2019 Newcastle RL Major Semi Final – Western Suburbs v Central Newcastle

2019 Newcastle RL Major Semi Final - Western Suburbs v Central Newcastle

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like injuries to number one hello major semi-final between the whistle is Rosetta's and the central Newcastle butcher boys Clarabel in ecology this afternoon and making as they do on the mic he's Kurt Gregory good afternoon – good afternoon walk it should be a beauty this one you've clean working during the day and then we can sort of relax but they'll break you into this one how do you think this is gonna pan up you know commissions out there today are actually a quite warm the sun's out sunny day here at Harker over on West old boys day central are on a massive role from their last few weeks heard a couple of good winds West will be hard to beat here at home though the blue and whites they went on the field I'll quickly care through the teen Wis at fullbacks Cameron Anderson the wing is at Brit boffin and Josh Allison innocent have cooked on a home in Ryan Millgate Absalom cook in Bret Murray and in the fall we have Vitaly refika and bread Russell Cody Brian's Mitch Williams Matt : and it's home to Manor on the bench we have blue Kerrigan Ethan Campbell Tyler Dhoni and Don Murphy thanks Phil wounds so the referees just making any way out onto the field Rosetta's still in the sheds the winner of this would go straight into the grand final loser get a second chance against the sis not go in us talk about runs the going us there on a pretty good run at the moment I'll be looking forward to this question I'll probably hope that it goes into extra time I wonder still waiting for the western suburbs Rose able to come out on the field although we do you think at fullback in Welsh utopia and it seems that that tire and game genotype and Luke watch and the forwards of time of people once you explain boots at the table Ryan Walker and danced on the bench Sam Keenan our Lantry marc dopher and Matt Herrmann at least two fewer to fire I should say as a light scratching coming in to replace you see the raziel is on the field Parker oval looks a treat this afternoon bathed in sunshine bit cool in the shape it's are absolutely lovely in the Sun so it'll be central kicking off running left to right and we're underway bread Murray gets the kick straight in towards a silence a dodgy will pump for machardie out there and fight start perfect star for the butcher boys we matheson this afternoon touch judges are Nathan Everly and Billy Greatbatch and in the ingo you say Cameron Smith and Brent odd we always knew Karen Smith wasn't referee you know he's got a touch judge he's Millgate first hit up for the match miss tackled centerfield 15 out goes in the dummy home Murray yeah Tom Madden a great game last week saw the winning try for the butcher boys just a cold eight meters out from the try line Murray help the back to Cork you kept the runners there got crew coming out to the right hand side now balls going out the back if we can picks it up and he straightens up he's held on the ten meter mark coming up this right hand side for it cook forward it's the first try this afternoon and Mozilla stoppable once for a sec therefore the butcher boys better yeah you see Brad toy racing up out of the London in 2019 you know I'm I'm just psyched for the wine and the determination got him across there I think the battle at this game will be won in the first 20 minutes whoever can get on top for the first 20 will definitely have the momentum going so Marie it's very joy a little their arrival just attacks it but it's just going across the face so it remains for Neil but you've always leave here two minutes of play it's interesting it would have backed Mary to keep that conversions keep plenty of goals things career here at Harker it's been a few years on the red and green so shadow Donald get us back underway it's show barista Tom Madden the try story filter brought down 15 out from his own tree line as Williams guys for around Marie Rose it was in the tech when the driving you back what your boys and haven't had a good run against West this year around a live in the last met in July arose it was 161 kneel at the moment I've got a pet out of here another people back up through got time off did you see what happened they could didn't say what happened but it looks to be Mitch Williams clutching at his neck maybe please okay it's like the poles just being put on report it's been staying the course is to skip up that's what you hear for us what we've had a big bucks for correctly before just a little held up here at the mine Margrave scores from today ladies leaked ankus morning all the put your birds in 18 million slaves United at the feet of West 22:12 in Oakland great whereas there was eight mill over carry and reserve great there's a rose Ella's victory sixteen quote me on that one so it's going to be a thing cable will come on the reply experience what your boys could be playing with six days and the rest of the game touch that fire saw it with the boys get on the way don't hurt he's 44 he's on trial on winding a dummy half cable with his first run edge of that cricket wicket it's Tom madam inside ball Calma grass all the balls come loose Anderson's picked it up the referee says six to go gets the pass away covers with it now – poo started there to wrap you might think up a lot of minutes you got seven minutes last week the big front on Murray short pass there Russell it's not BorderFree cap from the treeline which appoints looking for their second quarter you'll be out the kick is up quickly and they've got it all somehow I've got loose don't make too many more leaders on that plate madam was one on one that Bill Gates build it now and Ryan Walker's clean to