should be what the weight of a laptop should be once he picked up the notice to wait at a laptop he knew he was on to something right away the Rio Grande River forms a natural border between the u.s. and Mexico each year hundreds of illegal immigrants risk these treacherous waters trying to cross into the US the Mexican people think of the river is a place of death there they know that a lot of people have died trying to cross a river so they are scared for Border Patrol agents the Rio Grande poses a unique set of challenges you've got residential areas back right up to the river they'll cross they'll go in the backyards they can go inside a house and wait you out agents are investigating a mystery that began unfolding the day before 25 illegal immigrants were apprehended along the banks of the Rio Grande part of a larger group that's scattered and fled agents are heading out to find the rest before they disappear if it was about 30 to 40 they end up getting 25 so which means there's some outstanding Amy's out there so we're gonna go start tracking those guys and say we can find them New York's JFK International Airport more than 12 million overseas travelers come through here each year today a man arriving from Casablanca has been sent to secondary inspection for questioning okay mr. hand a concern a database shows there's an outstanding warrant for his arrest okay what was the purpose of your trip a vacation how long either for really right now we have a returning United States citizen and it comes up that he has a prior criminal record what a possible act of war I can just tell me a little bit about the arrests that you say you say was for drinking beer once nightly an eight-player I thought I did most likely there's what I do did it get you pled guilty to a criminal possession of a controlled substance beer is under control so we get how many times were you arrested before well that's that's what the warrant was issued that that's why the warrant was issued I'm did you miss a court date not really good day okay outro thank you I miss them alright have a seat this isn't going to take long it's just a matter of verifying the warrant and seen it it's a 1994 warrant so I don't know what they're gonna do it fitting here also in that last year sir please have a seat I'm gonna verify that yes we verify that here it may well have been here at Hamlet okay 60 so I just want to make the fault police okay all right Devon our fight okay I understand he was arrested for a criminal possession of a controlled substance and he was arraigned on the criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third which was a Class B felony so we're gonna call up and see if it's still active they'll let us know whether or not they're gonna compete with you rob he never took you do that other time JFK International Airport a US citizen returning from a trip to Casablanca has been detained because of a possible active arrest warrant have to verify the warrant still active so what I'm going to do is call up Queens Barnes and I'll speak to an officer over there and they'll let us know whether nothing to configure I don't listen inspector rosary Kennedy Airport elect to lone terrified for warrants to Lanka so I can be pay now stand up in the back over there nobody's telling you why I'm here just came and got me when I gave my passport Wow if I might have tell me what tell me what kidnapped so they do they look like okay it's not active copy name please okay thanks a lot how good they're okay mister hand come up please okay so I called up and I verified um you're free to go eleven out I know sorry about how thanks for your patience and welcome back sorry about her it wasn't taken out of the system it may very well have been taken care of but sometimes the record doesn't get updated so we still have to make sure okay back in Falfurrias Texas Border Patrol agents try in vain to waken a young girl lying motionless in the front seat of a car the driver of the car says she has no idea what's wrong with the girl and offers no information about her identity we grew up not a thief finally the little girl opens her eyes agents take her and the driver into custody for questioning Hailey's basil oil case at the checkpoint every day all day all ships candy goodness I thought was it does Lavina what happened with a little girl she was coached things that she relayed to us or things that she was instructed to say look it was a girl this is Jana goodness she does exactly where she's going just a mattr laying it on our little more nobody quits going put four more okay I got four okay finally the driver of the vehicle pull the agent to the side and said look let me tell you the truth he's not mine I'm getting paid to transporter to fell furious Texas on the deal from the hustle here it is huh her lack of experience is what prompted her to dis come clean she knew that she was caught she knew she wasn't going to fool anybody with a woman admitting her intentions the agents concerned now turns to something even more critical finding this child's parents Tamar we dug up on there one day no service issue that does it no matter their number the temple man with no leads agents must devise a plan to find her parents at JFK International Airport CBP officers are checking the bags of a US citizen returning from Colombia the first thing they notice is that some of his electronic items are suspiciously heavier than they should be we open up the first bag we saw two battery packs which you look like they belong to a computer you notice there were a little bit heavy you can see it immediately as he's getting it open right away you can see two asil the packages we're doing I was going to put some of the powder substance in this test kit battery pack a pizza and all that for is going to contain how this whole package if the battery packs wants the door to retrieve the camcorder it does turn on it does work put a club on the top of the camcorder you can see the aluminum foil packages on the top of the camcorder which is also all heroin now we're going to pop open the screen on computer immediately when you open the computer you can see the foil the entire screen there's going to be a foil package and all that foil is going to contain heroine this top part is just one package one bullet sheet and then they cover with the foil the suspect is taken into custody on drug charges in this case is turned over to immigration and customs enforcement it is still under investigation it will probably close to two keys of 2,000 grams of heroin it's pure heroin before it's cut up so the street value could vary but it should be over a million dollars on the street possibly more what officer dort is doing now is he's taking pictures of the seizure he's taking pictures of all the different concealments after the seizure is processed we put together what's cool the concealment report we set it two points eventually all over the United States and hopefully the information from this seizure will lead to other seizures and other thoughts in the Rio Grande Valley settler Border Patrol agents are heading out to search for ten illegal immigrants they suspect crossed into the u.s. the day before and are still hiding out in the arroyos along the river there's some fresh blood coming out of the river one two minutes away when the sensor went off so they should be right in front of us they're moving pretty fast though so we'll see if we can catch up to right here got a couple of the units they gotta try to prevent the engine from getting picked up we got one unit up but on the highway and we got a couple other guys on the ground if they know that we're following them they're gonna get off the trail and they're gonna hide him and the bushes here they might just be hiding in here someone Detroit Michigan the Ambassador Bridge linking the u.s. to Canada is the busiest northern route into the US with more than 4 million cars driving across in last year my name is Chris want our ski I'm customs board Protection Officer today it's a Saturday real busy out what we like to do is go out it's called pre-primary before the enter these booths over here you call the dog up there's a lot of traffic hopefully get lucky and get something big an officer was approached by a young lady who was involved two United States and the officer noticed some discrepancies in our story and k-9 officer alerted to the spare tire heart is rock it's got to be loaded right now her behavior is kind of speculative she's playing the what's going on what are they talking about is there something in my car she's claiming she doesn't know what's in her car she's claiming she doesn't know why she's back there there get you get oh my god get it up throw it out of town we lowered it it's really heavy not a lot of air tire doesn't even match the size of the tires on the vehicle we're go ahead and see what's inside if it's still up so hopefully it's a low see what happens in Detroit Michigan trouble at the Ambassador bridge that links the u.s. to Canada Customs and Border Protection officers have a woman in the holding room and the spare tire of her SUV on the ground about to be sliced open the suspicion it's packed with drugs I can smell it Romero it smells like marijuana there you go yeah this young lady Kim cross nervous behavior crappy story Tigers can go and look what you got a loaded marijuana tire this is our high the silver shooting for catching the bad guy and this is what we did today perfect this is odd the slang for here is BC bud which is British Columbia marijuana it's known to be grown hydroponically indoors very potent high eye content th-the small amount of this could equal you know triple or four times the amount of your your stereotypical Mexican marijuana once across the border double or triple the price right now / well so in a few minutes we're going to turn her over state and local Hamtramck task force and they're gonna take her to their facility and processor they're under state and local laws the suspect pled guilty to possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and was sentenced to one year probation back in Falfurrias Texas a woman has admitted that she was paid $300 to drive a young undocumented girl to a secret location in the US now agents are hoping to get one more critical piece of information the whereabouts of the little girl's parents we need to find this little girl's murder and we have what we have right now is live a 6-year over oh yeah in a strange country and we have no idea all the minds of people that live United States America we have no idea how to get all that boudreaux's mother hope you have a grand children with you like your six-year-old grandchild just dumped in quite a bottle somewhere well that little girl find yourself dumped the United States right now yes hello yah metal in the danila clean we gonna soon isn't the buddy or though when I thought he died aqui tenemos Arica just wanted to assure him that we had his daughter she was in good hands and she'll be placed in a suitable facility since this checkpoint is 80 miles north of the us-mexico border there's no way to prove that the woman smuggled the child into the country she could have been hired to pick up the child on the US side and give her a ride to meet her parents the woman is released since there's no law against accepting payment from a parent to do that okay that's super bucket does get okay que pasa nada man Oh kids are the innocent ones in this there there did help us once then I'm making decisions for themselves they're in a tough tough situation and we're going to make arrangements to house a child until an immigration judge can make a determination as to her status the little girls stayed at a nearby state juvenile center while authorities carried out an investigation it was revealed that the child's mother lives in El Salvador and her father is a legal resident of the u.s. living in Alabama three weeks later the girl was reunited with her dad McAllen Texas back along the banks of the Rio Grande Border Patrol agents have fanned out and are combing the dense brush searching for 10 illegal immigrants they suspect are hiding out they know that we're following them they gotta get off the trail it might have been idle ended from the Romeo 34 we're not too far behind you here got one of the units again it has a hate aliens in custody right now they should be up here radio blessed indeed savvy people they fucked it back sound guy shot a crossbow Arizona 15 days ago 15 days ago busted' want only a wall control Andy stop a kelipah tropica pasta dough Mentos low low heels take Ln Rio Bravo en place de Rossi say say Yolo yatta yatta hakuna la cebolla porous export super art a la vida en toda esta usted a space turnig are so severe Aneesa Mustafa those to trot years you know you feel sympathetic but at the same time you don't want to show any weakness because if you show weakness they will take it down into that second law or Nausicaa Perseus ok digamos tell okay VOA I cruise el corazon dope or phoenix usted Cruz Ando see a la montaña estaba no señora Consuela vista de carne see meet Oprah las que no Roca table une seule or yo-yos que parece de ghosts real man when you see stuff like a sociis entrap you see tragic a del del x improve our lives MX's appreciate when we have movie sedessa LS command against the illegal immigrants movie transported to a Border Patrol station fingerprinted and processed prosecution will be determined on a case-by-case basis if no charges are brought against them they will be immediately returned to Mexico at Denver International Airport Transportation Security Administration officers have a strange situation on their hands a woman trying to gain access to the secure gate area not with a valid boarding pass but with a letter she claims was issued by the Department of Homeland Security she was trying to use that letter to get into the checkpoint and to the sterile area to do a mystery shop at some bar on one of the concourse give her secret shoppers I was hired just kind of monitor a bartender for an hour without them knowing I was there and report back to him this evening TSA officers quickly determined that the letter is authentic and that the woman has security clearance but only for her day job as a cargo ship er not for moonlighting as a secret shopper we determined that it was a letter issued by the Department of Homeland Security allowing this woman uh ness courted access to cargo at her Freight facility it doesn't give her access anywhere Denver International Relations and by trying to use it for that purpose the woman may have landed herself in hot water right possibility it's a federal violation circumventing security possibility and over the regulation speak with supervisors and managers to determine oh there was a violation not necessarily will are you reviewing that I'm gonna give you my car I know this is wrong okay and I just even do my job now I just want to leave at Denver International Airport this woman was caught by Transportation Security Administration officers using a letter from the Department of Homeland Security try to access a restricted area a possible federal violation the letter nudes i didn't violate any law because according to the tsa which is under Homeland Security I have passed a background check like to know more about what I mean by violation no I don't like that word okay civil process okay you're not going to get a violation without my hobbies my boss gonna see because I can lose my job the letter will be sent to you if there is even a violation we have to treat everybody the same and assume that there may be a threat there because that's to the benefit of you know the flying public you know I'm glad dirty works but they need to clarify to the people like me and have these ID numbers and background checks and testing that this applies to one area not the other night we understand your frustration I do I don't what did you get you all i would like i mentioned potential violation it doesn't necessarily mean that what occurred today i i'm a ninety-eight absolutely you I'm the chance to administrative hearing and you know tell your side of the story I'm not going to tell my sister I'm going to shout it well you have arms if anything else comes up give me a call okay thanks Christine Thanks you don't even know how I've never been in trouble they love speed tickets that's it whether she knew she could bring a letter through you know I have no idea but the fact is we did what we needed to do and we possibly prevented you know some kind of a security incident tsa later determined that Christine had not violated any federal laws and no charges were filed San Bernardino California the fugitive operations team of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is mobilizing to carry out a search their mission find a man who has ignored his final deportation order this individual we're going Avenue is one of our fugitive targets went to the process of immigration proceedings and an immigration judge ordered Henry boom bomb removed from the United States well we do have a warrant so we're going to see a bomb this we see with at home in Rome they said that all the vehicles are in the driveway and it does appear we're gonna do a doorknob please I do a police come to the door please come to the door please please huh God move on the house guys be aware how you doing good morning we're connecting investigations okay we come in thank you I can sit so I'll sit in the house with you right now sir yeah your kids yeah your wife any other males adults living here with you no the suspects brother is cooperative but the suspects sister-in-law has locked herself inside the bedroom somos a gente federal se puede ver la puerta por Chah war unless you cannot do that man a dangerous situation is growing even more tense as officers suspect the fugitive might be hiding in the room with her Chicago's O'Hare International Airport two US citizens are returning from a vacation in the great outdoors of Mexico which CBP officers won't have a closer look and there souvenirs to see if they're illegal these birds are hunting trophies a hunting trophy is an animal is going to be mounted for display I have all of birds mounted at my house and the wife's okay with it they're hard to find those kind of white ones always brought in today they're called Google stir keep those birds their weight over 20 pounds when they work we don't have meats not with them is just a beverage how we make it all for you the concern with hunting trophies is if the animal has picked up a disease in the originating country to disease that we do not have here and one that can affect our production agriculture we have to presume that these hunting trophies are infected with that disease and their specially handled and they go to a special facility they're properly disinfected and made safe and then when they're released in the commerce or they go into the hunters home we know that there won't be an accidental introduction of the disease the men paid $180 in fees for fish and wildlife agents to process the turkeys gobble gobble gobble the Federal Express facility in Memphis Tennessee has miles of conveyor belts carry and sort packages bound for destinations all across the u.s. CBP officers screen them for illegal goods they might be concealed we probably only have about 20 officers on duty those 20 officers last year we're able to seize 600 pounds of cocaine I want to say 40 pounds of air 150 pounds of opium it's a game of cat and mouse someone's hiding something from you and you gotta find it and as they well know people come up with some pretty creative ways of hiding things an officer pulls a package offline containing three earth paintings you see a lot of narcotics addicts domenica coming to the United States so as the paintings are x-rayed officer Clark is looking for any signs of tampering must like the frames been hollowed out filled with take this in our testing room has something been artfully concealed inside this painting at the FedEx facility Customs and Border Protection officers are taking a closer look at three paintings that might be hiding something illegal hollowed out white powdery substance works right here another good indicator displays the damper packaged inside there's something exiled rolls tested positive for Indian ecstasy pretty good seizure all three paintings contained ecstasy pills total street value over $50,000 meanwhile in San Bernardino ice officers are at a standoff and growing increasingly concerned that a fugitive wanted for defying a deportation order could be hiding out in a room with his sister-in-law Cheryl no locomotory hasta que hacer el amor de sola I spend a little whatever libertà the startled woman finally opens the door was that with us a lead before Sara Saturday look what but after searching the house officers determined that the suspect was not there whether it's a Homburg read to come with us and show us where he lives that's it for this part he's using this house as a dropped address he parks his vehicle here his brothers in a new December to Dino Grasso mucho que ah yes rocket Rondo Rondo sake what's happening with that there's no answer at the door suddenly an officer spots three people bolting out the back of the house let me jump aah I saw some movement coming out a back door and had to be subject flying out of their lawn go around go around go around Hey cover the front Bell go to the front he's kind of playing it off like he was gone and then use that little opportunity to try to run away out the back fence market honey what do we get care for like your rescue buck you got welcome back to your regiment officers who were chasing the three people on foot have caught them and also is knocking at door and someone starts running it makes me very suspicious what's going on the juveniles are questioned about their relationship with the fugitive Gabriel I put your dad's names I can call now it turns out one of them is his son claims he doesn't know where his father is you know your dad work the juveniles don't offer much help and are released we will likely come back to this individual house set up a surveillance and wait for this individual to come home we're not going to go wait it's born it's not going to go away so use it up to the cobra shoulder cake you early the next morning ice officers are staking out the fugitives home suddenly an officer alerts the team that someone is slipping out of the suspects house waited till he went mobile and his driveway and at that point we ided individual well we don't place the target in custody it was a good day you know we got our target took a while about a leg work but we're persistent and it pays off we're just going to process a man execute his point of deportation and this evening speed back in Mexico I know what your name is officer Nathan sighs names come on tonight Nichola international sutala bottom line crime is crime and that's what our job is ultimately to bring them to justice and make sure justice is as seen through all the way officers with the TSA and customs and border protection go out of their way to treat everyone the same but it seems like not a day goes by that some traveler doesn't ask the one burning question what if I was like rich or old or super famous would you do the same thing absolutely everybody gets treated the same celebrities get asked the same questions what if they have anything to declare and we look at the declaration just the same and we treat them the same we have a better smile on our face because we seen a celebrity but it's all the same treatment football great Tim Braun appreciates the TSA team they have a tough job dealing with so many different people they have to do that so I try to remember that when I come in here it's very tough job one of them is a minister of my church so I have to be very nice you guys can't say we didn't see this right I actually asked myself the bill that created the Department of Homeland advance and the TSA a lot of these people know that and so what is it did you gotta create my job I'm Pat them down anyway because that's their job the Southern Methodist University basketball team receives a technical for traveling without an ID no smell driver laughs it's like no I didn't take you ready to get out oh my gosh okay oh is that a freak darling at LAX Matt grant the star of TV's The Bachelor London Calling is being questioned about whether he's coming to the u.s. for business or pleasure in the fact that's where were you being drawn at the data I've never watched a show oh my god you are I am seeing even more but were you actually on The Bachelor yeah people are trying to get an acre yeah how'd you believe it okay yeah they were fine as far as customs Border Protection goes they're still subject to the exact same scrutiny that any other passenger would we see so we try to be democratic first yeah nobody hates it Buffalo New York CBP officers never know what type of strange situations they might find themselves in and how they'll handle when they do today a woman dressed in her bathrobe is trying to enter the u.s. Audrey she's carrying only a large collection of DVDs what do you do with all these DVDs watch them yes are you working in Canada right now you have an address yes I have will you live with it the bedrest parents family friends family and they know you're here today what kind of question is that this is what you add on all these questions in the situation yet we're just trying to establish where you're going to ma'am and you're not really giving us answers you're trying to you're kind of being evasive what's your ID you got my address does that tell me who you live with where were you uh planning on going today to church basically we're just trying to establish what her intentions are just a church know that you're coming yes when did you contact the church not long ago how long you plan on staying in the US on this trip that's not what I thought it can stay final thing I want to talk to the pastor and I want to see the Chinese people in the church that I met before because I want to be a missionary in China how you gonna provide for yourself in the United States food-wise for things like that the church is gonna take care of everything yes everything she didn't have any clothes any money she claims she was going to New York City she's basically gonna be refused and we're gonna make sure she gets back to Canada safely i TV it over he take it off why should I take it off when you figure forth no yes no yes no yes step forward have your fingerprints taken I'm not having my fingerprint taken back in Buffalo it's an unusual standoff between CBP officers and a Canadian traveler will stubbornly refusing to be fingerprinted I'm not having my fingerprint taken okay now in order for you to go back to Canada your fingerprints must be taken okay to make sure that there's no wives no warrants out for your arrest it's all this is if you have nothing to hide there's no album here I will not it's all we ask is you please be compliant have your fingerprints take you already got my fingerprint taken every time you come exactly to avoid this tense situation from escalating any further a supervisor decides to skip fingerprinting the woman the situation we kind of back down a little bit for her safety and us the officers we just decided to forego all the fingerprints and get back to Canada or you do now is where you ride back across because the bus is gone the bridge is too far to walk so we'll give you a ride across the bridge back to Ken yeah basically the officers just escorted back to Cannon and they will talk to the Kenyan authorities to make sure that she's just not left there and they kind of seek her to make sure she's okay yeah all right I have a safe trip Border Patrol agents screen thousands of people every day and most pass by without incident but today in Falfurrias Texas a surprise encounter triggers a range of emotions for one agent when he finds himself having to search the bags of someone from his past you want to ask you with me so makes it oh that's weird I asked him what do you do after high school he said he's been roaming around doing little bit nuts so he admit but he admitted straight to having to having the possession of marijuana what man about barber children you see them in high school because he went the right way and overthrow yeah he graduated year before good guys he's old alone he's been in prison prior so I had to find out what else he has prior to that our song is basically has burial be a place what's the most time that you serve in seven months if I was in prison been a while since I've done it I just got to deal with it nominal I'm just thinking about how much my bills gonna be basically you can be charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute although make some money but I wanted to line even make money which I lost money instead and my freedom the way dreams I guess you can say I just get older – it was fourteen pounds of marijuana it with value is going to be at eleven thousand eight hundred yeah it's it's so it's a pretty big load for a personal carrier the suspect pled guilty to possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and was sentenced to two years probation business when he was about to get off the bus is when I had pretty good feeling it was him same thing eyes going with the same crowd little different state I still don't mess with Texas they call Tony values if we have property ready welcome to the other Greek States who's next foster kalinosky Radice for ten great officers they can make people laugh and that's nice welcome to the United States toodaloo oh look at that it's almost your birthday happy birthday 29 right pretty a necesitar completo he correct oh let's see she looks a lot like you okay welcome to there see you next time bye-bye

