Anti-government protests in Sudan continue | ITV News

Anti-government protests in Sudan continue | ITV News

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Sudan’s anti-government protests are showing no signs of ending, even though the President, Omar al-Bashir, was driven out of power by a military coup last week.

The protest organisers want the replacement military council itself to be disbanded and soon – to be followed by a civilian takeover..

They have issued a list of demands and if these are met, they might call off the demonstrations.

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four days on from the overthrow of the dictator who ruled them for 30 years and the determination of Sudan's protesters remained undimmed till now largely it's been peaceful but their demands remain the same freedom security and peace is what they're shouting for gone and they've made it clear to these men the military who served President Bashir that they won't accept the Army overseeing Sudan's transition they want to see civilian rule accountable to them we spoke to one young protester who's been updating us since the overthrow of President Bashir people are anxious about being cheated they're afraid that the Vichy regime hasn't completely fallen so they think that it's the success of the revolution actually depends on as I said disempowering of the military people are not certain about how this is going to end exactly it seems to be a little bit chaotic right now people are a little bit divided this is a glimpse of what could happen if Sudan's sense of uncertainty and division aren't resolved police moved in to try to break up one of the many sit-ins at official sites and security buildings around Khartoum nothing has been seen of deposed President Bashir who is said to be under house arrest but sedans revolution is not just about getting rid of him and the rest of his regime many also want those responsible for thousands of deaths imprisonment and disappearances to be brought to justice tonight Sudan's protesters and their rulers remain starkly divided and this country remains on a nervous knife-edge braggy Omar News at Ten you

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