that the play on the twenty have put into the turf hironaka we get back the NSF are you across from does well with the 20 Josh Allison comes off his wing to help out dummy how Ryan Millgate stronk game last week for the butcher boys as well Granberry put this down filled out of the head of a Donnell he's gonna fall in touch well the bad kick day from that regard but crowding here this afternoon at Hargrove all turned up like it's a cracking day and we spent the morning at the beach wandered over I think this break here may fight the West letting them gets it again bride Maria after bread marry funny touched western Iowa group and look to get out of there any off essential it's been quite a bit of Tom can't be down there end back on the white damn short of 20 I was on the wing up in fact his Mali food she took those previous it up its Cooper took advantage of a white headband always makes it easier for the caller Walsh since I bought a shillings or gets through the line but just falls over Bridget on behalf Walsh does a dummy look for Anna links up with the injuries now there's a bit of space out here for you chuck it kicks back in filled with bread tires there but Ethan cooks underneath it though balls come loose or our zilla's pick it up [Applause] which boys would just slow things down here in Maui with one touch on the white often with the rough boy at Matteo take a candle I have a half-white carry that I'm as bad sighs they're coming up the right-hand side fake up straight up Walsh that's enough to bring him down but help with language and Walker some stones in the tackle to hang on to that to the left-hand side Murray step this down towards the corner almost getting bounced away from that and then Russell they come again [Applause] we'll sort something out the dangers now oh yeah for a little skater from dummy ha exactly from Berkeley Cup Cody Brian helping you on the quick play the ball language saw it Welsh blinking up actually up the back to try again dolls with it linking up here with Walker Walker one-on-one the girl gave creates the overlap yeah back in feel-good Welsh put this to the sky underneath the runners are coming through you take that from going on unfortunately they're okay on a hey wait with the Allen pressure back on the butcher boys the butcher boys haven't really been testing in their defense as of yet there will be a first opportunity for Western ascending the field to see how central respond scram will pack I ain't made of water Mississip take me up the ashes with it for running links up before you start no bike more cuz I've measured they start that before Ron Wolcott adds another try to excelling she little playing from the scrum to add the extra zero quite warming up there in the middle 40s alright you reckon read earlier today how will stay out the little the cricket pitch is really hard as expected here at half rival it's a wash pit or it is rock hard Gepetto ball first most responding slightly taking their time because both teams Atlantis through some informal period taken Ange in this afternoon I shop walking the Newcastle Rugby League while she strikes it nicely straight between the sticks so the Brazil is leave the pitch Ettore 6-4 you're the major semi-final on bar TV sports 20 of 40 happening around the place study the camber Rugby League grand final he said the Illawarra record League grand following boy it's a messy thing there's seven Singapore tomorrow he gets us back on the way thank you go silent I love cooking with jobs back at the line movie Selma 20 blowing shillings the veteran straight a cook Brian said to wrap him up so the fake in the tackle Ling breach the one hand pick up for most reforms woke up start a new guy gets you instant the attack will be a runaway from Brian another quick play the ball referees caught time off Brad Russell looks like he's come off second best just think he's Cody Bryan spun around and they hit him in the me maybe a hyperextension please can't see Mitch Williams on the face looks like he's afternoon's I have a central time to lose another one another breaking play here grab muscles okay I think there's one stocky just like for this man so song back to his feet which is great news back on the white cheese if they could Brian Russell see out as well coming up to the left here so I will put this high again and tested for Allison does well change for the rose Ella's 9 mil gate down 25 up in his own line that dummy weight to it down the short side corner thereby growing bigger so Ben stone in the tackle last tackle for central Bradbury establish down the loss a corner so I'm just going to pull up does we bent by a wall of blue and white down 15 half of his own line Hooper's you dusty Utley on the 20 it was penalty here saw at the 10th dryerballs for foreign touch on the far side a bad kick on the 40 no opportunity coming up here for whisks yeah trick play they from the raziel is almost going to touch but before I can be sure to clean it up he was surprised but I have to mean why Welsh worked down 28 from the lawn the rosette was on the attack shillings so I bought her well she links up here with time to beta short of the char line another penalty here I think cool just so we're able to play the ball sort of six coming after you for resilience Schilling's wake up again as across Bellefonte Stein yeah it comes loose maybe to say the point or not Brosius with it runs them floors for parts easy class for pet Natalia to scroll across and the Roosevelts get their second it was two opportunities down here and they've come away with points as ever showing more they were the morning premieres this year fighting back she'll find them I get I'm just thinking put your boy sit down with sixteen made up the money so I'll do that way for the rest of the game a much to