Andrea Leadsom Grilled By LBC Listeners – Conservative Leadership – LBC

Andrea Leadsom Grilled By LBC Listeners - Conservative Leadership - LBC

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Andrea Leadsom is the latest candidate to be the next Conservative leader who is facing a grilling from LBC listeners.

The former Leader of the House was second to Theresa May in the last leadership contest and is one of 13 candidates standing this time around, hoping to be the next Prime Minister.

She faces questions from Nick Ferrari and LBC listeners.

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to bring you updates of president Trump's visit he's due to land a buckin palace probably the next 15 or 20 minutes or so but we moved to something that we told you about already in the show and one of the 13 that the last time I checked who knows there may be more 13 conservatives who think that they could take over the party and indeed the country is with me in the studio to take your calls and questions welcome to the former leader of the house and real ed some conservative MP for South I'm not sure I know you as I have as well experienced some problems getting us on grateful that you showed such fortitude and diligence to make it the calls are coming in one from me first Andrea Letson I know you're committed conservative it's fair to say that it's the Conservative Party that decided to call the referendum that then failed to deliver on the referendum that had another election that I would say put them deeper deeper into a hole and yet again failed to deliver why should anyone have competence in the party again well we are committed to delivering brexit and you're absolutely right we failed to do it so far the reason for that is of course the parliamentary arithmetic which is the fault of the last general election the fact that we're in a hundred min well absolutely it's the government's fault I completely agree but of course at the time the feeling was that a bigger majority which was what the Prime Minister was going for would have actually enabled us to leave the EU so it's fully are committed policy and government intention is to leave the EU and we have to find a way to do it and I do believe that I have I do have a way that I would leave the European Union with a very carefully thought through three-step managed exit this is what you wrote about in one of the newspaper that's right not all my listeners would've had cited that I read it on the weekend that's right yeah just take my briefly through what you read in the Sun so very briefly we have to leave at the end of October and the withdrawal agreement bill is dead that's not coming back to life so what I think we should do is three steps number one introduced legislation in the Commons and the Lord's to put in place sensible measures like on citizens rights on the future for jibril to the future for goods in circulation at the point of exit introduced those bills before summer recess in the expectation that the EU will want to ratify their side of that those things were already agreed in the withdrawal agreement and they would be sensible steps step two is to ramp up preparations for No Deal to ramp up preparations for the northern ireland border and really importantly to consider a temporary free-trade agreement with the EU that we would propose that they would have to agree to that would perhaps just last for a year whilst we sought out permanent arrangements and really importantly to communicate that widely to the public to businesses and of course really importantly to Parliament so that we don't have this kind of secret squirrels thing where people don't understand what's going on and then the third step is to lead a delegation a ministerial delegation to talk to some of the EU heads of state who themselves have been clear no president macron just yesterday saying we can't have an extension beyond the end of October so they know that we're now facing a hard deadline and taking it to them suggesting here are the measures that we can put in place if the EU agrees culminating in a summit in Belfast and Dublin in September to which the proposed new commissioners would be invited they won't be in place yet but we can invite all colleagues in the EU to agree what steps we want to put in place to manage our exit at the end of October so that it's a much smoother experience for you citizens and for UK citizens I've got more questions in a moment Andrea let's make sure you can hear aver the volume is right as a that comes in from Somerset and I think it's a question related to what you've just heard from mrs. let's a neighbor go ahead good morning yes I want to know in the in the event of the New Deal brexit where do we stand with this 39 billion well I'm clearly if there is no agreement at all then we're not making any payments of the 39 billion to the European Union because there's there's no legislative means by which to do that but to fully answer your question there are certain amounts of money that we very clearly do owe that you first sort of plans for shared transactions and commitments that we've made as a part of the EU that we would of course honor and at the same time a large part of that 39 billion was to pay for an implementation period so the things that we wouldn't have IE the implementation period we wouldn't be paying for the commitments that we have previously made to the EU we would be paying for so there would still be some payments to be made but it would be significantly less than 39 billion what would it be down to do we know I mean it's it would have to be calculated I mean 39 billion was always an estimate but if you think roughly that 20 billion of the 39 was in effect to pay our net payments to the EU for the two-year implementation period 21 months implementation period and then approximately nine or ten billion was the commitments that we heard genuinely committed to signed up to and then there's another 10 billion of the 39 that you would be discussing whether that money was due or not but certainly if there was no deal then the 39 billion would not be being as of necessity paid over to the EU over you're back on yeah that's comforting to know the your