Anna Breytenbach communicates with Great White Shark

Anna Breytenbach communicates with Great White Shark

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During Anna Breytenbach 2015 Australian tour running Animal Communication workshops Anna talks about her communication with the group mind of the Great White Shark. for more info on Annas work see and see for Dean Jefferys Marine conservation projects.

in my life as a professional animal communicator I have the wonderful privilege of connecting with animals purely energetically or telepathically and finding out from from them directly what their thoughts and feelings are about their lives and their environments because of the number of incidents of sharks approaching people in the water there's been a lot of fear and a lot of reaction and all sorts of measures are being considered of course to try and keep the sharks at bay or even worse there's been both in some parts of the world for culling them there's talks of various repellent methods so I was asked to check in with the great white shark species in that area in particular to hear what their view of humans is particularly humans in the water and what's really happening in that dynamic what's going on when there's a so-called attack and I do say so called a tech because I can guarantee you the Sharks motivation is not attack is not harm and is certainly not to make us their food who I was speaking with was actually great white shark consciousness in general and what they had to say about the state of play at the moment is what applies all around the world the truth of the matter is that their food supply has been so decimated in particular they showed me a whole range of middle sized fish species that are either completely absent or are in very very short supply in the Sharks normal range so their normal food for which they would go through normal foraging behavior is just not available to them anymore at all this has forced great white sharks to have to come a whole lot more in Shore in search of the kind of diversity of you that they need thus the time they just plain hungry a lot of the time and because we've been forced into more inshore waters and away from the threats out there like long lines and fishing nets they're themselves the great whites are in a lot in a lot greater density they're more tightly packed together as they're cruising our shorelines the energy between these sharks is therefore competitive there's a very limited natural food supply they all just link for space and jostling against each other and this creates a whole field of competitiveness between them bits jump track for a minute and look at how humans are being in the water when they are there for recreational purposes humans in the water whether they're paddle skiing or surfing or involved in some sort of watersports are very often in a very competitive frame of mind and state of being and on a very real physiological level that is sending our signals into the ocean heart rate variability is increased the electromagnetic frequency emissions from our hearts from our brains are giving the signals into the environment of competitiveness and also hunting for the surfer is trying to catch the perfect wave even in the language of it there's a clue catching away there's got a got a feeling of the hunter and a predator so enter from stage left the other predators the beautiful apex predators in the ocean who are themselves feeling competitive between each other they have a high sensitivity for and radar that's almost always on for sensing any other competitive or predatory signals in an environment and when they sense that they will go and check it out because it might be competition for their own hunting when they are hunting for their real food when a shark gets closer to a human to come and suss out what is this energy ball that I'm sensing this this feeling of contracted energy and they're hunting something when they come closer most the time they just turn away realizing that we're not real competition for them at all they turn away and the surfer or the paddle skier never knows anything about the shark having been there however if the shock decides to take a closer con of inspection the way the Sharks test things is using their mouths they mouth things to test us out of course if that happens the pro surfer in the water immediately knows the shark is there and what usually follows is absolute panic understandable fear understandable survival instinct kicks in which unfortunately amplifies the hectic electromagnetic output and brain wave output from the human in the water essentially what the human is doing in that moment is behaving very much like prey splashing around being panicked that's very much a pre response so at worst a shock may actually take a test bite the moment they do they realize we're not their natural food we just taste really really bad to them it was interesting experiencing from the Sharks perspective the taste of human flesh and their distaste for it so doesn't do that I actually tasted that quite quite frankly sharks vs is a bit too salty and just want to spit us out and they have no reason to know that a little nibble on a human is going to end up potentially being fatal for us because we're likely to bleed out him some artery that they've said it that's really not their problem and not their intention if they want to attack us and finish us off they would do that they would come back again and again and they would actually eat or ingest us fear is the greatest obstacle and we are often fearful before we even step into the water and the very thing we fear is what we're going to be putting energy into and and inviting in we literally are having the mental images or quantum holographs of what it is we want to avoid and that is sending those holographs out into the surroundings as suggestions as energetic suggestions so whether or not we are actually in the presence of a shark fear is a very very bad idea and fear is not something that we can try to suppress with force far better when we entering the water would be to adjust our mental state and our state of being and our state of calmness and to actually come up with some silent messages we'd like to send to the unseen sharks out there or any other species out there that we don't wish to see we are all capable of telepathy intuition happens in everyday life as a matter of course usually only when it really matters always urgent or when we have a vague gut feeling or a hunch that proves to be true but we can all choose to have a telepathic thought and just send it out by simply intending to send it out to our target audience in this case some sharks we know that it lands there because it is being broadcast from our being whether we like it or not everything that we are thinking and feeling is being broadcast therefore we may as well forecast the good stuff for the help stuff and so my advice for people who are going to be getting into the water that is sharks home and their rightful place to be when we want to go and have some fun there for recreation purposes I suggest we start from onshore standing there on the beach with our kayak or with our surfboard on hand or just sitting quietly and taking no more than a few minutes to simply address the