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ਸ਼ੁੱਕਰਵਾਰ ਨੂੰ ਜੁੰਮੇ ਦੀ ਨਮਾਜ਼ ਤੋਂ ਬਾਅਦ ਮੁਜ਼ਾਹਰਾਕਾਰੀਆਂ ਦੀ ਭੀੜ ਗੁਰਦੁਆਰੇ ਅੱਗੇ ਇਕੱਠੀ ਹੋ ਗਈ ਅਤੇ ਸਥਾਨਕ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਸ਼ਨ ਦੇ ਨਾਲ-ਨਾਲ ਸਿੱਖਾਂ ਖ਼ਿਲਾਫ਼ ਨਾਅਰੇਬਾਜ਼ੀ ਕਰਨ ਲੱਗੀ। ਮੁਜ਼ਾਹਰਕਾਰੀ ਮੰਗ ਕਰ ਰਹੇ ਹਨ ਕਿ ਜਗਜੀਤ ਕੌਰ ਨੇ ਕਿਉਂ ਕਿ ਧਰਮ ਬਦਲ ਲਿਆ ਹੈ ਅਤੇ ਉਸਦਾ ਹਸਨ ਨਾਲ ਵਿਆਹ ਹੋ ਚੁੱਕਾ ਹੈ ਇਸ ਲਈ ਲੜਕੀ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਸੌਂਪੀ ਜਾਵੇ।
ਰਿਪੋਰਟ: ਬੀਬੀਸੀ ਪੱਤਰਕਾਰ ਸ਼ੁਮਾਇਲਾ ਜਾਫ਼ਰੀ ਤੇ ਬੀਬੀਸੀ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਲਈ ਰਵਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਰੌਬਿਨ
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UK Column News – 7th December 2017

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Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column. In today’s UK Column News:

START – Queen Elizabeth commissions Queen Elizabeth: the aircraft carrier without aircraft…
06:04 – Charles Howeson trial: ‘respectable man of integrity’
07:13 – Prince George ‘threatened by jihadists’
08:24 – Defence Secretary: ‘A dead terrorist can’t cause any harm…’
11:02 – Who funds ISIS and other terror groups…?
14:07 – Israel: updates on Jerusalem issue
17:51 – Boris Johnson still missing in action…
19:22 – OSCE meeting: those damned Russians…
21:47 – BBC to create pool of 140+ ‘local democracy reporters…’
29:58 – Brexit: Juncker ‘fears government collapse wthout deal’
31:09 – British Law: will it be synchronised with the EU…?
33:17 – European Council: Justice and Home Affairs Council
35:36 – Interpol Global Conference on human trafficking
37:33 – Europol: Drugs in Europe conference & meet the new boss…
39:16 – New Chartist Movement: an introduction

good afternoon it's Thursday the 17th of December it isn't it's the 7th how did I do that I'll sure we'll stop absolutely good afternoon it's Thursday the seventh of December 2017 just after 1 o'clock welcome to UK column news I'm your host Brian garish with me in the studio Mike Robinson well we're kicking off with Queen Elizabeth well indeed because Queen Elizabeth is commissioning Queen Elizabeth today apparently well she may have already done it by now so this is of course the first of the new 65,000 ton 3.1 billion pound aircraft carriers which don't have any aircraft and well these guys here performing in the ceremony very well looking very smart as always listen to the if you listen to the music it's extremely well played they're marching very well but of course they're being sold to pop really because there are no aircraft for this aircraft carrier at this point in time as we know it was it was went through its naming ceremony a few weeks ago in Scotland with the Duchess of Cornwall naming the ship and today Queen Elizabeth who if you see the photograph she was wearing a particularly intense shade of purple was its commissioning it but what at the BBC have to say well here we go we have a giant cake of the ship and it does have aircraft Brian so that's one thing yeah I'm good this is really terrible what's what's going on might because all those young men and women who working so hard dedicate it within the military being utterly betrayed they've no idea about what's taking place around them but of course the government is drastically cutting Britain's military so bad aircraft carry all the two aircraft carriers don't have the escorts capable of providing them with the defense they need it isn't just a question of putting an aircraft carrier to sea on its own it's got to have the support of other ships and submarines around it that support doesn't exist and they use the Royal Marines raw Marine Band for the ceremony whilst the government of course is stabbing the raw Marines in the back once again by looking to cut their numbers further and to set off air and Fibby escape ability and I think you mentioned that one of the ships ocean was going to Brazil Brazil that's been sold I think 450 million but of course they're getting rid of the amphibious capability and we're going to borrow ships from the French we're gonna borrow ships from the French we aren't going to be told well we can only work fully integrated with the EU military forces so this is a complete lie by the government over the brexit it's treason upon the nation in that the government has cut our defenses to the point where we cannot defend ourselves that is treason or at least high treason and and those young men and women simply being used as props in this huge political agenda I think it's it's disgusting you know pretty cynical so well UK defence Journal pretty sensitive about this issue of the aircraft so Steven I'll tweeted items a day impressive but which idiot forgot or the aircraft for this aircraft carrier at the UK defense Journal always jumps on any such comment they said no one they get they go on board when the carrier is ready for them that statement is correct but of course it's a smokescreen law overall no aircraft well exactly it's not correct because because will the aircraft be ready and when the ship is ready will the aircraft be ready I don't think they will yeah we'll come on to that in a second but so but a couple of weeks ago a UK defence journal was asking what next for HMS Queen Elizabeth on there we have the image of it with the empty deck and so answers on a postcard I think what do you think the empty deck could be used for while we're waiting for the f-35 to come through and we've know what we've no idea whether this aircraft is going to be capable whether it's going to be there in any numbers to make this carrier worthwhile we just got the jam tomorrow promise of the f-35b order I won't possibly f-35s or there may not even be enough f-35b stew to fulfill the requirement for the ship but Japanese television noting that the f-35a itself seems to be falling apart in midair Brian with sections falling off it during normal training drills so you know okay this was a piece of I don't know what cladding from the outside of the engine nacelle exactly but you know what what falls off next well we've already had massive corrosion problems with this aircraft we've had engine fires we've had structural problems with the airframes we've had the oxygen problem of course with and the keep of point is that once this aircraft is in service that is a whole raft of British skills and capability in our own aircraft industry absolutely wiped out and that of course is the agenda by this government but we don't need to worry because apparently according to defense one newly revealed experiment this experiment actually happened a couple of years ago but it's just been announced that took place it shows that the f-35 could help intercept North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles because apparently this is so this aircraft is still bristling with sensors that it could be used to shoot down ICBM so so we should be able to sleep safely in our bed soon should yes yes or not well at the moment reputation of the raw Navy is hanging somewhat in the balance the trial of Charles Houston is continuing at the moment this has been quite widely reported across mainstream and local media although is there a difference will be coming on to that a little later in the news but in recent days a number of people have been brought forward to speak up for mr. house and we've listed some of the top family friends his electrician our Lord members Parliament they've all been telling the jury that housen is a very respectable man of integrity so it's going to be very interesting to see what the jury fight finally make of this trial of course it was moved to Bristol because the claim was that he couldn't get a fair trial in Plymouth because he was too well-known but as the troll progresses we see that people from that immense circle of friends and acquaintances are brought in for the defence so very very interesting troll and it's going to be an extremely interesting decision by that jury now yesterday we saw a man in court who was accused of having plotted to blow up the kids at the end of Downing Street and then – in the ensuing chaos to attempt to stab Theresa May today the news is that another terrorist suspect is in court and apparently he urged jihadists to kill Prince George so Brian I wonder how far this has to go I mean it's it's he has you speechless because you know how far to these stories high extremes these stories have to become before people sort of say it's enough well I think people can keep saying it's enough but until we get to the heart of the matter that this is a mixture of truth spin and government propaganda in order to achieve an agenda and the gender is fear the population is be kept in a permanent state of fear that we are going to be murdered in our beds by these jihadis and the jihadis are so powerful of course they can bring down buildings in the States from their caves in Afghanistan all they can be running amok to conquer the Middle East but not to worry because our new defense secretary says that we're going to kill them let's have a look at this this is from the Guardian British Isis fighters should be hunted down and killed says the defence secretary he said a dead terrorist can't cause any harm to Britain Britons who fought for Islamic state abroad should be hunted down and killed I'd believe that any terrorist where they come from this country or any other should ever be allowed back into this country we should do everything we can to destroy and eliminate that threat so what what was this man known as in Westminster the baby-faced assassin or something like that keeps a tarantula or a big spider Torrey chief whip so this is the man that knows all the dirt and what to see what's he involved in killing well what we should just say that of course we're not we're not defending people that've been fighting for Islamic state at all but this is extra extrajudicial killing and that is somewhat different I mean if you're going to take this stand where we're people in the Middle East go over there to fight and kill and our response to that is to kill then are we any different to what they have done well this is the key point this is a key point let's bring in this man because he's the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation he's quoted in that article so it's max Hill QC actually the government appoints the independent reviewer but you understand how the system works there my absolutely what does he have to say well he says we have we've got to make sure that as they splinter and as they disperse across Iraq and Syria in other areas we continue to hunt them down make sure there's no safe space for them that they can't go on to other countries preaching their hate preaching their cult of death then in brackets I've got a statement and actually came before that quote and what was said was more than 800 UK citizens a thought to have gone to fight for Isis in Iraq and Syria including teenagers women and young families so I did wonder whether mr. Hill was suggesting that all of those people should be hunted down including the women and young families but it's a bit ambiguous in The Guardian report so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt but let's really look at what Gavin Williams is saying this is your pot Williamson is saying this is your point Mike he's saying well we don't need evidence we don't need trials we don't need justice or judgment we should just kill them all and my question Brian is my question is if we funded Isis which we seem to have done what is this actually about is this about making sure that terrorists don't come back to this country to maim and kill or is this about making sure that anybody that was involved in Isis in Syria on the receiving end of UK foreign officer department for international development money can't come back to talk about it in the dead men tell no tales well as always Mike you'll run straight into the subject matter here let's just bring our old friend Michael Fallon back on screen because of course a little while ago he was saying exactly the same thing we need to kill them let's kill them all fascinating man former minister for war as we like to call them rather than defense secretary but his expertise was in children's nurseries of course British military ripped apart while he was in post but one minute he's looking after little children in nurseries that's his professional expertise but the rest of it is kill them kill them so you were absolutely right and I've put quite a lot of detail on screen here because I think it's worthwhile but here's the headline this is going back in 2011 Libyan terror suspect put in charge of guarding David Cameron on 2011 Tripoli a visit so we've got a Libyan terrorists suspects who was imprisoned in UK was put in charge of guarding David Cameron said that mr. Cameron who was then Prime Minister visited Tripoli along with French president Sarkozy in September 2011 the security was provided by the Libyan national previously regarded as a terror suspect in the UK the man's identity was protected by the British legal system he was given the identifying letter M in court cases after being detained in Belmarsh jail as a suspected terrorist in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in the u.s. M was a prominent leader in the Libyan Islamic fighting group LIF G a band terror organization which biddies father was also a prominent supporter LIF G was accused of strong links to Al Queda so we're going to kill them all except where the British government has actually conveniently been using the terrorists to ferment its own wars in Libya and elsewhere and if necessary we're happy to have those terrorists protect British Prime Minister's such as David Cameron well that's interesting because the BBC used terrorists to protect them when they were in Syria indeed they did that's a coincidence it's just a coincidence we're going to encourage people to have a look at the UK column website this is one of the news editions that covered this subject from the 4th of December so if you'd like to know more on how the British government funds terror have a look at that particular news edition where do we go well Israel so many people were waiting with bated breath for what a reason my Theresa May might say about Dom Trump's decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel or at least to approve that to suggest that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel that statement finally came out late yesterday she said we disagree with the u.s. decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital before a final status agreement we believe it is unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region the British Embassy to Israel is based in Tel Aviv and we have no plans to move it our position on the status of Jerusalem is clear and long-standing it should be determined in a negotiated settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians and Jerusalem should ultimately be the shared capital of the Israeli and Palestinian states in line with the relevant Security Council resolutions we regard East Jerusalem as part of the occupied Palestinian territories we share Donald Trump's desire to bring an end to this conflict we welcome his commitment to date his two-state solution negotiated between the parties and note the importance of this clear acknowledgment that the final status of Jerusalem including the sovereign boundaries within the city must be subject to negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians well as most people will probably be aware Benjamin Netanyahu is now attempting to persuade lots of other global leaders to back up Donald Trump and I'd support this decision but there's been a lot of discussion about you know what Trump was thinking about when he when he announced this was this just the influence of the Israeli Lobby on him was this is he being blackmailed was this Gerald Kirchner up to his tricks or is there something else going on we know that Trump likes to throw grenades in and see what comes out of in if there's a situation which is intractable he he tends to throw a grenade in and see what comes out I don't know the answer to that nobody that I know don't nobody that I've spoken to particularly knows the answer to that but this morning this piece of news came out that Saudi Arabia describes Jerusalem decision as irresponsible and unjustified and this is quite interesting because Saudi Arabia and Israel have been getting very very close recently and if this splits that sort of friendship which seems to be building there then maybe that is the target of this particular move I don't think we know the answer just yet and we need to wait and see over the next couple of weeks what might well it's absolutely true my key question might would be in making these statements is to reason may working for the British nation or is she actually acting for Israel itself because we have this huge problem with a massive pro-israeli Lobby in Westminster the conservative Friends of Israel we've had David Cameron saying that his loyalty to Israel was unshakeable that to me means that the British people came second to his links to Israel and we've had Theresa May standing up of course and saying that she is also absolutely for Israel and we have a huge amount of Israeli money coming into the Conservative Party itself so who is she speaking for is she's speaking for the British people or Israel it's a good question because because when I read the press release I thought the statement was pretty soft it took them a long time to produce that and so whereas normally she would be attacking Trump everything that he does in this case she hasn't yeah she's been quite well as far as she is able to go apparently she's been quite supportive of it so it's a good question to ask another good question to ask is where is Boris Johnson so Stanley Johnson has now left the jungle this of course is the rubbish reality TV program that he was taking part in recently the name escapes me at the moment for our foreign visitors it's not worth trying to find out but anyway Boris Johnson's father was taking part in this reality TV show he has now been thrown out of it voted off and he asked the question because he's been out of the news the JEM doesn't where he hasn't seen the news is Boris still foreign secretary well we were asking yesterday where is Boris because well nobody was saying in the mainstream press and I we pointed out yesterday that in fact he had been in in Brussels at the NATO foreign ministers meeting and well he led yesterday afternoon the Foreign Office did issue a statement and he issued a statement it said well they issued a statement sort of reiterating what he had said before he went into the meeting and he said we'll be talking about promoting the security and integrity of Georgia in the face of the challenge from Russia and the territorial aggression of Russia we're also looking at what little could do to tackle terrorism particularly in the southern region and that was it so there's no mention of European defence in this as we suspected the reason that Boris Boris's appearance in Brussels was pretty much not covered it's because they once again do not want to acknowledge any European defense activity whatsoever and and well apparently he's also not at the OSCE meeting which is taking place today this is all about growing tensions between Western and Eastern Europe and well foreign ministers gather in Vienna for this and so I've paraphrased the the subject of the meeting is those damned Russians because that's basically what it's about now the Russians are of course they're Sergey Lavrov if you look closely at that image is front and center but Boris isn't and I'm not really sure where he is today you might have some information about that so Alan Duncan is there instead because apparently Boris doesn't want to get too close at the root to the Russians at the moment maybe that's because of a panorama program that came out recently which is a bit woolly maybe it's about some other allegations that are a bit stronger than the BBC was prepared to present in panorama but he certainly doesn't want to be anywhere near Sergey Lavrov at the moment Russia's aggression in Ukraine anyway appears to be the main subject for this meeting it's apparently the biggest threat to European security that's according to Rex Tillerson who's also there and so he and Lavrov we're gonna meet and they're expected to discuss differences over over sending United Nations peacekeepers to eastern Ukraine they disagree over the mandate that the United Nations force would have the US wants this UN forced to be armed the Kremlin says that it shouldn't be and so there's a bit of discussion to go on there and well they're also talking about threats from Russia to NATO's eastern flank and so on so this is all about Russia and well we'll get more details later on as the meeting progresses and the press releases come on indeed might perhaps we could ask our audience today whether they can help us by identifying exactly where Boris is it's a bit like Where's Wally well it's a term yes where is Boris can anybody actually tell us where he is at the moment and of course if you can see reports saying what he's up to we'd love to know so speaking of Russia Putin has decided to run again in 2018 so undoubtedly we will have him for another term in Russia I really want to say about that I would have thought so well let's come back to the subject to the BBC we've we've been reporting a lot of all the BBC over the last couple of days and it just gets better so thank you very much to the lady who said were we aware of this and the answer was we weren't so the Daily Post reporting that the BBC will create a pool of more than a forty local democracy reporters to cover council and public meetings for news organizations across the UK including The Daily Post itself and there'll be a total of 144 full-time and two part-time local democracy support reporters and they've been allocated 258 news organizations in England Scotland and Wales following a competitive bidding process so we were fascinated by this if you research you will find that there were the the first glimpses of this about a year ago but let's have a look at the comments around this we've got David Holdsworth here he's shortly to leave the BBC but at the moment he's BBC controller of the English regions and what does he have to say well he says this is a major advance in the partnership which will significantly improve the reporting on councils and public institutions leading to greater public accountability for our local politicians so this is all about a partnership working together getting those news teams to get even tighter embed but it's going to be good for us because we're going to get effectively better reporting on what councils and public bodies are doing and it's going to hold the politicians to account so might you you've got a warm feeling at this stage I would imagine yeah but it's running down my leg right because okay so this is this is unbelievably dangerous so what we have here is a removal of any kind of competition between media organisations we have local local media which has been decimated in recent years local newspapers bought up by one or two big organizations and now we're going to get rid of all the local court reporters all the local council reporters and we're going to replace those with an ID sourced agreement with the BBC so there's only one voice we've only if we turn on the television we get one voice that's the BBC we turn on the radio we get one voice it's the ABC I know local reporting it's going to be one voice the BBC but worse than that because it may appear that it's not one voice you will be getting one voice through a different name which is highly deceptive so you could be looking listening to a local news station which is no the BBC unbeknown to you the news is the BBC well let's bring in more personalities because they're the key to understanding this we've got Ashley Highfield here very high-flying man chairman of the news media Association previously was a director on the BBC board himself so I think he spent eight years with the BBC but presumably he's now independent he says the groundbreaking local news partnership between the NMA and the BBC is now becoming a reality which will benefit the BBC local media and most importantly local communities it's all about us Mike yeah the initiative has moved the whole relationship between the BBC and the local media sector from confrontation to collaboration and key benefits will include 150 new journalists on the ground holding public institutions to account on behalf of their readers so it's the news media grouping up and collaborating but don't worry it's all for our benefit well have a look at this man this is obviously his Twitter page you can see some of his previous jobs he was with Microsoft MD Microsoft UK for a while that's pretty half pretty interesting that gets you into the big players and there he was he was aboard direct with BBC for eight years so let's put this together over the last few days we've had the we've had the BBC basically coming in and setting up its BBC BBC rename has gone out of my head a reality check thank you very much Mike BBC reality check to check what the truth is we've got the BBC coming into schools to teach children how they need to be watching the BBC and then of course the BBC is running its own propaganda as we showed with brexit so we're going to say there that the BBC setting up its own truth and propaganda organization now let's put this lot into context because eight million from the licence payers money is setting up this new partnership with Media Association they set up this local partnership and we've already heard what's in that we've got 700 media organizations signed up to it 700 and what's going to be happening well they're going to be setting up a shared data unit based at BBC Birmingham and that's going to give local news providers access to BBC video and audio content and it's going to be developing what they call data journalism expertise so they're all working together sharing BBC material why produce it yourself Mike if you can simply crib the BBC reports and what have we got here the pool of 144 part-time local democracy reporters straight out of 1984 that language isn't it local democracy reporters they produce stories that get fed back into that partnership scheme and if we go on down we've got 24 contracts issued to employ 55 titles for Trinity Mirror so is this the BBC you're now working with watching or is it Trinity Mirror and the final bits at the bottom of your screen is the news organisations radio stations online media companies and established regional newspaper groups will receive funding from the BBC for employment costs of the reporters so it's almost like the BBC's now starting to buy out commercial media I would like to know where in the BBC charter it says that this type of commercial arrangement is permitted well they've apparently got a special bit in the Charter mic which says that they are basically able to give this money so I think they've preempted your question by changing the Charter to make this acceptable I put a tag on that image which was basically BBC tightens the noose around the neck of independent news reporting that's absolutely true but let's also remember the in the background we've got the government that is running the largest applied behavioral psychology agenda probably seen in the West so this came out of this government so-called nudge unit but this was the government boasting in their document mindspace that they could change the way people thought and behaved by using Applied Psychology and the public wouldn't even realize it's happening so this is big society and what do you need for big society well you need a massive propaganda organization and we'll just give you this bit on the the news media Association if you say what is it well this probably is about the best you're going to get because it's the voice of national regional and local news media organizations in the UK a five-billion sector forty five sorry forty eight million adults look at the material but it says the NMA exists to promote the interests of news media publishers to government regulatory authorities industry bodies and other organizations whose work affects the industry this is nothing about the viewer this is this is about these organizations being able to get into the market and certainly make more money right we'll move onto brexit then and the Telegraph saying that jean-claude juncker fear stories amazed government will collapse next week without a brexit deal he's doing his best to make sure that that happens he's claiming that there's now a 40 well there was a 48-hour deadline a new 48-hour deadline on agreement over the Northern Irish border so he's given Theresa May to come up by tomorrow to come up with some kind of plan for that they've been phone calls with the Irish tea shock they've been discussions with the DUP not sure how much progress is actually being made there but perhaps perhaps a bet on whether Theresa is going to go by Christmas maybe that's not so silly as it may once have appeared it seems to be she can't just get herself established properly at all as a prime minister it's a real shame I'm sorry well I think she's wobbling all over the place but we have kept hearing those rumours of an activity at ground level by particularly Labour Party activists and they were being warns that there was going to be an election and they needed start brushing off their posters and leaflets yes now yesterday I was suggesting that that of course post brexit that the Northern Irish border issue was being used to drive this there was going to have to be some synchronization between British law and and EU law well Chris Grayling has said was on BBC Radio 4 this morning and he's decided to to respond to that in some way because what he said was we don't have we don't have to have and we own we've never said we will we don't want to have a situation where in future our laws are identical to the European Union well I wasn't saying they were going to be identical I was saying that we were going to be kept and sync so what he went on to say is plenty of countries have what you call regular regulatory equivalents where in one country you have a demon money-laundering law and have another in another country so you've got one anti-money laundering law in one country you have another anti-money laundering law in another country they're not the same they have a similar goal and each recognises the integrity of the other to stop out money-laundering there will be areas where we do things in a similar way there will be areas where we don't do things in a similar way that's all the Prime Minister was seeking to achieve to make sure we can ensure trade flows as freely as possible across the borders so that's kind of a what is he saying is he saying laws are going to be kept in sync or not I wasn't saying that the law is going to be identical in the sense of the identical wording he seems to be implying that that's of course he isn't responding to me directly but that's not the point he their thoughts are going to be kept in sync afterwards they have to be because if we are in we are working within the same framework for trade on both sides of the channel then of course the laws have to be kept NSYNC yeah and lots of questions here more because of course the the starting point is that law within the United Kingdom is common law and law on the continent is completely different so there's all sorts of questions to be asked absolutely no European Council meeting today this is the justice and Home Affairs Council and well who's there from the UK it's impossible to find out I know there is somebody there from the UK because they've already voted on some of the some of the agreements today and they voted positively for those but I'm not sure who actually is there to vote the meeting is being chaired by the Estonian Minister Minister for the Interior and the Estonian Minister for justice so I'm presuming the British Minister for the Interior that's amber Rudd and the British justice secretary is over there at the moment they are going to aim to reach general agreement on a draft EU Lesa regulation for example this Lisa ELISA is the European agency for the operational management of large scale IT systems in the area of freedom security and justice so we're looking at things like visas the Schengen Agreement and that kind of thing they're going to be informed of progress on the common European Asylum system over lunch they're going to exchange views and strengthening the Schengen area but the main focus is on counterterrorism but the again the British media not mentioning this meeting at all because they're also going to discuss cooperation between missions and operations which are part of the EU common security and defence policy and EU agencies in the justice and Home Affairs area so it seems at the moment Brian every single meeting in the European Union it doesn't matter what the actual subject is in this case it's home affairs and justice every single meeting of the European Council at the moment has some component which involves the common security and defence policy it's clear that what the orientation of the European Union is at the moment they're absolutely focused on this mission of European defence yep it's incredible with with defense we have integration of the police this is this is a bit that many people in UK still don't understand the danger of the integration of military with police which we see on the continent which we haven't quite got here but of course this is the push militarized police right Interpol and Europe all have been busy today starting with Interpol one of the big sort of industries of the day of course is people trafficking and so international experts in human trafficking and migrant smuggling are meeting today for the Interpol global conference on trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants it always fascinates me that they don't put the word stop or prevention or any kind of term like that in their titles this is the global conference and trafficking and human being human beings and smuggling of migrants it's almost like an industry body or something I think it that's exactly what it is Mike they're making money out of it the more people that are being trafficked the more children there are the more drugs the more crime and the thing is is just a circle self-fulfilling circle so this is a two-day event hosted by Qatar and it's gathered more than 300 experts from law enforcement the public and private sectors NGOs and international organizations from 90 countries opening the conference the minister of administrative development labor and Social Affairs highlighted how Qatar is working to act at the local regional and international level our collective efforts however he said will not be successful unless we address the root causes of the phenomenon whether they are cultural economic political ideological or social I think in fairness that's a very correct point but of course there's so much profit being made out of this at the moment and so little effort so little money being put into preventing it and stopping it that really they're on a hiding to nothing they've got to start trying to change policy to make sure that that there's a proper amount of money putting into prevention rather than trying to get the police to do something about it with no budget but in the meantime well before we get on to what your poll has been talking about we'll just mention the fact that they're about to get a new head because Rob win right his term ends in May 2013 and so this lady catherine de bala from belgium has been put forward as the next executive director of europe all and well good luck terribly she'll do a better job than the last one but today they are welcoming delegates to the conference the topic conference is called drugs in europe a bold bold law enforcement response and they're saying the twenty four billion euros in revenue is generated by the drugs trade each year it's estimated that high highly poly criminal organised crime groups are involved in this 35 percent of organized crime groups active in the year and he you are involved in the production trafficking and distribution of illegal drugs seventy-five percent of those groups deal in more than one illegal drug there's nice seven sorry six hundred and twenty new substances on the markets with the coming of synthetic drugs including synthetic opiates and well again this is a bold new law enforcement response they haven't really said what that bold new route law enforcement response actually is but what it will be is vastly below what it needs to be in order to deal with the problem you know usual usual situation because again tons of money being made by old sundry made in more than one way created out of nothing and then used within the criminal cartels many people have been saying to the UK column yes but what do we do about things and today i'd like to put up on screen the front page of the new Chartist movement website this is a result of a huge amount of work by a great many people that's been going on behind the scenes over quite a few months it has had help from the british constitution group but there is also now a very wide group of people coming together because they realize that the only civil to stopping what we are seeing which is effectively massive criminality through not only the British government but other nation states we require people to start working together from different backgrounds face colors nationalities in order to head in the right direction now what is the right direction we would say that there must be a proper system of law and that law must of course protect the weakest in society it must be fair it must be just so the exact opposite to the type of law that we're seeing Gavin Williams and push where we're going to kill people on the say-so of the British government that there are terrorists there should be a proper collection of evidence there should be a proper trial there should be a proper jury to make a judgement on whether or not people are guilty so the system of law is very important so is the Constitution of any nation state and we argue the nation states absolutely have the right to exist so as we see the dry for the supranational states the so-called corporatist globalist agenda we believe that the nation-state needs to be protected but I encourage you to go to the new Chartist website there there is already a great deal of information on it there's a lot more to come but the key point is that this provides a focal point for individuals and small groups large groups to start to come together to share information expertise and help in how they are already starting to counter what's going on or what we should be doing in the future so I'm going to say big thank you to Justin walcker from the British constitution group and Eddy Eddy in particular has done huge and very good work over many months very difficult work to help bring people together and get them talking to each other and of course big thanks to Adrian and and William who've put this extremely smart website together so there we are have a look at that if you like it and you like the message that's starting to come through the new Chartist movement please share it with family and friends it is spreading the word that is key part of taking the action and I'll end with a thank you to the person who centers the somewhat risk a Christmas card which did also include a donation it was appreciated it did bring a smile to our face and thank you to all the other people who've been buying pens for the UK column taking out subscriptions making donations we have to keep saying it to do what needs to be done we can only do it across the board with your financial support so thank you very much we'll be back same time tomorrow bye bye you