proposals all sound very very sensible where could where were they published oh so I did a piece for the Sun on Sunday so you can you can see it online there but also on my website Team Lead simcom is very clearly set out there and but really what my own view on this is that we have to have a workable plan recognizing that we have to leave the EU by the end of October and looking through all of the plans that have been proposed so far I think mine is the only workable plan and of course I've had the advantage of being leader of the Commons in charge of legislation for the last two years so have been able to think quite carefully about how it could work with the timing of parliamentary sittings and so on team led some calm to get more details later thank you for that would you ever walk away though Andrea led some absolutely yes you have to be prepared to walk away you know indeed to be successful in any negotiation you have to be prepared to walk away but I do think that this talk of sort of crashing out with no deal there's a misnomer I mean take for example citizens rights in the event that we didn't have an agreement already almost all EU states have put in place their own unilateral plans for how they would look after the rights of UK citizens the the United Kingdom is putting place plans for how we would look after the rights of EU citizens so there are preparations in all circumstances for had we left without an arrangement at the 29th of March and right across all areas no deal doesn't actually mean literally no deal it just means that there is no EU UK shared multilateral arrangements in place and and my manage deck it seeks to put some of those multilateral arrangements in place Beres in Norwich Mary your question go ahead yeah I just like to know if you'd become Claude if he'd be let's become prime minister would you call a general election um hi Barry no I wouldn't I think yeah we've seen it just in the last couple of days how appalling it would be if we called a general election and enabled Jeremy Corbyn Marxist style government I don't know if you've seen the press in the last couple of days but some of their plans for taxing homeowners and and in effect taking part of your assets should you fail to pay up certain taxes that the labor are proposing I mean these things are a really disastrous you know they're plans to nationalize the energy industry to Rena tional eyes the railways I mean anybody who's lived as long as I have and who who lived through the nationalization of those industries I mean I remember as a kid if you wanted to have a telephone in a landline you had a you had to apply for it and wait for six months I mean how we've moved on since then and the thought of a Labour government taking us back to that is absolutely terrifying so now I do they well they run considerably better than they did under their days of nationalization and when you consider that the the number of passengers is something like doubled if not greater than that since the days of nationalization the services run far more to time I mean we do have a problem with with overcrowding and that does need to be addressed and in fact the government spending forty eight billion pounds on rail infrastructure and improving the services for passengers so you know it's not something that needs to improve that is very clearly there but just coming back to Barry's main point when you consider the leadership of the Conservative Party's around 125,000 130,000 whatever don't the people of Britain deserve a say with a general election well you know that was clearly at the last leadership campaign in 2016 that was the thesis that was put forward then the reality is that the that the country votes for a government that is the style of our members and it's it's fair to say that the members membership is probably going to be slightly older probably slightly more white than necessary of the whole of the country yet they get to choose that um well I think it's really important doing things like your show Nick so that people can actually hear what you're talking about and and very much you know constituents voters around the country have huge influence on MP so I've been talking to lots of MPs about my own leadership campaign and people are saying well I've consulted with my constituents and this is the kind of feedback I'm getting and so my choice of leader is going to be influenced by that so I do think that this whole national debate you know with the number of candidates we've gotten with the good efforts of broadcasters to get candidates on air so that people can hear from them is all really important I do take the point that a general election might you know in one sense be good to give people the chance again but what I actually think the priority has to be is leaving the European Union that we can we can consider what happens next once we've delivered on the last democratic mandate where the country decided to leave the EU and we have simply failed to do so and we've got to put that right Barry thank you Ian in Kettering in your question to Andrea let's um go ahead good morning yes Ian go my question is very close to my heart my family we have members families from the Netherlands and there's great uncertainty at the moment about where his security in the UK will be he he's lived here for I believe it was just over thirty five years he was a lecturer at Sheffield University and he's worked for the NHS as a senior manager in physio and what I would like to know if you became PM what legislation would you guarantee for equality rights for workers rights and the rights for those EU citizens with settled status within the UK where they're contributed so much to us but this is now for three years created so much turmoil for so many people without uncertainty that the parties created yeah and I you know I really do sympathise with your family member in and you know certainly as I said at the start of the programme it would be a top priority for me if I'm prime minister to introduce a second reading of a citizen's rights bill which would in effect enshrine the already agreed rights for UK sisters in the EU and you and EU citizens in the UK it would do the UK element of