Andrew Neil interviews Farage – 12/March/17

Andrew Neil interviews Farage - 12/March/17

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former leader of you kid natural Faraj article fifties being triggered we're leaving the EU the single market and the customs union uh what's there for you to complain about that's gonna happen and hopefully we're gonna get the trigger this week and that's good news what worries me a little bit is I'm not sure all the government recognize how strong their hand is you know just this week at the summit in Brussels the word in the corridors is that we're prepared to give away our fishing waters as a bargaining chip so the worry is what deal we get are we leaving yes I'm pleased about that and in the end you are an irrelevant voice on the deal because the deal will be voted on in Parliament and you have one MP well I think actually you're missing the point aren't you the real vote in Parliament isn't in London it's gonna be in Strasbourg and this is this this is perhaps the biggest obstacle that the bridge government faces is not what happens in the Commons it's that ultimately at the end of two years the European Parliament could veto the deal now what that means is I think we need to adopt a different approach to this we don't need just to be lobbying in the corridors of Brussels to get a good deal we need as a country to be out there talking to the German car workers talking to the Belgian chocolate makers putting as much pressure as we can on politicians from across the whole of Europe to come to a sensible arrangement after all it's in their interests even more than ours in what way is the vision of brexit set out by David Davis this morning and at other times any different from your own well listen I'm delighted that there are people now adopting the position that I argued for many many years good so you but you now but I like Douglas argue he said he found mr. Davis's performance this morning quote very reassuring but it is reassuring but and just as when Theresa May was Home Secretary every performance she gave was hugely reassuring in fact she was seen to be a heroine after her Tory conference speeches and then didn't deliver we have to see I I'm just concerned Andrew that the even before we start we're making concessions uh you've described the e use divorce bill demands a figure of sixty billion euros has been flow you said that's laughable and I understand why you're saying that but you maintained that we won't have to pay a penny to leave the EU just think about this it's nine months since we voted brexit and assuming we trigger article 50 this week and it goes on for two years net will have paid 30 billion in since the British people had a vote and said we should but we're still members but we are still members but I honestly I don't think there's any appetite in this country for us to pay a massive divorce bill there are understand there's and there are also assets my question was not a penny well there will be some ongoing commitments but the numbers that are being talked about a 50 or 60 billion pounds are frankly well you've said that it's laughable but I'm just trying to to find out if you if you be prepared to accept some kind of exit cost it may be nowhere near sixty billion and of course we have to do a net agreement as well the government briefed about our share of the European Investment Bank which is very junky yeah but would you accept a deal boxes and transitional arrangements and so on 510 billion as part of the divorce settlement all I know is we're paying in net 30 million pounds every single day at the moment ten billion pounds plus every year and that and that's just our contribution at the moment we are going to make a massive saving on this what do you make of what Anna Subaru was saying there that if there is no deal and that is now being talked about more I mean it may be the government managing expectations here there is still an expectation we will have a deal but if there is a no no deal that the government can't then just go to WTO rules then it has to have a vote in Parliament what do you make of that well by the time we get to that there'll be a general election coming down the track service anyway so I suspect that if at the end of this two-year process there is no deal oh and by the way No Deal is a lot better for the nation than where we currently are because we freed of regulations we'll be able to make our own deals in the world I think then what would happen and if Parliament effectively was to say it did not back the end of the Braxtons negotiation a general election would happen pretty quickly let me come on to another I'm gonna go back to hanasu be there on it get this to you first according to reports this morning one of your most senior aides has passed the dossier to police claiming the Tories committed electoral fraud in Thanet south they see you contested in the general election what evidence do you have I've read that in the newspapers just as you have and I'm not gonna comment on it as well you're not aware of the contents of the dossier I don't know anything about pedasi he election strategy well yes he was in then it's and and and I I am actually quite dubious as to whether this dossier exists at all I think perhaps the newspapers have got this wrong where their concerns about the downloading of data that took place from that constituency yes but beyond that we don't know anything what about the part of this downloading was allegedly he's refuted it done by mr. Carville your MP to give information to the Tories do you have evidence of that we have evidence that mr. Carswell downloaded information we have no evidence of what he did with it no no if fun and of course it's not just your aide who has been making allegations against the Conservatives in Thanet south and in other seats as well if the evidence was to be substantial and if it was to result in another a by-election being called that the election and Thanet south had to be caught again would you be the you kept candidate well I probably would you probably would yeah just probably just probably it would be your eighth attempt well do you know what winning seats in parliament under the first-past-the-post system is not the only way to change politics in Britain I would like to think I proved that very well let's go back to Anna sue Barry who was listening to that I'm assuming the implicit implication what we were seeing in the panel at the start of the show and I think what Nigel Farage was saying there would be that if at the end of this process whatever the boat the government was to lose it it would probably provoke a general election what's your no no I think that would be right because look I mean let's get real I mean the government is not going to come to Parliament with anything other than something the believes is a good deal so if Parliament rejected it which I think would be extremely unlikely then obviously it would be a fact ever a vote of no-confidence and it would be therefore within the terms of the fixed Parliament's Act and that would be it so either we should be I think I tell you what the real problem is Andrea I think more likely is that because of the stories that have been put up about the 50 billion maybe 60 billion and you look at the way that things are being flagged up they'll actually if the Prime Minister and Boris Johnson say we should be asking then for some money back I think the big fear the sort of the fear I have is that we'll be crashing out in six months you think yeah I think we could leave as quickly as six might explain that to me because I think that they will Stoke up the demand from the EU for 60 billion 50 60 billion back and my very real concern is that within six months we're we're not making much progress maybe nine months we're not making much progress and people are getting increasingly fed up with the EU because they're being told it was unreasonable demands and then we crash out and I think what is happening is that the government is putting in place basically scaffolding at the bottom of the cliff to break our fall when we come to fall off that cliff and I think many in government are actually preparing not for a two-year process but six to nine months off the cliff out we go that's my real fear I know that's very interesting I've not heard that expressed before by by someone in your position I suspect though that you've just made Nigel Farage's day before as its absorbs its a lovely thought just – ooh Bri she's really a bit out of date with all of this you know 40 years ago there was a good argument for joining the common market because tariffs around the world was so high all of that has fundamentally changed with the World Trade Organization and we're leaving the European Union Anna and we're rejoining a great big world out there it's terribly like what we're not going to do this morning as we fight the respect upon what could happen in six and nine months rather than two years but exactly we leave their super energy for as I thank you both

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