Alan Partridge takes to the streets! – Comic Relief 2019

Alan Partridge takes to the streets! - Comic Relief 2019

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Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge takes to the streets of Norwich to drum up some fundraising fun for Comic Relief. He’s joined by his trusty sidekick, Simon Denton (Tim Key).

The biggest night of live comedy and entertainment kicks off in spectacular style as a host of famous faces bring you exclusive sketches, live performances, music and stunning surprises, all in aid of Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day 2019 | BBC

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it's time to cross over to Alan Partridge.
Good luck everybody. Hopefully see you on the other side. Yeah, I know, I know that,
but they… But they say "reasonable expenses", those are the words. And they might say, "Hang
on, Alan, I think you're mugging us off here." I say, "Really? I regard that as reasonable
expenses." What are they going to say? Apologies, we're clearly having some technical difficulties
there, we'll try to get back over to Alan shortly. Alan? So I claim £430 first class
return peak travel ticket, get a mate to give us a lift, 30 quid to him, new pair of shoes,
400 to me. As if I'm going to catch the train. You know? Could you send us a receipt for
the train? Yeah… Clearly Alan is still having a few technical issues but he'll be back after
the news to take fundraising to another level. Time for something very special. Earlier we
had a few technical difficulties but fingers crossed he can hear us now and he is aware
he is on the television. We give you north Norfolk's finest fundraiser, Alan Partridge.
Make sure you pay up. That's exactly the kind of mischief, officially sanctioned mischief
we are getting up to today, getting a grandma to dress up as Elvis, or me saying I'm Alan
Partridge backwards. I am Alan Partridge but I'm not backwards! I begged to differ! I'm
just saying I don't have special needs. Half of everything you raise goes to Comic Relief.
It does indeed and the other half goes to a similar local charity. Co-founded by me.
Called Laugh Help. The conservation of roundabouts with flowerbeds on. Remember the Laugh Help
A pledge, none of our money goes abroad. There we are. Some pledges, Pamela pledged £50
if you wore clown shoes for the whole day. So when are you going to put them on? I do
though, somehow. There was £74 pledged by the kids of Saint David's School in Stafford
if you would drink a raw egg but as you have said. I don't drink raw eggs any more. You
don't drink eggs any more. I just don't. We have had an interesting one from the manager
of Richer Sounds in Norwich. I know him. £5,000 if you can organise an impromptu conga. Let's
do it! I would like to form a conger if you could all get in line. Not side by side. That's
like a Jewish wedding. Cancan at a Jewish wedding. Stand in line and gently clasp the
hips of the person in front of you. What are you doing, you dirty get! Everyone coming
together like David Cameron's Big Society. I don't know if you remember it about eight
years ago… I think we'd better hand back to the studio. We are not handing back. We
are not going to hand back. Just… Just, it's all right. Where is everyone? There is
a shop here that we could try. Do you mind if we film for Comic Relief? They do mind.
You! You! You! Is that a pepper spray? Hey, what are you doing? You could have been an
attacker. You didn't bother to ask. You are quite threatening. I tapped you on the shoulder.
Was that threatening? Come on, this whole gender thing has been going on for two years,
people have been pussyfooting around it, let's have this conversation right here right now.
Started in the corridors of the BBC and they can rip up the carpet and it might as well
be wall-to-wall egg shells. Stick your head above the parapet and you are likely to be
hit by an arrow or a stick that chooses to identify as an arrow. Sorry I took your pepper
spray, which is made from real peppers. I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that. I'm sorry,
mate! Where was I? Conger! Let's go! I forgot they closed it down, a dog choked to death
on some condoms, I think he thought they were bacon rashers. It's a pity because it would
have been a good short cut. I think there is a youth club around here. No, it is a scout
hut. Alan Partridge, scout patrol leader, 68-70, north Norfolk. Can we talk to some
of the Scouts, we need to do a conga for Richer Sounds. We are only filming from the waist
down. That's even worse! Please, I beg of you. I will have to ask somebody. Hi, Val.
What's wrong with your eyes? I ran into some bins and… Pepper spray. Great, Scouts, how
many have we got? Six, seven, eight, we've got enough! We have 15 congees, we now have
a conga quorum. Lift your knees! We have 15 congees. Where are they? Why have they gone?
I knew this would happen. They probably conged off to chicken cottage. Maybe Richer Sounds
will still give us the money. They have said they won't. Back to whoever is doing it this
year. I hate Comic Relief.

42 thoughts on “Alan Partridge takes to the streets! – Comic Relief 2019”

  1. I'm not enjoying how nasal he's going with his nose in his new skit's // series, really over doing it, just not as funny as the season's in the hotel and on the trailer 🙁

  2. Funniest part of the entire night. The rest was absolute dog shit as usual from the BBC. Just a long boring show bringing out none celebrities and cringeworthy jokes and comedy sketches. Also, will someone please get Paddy McGuinness off the TV, he's not funny, he's never been funny, he's the biggest Peter Kay rip off in the Country and comes with 0.2% of the comedy value. He was the cringiest talking point of Sport Relief and I think the entire Country was stunned to see him get a presenting place on Comic Relief this year..let the Paddy see the bin ffs.

  3. Comic relief. A bunch of well off people, asking for low paid peoples money. One of many scams. Most of the money doesn’t even go to the people it’s meant for.

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