legislation in the expectation that the European Union would also want to ratify their side of that agreement so that for me sorting out the the the the terrible situation that some citizens who are caught up in this have been in would be a top priority it cannot be right that people who have made their lives in the EU or indeed EU citizens who've made their lives in the UK are still living under this weight of uncertainty so I would want to lift that as soon as possible and then to your other point about workers rights and so on you know the UK government and particularly the Conservative government have done so much more than the EU to protect the rights of workers you know we've gone far further in areas like shared parental leave in protecting the rights of workers we're looking at legislation now and to ensure that workers are protected for example when they take a maternity or paternity leave and all of those things are very clearly a part of a conservative agenda to actually make people's lives better to give them more job security and of course what we've seen is three and a half million more people in work since 2010 the highest real wage increases since 2010 and and things are improving there's a long way to go but I would dearly love the chance to put in place some of the policies that will really make lives make lives better for people in the United Kingdom liyan thank you Vikas in Hounslow go ahead Vikas all right good morning Andrea hi morning I want to ask you what your plans should you become Prime Minister what would your plans be to tackle the epidemic that is occurring regarding knife crime just to put this into context for you 18 months ago I lost my best friend he was brutally murdered stabbed to death just at the top of my mother's Road and I am in a position where subject you know you have a g1 post that event you know I have played close attention to the statistics that we Sene and it's clear it was in a debate that nice client is on the rise and I want to know if you've become Prime Minister what are you going to be doing to tackle this because this is we're losing a generation of people here and indeed unfortunately today marks the 33rd fatal stabbing in London someone who was stabbed on the weekend sadly passing away in the early hours this morning stay on the line because I'm sorry for your personal loss and rillettes thank you yes because I'm really really sad to hear that I'm so sorry I mean it is absolutely appalling the rise in serious crime in particularly in knife crime and actually I mean the government is doing a huge range of different things to try and tackle this ranging from a serious violence task force which brings together all of the police education services local authorities to try and find a way to look at serious knife crime from a public health perspective so to try and tackle not just the incidents themselves which is a policing matter but actually what's motivating people to join gangs to actually carry a knife and so on so I mean III have a particular passion for promoting far greater early intervention to provide support in the earliest years for new families and I think very often what we see is babies who struggle to form a secure bond with their parents can very often go on to have mental health problems can very often be attracted to gangs because they don't have that secure attachment so that's at the very earliest stage but later on when children get into school and it becomes apparent that perhaps they're there they're not attending school that perhaps they're hanging out with the wrong crowd or that in fact they feel afraid for their own safety so they start carrying a knife for that reason that kind of early intervention is important we've just introduced in our offensive weapons bill some knife crime prevention orders which will enable the police to actually and put wrap around prevention measures around particular individuals that they think are at risk either of harm to themselves or harm to others through knife crime so there are lots of measures in place including funding for many different community initiatives so a really good initiative that a charity that goes into hospitals where there have been knife crime incidents and talks to those particular young people who've been victims of knife crime who have survived to try and talk them into changing their lives and so on but what I would specifically do as Prime Minister is I would put in place a senior am focused perhaps retired police officer who has seen it all to actually focus on coordinating all of our efforts to reduce serious crime and knife crime I think it's only if you've got that particular focus on that with a budget to match it that you will actually start to see those numbers reduce one for the whole country do you mean yeah absolutely that sort of thing yes exactly it would need to be somebody very experienced with a lot of operational experience i I already have candidates in mind who I've met over the years and they they certainly do exist really been through the the whole they would have not necessarily policing squads but they would be doing is coordinating the strategy because what I found as leader the Commons every week I do business questions and every week the question of knife crime and how we're tackling comes up and it seems to me that we're doing a lot there's a lot that we can do but it really needs focus where you on stop and search for I bring the Vick aspect where are you on stop a social support I absolutely am well it's actually what Theresa May was seeking to do was to make sure that stop and search was fairly balanced and that it didn't unfairly penalize those who were perfectly innocent well that I think certainly policing budgets would be a priority for the comprehensive wicked Englishman you agree yeah I think we do need more police on the on the beat but we all say yeah well it's it's what was happening at the time let's let's be absolutely clear about this is we were left with an economy in absolute ruins and so all departments had to deal with doing more with less but the state of policing is changing through well the state of policing is changing and actually what we need to do is really