Anglia News ITV Fixers & Delia Smith Interview

Anglia News ITV Fixers & Delia Smith Interview

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ITV Anglia News 4/12/09

ITV Fixers

Delia Smith

now coming up in a couple minutes time we're gonna have Delia Smith telling us exactly what she's gonna be having for her Christmas lunch but first all this week we've seen inspiring stories about young people doing great things as I TV fixes that's our new campaign which helps 16 to 25 s do something they care about that benefits others here's a reminder what it's all about and how fixes are making a difference I TV fixes is a chance for young people to look at issues they feel strongly about something that they think needs changing and try and fix that problem we just had a group of people in today who were so excited they came here thinking that they were just going to be shooting on a little hands he can and using themselves as actors whereas in fact we sort of pride ourselves and doing really top quality professional films will get professional actors in we're using big expensive equipment and making sure that they get in the absolute best effect they can possibly get our ITV fixes projects is to produce a film on road safety my brother Steven was into bikes a lot and he had a motorcycle himself and not long ago he was involved in a motorcycle accident of a car and he died on the road he was 18 we're hoping to raise awareness by getting our ITV fix video into schools and colleges and ourselves going along and presenting that to try and add a personal touch strip we're there to offer advice support and the expertise that we've got within our team as well whether it's through a website or an event that we're organizing or a music video or documentary there are all sorts of different things that we can do and then we help them to develop that and get things moving my ITV fixes project is setting up a dance group for teenagers it's a way to sort of them one boost their confidence and to help them to lose weight without getting in trouble with diets or starving themselves or anything like that this type of clubs and like dance clubs are a good way to like support girls that are really conscious about the way they are I think the session went really really well it really does sort of is my confidence knowing that I can finally help people I think it makes an enormous amount of difference to young people's lives we're listening to them and also we're giving them a voice and a opportunity to put something right I think young people need better press and this is what I TV fixes does is was the point of ITV fix it is to show that young people are doing amazing stuff and really contributing towards our society my ITV fixes project is called artful lodgers and it to give young people in Cambridge and opportunity to express themselves on their high street there's shops are empty because of the unfortunate financial situation at the moment it's been a great advantage to the property agents because it makes their city streets look lively look vibrant and it really helps the community because we're showing what our local area has to offer I think it's girls I think I've always been god I think people are gonna stop a note quite pleased myself actor and if you want to find out more about the ITV fixers project all you want to become an ITV fix yourself here at the details yes a further information visit ITV fixes calm or call oh one double 2 36 triple 515 this is a non premium rate call and your network operator rates will apply from a bt landline calls from other networks may be higher and from mobiles will be considerably more please seek the bill payer's permission before you phone lines clothes on the thirty-first of december 2010 at five o'clock calls made after the closing time won't be answered but may still be charged I really is 2010 as well and we'll have more updates from ITV fixes in the new year now her return to our screens has brought rave reviews with many hailing her as the original and best of the celebrity cooks Delia's Christmas recipes will be baked boiled and roasted across the country over the next few weeks as the nation goes cooking crazy I caught up with Delia this afternoon she got ready to find the winner of the Aviva cook athan in Norwich I began by asking her what she'd been up to during her TV break I had a five year break then I did a project called how to choose a cooking that was two years ago which was trying to help people who you know haven't got the time to do the whole scratch cooking and that was good fun and then this one I wanted to do Christmas again or rather my publishers did because the other book and the other series were 19 years ago so it was a long long time and I think my motivation was there's lots of young people lots of people have to do Christmas for the first time and I wanted to try and kind of entice them back to do home you know take no away from the ready-made stuff and get them to really you know have a go themselves that's the cookery stuff I mean we know you've been busy obviously with Norwich Football Club we're going to come up into that in a few minutes time but also over the over the summer as well you had a particular performed at Buckingham Palace tell us about that well um that was you know a great honor obviously and my mother came with me my husband and Melanie who works with me and we all had a really good day and we were taking to the house of lords for lunch by Lord more Winnie who's the chairman of football league so we just have a thoroughly really good day and you dedicated it to home cooks all over Britain I gather yes cuz I actually Michael I said to Michael you know I don't really deserve this because you know I've enjoyed my work you know I've had ample reward for it and I don't think I really deserve it and Michael said well think think of it as a tribute to people who cook at home to home cooks and then that sort of made me you know really understand it better what about norwich city football club at the moment it's taken a lot of your time over the last few years this season things beginning to go go right for you yes we we have had three horrible years and it's been very very hard and it is just absolutely lovely now to go and see the team playing well and winning and it's heady stuff we're absolutely loving it Michael and I every minute but at the moment the top line the headline is at norwich city football club okay morrissey football clubs okay yes thank goodness well Ferengi of you is certainly as we approach Christmas now it's a question I'm sure you're asked almost every year without fail what's life like in the Delia Smith house of them Christmas Day and what's served for lunch well it's the traditional lunch we know we do turkey and we do Christmas pudding but i reckon in our house it's the same in it as everybody else's house it's a wonderful time you know and I've been out on the road I've been signing books meeting people doing phonons and the whole sort of lovely kind of builds up of you know I'm going there my mother's doing it my husband's doing this and we're all meeting and traveling and it's just a wonderful thing that that one day in the calendar you know we're all celebrating and I think that's very healthy and very good Delia thank you very much d for your time thank you oh it sounds like a lovely Christmas Day around her house doesn't it really did she give you any food to bring back for us no tips whatsoever unfortunate better no lovely lady now here's what to expect on the National use in just a couple of minutes seeing Delia on the program tonight has inspired me to try and make a Christmas really hasn't has it i'll give the gate well done you bring in the leftovers good girl right coming up next is the eye to be at national news and the england draw till tomorrow have a lovely weekend goodbye hi

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