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big camera and remember him yeah he was our prime minister wasn't it you might ask what's he been doing for the last three years well sitting in a shepherd's hut in his garden in Oxfordshire writing his memoirs and they're being splashed today in the Sunday Times and elsewhere interestingly Cameron says that he doesn't really understand why so many people in the Conservative Party wanted to vote to leave the European Union he didn't understand it then he doesn't understand it now he thinks that a second referendum is a possibility like all former leaders just trying to be helpful of course to the current leader but he really uses the book just to lash out you know and he lashes out at Michael Gove calls him a populist a foam flecked Farage East a bit that sport Michael goes breakfast this morning he lashes out at Dominic Cummings and me he says there's something of the night about us that's not very original is it I thought when our Widdecombe did it was rather more effective but he saves the good stuff and I guess this is where he wants to really sell the book he saves it for Boris Johnson he basically says that Boris is not really a lever he made a decision to back believe side because it was to his own advantage for his career he also says that when he talked to Boris about this Boris said this is during the referendum campaign not after that Boris is looking for a fresh negotiation following a leave vote backed by a second referendum so he's casting you know real doubts on Boris Johnson's motives and I'm asking you know are are Cameron's comments fair do they damage the Conservative Party which already is having the most huge I was going to say internal rail but it's actually pretty public isn't it if you think about it well I thought to begin with I'd get an opinion from somebody who was a Conservative Party contributor to conservative homes I mean he's written and talked about the Conservative Party for many many years so I asked Harry fibs you know what are you made of David Cameron's memoirs oh look I think it's a shame because a couple of things one is that actually i think david cameron achieved rather a lot as Prime Minister in terms of reforms of me improving state schools and welfare reform and it's and it's a shame that he'll only be as far as we can tell at the moment remembered for this result which he did want over the referendum so I think it said I think it's a pity if that's if that's the only thing he's remembered for and the other thing is it's it's a shame that he seems to be full of apologies and and misery over calling the referendum because it was a lot of people obviously feel that it was so it was the right thing to do for him to call the referendum and the mistake he really made was to get we were to fail to get any decent substantive renegotiations out of it and I think if he if he got a proper tangible renegotiation before the referendum then it could have been a different result yeah and he's still very clearly doesn't understand why so many conservatives voted to leave he just doesn't get it didn't get it then doesn't get it now and then he's hinting that perhaps there ought to be a second referendum I mean does this put him on the side of Tory rebels I think that it would be in terms of in terms of the referendum campaign of the person who was most clear and most emphatic about saying this is a once in a generation decision your verdict because every party loyalist he was trying to defend what David Cameron is written in this book and I won't even attempt to do that I think it's self-serving nonsense written by a prime minister who was a total failure who now appears to feel sorry for himself busy lashing out at everybody he's been quiet for the last three years ahead of this book and I hope he's gonna be quiet for at least three more years after the publication of this book are the comments that he's made fair and reasonable or is it actually just yet more division and trouble for the tourists when he hints that a second referendum may be on the cars and it's wall-to-wall this morning radio and television everywhere journalists talking to journalists about this book but hey over to you this is LBC what are you the great British public make of this I gonna start in belfast by speaking to albert is a new call a good morning Albert good morning Nigel can you hear me I'm speaking on my mobile I certainly can far away first of all I'd like to express my anger on these Twitter's who have just hijacked our Democratic votes and three years back I'm totally totally disregarded our wishes love this one thing and Albert it stopped I mean it's Sunday morning at 10 o'clock and you're using a word like trace as very strong word isn't it hey well that's what the are Nigel they're surrounding ourselves into a foreign power which we have never voted for and from a personal point of view Nigel my granddad for the two world wars he didn't fight to unelected European dictatorships to be another one so why Albert while but are so many people living in Northern Ireland you know really and I think in some cases genuinely concerned what you know I understand the arguments you make completely of course and I feel them in my heart myself what is it that makes so many people still be attracted to this EU so that they've behaved in ways in Parliament we've never even contemplated what is it about the EU our but what what grip does it have on people I personally think they're blinded to what really stands for light or if they deadly did the research they were finding what they eat usually does stand for and basically to close get a spirit mantle the EU is the fourth reich in my opinion it's the love child of our old Hitler well well well Albert it is certainly I actually think it's a right we former communism is my view but but we've all got different views and yours yours are very strong are you worried out but are you worried about the Irish border I know I do believe we'll sort of edge some way and if we can send a man to the moon 50 years ago I do believe we'll find us as no as you ticket of look right okay no that's a very reasonable point and finally Albert and in a few short words sum up what you think about David Cameron I know but he's just a beast man his views are irrelevant he's just throwing his toys out of the pram Nigel beautiful now they say one thing night so he's just typical of the liberal elite like iscap island parliament who still can't get it why we folded leaves I think man is totally out of touch with reality Albert I'm gonna leave it there well Albert thinks Cameron is totally out of touch with reality a member of the liberal elite and disconnected from all three voters and I think Albert's right but if you think Albert and I are wrong you tell me why oh no three four five six oh six oh nine seven three you're listening to the Sunday edition of Nigel Farage show here on ABC and it's 17 minutes past 10:00 LBC Shelagh Fogarty Monday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. Frank born here raised here marching on behalf of his parents son from Portugal one from Spain David Cameron's book for the record will be in good book shops near you very soon it is being sterilized he lashes out at virtually everybody and says he doesn't understand why we voted for brexit I'm asking is he being fair and what do you think of him and I am being bombarded with messages on Facebook YouTube and elsewhere Cameron spent nine million pounds of our money without my permission on the leaflet says Stephen Craig says he should keep his head down he was a weak useless Prime Minister his new book should be called running man Georgina says he's crawled out of the woodwork realizing that his bank balances lost some money hence the book Cameron is bitter and twisting says Susan from Leeds Nigel it isn't isn't Cameron the one who said we should honor the result of the referendum Phil from North Wales he was the most emphatic of our political leaders making it clear that it was our decision and whatever we decided would be implemented and he has the audacity today to suggest that perhaps there'll be a second referendum because Parliament cannot sort this out I'm sure someone out there thinks that he's a wonderful fella and it's gonna be a great book and they'll be running down to Q to buy it this week but I'm struggling to find them let's see whether that person is Tony a new caller from Manchester good morning Tony good so have you got have you got a good word to say about our former prime minister a coward yes he he said it was a once-in-a-lifetime choice and the referendum with bill pals and then he quit unless there's an absolute limbo and I just want to say that now he comes out three and a half years later and just wants to you know slave boys Johnson and yourself and every lever and then once a second referendum at I just think he is a hypocrite and a coward making you know well it's it's a strong opinion Tony but I'm getting that the feeling from my message board that it's an opinion that is shared by quite a lot of people I mean in a sense Tony if he'd stayed above the fray if he'd stayed neutral in the referendum Azula I'm the Prime Minister I've got my own views but you guys go and sort it out he wouldn't have had any shit he wouldn't have any should have worked father for the country being Prime Minister is far but Tony you know I'm glad they guess you with you here because he absolutely believed him remain he had been the wrong person to take us forward wouldn't he well I look I know afterwards was a catastrophe but I actually think it was right that he resigned I genuinely do III think he involved himself he rolled his sleeves up he even managed to get President Obama to fly across the Atlantic to support his campaign I think I I think you had to resign that's just my feeling but Tony thank you for your call and some very very strong opinions here cameron also said leaving on a no deal would not be that bad I get by SMS that's true he did say that I've no doubt now he plays that very differently let's try Jennifer who's calling revealing good morning Jennifer good morning Nigel people should not bother even to buy the thing mister Jennifer sorry he's a former prime minister is only did this voted to leave to further his career well when everybody thought that their vote was going to be remained how could Boris been thinking of furthering his career because no one this is what the problems been everyone is shell-shocked about the result and when he says about all these ministers like Michael Govan and all those when he's denigrating them he's denigrating the British people because it's the British people's folk music all counted you know I was like when he left it was almost like Churchill walking away when he thought we were going to lose the war instead of you know working towards a proper result and I I just feel so these absurd it again before with you and I'll say it again what vested interests of these people got in the EU that when it all collapses they want with Britain to still be in it to help prop it up they've all got something going on to do with EU that they think it's also wonderful well I mean a cynic would say Jennifer that failed national politicians nearly always manage to find a good berth in Brussels whether it's as European Commissioner or whether it's working in some way for an advisory committee there is no doubt that the European Union has been the most fantastic safety net for career class politicians I'm not gonna go any further than that but that is senator Jennifer thank you for your call up to Liverpool to speak to Steve from fresca good morning Steve your mana tonight you'll hope you will I am that subway from that but good morning now everybody is really really really slacking off David Cameron do you have anything nice to say about him Steve yes I mean I'd be very interesting Steve I've actually the last week spent a lot of time a long way from London yeah away from the Metropolitan bubble and I think that Westminster politicians and media are under estimating just how angry people are in the country with the whole political class and indeed from xi yi you know from 11 o'clock I'm gonna debate that but sustained come on give us the defense of David Cameron's position well obviously was pushed into the referendum by a good and the UK momentum that was building yes and I think had he not call that referendum it was going to obviously cause some serious issues at future general elections and he thought he would basically he would shoot the UK Fox by doing so well in reality he was completely inept in my even that decision because it's obviously it's blown the lid off Pandora's Box and as you say regularly the genie is out of the bottle now so I thank the Eva Cameron forgive us the opportunity to go ahead with the referendum and for what's obviously resulted in a complete betrayal by the what is supposed to be our Parliament when it comes to the will of the people 498 MPs voted for article 50 now the telling us they didn't know what they were voting for so we've other completely inept Parliament and they would only give him one job in this Parliament all it was was to make sure that you know we went through the article 50 process we leave with or without a negotiated deal and they failed to do that so I thank David Cameron from the bottom of my heart and right I'm gonna get a huge poster and put it on my wall that was what he feared Luke it was on the March wasn't it you know it was on the March and it finished up with it winning the European elections winning two parliamentary by-elections getting phenomenal performances in County Council elections you know and going on to win seats in in the London Assembly the Welsh etcetera so he didn't want to do it but he did it and gave us the chance and for that Steve Steven Prescott thanks him let's go to Tunbridge Wells to speak to Dan who's a new corner good morning Dan good morning I'm practically the only person in Samba 12 she wants to leave [Laughter] that makes me quite unpopular with all your work in terms of the job that you don't really want to do but I do that's great yeah no I mean I thought I have to say you know we voted leave Cameron went we got a new prime minister she made that Lancaster House speech and I thought it was done sit down but hey I'm back I know we don't want to see you back but we do thank you you're the you're the right kind of politician one who wants to do himself heart my job now what about camera what about this book I mean it's just it's just a huge wind isn't it yeah I think we forgot to polish so my wife actually bought one of his old books I hope this is fate in about 2001 and I was just briefly reading through that nice he was pretty anti-eu back then so I think in its heart he's kind of fundamentally anti-eu but he told you blisters boys he's a master politician and you just never quite know what's going on so there may be a grain of truth in what Cameron says them mmm yeah I would say yeah I think you know what Cameron said there suggests that he doesn't trust him which is I mean that's all the politicians and I don't trust any of them make sure you're still teamed in at 11:00 o'clock because we're gonna spend that 11 to 12 hour talking about some astonishing polling that's been published overnight I'm a Sunday Express about just how low that trust has become dan thank you so much for your call I'll talk at a moment I'll talk at a moment about the vote leave operation and what they actually wanted from this referendum but I'll do it in a minute because for now it is 10:30 and it's time for the news with Philly Chris across the front court is heading for the bookshops and here he is a mass on D times Boris back something he didn't believe in to benefit his political career he also said that you know he talked to Boris Johnson who himself at the time had talked about fresh negotiations followed by a second referendum what's the truth of all of this all right as you know I was involved in this right from the very start the vote leave operation when it was set up and it was run really from start to finish by Dominic Cummings I did go you know very early on way before the referendum being called and talked to Dominic Cummings and his view was that we should try and get a leave vote and then use that as a lever not the trigger article 15 oh he didn't want to do that but he wanted to use it as a lever to renegotiate and then to have a second referendum at the end of the process and I think in many ways such is the force of personality for good or bad of Cummings that I think all of them to begin with believe that was the right position they didn't as the campaign went on talked about it was there also an element of careerism in what Burris did I was convinced that actually many in vote leave did not think it was possible to win the referendum but they did think they could capture the majority the heart and soul of most conservative activists which meant when the succession to David Cameron inevitably came that they would be in the pound seats to take over the conservative party the apparatus would all go into number 10 funny that's happened anyway just it just took three years so Boris was all over the place at the start of this referendum I remember on the BBC not really knowing whether he was campaigning to leave the single market or not but he soon sorted that out and I would just say this Cameron there is some truth in what Cameron says about their position being really very very confused but I do believe that by the end of the campaign Boris was completely on board with the brexit message and I think he has been ever since and I personally of course politically hope that he doesn't finish up bringing us Brian who breaks it in name only because he feels he's in such a fix so some truth in what Cameron says on this but I don't think it applies to Boris today I really genuinely don't and on the bigger picture of the book it's just a Windsor thorn I feel very very little support from Lenny and Ashford does say that he supports David Cameron will any ring us because I'm looking for someone who does on Facebook mark says Cameron resurrected your career Nigel if he didn't grant that referendum you wouldn't be necessary no mark is there way around matey he granted the referendum because I was the wolf coming up the path and he feared mass defections that's what he feared above all it wasn't just that he was losing votes wasn't just that he was losing this on the ground all over the country – you kept he actually feared mass defections in the House of Commons and I think we were very very close to there being defections maybe not as bigger defections as David Cameron feared to be honest so so actually the idea was to stop my political career dead in its tracks the strange thing mark was that the day after he'd said there will be a referendum if I get a majority of the next election far from it actually make him a need for me disappear can actually added to my credibility it was a really most peculiar thing it did not work in the way that he thought Juliet says the only good thing Cameron did for brexit was allowing the referendum and several of you actually saying that let's go to Victor who's calling from Swanage in Dorset good morning Victor and you're you're very close to the Lib Dem Conference there aren't you we are indeed just a few miles away Brett Thomas here this morning I just wanted to say in supporters that ever come and I was an accident manner and when they become and went to negotiations with EE and showed the tuner he showed up the true nature of the relationship with the EU and I as a result of that and as a result of Merkel going over the heads of every yeah EU p.m. and letting in so many migrants from outside of the into the country without any sort of negotiation that just turned the situation for me and then whenever I started looking into the what happened in the past and then understood the Maastricht Treaty where Mitchell major forced through the Maastricht Treaty over heads of his own politicians offered after a titanic battle the victor Cameron's failure in the renegotiation that helped turn you from remained to leave I mean it wasn't deliberate it was a failure wasn't it Cameron failed in that renegotiation yes he did and at the time he said he would put it in a knight's out after negotiations and if he'd stayed neutral and said there's what he thought it's your choice and if he'd stood and did what he said I would have supported them I think that the best thing he's going to go down in history for is actually giving a varenna referendum after something like 25 years after the Maastricht Treaty one other thing I'd just like to say yes I'm originally from northern arm degree up journey troubles their journey seventies and eighties and with regards to the backstop the backstop is just a negotiation tactic and clever one it's the e it's the EU who should be saying what they need to protect the single market it should not be on the UK to detect well I tell you what Victor that will be top of the agenda by the way thank you for your call Victor and that folks will be top of the agenda maybe the main news item tomorrow whether one never knows these days with defections and everything else but David Kerr I'm a TV camera I've got to forget about him please please please forget about him Boris Johnson will be heading tomorrow to Luxembourg at a meeting brokered by the Luxembourg Prime Minister and it's going to be Cameron and Younker heads ahead tomorrow and they will be talking about that backstop they will be talking about whatever changes may be possible with mrs. Mays failed withdrawal agreement and mr. Younker will report back directly to the European Parliament on Wednesday morning after that meeting and don't forget you know time is it's the 15th of September now that crucial summit is the 17th 18th of October how much are the EU prepared to give David Cameron and my guess is they're going to give something but I saw Boris Johnson I keep saying that and how much are they going to give and and I they're gonna give something but I don't think very much right back to David Cameron what is his legacy has he been fair in his condemnation of Gove Boris and indeed to some extent myself let's get James and mother Ted Vogler morning James how are you I'm very well indeed Anika's there you are the the birthplace of the Labour Party but it's a conservative we're talking about this morning it's David Cameron do you feel kindly towards him James no I what I what I see I don't know if you see it Nigel I see Ted Heath mark to that that he will not be quiet he will not sit there and that the Prime Minister do what he failed to do because such a good negotiator Mr Cameron went over there come back with nothing Mr Cameron is your book there for the rest of the Tory Party to see you as the knight in shining armor that you were the man that could put the Tory party back together oh no really no comrade you've missed your slot unfortunately we are leaving and you like mr. he can keep on saying what you're saying and all we going to look at is a bitter old man if st. James isn't it because it's not just David Cameron we've got John Major talking about just scrapping the referendum result we got Tony Blair saying a second referendum is absolutely vital Gordon Brown saying the same thing why do all of these former Prime Minister's feel they must try and stop breaks it because Nigel you and the you and I know what's happening here because they will be a you an EU commissioner for justice for transport for planning the gravy train has stopped Nigel for them unfortunately and Nigel I just like to get this point to you you will have an MP in Merthyr Tydfil you will have well James let's see what happens I don't think any of us can predict what's going to happen over the course of the next few weeks or months thank you for your call and your passion on Twitter where well shot of David Cameron as you say he didn't get why the people voted to leave the EU then and he still doesn't get it now and that you know that actually is what comes out of this to me more clearly than absolutely anything else matt says Cameron's book within one month will be reduced to homp out a 99 copy well the advance on this book is really quite big but by British down is very very big it's 800,000 pounds was the advance for this book they're gonna have to shift a lot of copies which maybe is why the newspapers are as full of this as they are tell me will you rush out to the shops and buy a copy of this book for the record do you have some residual respect for David Cameron and who he is I'm trying in the interests of journalistic balance to find people to come on and defend the former prime minister at the moment I'm finding it really rather difficult you're listening to the Sunday edition of a night of ferrets show here on RBC and it's now 10:45 Nick Ferrari at breakfast weekday mornings from 7 LBC if we go back to the heady days of June through July a number of prominent conservatives took to the streets to persuade the conservative membership to vote for them as the leader of the party but the surprise package was Rory Stewart compete for Penrice on the border do you fear that Boris Johnson did mislead the monarch there's absolutely no way of telling us he said that's before she bought the korky they're not gonna be able to get the information here I think the bigger question it up a David Cameron in the room in fact Donna in Leeds reckons that he's booked within a few weeks will be 99 P per copy in the bargain