June 17, 2024

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Jolt, ‘The Career School’, launches in London

Jolt, the co-learning spaces where professionals learn how to future-proof their career from world-class experts, launches in London this week.

Jolt allows professionals to learn together from international experts; enabling today’s workforce to future-proof their careers through practical classes and affordable, ‘gym-type’ memberships. Originally founded in Silicon Valley, Jolt offers valuable sessions to those who want to acquire or strengthen skills to benefit their careers. Once signed up, students use the Jolt app to gain access to a wide variety of classes taught by experts in purpose-built Jolt Rooms™.

Jolt is the first physical co-learning space of its kind, filling a gap in the market that offers a new tailored solution to adult education. At a time where people want more from their learning and networking opportunities, and where workplaces aren’t keeping up with the needs of employees, Jolt arrives in London to help people accelerate their careers, aligning people with like-minded others to meet, network and grow their knowledge together.

In the pre-launch registration phase, over 1,000 people applied to be approved for the first January batch of 100 seats. Members include employees from the likes of TransferWise, Google, Facebook, ex-Skype, McKinsey and Citi Bank, as well as a number of founders of early-stage British start-ups.

Based on the applicants to date, the average Jolt user works across the design, tech, marketing or finance sectors, is typically interested in learning more about technology and loves their current job but has a passion for learning more. They feel the training and development offered at their current place of work doesn’t suit their learning style, and doesn’t offer what they need to progress in their chosen field, leaving them feeling unfulfilled and searching for a better solution to progression.

Talks and sessions currently in the pipeline include ‘Making Wicked Hard Product Decisions’ by Gibson Biddle, former VP of Product at Netflix, ‘Mastering PR as a Technology Startup’ by Ben Goldsmith, Founder & Director at Goldsmith Communications and former Head of PR and Content at Balderton Capital, ‘Instagram Marketing Like a Mastermind’ by Natalie Franke, ex-Google employee and founder of the Rising Tide Society, ‘How Community Can Help Advance Your Career’ by Abadesi Osunsade, Founder of Hustle Crew, and ex-manager at Amazon and Groupon and ‘Working Less, Creating More & Designing a Career That Works for You’ by Emma Gannon, best-selling author of The Multi-Hyphen Method.

JOLT’s first campus opens this week in Liverpool Street, with the second campus opening in Soho in Summer 2019. Those interested in registering to be in Jolt’s second batch, which stars in February, can visit london.jolt.io to apply.

Dion McKenzie, UK Regional Director of JOLT, commented:

“Jolt’s mission is to reinvent learning and we’re thrilled to bring those benefits to professionals across London. Traditional learning methods are failing to meet consumer demands for ongoing and constant learning that benefits you both personally and in a professional capacity. Whether we’re improving people’s understanding of their own career path and interests, simply teaching a new skill or refining a targeted approach to learning, Jolt offers an environment where people can learn from world class experts in a tailored way and get feedback from peers – allowing them to build a valuable professional network outside of work.

“Employees want and need to constantly develop their skills, and Jolt solves this problem with stackable classes that fit around an individual’s lifestyle.”