chatters everything on the rare for me they struggling get much anything beside the gang game I didn't saying that I can still see the centrist first any change card so which indicates that which ones maybe offer HIA like we'd be singing back Ryan Walsh 12v from touch on the far side here straight into the Sun Stark's it nicely touches like it does extend their lead for business class and Community Council regularly have you enjoying the cabbage here on fire TV so the winner next week using to the green formal the loser board next week in the freedom finalist aqua blue that's it so Jon over so Murray again with a restart from the supporters obviously put your boys supporter down Chili's struggling the Russell also in there over the top we go padlet area mr. özgür for the resemblance he played the bowl again for language take advantage Maserati will raise water penalty do you say Brad might get caught behind the cable there and then got involved from the five cents so those four for a touch of a fire sort an opportunity here for versus Tomiko food walk down the 40 started a liquid drum roll damn boy 3 what your boys in the top Walsh so I pour the wine while she a good settle down low it's calm manager made-up shadow Donald had to be made east we cross again running to the line they think cameras got it where's Elvis 15 you out from the try line play the ball in stone just get a strike almost gets through walk down two meters off from the line – typical westerns McDonald put it on the table red ties chasing off with Allison's near the diffuser job here people sit there from the roses so you're just taking the time to restart join it little bit of shade down there in the corner restart Molly's got it it's a bit of space behind the 20 those boys a backup halfway gone straight up the unit what is underneath that shillings carrying forward showing to play this on the 30 started well Schilling Schilling stresses his way through a couple and he's brought down food playing out from the try line up numbers both sides language goes for a little run price khufu except was Ryan while she puts it on the floor here and a runners come through that's gone dead [Applause] central are just making their first change we have Luke Harrigan going onto the field and whoops being a number 10 Brad Russell dropping out the back but we still have no mutual lands back to the sidewalk any change right so about 22 minutes marry with the restart bad drop yep very good drop me out here I was have to go back cause I'm 32 fail base you talk we reach out a dummy half quickly while or steps inside just inside the butcher boys half a degree that Welsh as the growing most of Ryan Walker well snap that's around Harrigan it's still going Luke Welsh just passed a couple of more now puppets out ears with it double bumper wait get to offload away you go it is just got a hand to it blank and raises up with another full set the Roselle is on the 20 Walsh Cooper atom line team up benched out of it still play on blue balls look at steps inside comers trying to grab even since hot potato here from the Rosetta's now Ryan wells behind the ground no gate went for the intercept if you're here put your boys supporters in the mirror Vic smart getting a bit frustrated but the ROI call from the rest butch boys have done a lot of defending since the first so they dominated down there round the motor set it all just one-sided up with the number five for about the sprung just to have a 27 minutes don't come back with a scrum Mitch Williams is walking back down on the floor but seems to me his potential at all wears on the attack against shillings fact its patent attorney it's out here take to uh playing the ball and we're on the way Luke Walsh linking up inside comes the big number ten shillings you gotta meet her out from the Troy line against the keudboon throws it up the back to row Donnell and challenge on over strong across for the Rosenthal try another good try for the Rose Emma's just a bit tricky there at the back Wescott or 16 full over the pizza count talk about a number one can i Donald like Beach Boys just missing some ball hopefully Dom Murphy can spark something now that he's come under the fort which is if Tommy mavin may have come off the back and don't know if he was now on so they will kick out look in that no means region some questions there only one rugby league ball out there tonight just supposed to be taking an age to get to the kicker they lost a couple today can say the West ball boys playing down here on the close side with a football that could be one you it's Brad Murray so central may have just thrown one away to try and slow it down a little bit Luke Walsh he strikes it step 18 for girls three four three two take Warren shillings coming from the fields with the restart drives the slope okay and Tyler Cooper as he's done all afternoon it's the first heat up it's mark – for what Luke Walsh up here at Brad tie your gates Gotti so in there whilst been starting brought down on that Krieger pitch Luke Welsh no options and Gaston Ryan Walsh she cuts back infield and bumps off for a fika actually he's brought down last tackle now for West's lost goes to the sky ones underneath it to fill just over in it and it's been picked up here by chant O'Donnell we've got 60 go for West's so again the butcher boys can't get their hands on the ball Utah as for good little run out the middle 20 sake babies after the line sprint deep feeds of a left stone out the back to Walsh making out with Roy and walk up visit away linking up with Lane bridge in fines metalia a charity all run to the line and take them on is wrapped up Rosetta's on the attack they go down the short side when Lane bridge is over and we're skip therefore for the afternoon alex lane bridge out of dummy half