Sharks address them silently even better to send a nice greeting to send a greeting doesn't matter what language you're thinking in they will get it on the quantum level this is our telepathy works send a greeting and you have to be genuinely of course honoring and respecting their right to be there when you're in the water it's a very good idea to briefly and frequently keep on updating your communication and topping up with the the good and helpful thoughts a very good visualization to hold is that you have a bubble around you not from a defensive and protected place where you feeling very vulnerable and weak and just want to be all fierce as a response because that wouldn't work at all that would just attract attention I'm talking about putting a bubble around yourself as an imagined thing you imagine this to be a radius around your whole body and below and even above for that matter of just peaceful energy and an absence of anything that could harm you imagining this constant buffer between yourself and any sharks in the area so that even if one does see you and even if the small percentage of the time that happens you see the shark in turn as well you just keep this visual barrier you imagine a few meters out from your body and you know they will not come plus the net barrier that works much more effectively than other technology-based so-called shark repellents that emit frequency or electricity because that in itself unfortunately really attracts and draws in the Sharks to come and see what that's about much better to make it your own energy that you are adjusting and when you are in a resonant state with presumably the whole point of being in the ocean in the first place is to be enjoying nature to be without sounding weird or hippy about it to be in the flow of the moment end of the sea it's important to be in a resonant state because then you the human are not going to stand out as this big discordant or weird thing worthy of further investigation I've been fortunate enough to be swimming in the wild Indian Ocean with completely wild bottlenose dolphins and in a few different of those occasions I've had sharks approach tiger sharks and blacktip sharks and by simply maintaining my innocence towards them and simple appreciation of them despite the fact that I personally really don't want to be up close to a shark underwater that extending my appreciation my greeting and holding an idea of that buffer has made them swim around me without coming within the radius that I have selected and I have chosen it's really about who we being and we need to stop being competitive or even fearful in the water sharks do not attack humans if anything if they interested enough they might come closer to investigate when they're picking up on certain kinds of energy particularly the competitive kind and the classic case was in the final heat of a surfing competition you see if sharks attack they they do what's called pulling a vertical from underneath they start out from underneath you and very quickly zoom up from almost grab you from underneath when they merging along minding their own business or coming to investigate they come in clear view usually you can see that also from the buzzer surface and the dorsal fin of that shark could was approaching expanding long before he saw it was very clear above the surface the shark came the shark came close to do a bit of a swim by and in so doing got caught in his leash and then the panic that ensued both the shark and Jimin Robert see very anxious and in this kind of tumble to try to free themselves of each other and even in that fright the shark could so easily have done something to harm Nick but he didn't he just wanted to get away came a bit too close the staff is human but what I'm intrigued about is the fact that the shark did come that close at the absolute peak of a certain competition in terms of this state of mind that I'm speaking about when humans are in a competitive state of mind that certainly attracts the attention of other predators who for various reasons of short supply of food and those things I've mentioned already by Nature having to be competitive each other there are over 20 species of sharks in the world and they are all at the point of near collapse near extinction they deserve to have what's left of their home be left alone and to be allowed to mind their own business what I would say to the authorities who are considering shark deterrent or shark management techniques is to please consider the Sharks right to be there many of the proposed solutions to keep humans safe from sharks actually involve huge damage to the Sharks there's all sorts of knitting and culling and baiting being proposed even things that might seem more benign like putting up various kinds of shark nets to cordon off certain areas is fundamentally altering their behavior and not only their access to the inshore areas but also ever marine life as well there's another consideration – if a hole is made in the population of any species that we humans have chosen to go and exterminate locally or try to reduce the numbers of something called the species survival syndrome kicks in that species knows about the sudden death in a sudden hole in their population at their place and the reproduction rate increases usually fill in to fill a gap and to fill that hole so predator controlled by lethal means never ever ever works not on land and not at sea in my work as an animal communicator I'm again and again humbled by the facts that beautiful animals of all kinds who are being destroyed by humans because we don't want them around or we reckon this up enough space for those animals anymore I'm again and again amazed how those animals haven't just actually risen up against us because guess what they know very well what humans are doing towards them they could choose to attack us choose to maim us choose to trample us to days as their large elephants and the care that they have not to attack us not to just be reactive and aggressive like as humans are the compassion that they have for us just continuing to be themselves and just reflect to us who we being and keep on taking and keep on taking it is nothing short of amazing I'm constantly humbled by that and sometimes quite embarrassed to be a member of the human species in summary the great white sharks are asking for peaceful coexistence they have no issue with us being in the water if we can be in the water in a good way without meaning them any harm they are asking for peaceful coexistence so in short the best way to achieve that is to really enjoy the water enjoy it for what it offers you enjoy being there fully immersed in the moment pardon the pun and I do mean in the moment be present to everything that's around you enjoy what's underneath you in the ocean remember to look behind you from time to time not out of fear but because you want to appreciate where you are and remember that the very reasons that draw us into water in the first place are supposed to be fun not competitive not having to jostle for the perfect wave let's try to keep ourselves safe and in a good state of being while we're in the water and we will have the most magical encounters first with the natural elements and with the other animals whose home it is you you

