Anglia News ITV The People's Millions Ardley Hill Lower school & The Green Bike project

Anglia News ITV The People's Millions Ardley Hill Lower school & The Green Bike project

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Anglia News 10/3/10

ITV The People’s Millions

Ardley Hill Lower school

Ipswich Green Bike project.

this is the problem that I can women anyway dancing deaf Mother's Day or Mothering Sunday is this Sunday and we'd like to give you the chance to tell us why your mum or even a mum that you know so that mercy is a mother in a million you know get your stories to us before Friday if you can the usual email address that Jonathan and Becky at now we're gonna read out some of those on Friday evenings show and I'll also read out your special message to Mum as well I'm going to put it on our website for you for this weekend two special dedication from Jonathan how do you fancy getting your hands on a giant check for fifty thousand pounds where's people's Millions time again and the Big Lottery found an ITV have once again teamed up to give away five grants to worthy causes here's Kate proud with all of the details so what would you do with a giant check for 50,000 pounds well oddly feel low school and Dunstable knew what they wanted a new pool so they apply to people's millions and they won and 18 months on this is their reward I think he's nice and shiny and nice and blue but not like the other one out of green it's a bit colder than my room I'm looking for which going it well the voting we just had a massive campaign really as literally sticking Flyers through doors going to local schools and doing assemblies and talking to the children that used to come here just very much you know in a theme of the community spirit really it was brilliant two years ago the genesis green bike project in Ipswich got the green light and a check for fifty thousand pounds to help them buy equipment and a building so local people with disabilities could learn to repair and then sell on old bikes I am do the boats project I go out on deliveries and collect the bikes and bring a back and mend them and sand them and all that say yeah that's good what a good job they're doing now this year we want projects that help people get involved in their local community help people in the community who are most in need and perhaps most importantly are original and imaginative you can apply if you are a voluntary groups local authority school health body or social enterprise and here's how you can receive an entry pack call irate four five zero ten eleven twelve calls cost a maximum four P per minute plus an additional nine point three P setup fee from a BT residential landline calls mother networks may be higher and from mobiles considerably more visit WWE TV calm for slash people's millions or for those with a hearing impairment text phone on irate four five six oh two one six five nine entrance must be 18 or over lines closed on Friday the 14th of May 2010 at midday calls made after the closing time will not be counted but they may still be charged this is your chance to make the effort and make a difference okay actually it joins us now looks like great fun you must really enjoy this absolutely I love it it's the best part of my job not just because come November I'll be handing out giant checks yeah but because you get to meet a lot of people who are already doing good things in the community and kind of really passionate about making a change for the better and the good thing about people's Millions is that if you get shortlisted and you can find out in some of that happiness then we are a few media training which means you get no panic then so likes of us will teach you how to do that and how to make your project look really good on TV because it's all about the public vote is about getting people behind you and we want your project to stand out as much as you do that's what kind of give you some tips how to do that so essentially people's Millions is great fun I love it and fish Leibrandt it's a lot of money fantastic thank you very much great cause it's really good yeah right so let's see if it's gonna be weather sure with the daffs mums and the rest of us smug I've already got my Mother's Day card Kate how about you got any flowers you're gonna do a lot of birds that you to the garage it won't be right that's it from us we'll see you again tomorrow night

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