know much more well well there's there's some other policy ideas that we can talk about but the state of policing doesn t have changed what we need to do is to look at cybercrime we need to look at how domestic violence is being tackled how the police can get more involved in prevention and I do think policing is changing but they do need more money that's a quick response of you because you suffered personally briefly sir how would you because it's touched you personally how would you handle this issue so I think that the real issue I understand your your conversation and your thoughts regarding early prevention I think definitely your point about policing is very relevant here I thinking of statistical either down by 20,000 in the out of 140,000 in the last seven has needed possibly too many did go she has except well certainly the police the police cuts and the budget cuts that they've had to take had an impact on in my mind it's undeniable an impact on lifetime but I do think your real focus needs to be on deterrence and actually making it such that individuals who are today quite comfortable with carrying a knife feeling as though there is no direct consequence of them carrying a knife I think those deterrents are you know they need to be enhanced significantly conventions are important but just making sure that individuals you know if they have a second thought that they're going to be carrying a knife for whatever reason they wink away from that idea they realize that if I get caught with a knife I potentially am going to be going to jail I think that yeah yeah completely agree and I hope and I sincerely hope everybody listening to this is is noting your words Vikas I think you are absolutely right the reason knife crime becomes a problem is because too many people are carrying knives and whether it's to protect themselves or to be aggressive if they stopped doing it then actually we would we would decrease the pressure and the appalling tragedies that are happening far too often commiseration see you again because alistair in Tottenham you're through Chandra lets them go ahead alistair good morning consequential than a the night crime a difficulties at the moment but her quickly hs2 missus lesson would you be in or out of hs2 so i have been very concerned about the project right from 2009 when it was first talked about my view is that a high-speed train going so fast two hundred and fifty miles an hour in a country the size and the geographical range of the United Kingdom is extraordinarily difficult to engineer and as sort of nine years on ten years on now the engineers are coming up with problems and there are question marks over how deliverable it is so well I would have concerns about it to be perfectly honest you know this is this is not a sort of great open plains time your country this is a this is a beautiful sort of green and pleasant land and the brakes for burning so you know I mean we do have in a sense high-speed trains we've got the the intercity trains which are themselves high-speed by most people's standards so I certainly think we need more train capacity and certainly I think the north of England needs a significant increase and enhancement in its own infrastructure but I would have a very urgent review of hs2 in terms of salary money the issue is I mean I could very very very well sit here and say well let's just get rid of it but the reality is because a huge amount of money has been spent on it there's already been a significant amount of work done to deliver it and what you do have to do with the beauty value for taxpayers money is not simply write off billions of pounds if you feel we've reached a tipping point where it's important to go home to say well that's the question that's what we need to understand it could be around it could be as much as 12 billion it could be and that's why I would want to do an urgent review I mean that figure isn't out well I certainly think I have been concerns about the project but this isn't about London we know as minded was great okay you can deny you know I'm not denying it because I have grave concerns about the viability of the project but I would spend the money on improving transport infrastructure if that urgent review found that this this particular project is not going to deliver good value for money Alistair thank you for that question Malcolm in Bodmin your question to Andrea let's amalgam go ahead good morning morning okay the government have promised the 10 billion over the next five years whatever the period is but I'm so okay with a spur exiting with this and several of the candidates look introduced income-tax corporation taxed with its other taxes will increasing so what you're going to stop what sorry your line is in and out just make the question will increasing social care and then your line when sir just finish the question really where will the money come with the reductions in tax because of exit to pay for health and social care and then there's schools there's the rest of what happens and so on okay yeah thank you your lines are so I'm gonna say farewell stay and listen for the answer but we might I'll get you back on air and realism thank you very much well first of all with the parliamentary arithmetic we're in a hung parliament and so I've seen over the last two years how difficult it is to even get statutory instruments through Parliament secondary legislation that proposed anything like a reduction in any form of tax or indeed an increase in any sort of charge so I think with a hung parliament any person who's saying well we're going to significantly drop taxes or whatever would not get that through Parliament so I think that's got to be realistic there so if we want to have a lower tax economy we need to be looking at getting a parliamentary majority at the next election to do that in terms of Health and Social Care in fact what the government has pledged is the biggest investment ever in our NHS and that actually will amount to some three hundred and sixty million pounds a week by 2020 223 which I know is a significant investment and the biggest ever and that enables the NHS to put in place its 10-year plan that will significantly improve primary