he has he's named at the score shows central just been stabbed a position for last 20 minutes since they turn over the ball gentlemen lon I need something sparking it's pretty good that's a good first start from West what's the first couple of minutes is pretty early but after that shaky start it turned things around it's 22 the fall still 10 minutes remaining on the clock we have had a couple of stop it just it's the the viewers know at home that the yeah of course just a guy oh my gosh a song with conversion maybe I'm just being too critical other kiba's it is warm out there they do need a break but Herman now on the field for atomic ooh-hoo-hoo comes from so we'll strikes it she's waving away 22 points to for the rozilla zone at the ball for the last ten minutes so the butcher boys just taking their time in this restart so maybe blue quartz do them a favor they're giving you a bit of a break so Murray again with a restart towards that Sun the time it holds up nicely for a doll who was there we broke down just ivories team and that Herman with his first touch to the left hand side for Luke well she finds walk up walk it's been it was touched there from Brian Millgate as we get six again so I think the last two times the butcher boys have touched the ball in general play there's been a intercept attack from where I mill game I'm not sure if that's a stack but we'll make it work and if you wanted to make it through I believe Britain was over the far side doing the same thing back on the white for you good charge first up come G Salah we got same like Miley for you and apply this on halfway it's audio County are still going bursting in the tackle just going off he's mine they're mine Luke Walsh don't eat so the line finds home and inside and drop down within gambling the time a thicker and attacking the blue cross again any of options each mark to throw up defense is their last tackle now for West's that can be on this short so Brian washes with it what's it on the turn in if it goes well the central finally get the ball back in their hands Josh Allison was a cross field he's brought down or we out from his own draw alone now they've made a mistake from dummy half it's becoming a nightmare half near for the butcher boys for our Phil Williams he was doing it tough last week so just I have a fogginess McCall halftime and the Rosetta's have another opportunity company on the short side again I'm Welsh looking at with Ty Nelson's got him wrapped up two meters out from the tree line now twice filled it in for the creek play the ball butcher boys survive I'll take the time packing this game anything massive relief there from central I think every time west of attack there one from supply guess it's back on the white leave them candle ones across fail if I'm Italia so Andrews helping out Brian Wolfe Harrigan school wrestling a good run from young move Harrogate to the 20 Calma it's not quickly we'll eventually play it sleeker and straight at language right there from the front he's mowing through the hands linking up he out Donahoe I was brought down just short of half wait last tackle for central off the minute dummy half is Mari I'll do a bit of pressure gets the kicker way here to pick it up put your boys there on the tackle friend the tackle donees on the field it's a good run here for you dummy half goes Chad O'Donnell bumps away from Harrigan edge of these court there by downing and bright quick runny other dummy half goes Lane bridge its away from one tackle I know the penalty here for obstruction so I laid off therefore the butcher boys it's not looking good for Mitch Williams early news is two broken ribs good afternoon Mitch Williams mary Fallin's touch of that far side right out of halfway can the butcher boys get another one before halftime Tom Murphy on the field wake up ones down it little bobble there drop down on the 40 arrogant how quick was Natalia picked him out every just right here inside Murray out the back it goes Calma had to jump up the air for it and tires got him she's over the top inside the 30 just right down the short side that's the dummy I could get away from ty last tackle down for central Anderson he's out to Murray cross kick here to tested here for you and he does well the young wing up now he gets away free wood resulting for support coming back in field put your boys defense wrap him up walk down 48 from his own line and they only get a pedal they bury just trying to slow things down all right well she'll find touch inside the final minute here before half-time a chance here for Wes to score one more look Walsh moonstone brought down center field five out Luke boss my mouse inside is Chan O'Donnell brought down on the 10th and that's on the left hand side again Ryan Welsh again – Luke Walsh cutting out past here to Utah let's go on the ground and in the touch that put the Aussie rate for the first half against the hooter all the buzzer and that's halftime here Hargrove up and the major semi-final Rosetta's were going to the sheds 22 pounds to Paul we'll take a quick break here and buy a TV sports and went back with another 10 minutes or so in the second half welcome back here to hire over put your boys back out on the field ready to go for the second half the down 22 points to four the mountain decline but the beauty give a second chance if they're not successful today welcome back Kurt yeah thanks I was just down talking to Mitch Williams himself he has broken ribs he believes it's to also Phil Williams is proud of the effort is new some ways to obviously dig deep in the second half and try and get back into this game thanks could and will done you have come to rise Ellis 40 minutes away from the grand final appearance the hush over gravel at the moment is interesting yesterday a persistent the