July 15, 2024

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55% of UK workers have quit a job within just 12 months – most blaming ‘bad management’

A new study has found that 55% of people have quit their job within 12 months of starting.

Citation, an HR and Health & Safety support company, conducted a survey of 1,000 people to find out what the most common reasons were for new starters to leave a job within the first 12 months and to see what could be done in businesses to lower the staff turnover rate.

Within the poll, Citation found the industries with the highest staff turnover were retail, education and the healthcare & social sectors whilst mining and real estate were amongst the lowest. The most common reasons for employees leaving their job within a year were bad management (68%) and hostile environments (61%).

Overall happiness rates within a role were also lowest amongst those aged 45 and over, with men being the most unhappy. Out of the respondents that said they felt anxiety at work, 63% of men recognized feeling anxious from their last position compared to only 38% of women.

Richard Holmes, Director of Wellbeing at Westfield Health, says that listening to what matters to your staff and reflecting those priorities leads to retention.

“Having a company culture that supports physical and mental wellbeing is key to a productive, engaged workforce with low turnover, as each employee has different motivations that drive them.”

Benefits such as annual leave, bonuses and sick pay were seen as the most valuable amongst those surveyed. Alan Price, an HR expert and CEO of BrightHR, notes that this may be down to newer expectations from millennials who are after roles that offer higher rates of flexibility.

“Helping staff maintain a stronger work/life balance through flexible working hours gives them more opportunity to pursue commitments outside of work, such as raising a family, and can be a significant incentive for them to stay in the company.”

Citation helps small and medium-sized businesses localize their HR, Employment and Health & Safety services for many industries to ensure a positive, professional and productive team and workplace.