care so our ability to access GPS and so on it is putting in place the biggest the 360 comes back well it's it's it is in the region of twenty three billion by 2020 to twenty three and in real terms that does amount to the around three hundred and sixty million pounds a week this is a famous figure on it happens to be rather similar to that but the this government has committed to a massive increase in the NHS budget and quite right that we do that the NHS is our most loved institution it's been rated twice in global terms as the best health care system in the world but specifically to your point about social care this is something we have to resolve social doesn't at the moment come out of the NHS budget it comes out of local authority budgets and it's contributing to the awful squeeze on local authorities so what I would want to do is to set up a permanent long lasting solution for the social care problem and what I would want to see is a cross-party Commission to work on that to report on it by 2021 because social care is something that's all about the aging demographic of our country people are living longer which is fantastic but they do need more support to live longer and we have to therefore address the issue of how that's going to be paid for and what sort of quality of care we want and that needs to be done cross-party so that it doesn't become a political football last couple of minutes together let me just ask you this and I asked Rory Stewart the same question yesterday how many MPs have you got back in you I mean your side at the moment well I I have lots of colleagues who are liking my ideas who like my plans to leave the EU who think that those are credible so what matters is how many MPs are backing me on the day you know the campaigns have only just started off and I recognize that some colleagues are very carefully listening to the hustings they've not started yet in fact I have my first hustings this evening so I'm very confident that I have lots of support very good colleagues who are interested in what I have to say what sort of number do you have a number well I don't because you know it is it's actually quite a moving feast you know people are switching allegiances they're hearing things from one candidate or another candidate that they like or don't like and so I think that there's it's it's very fluid at the moment there are a lot of candidates out there so I don't intend to give a running get you over the line this time though in what sense in terms you would actually get down to the ballot what do you think would power you what will be the idea that might get you forward well I certainly think all colleagues recognize we have to leave the European Union this is an existential threat for our politics you know we have to deliver on the referendum well now I think all colleagues do agree me with possibly the exception of Dominic but virtually all conservative colleagues and certainly the DUP and many on the Labour benches agree that we have to deliver on that referendum and so what we have to talk about is a way to do that with the least disruption but by the 31st of October about this demo going off happened Birmingham with the parents are unhappy with their children what would you say to those parents whose classes children in those classes for LGBTQ matters well in my view all children have to grow up understanding the wonderful diverse and equal society that we live in so in terms of all kinds of relationships children need to be taught in an open and a caring way by well well-briefed teachers to be able to explain relatable I think that I think that the school is right I think where I would draw a distinction so absolutely our society must be promoted as it is with its own values of equality and opportunity but at the same time the views of parents must always be taken into account and that the government's policy is that schools should consult with parents and certainly when it comes to education about sexual relationships certainly I've known for many years of secretaries herbs all kinds parents do have particularly strong views about what age is appropriate for their children to be taught about sexual relationships and I think that that's right the parents should have a say in that I just had a look at the book Assad's the betting odds for the next leader of the Conservative Party or a similar sorted number as the horse that won the Derby what makes you a better bet than Boris Johnson well I I was a passionate brick city really importantly I truly believe in the bright future that awaits us when we leave there you know I think I think he does but my my particular interest is in changing our politics so that we as the Conservative Party appeal to a much broader range of people for example I would see a top priority is tackling and addressing and leading the world in in the climate emergency so leaning into the amazing track record that we have in the United Kingdom but at the same time helping other developing countries around the world to decarbonize actually changing the world in that regard but also at home social policies that will genuinely enable people to meet their own aspirations and become the best that they can be a really big offer to young people to new families and helping people to aspire to own their own business and to get on in life and lastly please excuse me if you've already been asked this but what's the naughtiest thing you've ever done well you know I've thought long and hard about this and I'd have to urge all of your listeners not to tell my mum but it is probably when I was 16 I was going to call mall on holiday with a group of friends on a bus from Kent to Cornwall and in fact I went on the back of a Honda 400 for motorbike and at the time I was so sure I was coming accord and I feel that's a kind of safe naughty thing to talk about now that I'm a 50 it was driving the motorbike I just can't obviously great having you say taking questions and he lets them know remember the it's team let's listen to LBC where news is next Donald Trump is due to take part in a meeting with American and British business leaders at st. James's Palace aimed at increasing trade links on day two of his