bucket well I don't know we are at least talking about him I suppose and a day does at least deserve that I just hope once we've had this debate about the book he goes away for another three years and we don't hear a word from him let's see what Jane from out Phil makes a bit good morning Jane I'm well so are you gonna be my first caller to say that David Cameron was a great prime minister and we're all being terribly unfair one of those little cogs keep rolling up the conservative head offices Motown yeah saying I'm gonna vote UK I'm gonna vote UK this is no referendum and I think a lot of little cooks like her yeah and that's why we thought the referendum yes oh no he was the prime minister in it through mo himself what he's killed employs oh it's exactly what he's doing and I just you know I wish and pray it was you and Bari in charge of abhi together well that's that's a source of speculation that is a source of speculation trouble is Jane and you know sort of coming up to date now with Boris rather than talking about Cameron but but the trouble I guess Boris for Boris and Boris supporters is it well if he's nice to Nigel does that not put off that the last remnants have remained within the Conservative Party and it means they might lose some seats to the Lib Dems that's what they're saying Jane yes well you know on another cynical side and I believe somebody has rushed this publishing of this book through you know at a crucial moment yes we couldn't it could not be a more sensitive moment to publish this book could it no I honestly believe someone's had it published through quickly and I think someone's I did a few chapters to it but maybe honestly okay alright James thank you very much indeed talking about a Seabury can someone help me why is she all over the BBC constantly I mean she's defected helped set up a new party that fared catastrophically in the European elections they've had a couple of rebrands since I mean she's clearly got a very very insignificant following amongst the great British public and yet she seems to be all over the BBC whether it's talking about David Cameron whether it's talking about Boris Johnson what is it about Anna Seabury and the BBC all right I know she used to work for the BBC before she was in politics but I'm obviously missing it so somebody please text our eight four eight five oh and explained to me why I'm under estimating the importance of Anna sue berry to our national life we're going down to birch Anansi to speak to Lewis Lewis good morning to you good morning Nigel I bet it's not the Mediterranean down there today is not beautiful just walking along the beach little girl perfect now is it a beautiful sunny morning for David Cameron in your view no not really not really I think he's what you said there explains the mindset at the political class go on collaborate well during – during the campaign this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity there'll be no circle referendums book comes out this should be second possibly possibly yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and and he really is kicking Boris at a very tough time isn't he he's but then I think when he explains about Boris never really believed in it may Boris at the time may be experiencing what heaps brothers felt not so long ago a little bit of pressure between family and career well I think there is some truth that Boris was a little bit confused at the start of the referendum us as to what leave really meant I think there is some truth in that but I think he's made his mind up now Louis enjoy your walk along the beach ah support come again I support Cameron he held the country together during difficult economic times and made the Tories appeal to liberals yes he tried very hard to do that I'm a one nation Tory me and Cameron differ because I'm an ardent lever like Boris why are we suddenly considered far-right what I do agree with that I mean these ludicrous comments of a or Philip Hammond that you know the Tory party is being taken over by the far-right it's all apps a ludicrous how is it far-right to what self government how is it far right to want democratic control over your own country it isn't did Cameron hold the country together during difficult economic times well I think actually it was the it was labour that had the very tough economic times and all right you know Cameron did in 2010 inherit a very very big deficit but but actually that the Cameron years were years of economic growth I know that we can give him much credit for that at least that's my view let's go to Warwick and speak to Andrew good morning Andrew good morning so David Cameron I mean I'm struggling to find support for him can you say a nice word about David thank you so some wonderful thing oh really go on he's the Hong Kong Phooey of European democracy is basically stumbled backwards into wholesale political reform which had he set out with that attendee to be given the grassy knoll treatment but now this was incredible but none of it was deliberate Andrew was it wait exactly I mean I think it's I mean what has he done some wonderful things yes but he didn't intend to do them at all no no no that means it's what I mean it's the same with with the the the Scottish of this the Scottish elections he managed to get it and assumed that that was him and not just partially dumb luck I mean it's quite incredible I mean a particularly good about my knows that he said that Boris just did this to further his career and David Cameron clearly envisioned himself as this sort of great democratic union Iser who would take you know self Britain and take it and put it together Scotland and parcel it all up and give it to the European Union and be a sort of a founding pillar of the European Union ISM well naturally he's done precisely the opposite but when people look back on it they'll say well who actually you know set the ball rolling on this new political you know political reform and made people realize just in in what puber just distaste mp's view the whole of democracy he's going to be seen as the tatters as the as the person of his smoking it's just it's just I think he's got some wonderful doesn't skort not to the rosy there's quite a lot of the book in the book about smoking too but we'll ignore what he was smoking Andrew thank you and a few of you praising him because by accident he allowed this referendum to happen under pressure he allowed it to happen I'm going to give the last word on this subject to Simon who's calling from South Norwood good morning Simon good morning my soul and you probably don't remember me but we did speak about two years ago before I say anything I just want to say I did vote remain here's a friend and but I'm a Democrat yes and oh goodness my scepter will do people and I want to leave without a deal just to make that clear before I say anything else okay now as regards to David Cameron next to Margaret Thatcher I think he's been the most successful an amazing post-war British prime minister if we put this into context he put he took over a declining party with 33% of the vote and 197 MPs yes it was a disaster I think people forget this by seriously now if we look at when he left there were 331 MPs and overall majority and an absolute joke of an opposition leader an absolute joke so I think his legacy was actually quite good Simon Simon when he inherited the Tory Party and yes you're quite right about the number Tory MPs but Blair was absolutely at his peak wasn't he you know Blair was at his peak the Tory party had been laid waste for years the biggest failure I would say is this he was unable to secure a majority against the Labour Party they've been office forever locked for a long long time and a weak Prime Minister in trouble in the shape of Gordon Brown he showed in 2010 his approach of going for the liberal centre just didn't work because norm any traditional conservative Simon just stayed at home yes but the jump that he had to do was so high the amount of seats he had to jump from 197 to 300 and yeah 26 he almost made it but he didn't quite make it and I think it was a very successful coalition I think you know they got they got us out of the economic mess that labour has migrated so I have to say before we ring off they are massive a3 sized poster of David Cameron on my kitchen wall framed beautifully with Samantha in those pictures of me dancing with my friends on the silent I'm very pleased we got you on as the last caller because that gave us some balance because everybody else is being horrid to him and Simon does make the point Tory fortunes did improve from when he first took over they were at a very very low ebb oh and the answer comes from Kelly and a Seabury is to the BBC as Joe Biden is to see and n right moving on to the next hour set the some polling and today Sunday Express suggesting the people have just no confidence in politicians it shows that amongst remain voters – you know 73% of you saying Parliament is in desperate need of reform how much confidence do you have in our entire political system right now if you think nope leave it as it is it'll sort itself out call Oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three maybe you've lost complete faith in which case text two eight four eight five oh and if we need reform what reforms do we need to restore your trust tweet using the hashtag farad and LBC at LBC and of course through Twitter Facebook YouTube you can put your ideas there too on your radio on global player and they LBC leading Britain's conversation is ldz from Global's newsroom at 11 o'clock Boris Johnson is likening the United Kingdom The Incredible Hulk as it prepares to leave the European Union next month the prime minister says the Hulk always escaped no matter how tightly bound IND he seemed to be and that's the case for this country have been talking about this over the last couple of weeks here on LBC I don't think that Westminster or the media class in London actually get just how sick to death vast numbers of people are in the way that our political system works and they want real big change interestingly it's not just brexit ears not just brexit ears who think this whole thing needs changing that it isn't working anymore Liz it any wonder I mean look at the news overnight David Cameron a Lister Sam gamer the kind of person that Dave thought would make the party friendly and encourage new voters and so he could walk around without wearing a tie on and say call me Dave and all the rest of that bilge so Sam gamer overnight has Member of Parliament for East Surrey one of the most conservative parts of the country and he's now a Liberal Democrat yep he's down there in Bournemouth on the stage being cheered Sam gamer joins the Liberal Democrats radicals follows on from Sarah Wallace than others and it seems now that MPs can shop and change chuckle Ramona can change once and change again and you know all these MPs moving passes there's not been a by-election in sight I mean are you surprised that people don't really like a career politicians when they see this kind of behavior I see what gamer has done overnight and by the way I'm not singling him out he's just the latest example of what we've seen over the course of this year but that I think is why people think things need to change I wonder whether I wonder where the people were asked they'd actually say the MP should not be able to switch parties without of our election I wonder what you'd say about the House of Lords you know looking at the lists of people who seem to be rewarded again last week for failure and chucked into the upper house so I think there's a real appetite for change I think then I can see it in the numbers and I really do think that our confidence in this is breaking down my worry my worry is this my worry is that confidence is breaking us down so much that I begin to get that I hope I'm wrong but I begin to get the feeling that a lot of you might just think voting is pointless and if we get to that situation it'll probably allow the existing establishment to go on dominating us more and more and more let's test the temperature Peter says Parliament is fine it's just the politicians let's go to John who's a new quarter from Rotherham good morning John morning Nigel so how do you feel about Parliament our MPs right now it's an absolute joke we use a complete shake up in it you know I would say go for the general election get rid of everybody that's in there and just fill up with bits at Party MP what would John you as clearly as a brexit Party supporter can say that and maybe my next caller will be a Liberal Democrat and say that but isn't the truth of it John that with our electoral system getting really big change in our representation it's pretty difficult well what the politicians don't understand is that things change people change and the way they're running it that's movie that was fine 20 years ago but things have moved on we need new people with new ideas become a new country again you know one sort of West start all over again and let's build you know a really great britain but john when you use a man to do that's I love your confidence in me John that's very very sweet but let me ask you this I wonder whether for every John in Rotherham there's someone living next door to you who says you know what I'm sick of the whole bloomin thing what's the point of voting it never changes anything that's my concern John that people are becoming so hacked off with this they might just stay at home when I campaign for leave people were saying to me that was the biggest negative I came across what is the point important because politicians will just do what they want to do they told me John I want to what leave I want out of the European Union but what's the point because they will not do what we want and three years later I think the right I mean what what is the point in them politician to be didn't look we need a general election but it won't give it but John but John that general election is coming all right even if an Oliver let wind now wants to sort of keep the zombie Parliament going until next summer or whatever but there will be a general election err too long and John if even three years ago prior to the referendum you were getting that reaction from people in South Yorkshire there might be even more of them now who stay at home no no I think we've had enough all right I think the breaks of tears I think we've been quite owner you have Ramone Ramone Ramone what I've expected tears we are not the ones you know blocking off parts of London complaining and mourning about it the Blitz the tears were to write off to be a different matter altogether trouble is with Mark yeah the trouble is there's a brexit his appetite to rise up are they are people can be pushed hmm well if they rise up in democratic terms I'd be delighted any other I wouldn't John thank you for your call Nigel we need an English Parliament abolished the House of Lords disestablished the church set off the BBC electoral reform and a written constitution filled from time with I reckon we could sort all that out in about ten years Phil Phil they're expressing a whole list of things that he thinks needs to be changed and I don't think Phil is on his own I think there is a real desire for big change I think it proves I get that mp's changing parties is a career move it's like changing your football team allegiance because they keep losing says malc in sorry I'm going to the Prime Minister's constituency of Uxbridge to speak to Tom good morning tom good morn idle so what it is a mess isn't it it so it's almost what this country needs Nigel is one is a modal breaks to get our borders back yeah our Parliament back and get a new party in power we don't need the Conservatives and we don't need a labor they've both missed up each time to get a new country going with third party in its no being in Europe that has never had anything you want to start getting fresh but Tom even if we did that don't our current set of institutions need reforming isn't that part of the problem here you know I mean I wonder no no I get that I get that I get that but I think I think what's needed here is more far-reaching than just a new party emerging I think I think we do need electoral reform I think the House of Lords is a complete joke I think that either is well I'd like to see us actually have the ability on occasionally on very biggest used to have more referendums but to make them legally binding I mean there's some big stuff needs doing here Tom I think there's a lot of stuff doing but you see with the politicians we've got why they're all jumping ship they sector we need a strong new strong government in there a new party that the people want that will get this country going right weekly shoes with laces I just so hs3 the FIFO but it's a simple solution to it but nobody wants to jump on and go ahead with it you know because they don't care they just want their just Tom just reiterated to finish off here's your simple solution is say it again my simple solution is right we need to gets a new a new government in the new party we don't need the Liberal Democrats they've been in the Tories we don't need the lay-by a fresh start aren't you a total fresh start with fresh new borders onwards and upwards as they say right okay Tom but Tom wants a new party I don't think that's enough I think we need much much bigger change your ideas coming through Steph abolish the unelected House of Lords in all its regards replaced with a fully elected second chamber the Senate we have a hundred and forty-one counties and unitary authorities why not have one male senator one female senator from each County gender equality will arrive well I have staff again there are so many dimensions to this but the fee limit is not working I think it's very very strong I want to hear from remain us I want to hear from remainders whoo-hooo themselves feel disappointed about the some of the behavior that we've seen in Parliament or maybe you think some of that behavior has been justified I have to say that I don't some of it I think has been absolutely appalling I saw those MPs scuffling by the Speaker's chair holding up placards I mean I thought I was watching Bolivia or Colombia or a third world country I thought a colonel would come in with a funny mustache and a hat my Garlin take over I mean it's hard to believe that what's been known as the mother of Parliament's has sunk to these depths let's go to David in Kingston upon Thames good morning David yeah morning Nigel well I think is that all of the cabinet's all of those that lead departments they are the very least they should be qualified and experienced to do so and if they're not they don't have any business running that department and the idea that we shuffle round from running one department to the other to the other that's not the case and you guys to look into their backgrounds of actually everyone in cabinet none of them always say none of them are experienced or qualified to do the jobs as they do you're absolutely right I do I remember in in Blair's time bloke called John Reid Scottish MP bright very able no question about that and quite an impressive bloke and you'd see him appearing you know or hear him appearing for the Labour Party during tough times he was cool calm composed a good operator but here's the point in the first ten years of Blair's Premiership Reid held eight separate cabinet positions for different departments I mean it's impossible to work that way day but isn't it absolutely and people would say where they have advisors but they can't ignore these advisers truly is the advisers if they're qualified and experienced in the jobs they're the ones that should be in charge you wouldn't accept it in any other business or why do we accept it for the most important jobs of the country I'm not asleep in the political system I quite like my local local MP Ed Davies I've met him before he's very helpful but I think though it lived them so I can't if I want to have your on the sentence and if I want a voice in new government I have to not vote in my visa the MP that I like so let's fight for them separately it doesn't really matter what political party they belong to if they want to serve their local community good for them or is there an avoidant base the more they do when it comes to cabinet we really need to vote them in separately don't know the way it's like a carry on I don't think there's an appetite to vote for cabinet posts and of course it wouldn't work because cabinet members resign or get sacked but you know Donald Trump Donald Trump with his departments has put a lot of people into very powerful positions who've never been in elected politics in their lives but have been successful entrepreneurs is there some argument that maybe the government starts to use experts in areas and gives them even though they're not elected or does that fail because they can't go before the House of Commons and be questioned I think we should be I would suppose the men and their inner they people vote for different reasons some people are particularly interested in education and they might just focus on education so scare them this gives them the chance to vote for their own education minister and so on and so forth not everybody votes will come for the full spectrum of politics but everyone has their own little slice of the cake where they wish they're interested in so once again we voted someone surrender a particular cut line in their problem is that why not I think I think you're right in your criticism that we have people running departments about which they have not got the first idea you wouldn't run a company like this so why the hell would you run a country like this I get that when it comes to voting for them individually I'm not sure but a thank you for the ideas you're listening to the Sunday edition of an idea for our show here on LBC and it's 17 minutes past 11:00 this is lvc when it comes to cruising you don't want to feel like just another number thankfully the new smaller boutique ships from Salva offer a more personal service there's a door-to-door chauffeur to take you to them from the ship Cheers every cabin has a balcony with a sea view beautiful doughnut one of the intimate speciality West once dishes and each ship has a whole host of venues to match your mood and guess what confidence in politics is shot 80% of you want political reform and 75% of you think Parliament is not fit for the 21st century that polling that's on the front page of today's Sunday Express and it does reflect what I've been feeling this week going around the country there is real frustration anger at our whole political system I think actually the honors Teresa Mae's resignation honors added to that as people could not believe seeing those who failed at their jobs being awarded Pitt riches and knighthoods am is unbelievable there is a huge desire for change now we talked in the first hour a lot about David Cameron you know about this book for the record that is coming out and from tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock when Nick Farrar is on he will tell you tomorrow morning about his upcoming interview here on LBC with David Cameron so you get David Cameron himself on LBC this week with Nick Ferrari for a big interview and I'm sure that Nicky's going to ask him some very very pertinent questions back to political reform and what I'm particularly keen to hear particularly keen to hear from those who voted remain who also because levers are leavers are just sick to death of the whole shooting match you know all we see is is willful obstruction and that ghastly little John Bercow you know telling us again and again now how creative we're gonna have to be to stop the prime minister and people really really levers are furious but I'm also keen to hear from remainders who also clearly from these polls in huge numbers want political reform what kind of reform do you want to see I'm gonna pack them to speak to Josh good morning to you hi hey good morning so I mean do you sit there and think what's the point of the whole thing like so many others no not really actually I am one of the few people that probably has a lot of faith in career politicians I think politics is within the respect it's the only trade in the entire world so we give people no credit for being experienced you know why do we not want people that know how the political system works why do we not want people who know how to get legislation through and who know how to sell an argument you know why is that about it because I supposed you're talking more hear about people who would work in the bureaucracy would work in the civil service surely what we want from politicians is something a bit more than that no I I mean I agree with that point but I think when you when you lambaste all career politicians you're basically writing off a huge group of people who the majority of them a good constituent the MPs they work hard but because you've been necessarily like their stance on breakfast you write them off as being careerist not having I don't like their stance on anything because they don't actually have a stance on anything all they give a damn about is getting reelected at any experience Josh of mine that really really turned me on this so back in 1999 I was elected to the European Parliament and I remember late in 2001 coming into 2002 I was in the coffee room at least they did sell coffee there are the stuff too but I think the coffee room in Strasbourg and next to me were a group of half-a-dozen Tory MEP s and they were getting ready for the Reece