A revolution in gluten free bread = the ultimate sourdough loaf

A revolution in gluten free bread = the ultimate sourdough loaf

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A 100% gluten free sourdough loaf that looks, tastes and even smells exactly like its wheat based counterparts. No eggs, soya, nuts, dairy or gluten means it’s perfect for everyone! This is a revolutionary loaf and now available to buy directly from me at my Leeds farmers markets (Currently Kirsktall Deli Market), by collection in Leeds or by mail order anywhere in the UK by emailing [email protected] . Visit my website www.msitu.co.uk for more gluten free recipes and to find out about my courses.

this is my newest creation my sourdough gluten-free loaf now most people don't quite understand why it is as amazing as I say it is so I thought I'd do a little video just to show you this is what it looks like on the outside it's absolutely gorgeous but the thing that's remarkable about it is how it looks tastes and feels exactly like it's wheat based counterpart if I show you the bread it's really really flexible I can bend it like that without snapping anywhere I can flap it about as I would if I was putting together a sandwich or buttering my slice of bread and it doesn't snap it's got a fantastic moist crumb that's not really really dense like the usual butan free breads it's got a chewy crust that is something I missed so much through my years of not being able to eat wheat and the best part about it is that it stays fresh for ages this is a slice that I cut off the bread yesterday it's been sat in a bag separately but in a bag for a day and you can see that it's not dried out it's not gone hard it's not gone crusty and weird it's still exactly the same as it was when I first sliced it and the thing that's the most amazing about it is that this isn't a loaf I'm plates yesterday or even the day before this is a loaf that's three days old now and it's still just as incredible as on the day I made it and that's why I think that might be looking free bread is quite revolutionary

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    Your digestive system can not digest that imitation food and you'll be in trouble if you keep eating it because you'll end up with a blockage in your intestinal track. You'll be constipated and cause an infection. Youll feel cramps, bloating, and youll be miserable. Then you'll have a life long battle trying to get better, and doctors will prescribe dangerous medications, and have even more problems.
    If its three days old and it's still the same then you should not eat it, because it has way too many preservatives in it.
    If it was natural it would go stail in a few hours, or at least start to change its consistency. Your bread is a flop. Go get some natural I ingredients and start over.
    Or, you can be smart and not eat bread at all.
    It's your life, do what you want.

  2. YouTube is not a market place. Generally people put stuff up here to help the "community" – this just frustrates us all. Not good for your brand that is it? I would replace this with something a little more constructive (dare I say honest) or just take it down.

  3. By the way, the recipe doesn't seem to be on her website either. But there are some other interesting recipes. The chia seed flour recipe bread on you tube (which I mentioned below) is mostly combined with buckwheat flour, and it looks very good. Sorry, I don't have the link available.

  4. Apparently the recipe is proprietary. Sometimes, people feel very protective of their inventions, but I would encourage her to put the recipe into the public domain for the good of a large number of persons who would love it and appreciate the generosity of the inventor. It's a little like a painter who keeps his paintings hung on his own walls and doesn't allow the world to view them.
    There are some nice gluten free recipes on youtube that use chia seed flour, and for those who want to experiment, I think that would be a good place to start.

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