44 thoughts on “Anna Breytenbach communicates with Great White Shark”

  1. Drips wisdom like a fountain, never seen someone so articulate in my life. Every word blossoms with logic & common sense that blatantly answers the challenge that needs a solution. She should be an advisor to the President or world leaders. Mind blown this is not a script. ❤️

  2. ok wait a minute there is a video of a man relaxed and talking with bull sharks surrounding him and the bull shark takes a chunk out of his leg while he is relaxed and not afraid, she is not correct.

  3. What a shame. It's all good advice until she starts unnecessarily conflating it with telepathy and quantum flapdoodle. Yes, sharks have excellent sense abilities – vision, hearing, taste, smell, lateral sensor lines and ampulae of Lorenzini to understand things in their environment. Telepathy is not on that list (or any other animals', including humans), and it really strains credulity in what she is saying about everything else, even though parts of it might be fact, or true for different reasons than she is presenting.

  4. Thankyou Anna. Treat everyone and everything as you would like to be treated. There is room for all of us here. The world would be an empty place without the beautiful creatures that share this planet with us.

  5. Yes, I love what she is saying about changing our mindset and controlling our fears, I do believe in positive energy and the power it has on this planet and all that's in it, I work on this myself daily…but wow, some of what she say's I must disagree with 100%. Sharks DO attack, on purpose, cause they need to eat to survive and make little sharks, that's all they do. Sure, most times they just investigate and their only means is with there mouth and many times that bite is very harmful or worse for the human. We ALL know as a fact , that sharks prefer a fattier, less bony prey than humans, but many humans are eaten almost entirely, plus many attacks are territorial. So until this 'whisperer' goes into the water, hangs out with these magnificent animals…repeatedly and we see the shark is really communicating with her, I am afraid, as amazing as her ideas are, she is not convincing me of what I know as fact, wild animals, marine OR land are just that 'WILD' and very possibly dangerous to humans and they need our deepest respect. Have her go to Kenya and walk up to a wild lion with her 'thoughts' and she will become 'LUNCH'.

  6. I used to 'talk' to animals, their great spirit and so on… I always thought it was a coincidence when they 'responded' to me. But, looking back – they ALWAYS have. I used to go to someone's house for tutoring for a few sessions. They had this beautiful white cat that I would talk to telling her how beautiful she was. The child's dad came home earlier one day, stood at the door (I wasn't aware of that) and said in a loud voice: "Wow! Amazing!!" and then he told us how he had watched the cat sitting on the chair next to me and watching us over the table for 10 minutes. Later, both parents told me how the cat would know when I was ringing the bell and rush to the door from upstairs – thing that she would never do with anyone else, not even with them.
    When I went to the zoo, I was sending my thoughts to the elephants, telling them how beautiful they were and asking them to come closer. To my surprise they did, looking at me all the time. I joked at that time, thinking it was a coincidence..
    As Anna does, I'm appalled at the fact that (a lot of) people don't recognize animals have a soul just like us. I always say – in terms of species, humans are (probably) the dumbest (sorry): we don't understand what they are telling us, while the animals do.

  7. To me, this sounds completely normal.
    Unfortunately, to most this is woo woo.
    We(Humans) have a way to go yet, before we catch up with the Animals, those who we consider primitive.
    All us Humans have excelled in, is the control of matter, BUT there is MORE than matter!
    I too am often embarrased to be Human, yet this is just a form(to which, I do not indentify), it's the Spirit WITHIN that is relevant, not the shape that the atoms form.
    Atoms can form a Shark, a Dog, a Swan, A Human, a Tree…
    Each contains a Spirit, identify with THAT…and NOT the FORM!
    "In Lakesh"

  8. Sorry but Earth is not the place for her unless God sent her here to do an assignment. I dont get how someone can be that connected to not only animals but she talked about the Earth and its frequencies and energy and a lot. Is she even real?

  9. Aww this is so sad… all these animals speak so much truth to this world and understand how it's being killed by humans…. hey have more awareness of this universe and how it was and how it should be the the humans who run it, to the grounds…like fools!….it's all such a shame

  10. when unequality is followed out of blindness, the flow is disrupted , deaths awaits , yet when we awake out of the slumber of our ignorance , the vail is lifted and we see the light .quote : from me !

  11. I often mention to people examples of how you work with animals and the love and respect you give them. You have touched many people’s hearts. I suspect this is a hard path at times for you so thanks Anna for all that you do.

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