elections for the next set of European elections and and they obviously weren't sickly aware that I was sitting there and they were openly joking oh yes he said I'm gonna pretend to be really you're a skeptic in front of my audience they although hilarious how they were gonna lie to their own associations in the regions about what they really stood for just so that they get back onto the lists and at that particular day saying that Josh has turned me against career politicians because I think they will tend to say what people want to hear rather than what they believe in themselves but Nigel wouldn't you pass yourself as a career politician if you spend the last 20 years you know in and around the European Parliament and lobbying for things that you care about in lobbying I've been lobbying to get rid of my job not to get reelected but you say you but you fought an election you know you for every time there was a European like I just want that I didn't want to but force you to do well I think they did actually because if I wasn't doing it who was who was gonna be there I mean you know back in March of this year it looked like brexit was finished second referendum was going to be inevitable we weren't gonna leave on March the 29th Mrs May was still Prime Minister so I came back into it Josh had a I think I believe out of political necessity so for you personally it's a it's a higher calling that called you back into the game politicians have been in the game for twenty years they're doing it for purely selfish reasons you don't think that of course of course some of them do and you'll meet people from the right center and left of politics who are genuinely motivated and and and they're in politics I mean there are two types of people in politics Josh those who want to be something and those who want to do something and what I meet people who want to do something even if my views are diametrically opposed to them I respect them for who they are and why they're in politics absolutely no question about that my argument Josh about career politics is that so many of them for so many of them it is about status it is about being a member of parliament it is about getting reelected way ahead of what they can actually do to change the country for the good yes I mean there's probably some some truth to that but I think when you're talking this this way about career politicians you're you'll have a hand in eroding the trust you're you know you're making people more skeptical about it you're making people more skeptical about the whole person I think I think Josh when I've said those things over the last decade or more I think what I've done is given voice to what many many people were thinking themselves already so you don't think that this sort of rhetoric is is dividing people farther and turning people against the politicians that may be in a position to help them improve their lives Josh I think obstacles I think up the legal class right now a total and utter disgrace I think the scenes that we witnessed in Parliament the the way that you know hundreds of people despite having voted for article 52 say we would now changed their minds the broken promises at the promises at elections I'm pretty appalled by our political class now if if me saying that if me saying that is divisive in your view I'm saying it Josh because I do genuinely believe it but imagined indulge for a second the counterfactual argument say remain had won by 52% for example and there were leave politicians trying to various means in Parliament to re-radiation they be laughed at Josh who would support them what former prime minister would come out for them what newspaper would come out for them how much coverage with the BBC give them Josh had it been had it been had it been a majority of 50 votes in favor of remain the door on a second referendum would have been locked for at least a decade but you're saying that like no mainstream papers have support for breaking the Express clearly Josh had remain one that would have been the end of it and that's a fact and very difficult for anyone to disagree with that anybody now arguing for a second referendum if they'd been on the losing leave side would they wouldn't get air time they wouldn't be credible this the fact that it's the other way around most enrages Josh you know you're like and just concur can can can discuss this do you understand forget me for a minute here do you understand the desire for real political reform in this country yeah absolutely I was on ABC last week calling for a rictus Constitution and I think the way though we politically use elections in this country is disgusting now I see I've been feeling that a written constitution must be the way forward but there is a slight problem Josh with a written constitution we do give the judges a lot of power then don't we right but if you look at someone like America where the Supreme Court is you know still hugely important part of the political process yeah but they asked within the realms of the Constitution it's their job to uphold the Constitution if they have a text to work from they know why they're ruling and it makes it all a bit more codified yeah no Josh do you know what if we had a written constitution we would never would have given away so much of our lawmaking ability to the in union without you know a light bulb going off and we would have actually been consulted along the way Josh great conversation thank you very much indeed for that well Josh you know he kind of criticizes me for attacking career politicians but that's how I feel you know and they're interchangeable I mean Sam gamer overnight has gone from being elected as a conservative in a safe seat and he's sorry to being a liberal Democrat I mean without a hair out of place he's completely relaxed and I think so many of our politicians over the last few years would have been quite relaxed in Tony Blair's Labor Party or David Cameron's Conservative Party the frankly you can barely put a cigarette paper between them Connie is coming to the defense of Parliament and saying the House of Lords is part of our history and tradition which should be kept well Connie in these if it's gonna be kept in any form and you know what will keep the chamber and will keep some of the ceremony we'll just turn it effectively into a Senate because as it is it's lost all public trust that's what I think if you disagree with me Connie give me a ring only three four five six oh six oh nine seven three you're listening to the Sunday edition of Nigel Farage shape here on OBC and it's 11:30 in time for the news with Phil across across Brooks at secretary Stephen Barkley says a new brexit withdrawal agreement the Daily Express tells us the public have lost faith in MPs and in the parliamentary system and eighty percent of us want wholesale reform 75% of us think the whole thing isn't fit for the 21st century I have to say I have a considerable degree of sympathy for that view and is it any wonder I mean just a few weeks ago Sam gamer had put his hat in the ring to be leader of the Conservative Party so I mean he must have been quite happy with them then and then overnight we hear he's joined the Liberal Democrats now cause he did lose the whip earlier on this month because of course you know he backed the other day I think the other part is over No Deal brexit yet mr. keema you were elected on a manifesto that said no deal is better than a bad deal yet you went against the three lime whip he's now the sixth member of parliament to defect to the Liberal Democrats so far this year not a by-election in sight let's hear mr. gumer explaining himself we cannot assume that our institutions and our democracy is immune from the populism that is sweeping other democracies Liberal Democrats have a unique opportunity to make sure that we fight to defend those values and create a new force in British politics yeah that what he means is the Liberal Democrats have a unique opportunity to stop democracy because he's now joining a party that wanna revoke article 50 they actually want to scrap the referendum result pretend it never happened and take us on to United States of Europe I just think it's completely unacceptable for someone like Sam keema to have been elected on the manifesto that he was to represent the people to be sorry and yet to go off to a party that now wants to revoke article 50 completely unacceptable at every single level eyes absolutely awful Paul from London says what part of the Sam diamond defection do you not understand what I've just gone through all of that it's not him that's changed it's the Conservative Party that's changed no they haven't since the last manifesto in 2017 Paul goes on as a lifelong Tory I'm now seriously thinking about changing as a former Tory supporter I seem to remember you making your own defection when you disagreed with him what Paul I that's a fair point at the end I was in the Conservative Party as a member from 1978 up until the early 1990s but what I saw was the Conservative Party wanting to sign a Maastricht Treaty wanting to sign us up to an Exchange Rate Mechanism it was a Conservative Party that said we must go and I quote John Major to you we must be at the heart of Europe and I said but I don't want to be at the heart of Europe you know mrs. Thatcher didn't want to be that so I left the Conservative Party because it was making the steps in that direction and I think that's a perfectly reasonable position Sam Jima was elected in 2017 on that manifesto that made it very very clear that whilst they wanted a deal no deal was better than a bad deal and that the referendum result would be honored and he's gone to a party that once the revoke article 50 Paul I put it to you there is no comparison between what I've done and what Sam gamer has done none what so ever let's go to Harrow and speak to Darrow good morning Sara I think really the main problem that we have apart from needing to reform the electoral system is that too many of our MPs have just gone through the university system and I myself I'm the uni student and I see what happens inside and doesn't happen everywhere because happening quite a lot of places I see what happens in student unions and other places where lots of people think oh because I'm studying this so because I have a degree in this or because I have a degree in that this and that that I know better than people who haven't gone to university but have worked hard in trades and other job superiority you're saying that graduates have certain type of graduate and I think a lot of these are the people who would then go on and become political research then become counselors and then become MPs having done a proper job you sound like you said you said just like I've been saying this for 20 years they go on and they take that out achieve which they've developed there and it's kind of become more ingrained and entrenched in them and it transfers into the houses of parliament when they then go and become MP I mean my family night so I'm the first in my family to go to uni right they didn't go to uni but you know what my mum and dad started working at the age of 16 18 and they did well for themselves they work themselves up from the bottom they've made a good life for themselves they bought a house I have two kids my grandkids that you know nine nice family and they vote it out in the referendum for perfectly good reasons and so did lots of people in my family I'm really sick and tired actually I do blame my own generation for this and perhaps some of the people in the one above I'm really sick and tired of people saying oh you were sick you didn't know what you were doing horrible I'm having loads of these MPs and I say as someone who used to be in labor but quit because the bricks Emily Thornberrys a good example of this someone who thinks they know better than people and is therefore entitled to turn around to them and say oh you didn't really know what you were doing let's again I mean the goal of these people the actual goal of them to think that they can turn around to us and say oh we think we know better do you remember the Emily Thorne's retweet whoever the Emily Thornbury tweet it was the day of the Rochester parliamentary by-election and there was a bloke there apparently presentable a neat and tidy house with it with a crosses and George because I think there was a big European football event on or whatever it was you know and perfectly reasonable thing to do yeah and she puts then she puts this tweet out as if to say gosh look at these awful peasants living in Rochester we don't have this sort of thing in his Linton you know I mean it kind of summed it up didn't it I mean I just think honestly I mean I have this I used to be in labor so labor itself as a lot of structural change to make putting with the labor pie especially outside the London even admittedly I don't have too much about that because I study outside London I do live in London most of the time is there are traditional voters are Euroskeptic because labor was the way she was absolutely because the single mark is very neoliberal I'm you're asking for the same reason it's a good left-wing case for it and too many Labour MPs and I see up in the Northeast where I'm studying with people and it's early in red car and there's a couple of others too there are some good ones like Rainer and Lavery and you get some other ones who have jumped on the people's a bandwagon who just make an turn around in seats which voted well people up they're angry and that's why they voted for your party and I'll tell you something I don't agree with you and absolutely everything I probably disagree with you on economics or some other domestic issues apart from Brixton but in the last three years you were the only politician who's actually stood up in my opinion and spoken for people like me and there are so many other labour people out there who think Nigel Farage whatever we think about what he thinks on other issues he's someone who's consistently said we need to restore there are five this this point is being really ignored too often in London there are five million labor voters who voted to leave and they're not being represented thank you now my next caller I'm thrilled actually Sir Nicholas Soames has called in good morning Nick how are you good morning idle I'm fine I wanted to take issue with you if I'm a course on this question of career politicians as I understand very strongly the point that you make I also understand a lot of people feel the same but I've read it with great respect they think you are completely right and you paint a kind of caricature I was a soldier I worked in the city of London yeah I have worked elsewhere in my life I became a member of farmers 93 I'm standing down at the next election after 36 years I do not think of myself as a career politician I joined the Conservative Party because I believe very strongly and I still believe very strongly in his he thoughts and its principles and its values and from time to time those get veered off-course inevitably by events and circumstances but I think that to portray all members of parliament as career politicians who are just in it for themselves it's such a stupid and silly thing to say one Nick I know most of the people in the House of Commons try to do a very good job the best job they can under very difficult sentence and the reason that we are all so bogged on in this dreadful European mess is because the country is split the party's a stick parliament is spit and it is very very difficult to come to a conclusion that will serve best for the interests that we all know what making – two huge points you make there all right on the first point I did not say that all members of parliament were career politicians I did say I meet people in politics with different opinions to me who I've got great respect for because I know they're in it out of conviction but surely there are just too many people who've reached the front benches of both the labour and conservative parties over the last few decades who have never yet you've been a soldier you worked in the city you've lived a bit you know a lot of these people have gone straight from Oxford in the research offices and never had a proper job not too many how many working-class people make unhappy working how many working-class people are there now in the House of Commons compared to when you went there back in 1983 yes absolutely and that's one of the points I know really is quite the point the point is that you're always going on about people have had a real job yeah and you were a commodity I just argue a real job well I don't know I hang on a second are you narcissistic picture of of members of farms of the establishment of everything else you're you're you're right and I agree with you nicer than the serious points that you make about the needs of constitutional reform in this country but this country has always succeeded because our reforms have evil we don't go in for revolution and what we need in this country now is a bit more stability a bit more humility and a bit more understanding to get to the position where we can honor the referendum where we do leave as the people voted to leave but we leave in an orderly and sensible way well it's been three and a half years and you know that's one of the reasons why Trust is breaking up finding it can I just ask you what do you make of David Cameron's comments does he look like a bad loser has he made a mistake in publishing a book he's a great friend of mine David Cameron I admire him very much I'm very sorry his career ended as he did I think extraordinarily Frank which is extremely good to hear of the mistakes that he's made and that he feels he's made and goodness knows Nigel all of us all of us including even you have made big mistakes in our lives we should come to regret and we'd be good to talk about the maps more public okay I've caused you're right about that we all made a lot of mistakes thank you for corn again that was Sir Nicholas Soames and he is I know a regular LBC listener and caller he loves LBC and he has teased me about this show when I've seen him face to face in there but that's great and he's right of course not every single MP is a careerist politician but I would never have put Nick Soames in that category anyway but there are too many I think that are and clearly out there in the country the Sunday Express are half right vast numbers of you are losing trust in the system and want it reformed but interesting ly interestingly Nick Soames also said he thought that big reform was needed you're listening service an additional ferrets show here on ABC it's 11:48 this is LBC you're working as hard as you do while you're graft in a way is your money working T and it's time to well faff I well for fine is the smart easy way to start investing just say how you want to invest cautious adventurous somewhere in between and let wealth if I doodle rest then keep track of your money on the app easy isn't it time for you to wealth if I download the app or visit wealth if I calm we're the best in capital is at risk in you come and that we want reform but what is interesting about the Sunday Express polling is it also shows a large number of remainders and indeed we had senator Soames on the photo moment again here he agrees to that real reform is needed but I wonder what political party are the labor or conservatives gonna stand on the next election with a program of genuine reform and I'm gonna say they weren't you know why because there are six hundred men and women in the House of Lords now who've been put in there by Tony Blair and David Cameron six hundred of them and without that power of patronage you know where are they gonna raise the money needed for future campaigns where are they gonna get the favors they need perhaps after politics and that I think frankly I feel we're almost back to the days of Henry the eighth's and the powers of patronage and that that is how the House of Lords has been totally and utterly abused you know the idea of a reforming chamber Phil expertise you know that is very very tempting but I'm afraid the current mob we've got nearly all live in London there's almost no geographical spread it's not working it's one example I think of what is not working John is called even ralien Essex good morning John good morning Nigel and compulsory by-elections it's just that really angers me you know MPs of crossing the floor their refusal called a by-election there's none what's the word I'm looking for this there's little little respect for those individuals that use their own time began canvass on their behalf because they support a party not the individual MP than the party there's also the cost of that by-election sorry the cost of the election a local party pays for that so they got into Parliament using someone else's money someone else's time time that most people could have spent with their families and then not called the by-election I mean I know John you're right you're right but I've been I so a good friend of mine a good friend of mine is a Conservative councillor in Hawley part of the East Surrey constituency he's ahe's a fishing buddy of mine and you know he's a very very dedicated not just councillor but conservative activist and he's planning elections a year ahead and putting his life and soul into the Conservative Party but effectively for the last few years he's been doing it for Sam keema you know and and and and it is a strong conservative area but they've worked jolly hard and my friend and he's certainly worked hard earlier and I've no I didn't ring him early I mean I well perhaps after I come off fair but he's literally being kicked him at ease by sound game on this morning doesn't mean that entirely I mean you've got people but all all sides of politics labour'd nicknames conservatives the individuals at those local constituencies they're giving up their time so often their own money to get somebody who – I think that's a very strong point John so do you think I mean if on from Luton says to me that you know the law needs to be amended so the MPs who leave their party have to have a by-election now there could be there could be exceptions couldn't there to that but but as a general principle John do you think the gamer should not be allowed to do what he's done overnight absolutely agree with that I think most people do you know John thank you I'm gonna go to Angela who is a new caller from Coventry good morning Nigel fantastic to talk to you welcome so come on what's gonna happen or do you think it's all rosy in the garden come on Rosie is my dog another name can you explain to me how the law courts in this country can pass a law to make leaving the EU without without a deal unlawful without totally annihilating the democratic rights of a democratic land it's taking away the right of choice its Parliament that's done that right it's pom Berko you know has torn up mr. justice the very thought of John Burke as spoil your son the Angela Oh John boko with his what what does he call it artistic endeavors I know you don't like the key word Nigel but come on when you're changing the laws of the land in such an undemocratic way that is traitorous well I mean you know standing out standing orders article number 24 has clearly been reinterpreted by John Bercow on his own in fact I'm surprised there's not some legal challenge against him to find out what his motive was but we are where we are and Boris of course as a result of this is in a bind I mean Angela Boris says let's finish on this point of trusted MPs and politicians our prime minister says we are leaving on the 31st of October do you say to him do you believe him I'd like to believe him I think I I heard something on LBC this morning and I thought how very apt that was and that was that I think it was on Andrew castles show and they said that somebody had quoted the fact that public school people want to make a name for themselves whereas general school people if you like you know local council school people want to action things now Boris to me seems to be somewhere in the middle and I like I do there isn't time to believe that he wants to do he is the one person who is actually pretty big four hundred and Rafi fails and we don't leave when we wake up on the first of November still members of the EU that trust will have broken down even more winters oh absolutely but tell me can it go much slower than it already is surely the only way is up we must be somewhere at the bottom I think you're probably right Angela thank you and thanks and everybody thank you to all the callers this morning especially certain exo-m's who phoned in and that's provoked a reaction Nigel I almost split my sides listening to Nicholas Soames defending out-of-touch MPs he isn't exactly from a working-class background is he says Robert is sitting warm but Fiona says well done to Soames for putting Nigel in his place and that I guess is what LBC is here for and what it is all about civilized debate of people with different opinions please please enjoy the rest of your Sunday I will be back tomorrow evening here at 6:00 at 3 o'clock afternoon it's Ian Payne but up next it's David Lammy thanks Nigel coming up on the show David Cameron has said in his memoir that Boris Johnson did not believe in brexit during the referendum campaign and back leave because it would help his political career the former PM also refers to cabinet minister Michael Gove as a foam flecked Farrar gist and added the pair were ambassadors for the expert thrashing truth twisting age of populism tomorrow johnson is due to meet