crowd was very quiet for a young sister home game Alyx language is just a little bit like to join the rest of the time for a Louis maths and signals to the box most ready to go and we're back on the way second period here at Highgrove all major semi final take the event from anything cook just back on the way look either that Sun that Farsight Campbell on the 20 Tyla dirty apply a few more minutes today play this centerfield 25 out from his own line Brett Mary Lou Kerrigan runs into stone and metalia on the short side Bryant know if he's built it while office there to clean it up it's miss waitress equal cigar they even though it was the first tackle a Utah plays it Luke while still looking up we have met him and he spins out of the tackle cook comes again and wraps him up 15 here from the try line bridge dummy half mark to fill up center field bunch of boys there to wrap him up find out from the trial and the Rosetta's numbers both sides together or left Luke Walsh runs on the line links up with Ryan Walker spins out on the tackle finds Walsh again doesn't dummy linking out without Donald Chad O'Donnell here comes across field B finds metalia but county up drools and finds Andrews does it dummy inside pumps away from one it's a good running for Blake Andrews Cameron Anderson seeing a wrap him up so brick off and helping out on a home inside the stone arrogance there to wrap him up last tackle now for West's it's all the way up from the line language that's a mija ryan whilst now it comes back in field he's cutting through and brought down it's a hand over butcher boy survived little defensive effort there from central I think that's the first time in this game they've been able to defend their wine for the whole set the point is Ryan Millgate that corner sort contact there from Herman but he gets the ball away Anderson's there some managed to pick up another meet up it's only worth a cup three meals national sort of penalty Jesse saw at the ten good kick good touch fine are there on that far side the butcher boy is wearing full set booty out kalma start underneath brings you down walk around at the top Marie is Harrigan straps up he's brought down what you've always 15 here from the try line is set deep here to the left they come this way cook rubs on the line thought to be out giving it the Murphy just took the tackle answer guys will run from dummy Harvey can't get away from language Rosie out the back and to fill up do Claudia's away toilet donors picked it up there's 60 go for the butcher boys Bryant goes to the right I just calling up karma almost gets away from the towel advance Marie was Harrigan talked to him on the 10 you guys cook again cooks wrestle down two meters out from the rosette was trial on the charges on the one he's over the line he's got a bird down never put your boys first jar the second huh wait a minute he was gonna hold up the house and look what you boys are back in it 22 points to right just to be a communication there between the referee and he's touched judges just confirming that they have have a try don't be making mistakes at this point of view true so the butcher boys get their second just breathe a little bit of life you know they calls this afternoon that we been hired by so virtually untouched at considering there is a Marie as the extras 22 points to 12 mr. Starkey second off Sam I saw the first half conceding points we've got Mary being able to convert that one man to his message at halftime was keeper knocking down the door and rolling through the middle third and quicken to play the Bulls the better it's gonna be for some language to get out and MCDOT through that's a great take from that corner will be into the Sun for your tip stuff the trump card on the bench only trees also yet to see anything else afternoon how are we gonna get with another carry again slammed into the cricket pitch Murray now back to court cool game shapes the past it takes the tackle last one for central and buries they put this one on it's gone across field let's could go in the hands of Allison how events bounce taps it back infield Bill Gates there and like you just knock today with olive oil that's twice now today that Josh houses just decided to keep the ball over the sidelines I think it might've been wrong no game because I wasn't up that one back yeah it's almost like an AFL play battle over the sidelines and he wait the Rays evel's with possession before you play it just short of half wait that goes nowhere Brian Walsh gets the pi3 now it's come loose and don't know who's gonna die run up the Kody bride's got it the butcher boys full set inside the Rose ellas territory weekend so I bought a Harrigan very good we'll play these thirty out from the treeline shakez one way goes the other fires were thicker the spinning in tackles actually he's brought down I've got numbers on this left-hand side come this right Murray County up past and farms Donahoe waiting on his feet he's brought down dummy half Maori to donate Danny will play this hanging out from the trial I'd come to the left again through Murray short border Murphy defenses if somebody gets the ball away Anderson's got it he also gets it free picking it up Harrigan it's still the last for the butcher boys and that'll be a hearing over probably not the person you want the ball going to um last tackles your front row Luke Harrigan Rick Walsh out there barking orders to his troops now trying to organize them give Matata to play the ball on is 10 Rosetta's help 12 in front normally with dummy have you talked Luke washer she says where I'm walking steps backing off his left brought down on the 41 tree he's first touched the afternoon big role she and help the back to his brother your arm while she runs along frozen lovely pass and these great dangers in a