9 NEW MODS FOR FARMING SIMULATOR 19! (and a hidden mod)

9 NEW MODS FOR FARMING SIMULATOR 19! (and a hidden mod)

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9 New Mods Released For Farming Simulator 19 On PC, Xbox1, & PS4

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what's going on everybody DJ go him here welcome back to the channel I hope everybody's having a great day and if you're not sit down because you're about to have a great day we've got seven new mods for farming simulator 19 and all of these mods are for console but for PCs well but they're for console that is the most important part here we have the Brent Avalanche auger wagon we have the Amazon Pantera sprayer we have a vehicle shelter we have a bell fork we have the Fort Street III o3 mowing pack as you can see the classic mowers ring front of us we have a hayloft and we have a chrome rear wait unfortunately the rear wait does not make it possible to hook up any other trailers nonetheless we're gonna go through each one of these in detail let's take a look at them first up we have the Brent Avalanche 1596 now this is a bad boy right here it's got a 53,000 litre capacity let's jump down into auger wagons check it out right here BAM 53,000 litre capacity requires 300 horsepower you can get it in a standard wheels or you can get it in a crawler track Carl track is gonna cost you an extra eight grand this thing is cool is really cool it will hold wheat barley oats canola sunflower soybeans corn seeds and solid fertilizer very very cool so once you're in it take it along so we've got the John Deere 8400 are right here oh yeah I got some back boy right here so once you're full let's say we've got wheat which we do simply pull around to your semi truck without hitting much of anything like we are and pull right over and it will automatically dump into your cement truck very cool I like this this was one of my favorite auger wagons from farming simulator 17 and it is back in nineteen next up we have the Amazon Pantera 40502 you're gonna find this in sprayers crop protection BAM there it is you can do either herbicide or liquid fertilizer it's got 218 horsepower goes 31 miles an hour 30 to likely holds 4500 litres has a working speed of 9 miles an hour and he working width of 41 meters this is a house it is a true Hoffs bump-out we have our liquid fertilizer here on the ground we're gonna go ahead and load up with this we're gonna head into the field I'll show you how to use this if you're curious this is a four-wheel steering vehicle so do keep that in mind if you're wanting to get into tight places where you just can't get that hearty because it's only front-wheel drive well just got right here all we'll steering very cool sprayer is in the back let's let this unfold certainly an ordeal in it there we go so it's done we can raise and lower all we want and simply turn it on there you go now you've got a 41 meter sprayer going nine miles an hour not quite 15 it's still good nonetheless up next we have a vehicle shelter by grassland mods it's gonna cost you forty eight hundred dollars not too bad not too bad I mean it looks really good you've got the redzone there with the with the wood and the white here and the concrete the contrast on this is extraordinary I have to say that shout-out to the mater on this one the contrast in the look of this it's that red that just really makes it pop looks like it does have some lights I don't think we will be able come on let's see let's turn on our help window here it doesn't look like we're able to cut them all so I make the assumption that at night they turn on we will double-check that but nonetheless very very good-looking mod you're gonna find this in sheds and then you're gonna click over to the right all the way through these euro tunnels and they're right there $4,800 it's gonna cost you five bucks a day I am easy next mod we've got is a lizard Bell Forks as with this belfort from lizard you can transport round bells the bell fork is very cheap for purchase additional color configurations are available price four hundred dollars right here here it is this is by sway to roll modding apologize if I didn't say they completely right but very cool nonetheless so we've got our silage bill here we have our bell fork here what we're gonna do is we're gonna turn it on we can raise and lower this no fine controls back it up put it in when we're done set it down and pull away really really neat little guy right here super easy super cheap you were going to find this in baling technology you're gonna click over TC Bell fork four hundred bucks change the color the color is an extra two hundred dollars do keep that in mind so it's gonna cost you 600 bucks to get this thing with the repaint still nonetheless very cool mod works perfect next up we have the Fortran II 303 pack this pack includes a self-propelled mower as you've got the mower window ER and tedder which is super cool aha yaaaa so this is your self-propelled mower right here what we're gonna do is we're going to detach from the eo2 5 mower we're gonna grab a hold of this BAM fold it up bring it around and we're gonna see if we can get a little bit of mowing done here back this up so it looks absolutely perfect bring it down turn it on there you go there is your mower now we are gonna turn this on to see if we can change it up any let's see total map size I don't see anything about doing anything other than just a swath drop so you will be just swath dropping this but still nonetheless very very cool very very cool once you are done mowing whenever that may be you go ahead turn your mower off and you move it to the side because next we have this guy right here this is gonna be your Tedder let's take this bring it over see if there's any different controls that we're not used to yet lower it turn it on and roll up and what this is gonna do is this is going to plop out pay for us so yes this is a Tedder and kind of just shoots it out the side which is kind of interesting I've never seen one that shoots the hay out the side nonetheless still cool so cool I like it let's bring this here here is our third option this is your window or so once you have thrown the hay everywhere bring through here we're gonna come around backwards so we could put this back in the area where we mowed so you're gonna lower it and turn on your wind row you done fold uh-oh we need to unfold it first there we go now we can turn it on so this is not really picking up the whole swath I've tried to stay out of it I've tried to stay out it so it looks like you're gonna have to follow right