Cockpit view of low-level RAF Tornado flight in Scotland [NEWS FLASH]

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Cockpit view of low-level RAF Tornado flight in Scotland

Incredible moment RAF Tornado flew so low above couple taking a stroll in the country that they could see the pilots’ faces

Craig Sluman was on a scenic walk near Mount Snowdon with his wife when the jet flew past, just 500 feet away
The couple, from Doncaster, South Yorks, were on holiday in North Wales when their outing was interrupted
‘The sight of one of our RAF Bombers on a low level flying mission was just awesome to watch,’ says Sluman
The Tornado GR4 was on a training exercise from the RAF Marham base in Norfolk

By John Hutchinson

Published: 08:01 EST, 26 October 2014 | Updated: 12:05 EST, 26 October 2014



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A couple’s casual hill walk near Mount Snowdon in Wales took an exciting turn when they were given a free air show by a passing RAF Tornado.

Instead of a swooping bird of prey, Craig Sluman and his wife Paula saw the ‘awesome’ power of the craft used by the British military in bombing raids.

And nature enthusiast Craig captured the scene in a brilliant series of images from just 500 feet away. In one of the pictures it appears the navigator in the plane even glances at the hikers as they zoom by.

Scroll down for video
Craig Sluman’s incredible view of an RAF Tornado, as seen during what was supposed to be a quiet walk in the country in Wales

Craig Sluman’s incredible view of an RAF Tornado, as seen during what was supposed to be a quiet walk in the country in Wales
The Tornado GR4 seen from Mount Snowdon is believed to have be on a training flight from RAF Marham, Norfolk

The Tornado GR4 seen from Mount Snowdon is believed to have be on a training flight from RAF Marham, Norfolk

Mr Sluman, 47, and Paula were enjoying a peaceful and scenic walk on a mountain called Cadair Idris in North Wales, just south of Mount Snowdon, when they saw as a speck the aircraft approaching.

It shot over them, about 300 feet above the ground on a low-flying training mission.


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File photo dated 20/11/12 of a Monarch Airways plane landing at Birmingham Airport, as Monarch Airlines agreed a rescue deal which will see an investment firm pumping more than £100 million into the company, but also involves pay cuts of up to 30% for staff and hundreds of redundancies. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Saturday October 25, 2014. The company said it had secured £125 million of permanent capital and liquidity facilities from Greybull Capital, anchored by a £50 million capital commitment. See PA story CITY Monarch. Photo credit should read: David Jones/PA Wire Monarch Airlines agrees £125m rescue package but staff will…

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As it did so the sheer power and air pressure created a vapour cloud as high and low pressure air mixed, a phenomena called ‘fluffing.’

Mr Sluman, from Doncaster, Yorks, who was on holiday in North Wales, said: ‘It was amazing to watch. We saw the aircraft approaching from some distance away and I had my camera and lens with me as we like taking pictures of landscapes.

‘There was a lot of noise as it came past of course but my shutter speed froze the action.

‘I’d say the aircraft was flying about 300 feet above the ground at 500mph and about 500 feet away from us. The sight of one of our RAF Bombers on a low level flying mission was just awesome to watch.

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First Video | Eden Hazard | Newcastle News

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what's going on guys I'm Nick and this is my new youtube channel called my take sports this is where I will share my take on once a soccer events going on around the world also do some other sports but not very often today's tech will be on Eden Hazard going to Real Madrid and all the Newcastle news I didn't that mean I think that this transfer for Royale is a great move because last season they showed how much they needed renown they had a terrible season compared to the average season and hazard is the replacement I think that Chelsea could have sold them for a bit more as as he is in his as he is in his prime and he just played an exceptional season but still it is a good price I'm assuming that he will fit in very well and I think this transfer was good for hazard because he knew he needed that step above Chelsea now to the other story today Newcastle have had a big shot to the offseason as many would know shaykh khalid bin zayed al mayan is in talks with mike ashley to take over the club this can create a huge future for Newcastle I mean it's very exciting for me as I'm a Newcastle fan with solo performances in the last two seasons I think that with extra money we can become a great club since mornings with Newcastle was that Rafa Benitez has been off has received an offer to become a Chinese Super League Manager former ports he has been offered a 12 million euro a year contract from Dalian Lee farm and if he takes the offer it would become the highest earning manager in the league has five million year contract with the Magpies and on June 30 but the chance of more funds at Newcastle will hopefully make him today I think he fits in perfectly at Newcastle and we should keep him because he is a great coach if you have any feedback on this video please comment your thoughts down below thanks for watching I have a great day you

LEEDS UNITED TRANSFER NEWS | Leeds United Set To Sign Abel Hernandez On A Free? | #2

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Do you think Abel Hernandez will be a good signing? Let me know in the comments.


yo guys what's up it's no for now but for now sounded and of a transfer video this is my second one on my channel rumors went around quite a while now about are born on their set sang weeds bought there's been some rumors V so I went around that way it's gonna sign him on a free I don't know he's true or not but yeah Eva way I don't really care if we get him on the free or we actually pay some decent money for him because I reckon I'll be a good sign into a Corp I went under styled around about seven games i season was called eight goals swears just a quick montage enjoy like share comment subscribe baby girl you're so damn fine don't wanna know if I get my mind oh I'm sippin on you like some fun wonder when it's over I prayed in my truth boat somebody's playing your Batman I got 17 shots no 38 a shower yeah she's fine wonder with she what's up I got this song Remy boys can't get joy we'd knowledge back whenever a choir there were no Keanu profile catchin feelings is let me show you how we go the worst fears away [Applause] three but you I'm about to burn you I like the way you work you know anything about the bag

Liverpool news : New claim of 'Mo Salah and Jurgen Klopp rift' after first report rubbished

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A second report claiming Mohamed Salah has suffered a breakdown in his relationship with manager Jurgen Klopp as emerged after Liverpool rubbished the initial claim.  AS reported earlier in the week that Klopp and Salah no longer enjoy such a strong relationship as they once did, despite the Egyptian having netted 23 goals in 47 games this season.  Those reports were rubbished by sources close to the player – the Egyptian’s agent Ramy Abbas Issa quipped of the Spanish publication: “Talking out of their AS again, I see.”  Mirror Sport was also told they consider the story to be “laughable.”  But now France’s Telefoot report that all is not well at Anfield, with journalist Fred Calenge alleging disquiet and suggesting that Salah could be about to jump ship for Real Madrid in the summer.  Last season’s PFA Player of the Year hasn’t matched the scintillating form he displayed last term, despite the fact that the Reds failed to muster any kind of a title challenge during the 2017/18 season.  Salah starred in Europe as Klopp’s team made a surprise run to the Champions League final, though the forward suffered a shoulder injury early on in the Kyiv showpiece and watched as Real ran out 3-1 winners. Read More The truth behind Liverpool fans’ alleged Emiliano Sala chant at Cardiff  He has remained a key figure this season as Liverpool have sustained their bid to land a first league title in 29 years, and despite lacking some early-season sharpness has been a consistent goalscorer in the second half of the season.  He scored one of the great goals of the era as the Reds ran out 2-0 winners against Chelsea at Anfield earlier in April, cutting inside from the right touchline and launching an unstoppable long-range drive into the top corner. Read More Who is Nicolas Pepe? The lowdown on forward linked with Liverpool and Arsenal  Real are known to be admirers of Salah, but it is thought to be Chelsea’s Eden Hazard who represents their number one transfer target this summer.

 A second report claiming Mohamed Salah has suffered a breakdown in his relationship with manager Jurgen Klopp as emerged after Liverpool rubbished the initial claim  AS reported earlier in the week that Klopp and Salah no longer enjoy such a strong relationship as they once did, despite the Egyptian having netted 23 goals in 47 games this season  Those reports were rubbished by sources close to the player – the Egyptian’s agent Ramy Abbas Issa quipped of the Spanish publication: “Talking out of their AS again, I see "  Mirror Sport was also told they consider the story to be "laughable."  But now France's Telefoot report that all is not well at Anfield, with journalist Fred Calenge alleging disquiet and suggesting that Salah could be about to jump ship for Real Madrid in the summer  Last season's PFA Player of the Year hasn't matched the scintillating form he displayed last term, despite the fact that the Reds failed to muster any kind of a title challenge during the 2017/18 season  Salah starred in Europe as Klopp's team made a surprise run to the Champions League final, though the forward suffered a shoulder injury early on in the Kyiv showpiece and watched as Real ran out 3-1 winners Read More The truth behind Liverpool fans' alleged Emiliano Sala chant at Cardiff  He has remained a key figure this season as Liverpool have sustained their bid to land a first league title in 29 years, and despite lacking some early-season sharpness has been a consistent goalscorer in the second half of the season  He scored one of the great goals of the Premier League era as the Reds ran out 2-0 winners against Chelsea at Anfield earlier in April, cutting inside from the right touchline and launching an unstoppable long-range drive into the top corner Read More Who is Nicolas Pepe? The lowdown on forward linked with Liverpool and Arsenal  Real are known to be admirers of Salah, but it is thought to be Chelsea's Eden Hazard who represents their number one transfer target this summer

Geo News Special – Cricket Fans Praise Pakistani Players In Birmingham

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Geo News Special – Cricket Fans Praise Pakistani Players In Birmingham

The fans of the Pakistani cricketers say that Pakistan will win the World Cup. They say they are happy with the impressive performances of the Green Shirts in practice matches in Kent and Birmingham.


Post-match – Bath Rugby v Saracens – Josh Bayliss

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Josh a really physical contest out there but not quite to be tonight yeah no exactly it was massively physical when we knew that was going to be the case the new saris are going to bring it and they certainly did I was really proud of the boys a lot of areas of that we did what we said we were going to do and we've got a little ball in that in there 22 and we just worked very hard for our points we let in a soft drive to them and I think that's ultimately what I suppose the consolations the way that the boards pass food basically through that first half and it was that never never say die attitude exactly though we we knew coming into tonight was going to be a massive massive task a massive scrap for us a real physical game we were prepared to put the hard yards in we've done what we've been training unfortunately just just come up short I suppose a man with the talent micro and Fowler you can quarter to give him those opportunities to keep those goals or exactly I mean wherever it is in inside our half we did wear penalty and he's probably going to swat it to that just sort of highlights our discipline and the need to sort of get better there and what we'll be looking to do for next week's better day I said next week back on the horse against Clermont Auvergne they also show them that in the first food stations Harlequins what a powerful side they are what do you think that the team needs to do between now and then I think first and foremost we need to recover well this weekend and then straight back in we're in for a review tomorrow so look at look at some of the stuff look at some of the areas tonight where we could have could have gone better and then come Monday will be switched on to Clermont building a game plan to go and take them on at the right here next Friday

How to Get a Honda Radio Code *For Free*

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This is a video of me retrieving the radio unlock code for a Honda Accord. Takes 5 minutes, and is very simple.

if you've ever disconnected your battery on your late model Honda you know that when you reapply power the radio doesn't work it locks you out and asks for a code the way that most dealers would suggest you retrieve the code is to bring your car into the dealer and have the service department write it up and charge you an hour's labor to get the code for you however it's fairly simple to get the code just over the phone if you know how to do it and who to ask for and if you show a little bit of courtesy in order to get the code you need the radio pulled out of the vehicle because the way the dealer gets the code for the vehicle is by the serial number on the back so you need to have the radio in front of you once you have that you just need to use Google and find a Honda dealer doesn't matter where it is just find that phone number to a Honda dealer and you're going to call them and make sure when you call ask for the parts department don't ask for the service department because they'll try to charge you money and ask you to bring the car in possibly and they there they get paid off of work they do they don't get paid by the hour so it's in their interest to get serviced work done the parts Department however is somebody that sits behind a counter and he they're usually more willing to help so when you call ask for the parts department tell them that you have a Honda Accord or CRV or whatever and you disconnected the battery and now it's asking for code and you were hoping that they could help you out and they'll ask you for the serial number and then they'll give you the the magic number to enter into your preset buttons to unlock the radio I'm going to call a dealer now and get the code for this radio because I I don't have the vehicle that goes to it and I have no idea what the code is so just to demonstrate I'll give the local Honda dealership a jingle and hopefully I can get the code Heike I talked to the parks department hi I was wondering if you could help me get a code for my radio I disconnected the battery it locked me out I could I got it I went online I got it right in front of me so I can read okay it's Emma's and Mary a97 a is an apple two four six six four six it's a 98 accord write that up on the top of the radio 4 6 4 3 1 alright perfect I appreciate it ok thanks boy

Andrea Leadsom Grilled By LBC Listeners – Conservative Leadership – LBC

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Andrea Leadsom is the latest candidate to be the next Conservative leader who is facing a grilling from LBC listeners.

The former Leader of the House was second to Theresa May in the last leadership contest and is one of 13 candidates standing this time around, hoping to be the next Prime Minister.

She faces questions from Nick Ferrari and LBC listeners.

