2019 DUP Party Election Broadcast – European Election.

2019 DUP Party Election Broadcast - European Election.

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Party Election Broadcast for the Democratic Unionist Party candidate Diane Dodds in the 2019 European Election.
Reject the Backstop
Defend the Union
Deliver Brexit.

I almost three years ago the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union since then some have tried to ignore the will of the people and called for another referendum it's time they respected the people and implemented the will of the people whether you voted leave or remain this election is about sending a message to London and Brussels that the will of the British people must be respected it's time to tell them again help us defend the Union and deliver brexit die on dogs has firmly established as the voice for Northern Ireland and Brussels she has been a voice for farmers and fishermen spoken up on issues such as the persecution of Christians and human trafficking Diane has delivered for community organizations and sporting clubs from every corner of Northern Ireland to ensure that they got the best day from Brussels in addition she has been instrumental in linking victims here with the innocent victims of terrorism from across Europe ever since Diane has been a local councillor here in the Shankill Road she has been a great friend in the circle in the center not only just at election time but all year round any time that we've needed help she's always been there Diana's been a great ambassador for cochlear Emin Centre for a number of years in fact our centre manager is currently in Rasmus project which I am initiated a number of years ago from Lauren Dallas on escape from Newton arts Nibelungs dan has held advice clinics and seminars to help rural dwellers older people and businesses secure new funding DUP MPs have stood strong for Northern Ireland in Parliament and this election can help to strengthen our hand we want a sensible deal as we prepare to leave the EU but we say no to trade barriers within the United Kingdom it is in no one's interest that we are separated from our biggest market in Great Britain and are excluded from future UK trade deals Northern Ireland needs a voice that can work with others to achieve the best outcome for everyone to deliver for Northern Ireland it must be a voice working alongside our government in London and our executive in Belfast at this election vote for the strongest the most experienced unionist voice in Europe vote to send a clear message to London and Brussels on the 23rd of may vote Diane Dodds 1 help us to defend the union and deliver breakfast you

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  1. I'm genuinely interested in how you think the UK / EU border in Ireland will work without putting unnecessary pressure on the peace you've had for the passed 20 years.

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