on that edge if you want to get this up at all nonetheless still a good-looking bud still works great let's go jump in and check these out in let's go check these out at the store you're gonna go into mowers and you're gonna find your mower here you could change your rim color from white to kind of a baby green on this may be very very pale green or a very very vibrant and bright yellow configuration you go standard which is blue you go brown or green or you can go green with the white top so you don't have that brown icky looking tough that's what I've going with and I think it looks really really good next you're going to jump into mowers and you're gonna find your mower right here you can change your rim color to the same room colors and your main color to these same colors as before there you go very cheap fifteen grand for that next you're gonna go into Tedder's you're gonna find your fortress header in here twelve thousand dollars change up the color for free and last but not least jump into wind roars and you can find your winner over here same thing and this is going to cost you twelve thousand dollars as well once you've got your hate collected you're gonna need somewhere to put it right well we have a hayloft from in SMT and cartas modding come over here it's gonna give you the symbol BAM unload what's cool about this oh nothing that it holds two million five hundred thousand liters of hay or grass or hay or straw not grass no only straw or hay aka dry grass this is massive unfortunately you can't use it for anything I can't get in here like we could probably break in like this use an the no collision mod but I mean look it's a completely empty building and I can't open the doors we could use this for storage dear mater hey if you're watching this up in the doors just just let us in that's all just just let us in and it'd be cool because then it could be a shed and a hayloft oh that would be awesome we want that yes yes nonetheless this is wanted and needed let's take a look at this why is this important DJ we've already got one of these silos hayloft right here holds 250 thousand litres nine thousand dollars it holds straw and hay as well what's the dealio yo well this thing is a hundred and fifty thousand dollars so it's more but it holds ten times the amount for not dead dumb soap not even twice the price not even twice the price holds ten times email Paul you can place this guy down anywhere again there's no plumber here it will put down a kind of a dirt ground around it so do know that but nonetheless that is cool and then of course if you want to know how much you've got in storage it will tell you there you go forty-eight thousand liters out of five hundred thousand liters or you get it BAM that is cool I love it thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you this is a cool mod so we all like to put the nine meter header on the back or the front rather of our chrome big X five eighty however you get a lot of sag in the front a lot of droop see how much that makes that go down well there is a solution now introducing the chrome rear wait yes simply pick it up and it balances itself up and it looks good it it looks like it's supposed to be there only problem is there's like no hitch inside that makes it look great none the less it is still cool the mater has said that it is not completely done so we can probably look for some updates in the future piston looks good unfortunately this does not add the ability dad any extra trailers so if you're looking at this just for that one feature alone it doesn't have it so if again if the monitor is watching and giants let you and if you're able to if you can make this story we can put trailers on this this weight will become everyone's favorite mud and farming familiar 19 I guarantee it it is up Luca and gamer 82 5 0 30 to maybe 250 that's what that is it is very very cool it still works nonetheless and it looks good that is on the back of the 580 here it is on the 1180 it looks part of the thing it looks like it's supposed to be there like look look at it with it not on there it just doesn't look like it's supposed to be now but Brian sometimes it if God looks good we got lucky with the mods today Giants you did a good job today you did a good job we still don't have everything we want but we've got some really cool stuff I am digging it if you want this you're gonna go to weights and you're gonna go pretty much all the way to the right just like every time chrome back weight 1,800 kilograms that is a heavy heavy weight it's gonna cost you five hundred and fifty bucks there you go Giants has removed the hayloft from the mod hub completely it is just not there anymore I'm not sure why there's gotta be something wrong with it or the Mater has said hey um Paulette Paulette Paulette no something's going on I can't tell you what it is because I don't know I'm gonna try and dig a little bit see if I can do some research and find out what's going on but nonetheless the hayloft is not on mod hub right now at the time of according this was on here for consul but unfortunately like I said it is gone it has been removed if you were able to get it in the first of the 30 45 minutes that it was out that's awesome if not I to apologize I have this on PC and on PlayStation still so we're sort of school later just post as mod for you guys to send it if you've got PC I'm sure you'll be able to find this on a couple sites console players just hang tight I'm sure something was wrong they wouldn't just pull it for no reason so keep in mind we've got something's up with this so if you do have it play around with it see if you can break it see if you can find out exactly what's wrong with it or maybe they just didn't want to release it yet I couldn't tell you well guys that is gonna be it for today I hope you've enjoyed if you did please drop a like you don't please subscribe you have any questions about the mods that we have shown off today let me know down in the comments section I'll be happy to help you guys out with that being said I hope you have a great day enjoy these mods we'll see you later peace

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  2. The krone weight says in the description it has trailer coupling so why would they put it out if it's not finished? Don't get me wrong I like the game but it's not as complete as 17 is.

  3. Hope the loft comes back. I have bought 2 in game hay lofts before starting to pile it into barns on marwell manor. I want the one that holds silage and grass for console also.👍👍👍

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