pit of space he's got support Ryan rushes over his side and slams it down oh did he push him up on the put down points to the spark and the Rosetta's get a feel so we're further in front my mulch finishes off they're playing started just from the butcher boys thought they'll back in the contest just push it further ahead still half an hour remaining again foolish just taking his time with the kick our Lancer was now taking the firmware books to be marked a few are coming to the bench as Sam Keenan grabs in the change card number four which has the ball on the tee finally strikes it nicely so another two points editable Rosetta's tele 20 should say 28 points to 10 confused myself have just looked at the scope boys came with me start with the butcher boys back into this one bank on the white Jenna Donald let's bounce a couple of times before giving it to our Lantry contact their Dhoni I never could talk there we get underneath he's met Ervin free put your boys in a wrap him up reach appealing from pedelec not coming BlueCross now making out with Vitali up baking filled the balls come loose not got me from West's central another opportunity scram will crack 45 years raise the ball they come down this short side so it's on I hope arms away from one but he can't get away from the injuries don't directly central very compressed around the ball here with every ten meters in from these far sideline Tom Murphy's mama must be sitting right next to the effects boy if they could have played this ball 15 the out from the Rosa vestroia line come out to the left Maui's with it looks for a runner he finds Murphy again but was a – rapido tomorrow Dhoni the bank – to cook looking for a runner he couldn't find anybody he spins away from walls she's still playing on commas with it karma tries to get away from the temple he does finds cook again Walker's there wraps him up pretty much they started the finish where they've started coming out to the left-hand side now with Murray put some on the tower like great catch from Y and walk up and the pressure off the Rosalie's Tommy mating they're just really entering the field rakita by the looks of it and samstone coming from the field and seemed keen and finally getting involved that left again don't you have cause bread toy he's wrapped up on the 40 that bourbon againi and so I bought here to clean it just come on the field and play this on halfway last taken for West Luke loss with it just the cheapo at the top it's going to fire touch thought it's going to hold up and for a moment the referee may call time off here is the number two for West throughout Utah is out the back receiving some attention from the trainer and what works to me his left arm he's back to his feet so everything looks alright it's going to pack on the 20 back on the way cork it's Donahoe like this just shorter he's 20 Anderson in that dummy ha and go for a run that toy there's a white to it guy like he was there almost had no dummy half madam back in on the field can you spark something for the butcher boys right to the right looking out with cork some he gets the ball away to corner last technical day after central just inside West territory no he waits for it you can put this for sky it's a spire and when you kick good tight there from Utah so it could be attacked away from tomahawk the Graham chain them straight in a Russell liking Andrews maybe contact made from bread rustle again Natalia the good run Luke Welsh this in the line again finds I walk inside the bread tie he's got a bit of space red toys got Kenan in support it's taken the tackle Great Circle from Karen Anderson past tackle for West Luke Walsh again with a ball it's a dodgy one there for Chad O'Donnell he did rather grab it put me on the Rosie let's get a pedal eat the two boys inside the ten it's a more pressure here for the butcher boys that's all I think Brad Murray may have overstepped his mark he is a couple of times his approach to the free to ask some questions and it looks like the referee may have had enough so anything directions bein giving back Mary's way Donald get us back on the right labels now that shackle nine meters out from the butcher boys try line big set coming up here our Lantry back in also undone you've got it language fine time and again he'll charge over analyze Emma's get about about 32 points to Tom cookie the ballgame it was a pretty easy day for many Herman when plans me up there mouthing over here everything could be up me have fun offered them back surely you would without a death we just got to be careful with the way we obviously talk to the players we got to have their respect it's difficult as it's gonna be very careful because we are locked up everyone here's what we say everyone here's what I say fair enough I'll compel myself it is stuff we look to add the extras so we'll ask the extras 40 20 points to ten well you were you just getting just lay down on the side on there I just got a little bit of a dirty look from one of the other referees who's actually on standby for this game in Jake white so he's just running water to the referees cuz he refereed reserved grade today a few celebrity names and the referee works Cameron Smith Carrigan never gonna be tongue-tied back on the way to kick a little taking me from chat I told Herman take the first carry just 20 minutes remaining Lane tree it's in Tacoma Russell underneath I'm it again for another run so coming out to the right hand side now Walsh walking out there without Donald like Andrews cops banking field but he's grab down like Donahoe saying there's no way Italy what was Brett Mari just coming in over the top another opportunity here for the brazils signal from the referee was a strip Brad Martin was over the top so it may have been who else gets us underway that permit