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to bring you updates of president Trump's visit he's due to land a buckin palace probably the next 15 or 20 minutes or so but we moved to something that we told you about already in the show and one of the 13 that the last time I checked who knows there may be more 13 conservatives who think that they could take over the party and indeed the country is with me in the studio to take your calls and questions welcome to the former leader of the house and real ed some conservative MP for South I'm not sure I know you as I have as well experienced some problems getting us on grateful that you showed such fortitude and diligence to make it the calls are coming in one from me first Andrea Letson I know you're committed conservative it's fair to say that it's the Conservative Party that decided to call the referendum that then failed to deliver on the referendum that had another election that I would say put them deeper deeper into a hole and yet again failed to deliver why should anyone have competence in the party again well we are committed to delivering brexit and you're absolutely right we failed to do it so far the reason for that is of course the parliamentary arithmetic which is the fault of the last general election the fact that we're in a hundred min well absolutely it's the government's fault I completely agree but of course at the time the feeling was that a bigger majority which was what the Prime Minister was going for would have actually enabled us to leave the EU so it's fully are committed policy and government intention is to leave the EU and we have to find a way to do it and I do believe that I have I do have a way that I would leave the European Union with a very carefully thought through three-step managed exit this is what you wrote about in one of the newspaper that's right not all my listeners would've had cited that I read it on the weekend that's right yeah just take my briefly through what you read in the Sun so very briefly we have to leave at the end of October and the withdrawal agreement bill is dead that's not coming back to life so what I think we should do is three steps number one introduced legislation in the Commons and the Lord's to put in place sensible measures like on citizens rights on the future for jibril to the future for goods in circulation at the point of exit introduced those bills before summer recess in the expectation that the EU will want to ratify their side of that those things were already agreed in the withdrawal agreement and they would be sensible steps step two is to ramp up preparations for No Deal to ramp up preparations for the northern ireland border and really importantly to consider a temporary free-trade agreement with the EU that we would propose that they would have to agree to that would perhaps just last for a year whilst we sought out permanent arrangements and really importantly to communicate that widely to the public to businesses and of course really importantly to Parliament so that we don't have this kind of secret squirrels thing where people don't understand what's going on and then the third step is to lead a delegation a ministerial delegation to talk to some of the EU heads of state who themselves have been clear no president macron just yesterday saying we can't have an extension beyond the end of October so they know that we're now facing a hard deadline and taking it to them suggesting here are the measures that we can put in place if the EU agrees culminating in a summit in Belfast and Dublin in September to which the proposed new commissioners would be invited they won't be in place yet but we can invite all colleagues in the EU to agree what steps we want to put in place to manage our exit at the end of October so that it's a much smoother experience for you citizens and for UK citizens I've got more questions in a moment Andrea let's make sure you can hear aver the volume is right as a that comes in from Somerset and I think it's a question related to what you've just heard from mrs. let's a neighbor go ahead good morning yes I want to know in the in the event of the New Deal brexit where do we stand with this 39 billion well I'm clearly if there is no agreement at all then we're not making any payments of the 39 billion to the European Union because there's there's no legislative means by which to do that but to fully answer your question there are certain amounts of money that we very clearly do owe that you first sort of plans for shared transactions and commitments that we've made as a part of the EU that we would of course honor and at the same time a large part of that 39 billion was to pay for an implementation period so the things that we wouldn't have IE the implementation period we wouldn't be paying for the commitments that we have previously made to the EU we would be paying for so there would still be some payments to be made but it would be significantly less than 39 billion what would it be down to do we know I mean it's it would have to be calculated I mean 39 billion was always an estimate but if you think roughly that 20 billion of the 39 was in effect to pay our net payments to the EU for the two-year implementation period 21 months implementation period and then approximately nine or ten billion was the commitments that we heard genuinely committed to signed up to and then there's another 10 billion of the 39 that you would be discussing whether that money was due or not but certainly if there was no deal then the 39 billion would not be being as of necessity paid over to the EU over you're back on yeah that's comforting to know the your proposals all sound very very sensible where could where were they published oh so I did a piece for the Sun on Sunday so you can you can see it online there but also on my website Team Lead simcom is very clearly set out there and but really what my own view on this is that we have to have a workable plan recognizing that we have to leave the EU by the end of October and looking through all of the plans that have been proposed so far I think mine is the only workable plan and of course I've had the advantage of being leader of the Commons in charge of legislation for the last two years so have been able to think quite carefully about how it could work with the timing of parliamentary sittings and so on team led some calm to get more details later thank you for that would you ever walk away though Andrea led some absolutely yes you have to be prepared to walk away you know indeed to be successful in any negotiation you have to be prepared to walk away but I do think that this talk of sort of crashing out with no deal there's a misnomer I mean take for example citizens rights in the event that we didn't have an agreement already almost all EU states have put in place their own unilateral plans for how they would look after the rights of UK citizens the the United Kingdom is putting place plans for how we would look after the rights of EU citizens so there are preparations in all circumstances for had we left without an arrangement at the 29th of March and right across all areas no deal doesn't actually mean literally no deal it just means that there is no EU UK shared multilateral arrangements in place and and my manage deck it seeks to put some of those multilateral arrangements in place Beres in Norwich Mary your question go ahead yeah I just like to know if you'd become Claude if he'd be let's become prime minister would you call a general election um hi Barry no I wouldn't I think yeah we've seen it just in the last couple of days how appalling it would be if we called a general election and enabled Jeremy Corbyn Marxist style government I don't know if you've seen the press in the last couple of days but some of their plans for taxing homeowners and and in effect taking part of your assets should you fail to pay up certain taxes that the labor are proposing I mean these things are a really disastrous you know they're plans to nationalize the energy industry to Rena tional eyes the railways I mean anybody who's lived as long as I have and who who lived through the nationalization of those industries I mean I remember as a kid if you wanted to have a telephone in a landline you had a you had to apply for it and wait for six months I mean how we've moved on since then and the thought of a Labour government taking us back to that is absolutely terrifying so now I do they well they run considerably better than they did under their days of nationalization and when you consider that the the number of passengers is something like doubled if not greater than that since the days of nationalization the services run far more to time I mean we do have a problem with with overcrowding and that does need to be addressed and in fact the government spending forty eight billion pounds on rail infrastructure and improving the services for passengers so you know it's not something that needs to improve that is very clearly there but just coming back to Barry's main point when you consider the leadership of the Conservative Party's around 125,000 130,000 whatever don't the people of Britain deserve a say with a general election well you know that was clearly at the last leadership campaign in 2016 that was the thesis that was put forward then the reality is that the that the country votes for a government that is the style of our members and it's it's fair to say that the members membership is probably going to be slightly older probably slightly more white than necessary of the whole of the country yet they get to choose that um well I think it's really important doing things like your show Nick so that people can actually hear what you're talking about and and very much you know constituents voters around the country have huge influence on MP so I've been talking to lots of MPs about my own leadership campaign and people are saying well I've consulted with my constituents and this is the kind of feedback I'm getting and so my choice of leader is going to be influenced by that so I do think that this whole national debate you know with the number of candidates we've gotten with the good efforts of broadcasters to get candidates on air so that people can hear from them is all really important I do take the point that a general election might you know in one sense be good to give people the chance again but what I actually think the priority has to be is leaving the European Union that we can we can consider what happens next once we've delivered on the last democratic mandate where the country decided to leave the EU and we have simply failed to do so and we've got to put that right Barry thank you Ian in Kettering in your question to Andrea let's um go ahead good morning yes Ian go my question is very close to my heart my family we have members families from the Netherlands and there's great uncertainty at the moment about where his security in the UK will be he he's lived here for I believe it was just over thirty five years he was a lecturer at Sheffield University and he's worked for the NHS as a senior manager in physio and what I would like to know if you became PM what legislation would you guarantee for equality rights for workers rights and the rights for those EU citizens with settled status within the UK where they're contributed so much to us but this is now for three years created so much turmoil for so many people without uncertainty that the parties created yeah and I you know I really do sympathise with your family member in and you know certainly as I said at the start of the programme it would be a top priority for me if I'm prime minister to introduce a second reading of a citizen's rights bill which would in effect enshrine the already agreed rights for UK sisters in the EU and you and EU citizens in the UK it would do the UK element of legislation in the expectation that the European Union would also want to ratify their side of that agreement so that for me sorting out the the the the terrible situation that some citizens who are caught up in this have been in would be a top priority it cannot be right that people who have made their lives in the EU or indeed EU citizens who've made their lives in the UK are still living under this weight of uncertainty so I would want to lift that as soon as possible and then to your other point about workers rights and so on you know the UK government and particularly the Conservative government have done so much more than the EU to protect the rights of workers you know we've gone far further in areas like shared parental leave in protecting the rights of workers we're looking at legislation now and to ensure that workers are protected for example when they take a maternity or paternity leave and all of those things are very clearly a part of a conservative agenda to actually make people's lives better to give them more job security and of course what we've seen is three and a half million more people in work since 2010 the highest real wage increases since 2010 and and things are improving there's a long way to go but I would dearly love the chance to put in place some of the policies that will really make lives make lives better for people in the United Kingdom liyan thank you Vikas in Hounslow go ahead Vikas all right good morning Andrea hi morning I want to ask you what your plans should you become Prime Minister what would your plans be to tackle the epidemic that is occurring regarding knife crime just to put this into context for you 18 months ago I lost my best friend he was brutally murdered stabbed to death just at the top of my mother's Road and I am in a position where subject you know you have a g1 post that event you know I have played close attention to the statistics that we Sene and it's clear it was in a debate that nice client is on the rise and I want to know if you've become Prime Minister what are you going to be doing to tackle this because this is we're losing a generation of people here and indeed unfortunately today marks the 33rd fatal stabbing in London someone who was stabbed on the weekend sadly passing away in the early hours this morning stay on the line because I'm sorry for your personal loss and rillettes thank you yes because I'm really really sad to hear that I'm so sorry I mean it is absolutely appalling the rise in serious crime in particularly in knife crime and actually I mean the government is doing a huge range of different things to try and tackle this ranging from a serious violence task force which brings together all of the police education services local authorities to try and find a way to look at serious knife crime from a public health perspective so to try and tackle not just the incidents themselves which is a policing matter but actually what's motivating people to join gangs to actually carry a knife and so on so I mean III have a particular passion for promoting far greater early intervention to provide support in the earliest years for new families and I think very often what we see is babies who struggle to form a secure bond with their parents can very often go on to have mental health problems can very often be attracted to gangs because they don't have that secure attachment so that's at the very earliest stage but later on when children get into school and it becomes apparent that perhaps they're there they're not attending school that perhaps they're hanging out with the wrong crowd or that in fact they feel afraid for their own safety so they start carrying a knife for that reason that kind of early intervention is important we've just introduced in our offensive weapons bill some knife crime prevention orders which will enable the police to actually and put wrap around prevention measures around particular individuals that they think are at risk either of harm to themselves or harm to others through knife crime so there are lots of measures in place including funding for many different community initiatives so a really good initiative that a charity that goes into hospitals where there have been knife crime incidents and talks to those particular young people who've been victims of knife crime who have survived to try and talk them into changing their lives and so on but what I would specifically do as Prime Minister is I would put in place a senior am focused perhaps retired police officer who has seen it all to actually focus on coordinating all of our efforts to reduce serious crime and knife crime I think it's only if you've got that particular focus on that with a budget to match it that you will actually start to see those numbers reduce one for the whole country do you mean yeah absolutely that sort of thing yes exactly it would need to be somebody very experienced with a lot of operational experience i I already have candidates in mind who I've met over the years and they they certainly do exist really been through the the whole they would have not necessarily policing squads but they would be doing is coordinating the strategy because what I found as leader the Commons every week I do business questions and every week the question of knife crime and how we're tackling comes up and it seems to me that we're doing a lot there's a lot that we can do but it really needs focus where you on stop and search for I bring the Vick aspect where are you on stop a social support I absolutely am well it's actually what Theresa May was seeking to do was to make sure that stop and search was fairly balanced and that it didn't unfairly penalize those who were perfectly innocent well that I think certainly policing budgets would be a priority for the comprehensive wicked Englishman you agree yeah I think we do need more police on the on the beat but we all say yeah well it's it's what was happening at the time let's let's be absolutely clear about this is we were left with an economy in absolute ruins and so all departments had to deal with doing more with less but the state of policing is changing through well the state of policing is changing and actually what we need to do is really know much more well well there's there's some other policy ideas that we can talk about but the state of policing doesn t have changed what we need to do is to look at cybercrime we need to look at how domestic violence is being tackled how the police can get more involved in prevention and I do think policing is changing but they do need more money that's a quick response of you because you suffered personally briefly sir how would you because it's touched you personally how would you handle this issue so I think that the real issue I understand your your conversation and your thoughts regarding early prevention I think definitely your point about policing is very relevant here I thinking of statistical either down by 20,000 in the out of 140,000 in the last seven has needed possibly too many did go she has except well certainly the police the police cuts and the budget cuts that they've had to take had an impact on in my mind it's undeniable an impact on lifetime but I do think your real focus needs to be on deterrence and actually making it such that individuals who are today quite comfortable with carrying a knife feeling as though there is no direct consequence of them carrying a knife I think those deterrents are you know they need to be enhanced significantly conventions are important but just making sure that individuals you know if they have a second thought that they're going to be carrying a knife for whatever reason they wink away from that idea they realize that if I get caught with a knife I potentially am going to be going to jail I think that yeah yeah completely agree and I hope and I sincerely hope everybody listening to this is is noting your words Vikas I think you are absolutely right the reason knife crime becomes a problem is because too many people are carrying knives and whether it's to protect themselves or to be aggressive if they stopped doing it then actually we would we would decrease the pressure and the appalling tragedies that are happening far too often commiseration see you again because alistair in Tottenham you're through Chandra lets them go ahead alistair good morning consequential than a the night crime a difficulties at the moment but her quickly hs2 missus lesson would you be in or out of hs2 so i have been very concerned about the project right from 2009 when it was first talked about my view is that a high-speed train going so fast two hundred and fifty miles an hour in a country the size and the geographical range of the United Kingdom is extraordinarily difficult to engineer and as sort of nine years on ten years on now the engineers are coming up with problems and there are question marks over how deliverable it is so well I would have concerns about it to be perfectly honest you know this is this is not a sort of great open plains time your country this is a this is a beautiful sort of green and pleasant land and the brakes for burning so you know I mean we do have in a sense high-speed trains we've got the the intercity trains which are themselves high-speed by most people's standards so I certainly think we need more train capacity and certainly I think the north of England needs a significant increase and enhancement in its own infrastructure but I would have a very urgent review of hs2 in terms of salary money the issue is I mean I could very very very well sit here and say well let's just get rid of it but the reality is because a huge amount of money has been spent on it there's already been a significant amount of work done to deliver it and what you do have to do with the beauty value for taxpayers money is not simply write off billions of pounds if you feel we've reached a tipping point where it's important to go home to say well that's the question that's what we need to understand it could be around it could be as much as 12 billion it could be and that's why I would want to do an urgent review I mean that figure isn't out well I certainly think I have been concerns about the project but this isn't about London we know as minded was great okay you can deny you know I'm not denying it because I have grave concerns about the viability of the project but I would spend the money on improving transport infrastructure if that urgent review found that this this particular project is not going to deliver good value for money Alistair thank you for that question Malcolm in Bodmin your question to Andrea let's amalgam go ahead good morning morning okay the government have promised the 10 billion over the next five years whatever the period is but I'm so okay with a spur exiting with this and several of the candidates look introduced income-tax corporation taxed with its other taxes will increasing so what you're going to stop what sorry your line is in and out just make the question will increasing social care and then your line when sir just finish the question really where will the money come with the reductions in tax because of exit to pay for health and social care and then there's schools there's the rest of what happens and so on okay yeah thank you your lines are so I'm gonna say farewell stay and listen for the answer but we might I'll get you back on air and realism thank you very much well first of all with the parliamentary arithmetic we're in a hung parliament and so I've seen over the last two years how difficult it is to even get statutory instruments through Parliament secondary legislation that proposed anything like a reduction in any form of tax or indeed an increase in any sort of charge so I think with a hung parliament any person who's saying well we're going to significantly drop taxes or whatever would not get that through Parliament so I think that's got to be realistic there so if we want to have a lower tax economy we need to be looking at getting a parliamentary majority at the next election to do that in terms of Health and Social Care in fact what the government has pledged is the biggest investment ever in our NHS and that actually will amount to some three hundred and sixty million pounds a week by 2020 223 which I know is a significant investment and the biggest ever and that enables the NHS to put in place its 10-year plan that will significantly improve primary care so our ability to access GPS and so on it is putting in place the biggest the 360 comes back well it's it's it is in the region of twenty three billion by 2020 to twenty three and in real terms that does amount to the around three hundred and sixty million pounds a week this is a famous figure on it happens to be rather similar to that but the this government has committed to a massive increase in the NHS budget and quite right that we do that the NHS is our most loved institution it's been rated twice in global terms as the best health care system in the world but specifically to your point about social care this is something we have to resolve social doesn't at the moment come out of the NHS budget it comes out of local authority budgets and it's contributing to the awful squeeze on local authorities so what I would want to do is to set up a permanent long lasting solution for the social care problem and what I would want to see is a cross-party Commission to work on that to report on it by 2021 because social care is something that's all about the aging demographic of our country people are living longer which is fantastic but they do need more support to live longer and we have to therefore address the issue of how that's going to be paid for and what sort of quality of care we want and that needs to be done cross-party so that it doesn't become a political football last couple of minutes together let me just ask you this and I asked Rory Stewart the same question yesterday how many MPs have you got back in you I mean your side at the moment well I I have lots of colleagues who are liking my ideas who like my plans to leave the EU who think that those are credible so what matters is how many MPs are backing me on the day you know the campaigns have only just started off and I recognize that some colleagues are very carefully listening to the hustings they've not started yet in fact I have my first hustings this evening so I'm very confident that I have lots of support very good colleagues who are interested in what I have to say what sort of number do you have a number well I don't because you know it is it's actually quite a moving feast you know people are switching allegiances they're hearing things from one candidate or another candidate that they like or don't like and so I think that there's it's it's very fluid at the moment there are a lot of candidates out there so I don't intend to give a running get you over the line this time though in what sense in terms you would actually get down to the ballot what do you think would power you what will be the idea that might get you forward well I certainly think all colleagues recognize we have to leave the European Union this is an existential threat for our politics you know we have to deliver on the referendum well now I think all colleagues do agree me with possibly the exception of Dominic but virtually all conservative colleagues and certainly the DUP and many on the Labour benches agree that we have to deliver on that referendum and so what we have to talk about is a way to do that with the least disruption but by the 31st of October about this demo going off happened Birmingham with the parents are unhappy with their children what would you say to those parents whose classes children in those classes for LGBTQ matters well in my view all children have to grow up understanding the wonderful diverse and equal society that we live in so in terms of all kinds of relationships children need to be taught in an open and a caring way by well well-briefed teachers to be able to explain relatable I think that I think that the school is right I think where I would draw a distinction so absolutely our society must be promoted as it is with its own values of equality and opportunity but at the same time the views of parents must always be taken into account and that the government's policy is that schools should consult with parents and certainly when it comes to education about sexual relationships certainly I've known for many years of secretaries herbs all kinds parents do have particularly strong views about what age is appropriate for their children to be taught about sexual relationships and I think that that's right the parents should have a say in that I just had a look at the book Assad's the betting odds for the next leader of the Conservative Party or a similar sorted number as the horse that won the Derby what makes you a better bet than Boris Johnson well I I was a passionate brick city really importantly I truly believe in the bright future that awaits us when we leave there you know I think I think he does but my my particular interest is in changing our politics so that we as the Conservative Party appeal to a much broader range of people for example I would see a top priority is tackling and addressing and leading the world in in the climate emergency so leaning into the amazing track record that we have in the United Kingdom but at the same time helping other developing countries around the world to decarbonize actually changing the world in that regard but also at home social policies that will genuinely enable people to meet their own aspirations and become the best that they can be a really big offer to young people to new families and helping people to aspire to own their own business and to get on in life and lastly please excuse me if you've already been asked this but what's the naughtiest thing you've ever done well you know I've thought long and hard about this and I'd have to urge all of your listeners not to tell my mum but it is probably when I was 16 I was going to call mall on holiday with a group of friends on a bus from Kent to Cornwall and in fact I went on the back of a Honda 400 for motorbike and at the time I was so sure I was coming accord and I feel that's a kind of safe naughty thing to talk about now that I'm a 50 it was driving the motorbike I just can't obviously great having you say taking questions and he lets them know remember the it's team let's listen to LBC where news is next Donald Trump is due to take part in a meeting with American and British business leaders at st. James's Palace aimed at increasing trade links on day two of his

Notre Dame fire – Massive blaze sees flames and thick smoke billow from Paris cathedral

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A MASSIVE fire has erupted at the 850-year-old Notre Dame cathedral in Paris this evening.

Video footage posted on social media shows a blaze raging and thick, black smoke billowing from the top of the famous Parisian landmark.

It is still unclear what caused the huge fire which broke out at around 7pm local time today.

A major operation was under way, the fire department added, while a city hall spokesman said on Twitter that the area was being cleared.

“An evacuation is in progress,” said a police officer at the scene. “People are being advised to clear the area.”

Panicked locals have expressed their concern for the medieval cathedral on Twitter.

One witness wrote: “It’s getting worse. But the fire brigade has turned up. Hard to see how the tackle this. The plume of smoke is already 100s of feet long.”

The legendary cathedral is one the finest example of French Gothic architecture in Europe and one of the most visited buildings in the world.

Notre Dame – which means ‘Our Lady’ – was build in 1160 and completed by 1260, and has been modified on a number of occasions throughout the century.

It is the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Paris and is visited by some 12 million people every year.

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Who are Extinction Rebellion and why did members protest naked in the House of Commons during a Brexit debate?

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Anglia News ITV The People's Millions Ardley Hill Lower school & The Green Bike project

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Anglia News 10/3/10

ITV The People’s Millions

Ardley Hill Lower school

Ipswich Green Bike project.

this is the problem that I can women anyway dancing deaf Mother's Day or Mothering Sunday is this Sunday and we'd like to give you the chance to tell us why your mum or even a mum that you know so that mercy is a mother in a million you know get your stories to us before Friday if you can the usual email address that Jonathan and Becky at now we're gonna read out some of those on Friday evenings show and I'll also read out your special message to Mum as well I'm going to put it on our website for you for this weekend two special dedication from Jonathan how do you fancy getting your hands on a giant check for fifty thousand pounds where's people's Millions time again and the Big Lottery found an ITV have once again teamed up to give away five grants to worthy causes here's Kate proud with all of the details so what would you do with a giant check for 50,000 pounds well oddly feel low school and Dunstable knew what they wanted a new pool so they apply to people's millions and they won and 18 months on this is their reward I think he's nice and shiny and nice and blue but not like the other one out of green it's a bit colder than my room I'm looking for which going it well the voting we just had a massive campaign really as literally sticking Flyers through doors going to local schools and doing assemblies and talking to the children that used to come here just very much you know in a theme of the community spirit really it was brilliant two years ago the genesis green bike project in Ipswich got the green light and a check for fifty thousand pounds to help them buy equipment and a building so local people with disabilities could learn to repair and then sell on old bikes I am do the boats project I go out on deliveries and collect the bikes and bring a back and mend them and sand them and all that say yeah that's good what a good job they're doing now this year we want projects that help people get involved in their local community help people in the community who are most in need and perhaps most importantly are original and imaginative you can apply if you are a voluntary groups local authority school health body or social enterprise and here's how you can receive an entry pack call irate four five zero ten eleven twelve calls cost a maximum four P per minute plus an additional nine point three P setup fee from a BT residential landline calls mother networks may be higher and from mobiles considerably more visit WWE TV calm for slash people's millions or for those with a hearing impairment text phone on irate four five six oh two one six five nine entrance must be 18 or over lines closed on Friday the 14th of May 2010 at midday calls made after the closing time will not be counted but they may still be charged this is your chance to make the effort and make a difference okay actually it joins us now looks like great fun you must really enjoy this absolutely I love it it's the best part of my job not just because come November I'll be handing out giant checks yeah but because you get to meet a lot of people who are already doing good things in the community and kind of really passionate about making a change for the better and the good thing about people's Millions is that if you get shortlisted and you can find out in some of that happiness then we are a few media training which means you get no panic then so likes of us will teach you how to do that and how to make your project look really good on TV because it's all about the public vote is about getting people behind you and we want your project to stand out as much as you do that's what kind of give you some tips how to do that so essentially people's Millions is great fun I love it and fish Leibrandt it's a lot of money fantastic thank you very much great cause it's really good yeah right so let's see if it's gonna be weather sure with the daffs mums and the rest of us smug I've already got my Mother's Day card Kate how about you got any flowers you're gonna do a lot of birds that you to the garage it won't be right that's it from us we'll see you again tomorrow night

Mexican Border Camping & Marie Kondo: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

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This is the February 5, 2019, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:27 President Trump gave his second State of the Union address with a theme of “choosing greatness”

5:10 VICE News goes to the boot heel portion of the border to get to know the people of the border town of Hachita, New Mexico, and see if they think they’re in danger from migrants trying to cross the unwalled portions of the border.