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  1. Hopefully one day we will start to look back at the past for solutions to todays problems. I would have no problem seeing Andrea Leadsom head on a spike outside the tower of london. With this sort of punishment being dished out, I think we will finally get politicans who tell the truth and serve the people instead of the crony capitalists.

  2. She sounds more 'on-the-ball; and like a Prime Minister than May ever did. No wonder she is always booted out of the running early. The remoaning members of the party probably saw her as a genuine threat. Better to vote for an incompetent buffoon at the expense of the party if it means not leaving so as to protect their personal financial investments.

  3. This woman said "crime went down under Boris Johnson as mayor!" 😂🙄 What a joke!!! The sun does not shine from this Idiot mans backside. The man is dangerous. Let the country choose our Prime Minister, not Mason led people like you Leadsom!

  4. Leadsom engineers a phony exit out the back door of Number 10, and runs around the front proclaiming she was never a part of the deception and her intention was always to lead the UK out of the European Union. Turnstyle leadership, will anyone be fooled ?

    I think they need to move over for The Brexit Party and let the people decide.

  5. 5 years in prison no parole for carrying a knife…Life in prison no parole for using a knife.
    Knife crime would be stopped in a month. Same goes for acid attacks, etc etc.
    At the moment there is no deterrent.

  6. We voted to leave nothing was said about a deal. And to say we have to pay them 39 Billion for a deal. We should get money back for the Billions we’ve shelled out for the construction of the very expensive structures we help build.

  7. Not many difficult questions. How about ‘in your no deal, how would you cope with instant borders, tariffs and the Irish border?’ She also seems to able talk endless drivel with no thought at all.

  8. Any politicians who use the phrase "crashing out without a deal" will lose my support. It's leaving, not "crashing" which is a project fear term. We all know ehat side she's on.

  9. We already have citizens rights.. its called.. our Constitution.. SEE GRAHAM MOORE ON YOU TUBE.. LEGALLY WE HAVE ALREADY LEFT THE E U 29 th March… ROBIN TILLBROOK HAS THE CASE IN COURT… SEE YOU TUBE.

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