the game will take the first heat up it's been busy since you come on our Lantry thirty out from the trial iron the rose Ella's looking for another one Luke Welsh Beckett so I do where Tom only bump away from Russell it bumps away from another shadow Donald will eventually play this six out from the trial on loot blush language gets for a little run from dummy half an amazing try here's the holiday tree and the residents get another 130 right to turn so his boys almost guarantee another weekend off heading to the game final set the butcher pounds on me the going is next week well spoken too soon a few other Cessnock boys are walking around here today I've seen Harry O'Brien and Josh Charles walking around I dare say they'll be quite a few either watching at home or maybe even sitting over in their cars watching this one go down to see who they're going to be facing next week I trust him pretty more than those cars on the other side of the food if you flat batteries if the Billy egg rolls on good Walsh dan will look to add the extras right in front boost on and uh so we have 40 points to team [Applause] just you know we have the prelim final next with a form of the group 7:00 Sunday Murray game of the restart so if your cello Donald again he finds Warren shillings down we play the ball again through the hands an try and walk up inside they're too tight drop down yep Utah the crush it's a little dummy to himself he hasn't had the fact flight dangerous hazard injuries if another who carry the thrill town on the 40 Luke was inside Paul in the terrier last tackle therefore West's loss comes down the short side bit of a trick play there to clean it up Campbell it's only heard from dummy huh fifteen remaining minutes remaining don't you boys get another couple quickly Russell had run from the big front row last take on the office central look there's the main down towards the corner each other they're training the Murphy and Murray still going Goods up being put down to good carry from video Utah who else there's one mate once again making the Blakey andrews's put down Alva gently on the cricket pitch it's the other wing up for you coach Mac my entries give him Luke Walsham le Marquis with Tomic fufu come on back into the action so Ryan Walsh it's down real bad little kick pull up is it touch again [Applause] the good thing you did bring ball from there that's so – with a Westeros Ellis let's go back on the team as you said could Luke washes off the field maybe just keeping even cotton more for the green fawn on me out it's Josh Ellison we're on okay hasn't seen much action today we play the pole there dummy half come into the lifting so I would freak out let's try hard today come up this left hand side again go back and fill the madam madam gets up all the way to corner and corner with a special pass help back to Anderson it's been put down on that far side of a scramble pack so someone's down and you'd be pretty hurt scam Anderson can really score plenty of Troyes is she what a machine next week there's another game of footy going on over the hill my 30 kids involved between the carts just watch out for the Tobias boys memories have been six years old wind down the sideline so to speak nothing in front of me except the towbar innocence back on his feet which is good news back on the way Ryan Walsh now thinking up here with where Utah what'd he find out that was looking for another try maybe Natalia or you put your boys in the tackle when greed runs across 45 climb walls it's up here chato Donald read tiny out 20 yet from the try line Ryan Walker Tama Cooper eventually we made the plant 12 out wine Welsh shapes also passing up the sand cane and Pat met Saudia charges onto it and slams the ball down Rosie let's get another extend the lead to 44 points to 10 the referee was going to make a tackle there make sure any of those boys have ever made a tackle in their life let alone in the first grade again it's been a clinical day for West Rosetta's I haven't had a week off at all how do you stop West thank you for the ball how you do that I don't know maybe they go back to the olden days but they didn't have six tackles receive it just hang on the way West have done at the central so there is a way to do it just finding that way to do it as Ryan walking now comes from the field seems our been stone heads back yet with Walsh to take the kid well strikes it nicely straight between the sticks another two points Rosella strong 46 points to 10 just replace one walsh with another walsh boys they've had an outstanding game tonight Bradbury get things back on the white as we head into the final ten minutes here the major semi-final again a good tight down there from chat I don't feel like Utah again now they could carry getting out by over the 30 cheerio I'm self Madden but Bradbury draws him back in the tackle Lauren Chili's driving on the tackle another good run here eventually brought down right on halfway camp the right hand side Ryan Walsh so I pulled into town here canvass got him underneath Tommy Cooper up damn quickly Cody bright masked was about to be the last tackle what we got a penalty going the butcher boys wait what's that signal Kurt didn't stand up to play the ball so balancing control our words that the referee would have most likely used there you sign up yours the fireside it gets us on the way tell me how it's like yeah plenty of West Jersey's again in their degree getting on the short side cook roaster the line again of all he's gonna get driven over the side line very close to it no one's calling up Calma wrestling in the tackle eventually will be stopped I have to play the ball 35 up unit dummy half now finds cook again saw it comes innocent and gets the ball away to Murphy again the defense again is there that's the