11:21 VICE News looks at the history of blackface in the wake of revelations about Governor Ralph Northam.

13:49 Marie Kondo is championed for being the organizational guru. Some claim her tidying practice has changed their lives. Her consultants go through a 3 day seminar to learn the practice and become professional organizers. This year, Dexter Thomas is joining them.

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Cross Question with Iain Dale: 18 September 2019

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Iain Dale leads the Cross Question debate with tonight’s panel:

– Labour MP Gisela Stuart
– Former Green party leader Natalie Bennett
– Telegraph columnist Liam Halligan
– Femi Oluwole, co-founder of Our Future Our Choice

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Anna Breytenbach communicates with Great White Shark

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During Anna Breytenbach 2015 Australian tour running Animal Communication workshops Anna talks about her communication with the group mind of the Great White Shark. for more info on Annas work see and see for Dean Jefferys Marine conservation projects.

in my life as a professional animal communicator I have the wonderful privilege of connecting with animals purely energetically or telepathically and finding out from from them directly what their thoughts and feelings are about their lives and their environments because of the number of incidents of sharks approaching people in the water there's been a lot of fear and a lot of reaction and all sorts of measures are being considered of course to try and keep the sharks at bay or even worse there's been both in some parts of the world for culling them there's talks of various repellent methods so I was asked to check in with the great white shark species in that area in particular to hear what their view of humans is particularly humans in the water and what's really happening in that dynamic what's going on when there's a so-called attack and I do say so called a tech because I can guarantee you the Sharks motivation is not attack is not harm and is certainly not to make us their food who I was speaking with was actually great white shark consciousness in general and what they had to say about the state of play at the moment is what applies all around the world the truth of the matter is that their food supply has been so decimated in particular they showed me a whole range of middle sized fish species that are either completely absent or are in very very short supply in the Sharks normal range so their normal food for which they would go through normal foraging behavior is just not available to them anymore at all this has forced great white sharks to have to come a whole lot more in Shore in search of the kind of diversity of you that they need thus the time they just plain hungry a lot of the time and because we've been forced into more inshore waters and away from the threats out there like long lines and fishing nets they're themselves the great whites are in a lot in a lot greater density they're more tightly packed together as they're cruising our shorelines the energy between these sharks is therefore competitive there's a very limited natural food supply they all just link for space and jostling against each other and this creates a whole field of competitiveness between them bits jump track for a minute and look at how humans are being in the water when they are there for recreational purposes humans in the water whether they're paddle skiing or surfing or involved in some sort of watersports are very often in a very competitive frame of mind and state of being and on a very real physiological level that is sending our signals into the ocean heart rate variability is increased the electromagnetic frequency emissions from our hearts from our brains are giving the signals into the environment of competitiveness and also hunting for the surfer is trying to catch the perfect wave even in the language of it there's a clue catching away there's got a got a feeling of the hunter and a predator so enter from stage left the other predators the beautiful apex predators in the ocean who are themselves feeling competitive between each other they have a high sensitivity for and radar that's almost always on for sensing any other competitive or predatory signals in an environment and when they sense that they will go and check it out because it might be competition for their own hunting when they are hunting for their real food when a shark gets closer to a human to come and suss out what is this energy ball that I'm sensing this this feeling of contracted energy and they're hunting something when they come closer most the time they just turn away realizing that we're not real competition for them at all they turn away and the surfer or the paddle skier never knows anything about the shark having been there however if the shock decides to take a closer con of inspection the way the Sharks test things is using their mouths they mouth things to test us out of course if that happens the pro surfer in the water immediately knows the shark is there and what usually follows is absolute panic understandable fear understandable survival instinct kicks in which unfortunately amplifies the hectic electromagnetic output and brain wave output from the human in the water essentially what the human is doing in that moment is behaving very much like prey splashing around being panicked that's very much a pre response so at worst a shock may actually take a test bite the moment they do they realize we're not their natural food we just taste really really bad to them it was interesting experiencing from the Sharks perspective the taste of human flesh and their distaste for it so doesn't do that I actually tasted that quite quite frankly sharks vs is a bit too salty and just want to spit us out and they have no reason to know that a little nibble on a human is going to end up potentially being fatal for us because we're likely to bleed out him some artery that they've said it that's really not their problem and not their intention if they want to attack us and finish us off they would do that they would come back again and again and they would actually eat or ingest us fear is the greatest obstacle and we are often fearful before we even step into the water and the very thing we fear is what we're going to be putting energy into and and inviting in we literally are having the mental images or quantum holographs of what it is we want to avoid and that is sending those holographs out into the surroundings as suggestions as energetic suggestions so whether or not we are actually in the presence of a shark fear is a very very bad idea and fear is not something that we can try to suppress with force far better when we entering the water would be to adjust our mental state and our state of being and our state of calmness and to actually come up with some silent messages we'd like to send to the unseen sharks out there or any other species out there that we don't wish to see we are all capable of telepathy intuition happens in everyday life as a matter of course usually only when it really matters always urgent or when we have a vague gut feeling or a hunch that proves to be true but we can all choose to have a telepathic thought and just send it out by simply intending to send it out to our target audience in this case some sharks we know that it lands there because it is being broadcast from our being whether we like it or not everything that we are thinking and feeling is being broadcast therefore we may as well forecast the good stuff for the help stuff and so my advice for people who are going to be getting into the water that is sharks home and their rightful place to be when we want to go and have some fun there for recreation purposes I suggest we start from onshore standing there on the beach with our kayak or with our surfboard on hand or just sitting quietly and taking no more than a few minutes to simply address the Sharks address them silently even better to send a nice greeting to send a greeting doesn't matter what language you're thinking in they will get it on the quantum level this is our telepathy works send a greeting and you have to be genuinely of course honoring and respecting their right to be there when you're in the water it's a very good idea to briefly and frequently keep on updating your communication and topping up with the the good and helpful thoughts a very good visualization to hold is that you have a bubble around you not from a defensive and protected place where you feeling very vulnerable and weak and just want to be all fierce as a response because that wouldn't work at all that would just attract attention I'm talking about putting a bubble around yourself as an imagined thing you imagine this to be a radius around your whole body and below and even above for that matter of just peaceful energy and an absence of anything that could harm you imagining this constant buffer between yourself and any sharks in the area so that even if one does see you and even if the small percentage of the time that happens you see the shark in turn as well you just keep this visual barrier you imagine a few meters out from your body and you know they will not come plus the net barrier that works much more effectively than other technology-based so-called shark repellents that emit frequency or electricity because that in itself unfortunately really attracts and draws in the Sharks to come and see what that's about much better to make it your own energy that you are adjusting and when you are in a resonant state with presumably the whole point of being in the ocean in the first place is to be enjoying nature to be without sounding weird or hippy about it to be in the flow of the moment end of the sea it's important to be in a resonant state because then you the human are not going to stand out as this big discordant or weird thing worthy of further investigation I've been fortunate enough to be swimming in the wild Indian Ocean with completely wild bottlenose dolphins and in a few different of those occasions I've had sharks approach tiger sharks and blacktip sharks and by simply maintaining my innocence towards them and simple appreciation of them despite the fact that I personally really don't want to be up close to a shark underwater that extending my appreciation my greeting and holding an idea of that buffer has made them swim around me without coming within the radius that I have selected and I have chosen it's really about who we being and we need to stop being competitive or even fearful in the water sharks do not attack humans if anything if they interested enough they might come closer to investigate when they're picking up on certain kinds of energy particularly the competitive kind and the classic case was in the final heat of a surfing competition you see if sharks attack they they do what's called pulling a vertical from underneath they start out from underneath you and very quickly zoom up from almost grab you from underneath when they merging along minding their own business or coming to investigate they come in clear view usually you can see that also from the buzzer surface and the dorsal fin of that shark could was approaching expanding long before he saw it was very clear above the surface the shark came the shark came close to do a bit of a swim by and in so doing got caught in his leash and then the panic that ensued both the shark and Jimin Robert see very anxious and in this kind of tumble to try to free themselves of each other and even in that fright the shark could so easily have done something to harm Nick but he didn't he just wanted to get away came a bit too close the staff is human but what I'm intrigued about is the fact that the shark did come that close at the absolute peak of a certain competition in terms of this state of mind that I'm speaking about when humans are in a competitive state of mind that certainly attracts the attention of other predators who for various reasons of short supply of food and those things I've mentioned already by Nature having to be competitive each other there are over 20 species of sharks in the world and they are all at the point of near collapse near extinction they deserve to have what's left of their home be left alone and to be allowed to mind their own business what I would say to the authorities who are considering shark deterrent or shark management techniques is to please consider the Sharks right to be there many of the proposed solutions to keep humans safe from sharks actually involve huge damage to the Sharks there's all sorts of knitting and culling and baiting being proposed even things that might seem more benign like putting up various kinds of shark nets to cordon off certain areas is fundamentally altering their behavior and not only their access to the inshore areas but also ever marine life as well there's another consideration – if a hole is made in the population of any species that we humans have chosen to go and exterminate locally or try to reduce the numbers of something called the species survival syndrome kicks in that species knows about the sudden death in a sudden hole in their population at their place and the reproduction rate increases usually fill in to fill a gap and to fill that hole so predator controlled by lethal means never ever ever works not on land and not at sea in my work as an animal communicator I'm again and again humbled by the facts that beautiful animals of all kinds who are being destroyed by humans because we don't want them around or we reckon this up enough space for those animals anymore I'm again and again amazed how those animals haven't just actually risen up against us because guess what they know very well what humans are doing towards them they could choose to attack us choose to maim us choose to trample us to days as their large elephants and the care that they have not to attack us not to just be reactive and aggressive like as humans are the compassion that they have for us just continuing to be themselves and just reflect to us who we being and keep on taking and keep on taking it is nothing short of amazing I'm constantly humbled by that and sometimes quite embarrassed to be a member of the human species in summary the great white sharks are asking for peaceful coexistence they have no issue with us being in the water if we can be in the water in a good way without meaning them any harm they are asking for peaceful coexistence so in short the best way to achieve that is to really enjoy the water enjoy it for what it offers you enjoy being there fully immersed in the moment pardon the pun and I do mean in the moment be present to everything that's around you enjoy what's underneath you in the ocean remember to look behind you from time to time not out of fear but because you want to appreciate where you are and remember that the very reasons that draw us into water in the first place are supposed to be fun not competitive not having to jostle for the perfect wave let's try to keep ourselves safe and in a good state of being while we're in the water and we will have the most magical encounters first with the natural elements and with the other animals whose home it is you you

News Clip-28 Nov – Nigran-e-Sura Ka Leeds U.k Main Sunnaton Bhara Bayan

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News Clip-28 Nov – Nigran-e-Sura Ka Leeds U.k Main Sunnaton Bhara Ijtima Main Sunnaton Bhara Bayan (1)

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Liverpool news : Mohamed Salah sends Liverpool team-mates Barcelona message in unusual way

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Mohamed Salah was in the stands for the Champions League semi-final having suffered concussion during the 3-2 win over Newcastle on Saturday. And the Egyptian sent a message to his Liverpool team-mates with his t-shirt for the occasion. “NEVER GIVE UP.” Was the message sent by Salah to his colleagues, who got off to the perfect start thanks to Divock Origi’s early goal. Both Salah and Roberto Firmino were ruled out of the clash on Tuesday, in which Liverpool needed to overcome a 3-0 first leg deficit. Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez were on the scoresheet at the Nou Camp while Liverpool came away empty handed. Origi was chosen to lead the line alongside Sadio Mane and Xherdan Shaqiri, and the Reds got off to a perfect start. Jordan Henderson’s inspired run and shot forced Marc-Andre her Stegen to play the ball to the feet of the grateful Origi. Liverpool and Barcelona both missed chances to grab the next goal as the score remained 1-0 at the break.  Liverpool fans were given renewed hope by Origi’s early goal, and made their feelings clear on Twitter. One fan said: “LMAOOOOOOOOOOO Origi better than Salah.” “ORIGI!!!! Liverpool aren’t done yet!!” Said another. One player that Liverpool fans weren’t so pleased with is Luis Suarez, whom Reds hero Robbie Fowler slammed for this actions during the first half. “I’m a big fan of him as a player, I thought he was brilliant when he was here,” Fowler said on BT Sport.  “I have a big problem with the way the fans love him, I really do. “He left Liverpool and everyone was going on about ‘you can go and play for Barcelona, go and play’, but the way he left Liverpool, he wanted to go and play for Arsenal. “All of a sudden people go ‘oh he stayed and he was still brilliant and he never downed tools’.”

 Mohamed Salah was in the stands for the Champions League semi-final having suffered concussion during the 3-2 win over Newcastle on Saturday  And the Egyptian sent a message to his Liverpool team-mates with his t-shirt for the occasion  “NEVER GIVE UP.” Was the message sent by Salah to his colleagues, who got off to the perfect start thanks to Divock Origi’s early goal  Both Salah and Roberto Firmino were ruled out of the clash on Tuesday, in which Liverpool needed to overcome a 3-0 first leg deficit  Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez were on the scoresheet at the Nou Camp while Liverpool came away empty handed  Origi was chosen to lead the line alongside Sadio Mane and Xherdan Shaqiri, and the Reds got off to a perfect start  Jordan Henderson’s inspired run and shot forced Marc-Andre her Stegen to play the ball to the feet of the grateful Origi  Liverpool and Barcelona both missed chances to grab the next goal as the score remained 1-0 at the break  Liverpool fans were given renewed hope by Origi’s early goal, and made their feelings clear on Twitter  One fan said: "LMAOOOOOOOOOOO Origi better than Salah." "ORIGI!!!! Liverpool aren’t done yet!!" Said another  One player that Liverpool fans weren’t so pleased with is Luis Suarez, whom Reds hero Robbie Fowler slammed for this actions during the first half  “I’m a big fan of him as a player, I thought he was brilliant when he was here,” Fowler said on BT Sport  “I have a big problem with the way the fans love him, I really do. “He left Liverpool and everyone was going on about ‘you can go and play for Barcelona, go and play’, but the way he left Liverpool, he wanted to go and play for Arsenal  “All of a sudden people go ‘oh he stayed and he was still brilliant and he never downed tools’ ”

NEGATIVE APPROACH – Full Set – Birmingham UK 21/3/18 – Punks News For Punx! – MPRV News

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Negative Approach – legendary pioneers of hardcore punk from Detroit, Michigan – full set – live in Birmingham, England – Best watched in full HD…

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POST-MATCH INTERVIEW | Wealdstone 3-0 Concord Rangers | 30th November 2019

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Stones Manager Dean Brennan provided his post-match views following a convincing victory over Concord Rangers in the National League South.

after an emphatic free no win for wool stone against Kunkle Rangers in the National League south I'm delighted to be joined by would Samantha Dean Brennan Dean three points in a clean sheet you must be happy spoke about clean sheets a lot lately we haven't had one for a world so I'm just delighted with the manner of the victory we were brave today in selection and them lads have been on the bench or not playing as as much minutes they've been patient and the last two performances haven't been before today haven't been great so we freshen up a little bit not everybody made a big impact subs as well it's a really positive victory there to go to it really good I thought to send the house for excellent for them good soil they got paste well organized an approach the a to really good play on the right and so it so yeah I'm ready to like with the victory yeah you assess the performance quite well there obviously you know a few a few changes to the start in 11 engulfs and a half Jeb as well in midfield and Charles and you think them guys were waiting around for their time and they made their impact do you think that as well yeah we've got to be competitive group if I'm gonna push each other you know you don't got the divine way to start and we've done brilliant so far you know to be on 40 points after 17 games that correct yes unbelievable return so everybody played the part everyone's gonna be needed the pictures are getting a bit tacky now went deliver more defensive Charles he's a defensive midfield player him and Michael make sure we got a clean sheet I saw at our process behind it and there we have na portunity this one a goalkeeper I thought was a what I was just that's what you did really well that will nearly made a fantastic sigh have a really good reaction save and I thought yeah that's why you rebuffed I do want to touch on the goalkeeper actually and the whole situation that people have been talking about today and how do you see everything with you instead and Northey from your perspective we've still got October on loan as well and we're hoping that we could do a deal with knowledge as well having their fall in the future and you look we've lost the last two games before today we've let him for your goals that's the main reason for it and what kind of lead you draw what goes on on the pitch so I think it's justified the change I made today because of the result I know North is a legend at the Football Club and he's a good kid he's disappointed and I can only choose and it's what a team's best for the team that's my job back to the game then obviously Ross as well scoring as well 13 in all competitions for him now and he's made a great impact has a name what do you think I think he needs for example his positivity around the place is amazing him and the skipper you know the real leaders they're always positive and everything they do and all the younger players look up to them if walk rate is attitude just each each general character is a lovely lad and it leads by example and that's what happens when you if want to walk in and you keep your mouth shut you keep your mouth clean and you just go walk hard and you score goals us we believe in a major player major you always believed and I've always wanted a walk room for me and a few years ago is to play a front room so but yeah great kid and like I say he's attitude you know he leads for example set sees out before everybody else a bit of a dump her obviously on the whole game in general was Stevens is second yellow and took us through that just use that possible thing to appeal for you or how do you see it and I felt look the second tackle was a booking I felt it was a book and book 20 seconds to go in late and injury time I think wasn't 94 minutes added on I think was literally 20 seconds left I think he could had some common sense Jack the referee when I taught there was a similar situation in the second minute again where Denon got on a race with air centre-half and he pulled them back he gave the foul and he didn't give the yellow card that's all we want this consistency which common sense you know 20 seconds ago he's picked up two bookends in space at 10 minutes and the force one was given for deliver a hammer which possibly other care but he makes a run for his arm back and I think the referees like to be spoke about you know I know a lot of referees or football league referees and you know they like themselves and we'll move on then to our game on Tuesday and Middlesex Senior Cup tie again will try again for the hazing yet in match and how do you see them going into it good soy haze look I said lads they're personal friends on win so I'm looking forward to seen them and we're go strong again you know it's a competition we really want to do well in I don't think the football clubs want it we say for us since the IE so something we want to do we want to we want to you know create that winning environment and now if I'm being on it's just going back I'm just a lawyer to Scott it's a tricky November for it's a lot of games off and that was a tricky soy to be played against today so I'm just delighted with the tree goals and the tree points and you know what we've got to do better is as a football club supporters everybody well it's nearly a half-time don't be getting frustrated you know we've got zero against their name we know we'll score goals I think we've got to keep getting zeros on they've got a really get behind a team you know I know the players have to give the support of the sing about but they've got a really drove the team forward you let me go make this place hostile race to come here previous management for another football club you come through that gate it's a horrible place to be you know them railings and all that and there are lucky you're not I'm a silly clown into a ball dog pit corner thing and I well that's why we have to have this this Stadium and I think we all have to play a part and that I spoke about that earlier in the week that togetherness how we create it I think that's important to really get behind as positive its nil-nil there's nothing wrong with that you know so but the floor scroll was always going to be key and we managed to get it and Deloitte with the victory and I can enjoy me weekend rather than last weekend or suicidal thank you for your time do