right hand side again with cook there's a nice cut out pastor Allison who cuts back in he's running towards the line he's over but held up getting great defense from the Rosetta's you think the store I was locked up attend all of that effort and saying that both teams never used all eight interchanges with Marta for replacing apartment out here and the 14 from central work Harrigan going on to the nine Cody Bryant which machine will cause a reshuffle to Central's path sweet Cody Bryan on the sideline they're just getting a bit of attention from the trainer Josh Olsen also looks to be a pound on that far side with his left arm getting treated by training dari sorry good over there just a little holdup here back on the way to you with another rum we got help so five minutes remaining Kurt who's been you pick you up there for the Rosetta's ain't Chad O'Donnell's been pretty good today and Warren shillings up front so few players just circling around the gun Philip I think Tommy Madden's been pretty good from central as well I suppose it last week so the proving final next week it's a John over central New Castle and the Cessnock go in is make sure he gets to send John next Sunday okay again please help from the field smoke that will reduce them to 12 on the failures you're making it even harder in this final six months when it doesn't go your way there's a better way unfortunately for central and the tough afternoon of the office central could be after a whole new bench if Harrigan Bryant and Williams are all out next week with Tyler Dhoni the only remaining player on the bench for central chato Donald 40:20 Leavitt Anderson's across in the nick of time he's driven back in the defense Millgate luckily he was there to clean up now they're gonna drive Millgate back this is hang on a minute it's been a knock on ken west crack the half century here so there's a fair chance you've put your boys on the every tour over the field so ground still hanging around well there's a few empty spots me on the hill the locals they're enjoying what they sing this afternoon back on the white wine Walsh looking out here with keno she was to step inside the Donoho's Gotti over the top just trying to hang on as long as they can all stay on the short side does a dummy but Donoho's got him again so at the final four language dummy half runs across field science Lantry Lantry now could push his way over the try line here he's over just needs to ground the ball but somehow it's and takes the football they have to strip inside the try line and they only get a penalty here central yes Oh in the act of scoring a try he can steal the ball with as many players in the tackle as I want which is what coming English and just did their central foreign touch get things underway on the twenty Campbell right people for now Lantry and not done with you yet West's at one another one now Murphy's run into a brick wall so I'm mad at I think it goes to cook fires a long passing out that Millgate it's a way for the tackle of for you so again on the short side cook shakes one way there's the other and just throws me out the back end and cleans it up I'll play it just short of halfway mari as ivories head and something matted spills it it was gonna be playing old surly free I've already blown the whistle we'll have another scrum we see our entry down here questioning what happened down the other end because not a lot of people would know that part where you can actually steal the ball while in the act of scoring a try scram will pack my photo was right well he's an opportunity for curtly correcting that I still got one building right this afternoon why they had a 10-8 there Brian Wolfe in fact it's chat at Donald slides at the same Kanan he's Brett tiny out I will play this summer 30 Enon in a dummy ha Oh Donald marked a fool still wrestling in the tackle to fill up and to bring down mountains trying to go from the stripper to fill up pictures another 10 meters rolled out from the line now Langtry goes to the left looks for a runner he finds O'Donnell there's a chance here Chad O'Donnell slams it down and the Roosevelts hit 50 [Applause] it's pretty much do us on the phone or middle of play it's been a very good afternoon for the western suburbs Rose else who will book another birth in the new council Rugby League grand font they missed out last year was up 2017 last tasted success in 2014 opportunity to have another trophies at the cabinet for the butcher boys I'll have to wait another week going to make a grand final so the who the sounds they'll be marked to foo up to line up the kick here at goal this will be interesting what do you reckon to be back any minute he's throwing what what grass is left on hawk arrival at the end just just to see which way the winds going thank inch to floor back at home will be waiting to see if this one sails across the dot or not and could be a laugh over tea as he moves in strike okay it's coming around but too much so that's the ball game here at Hargrove all the major semi-final where summers rosette is too strong 50 points to 10 and they'll put the birth in next week's cool in a fortnight's time at the grand final the century will take on cyst on next week in the pre limits in China Kurt it's been great having you here in the coverage hope you enjoyed it first this time the barttv contra box it's been good didn't say let's do it even though well they might thanks for jumping in at last minute so full time here at Harker over western summers resembles to got 50 points to 10 there into the grand final the central take on Cessnock next week the prelim final Paul arendale Curt Grogan signing off we'll catch you next week on bar TV sports [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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