2017 CDL General Knowledge Exam Prep 50 Questions & Answers

2017 CDL General Knowledge Exam Prep 50 Questions & Answers

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2017 CDL General Knowledge Exam Prep 50 Questions & Answers
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20:17 CDL general knowledge exam study prep 50 questions and answers this is very Britton and thanks for watching my video I really appreciate it I was hoping you could do me a favor maybe you could subscribe and enable notifications the way that you do that is please click on subscribe button and after you do that would you please click on the Bell to enable notifications that's right next to this to the subscribe button then you'll see a little box please click on the check box and then please click Save and then you've enabled notifications you can get notifications of future videos from me thank you so much okay let's get started going over our CDL questions number one when should you downshift for a curve you should downshift before entering the curve 2 what is true about down shifting before you reach a long downhill grade down shifting helps prevent the brakes from overheating and losing brake power 3 how can you know you have the engine speed and road speed to shift gears by using the sound of the engine to know when to shift you know you have the engine speed and road speed to shift gears what is the purpose of brake retarders brake retarders are to help slow down the vehicle and to reduce brake wear 5 should you turn the returners off when the road is wet or snow-covered yes the returners may cause a skid 6 how far head should you look while driving you should look 12 to 15 seconds ahead of you while driving 7 what is a good reason for knowing what the traffic is doing on all sides you need to have room to change lanes or stop 8 should you always be looking into the distance ahead no you should shift your attention back and forth near and far nine what is a problem that you can have when using your mirrors there are blind spots that your mares cannot show you ten where do you place the three reflector triangles on a two-lane road within ten feet of the rear and a hundred feet to the rear and 100 feet to the front or 100 feet from the front 11 where do you place the three reflector triangles on a divided highway place them to the rear within ten feet and a hundred feet and 200 feet what are three factors of total stopping distance with hydraulic brakes perception reaction and distance brake braking distance so again that's perception reaction and braking distance 13 what should you do if your vehicle hydroplanes release the accelerator and push in the clutch 14 how long does it take to stop a heavy vehicle going 55 miles per hour on dry level Road about the length of a football field or six seconds 15 what is probably your best driving speed traffic is moving 35 miles per hour and a 55 miles per hour zone 35 miles per hour is probably your best driving speed how does tire pressure affect hydroplaning hydroplaning is more likely to occur when tire pressure is low 17 how many times more distance does it take to stop when speed is doubled four times as much distance it takes to stop when speed is doubled 18 what is a good rule as to the speed you should go when driving at night you should be able to stop within the range of your headlights when driving over 40 miles per hour how much space should you keep in front of you at least one second for 10 feet of your vehicle link+ one second 20 what are some things to do if you are being tailgated avoid quick changes and a force of speed or direction 21 why can you never assume you will clear the heights hosted at overpasses because some roads can cause your vehicle to tilt 22 you wish to turn right and you must swing wide you should turn wide as you complete the turn 23 if you are turning left which lane should you use of a 2 left turn lanes use the right-hand Lane 24 at night where can you look to avoid the glare of oncoming traffic try to look at the right side of the road and watch the sidelines 25 what are some items to check especially before driving in winter weather coolant level and windshield washer and antifreeze how often should you check your tire when driving in very hot weather you should check your tires every 2 hours or every 100 miles 27 how does how do you lessen chances of having to make sudden moves to avoid hazards watch far enough ahead so hazards can be anticipated 20 what is a good policy for using your brakes when pulling off of the road try to avoid using your brakes until your speed has dropped to about 20 miles per hour 29 and making a quick turn what is a point to remember do not apply the brake when you are turning 30 what is controlled braking controlled braking is applying the brakes as hard as you can without locking the wheels 31 what is the major cause of most serious kids driving too fast for road conditions 32 what is the only way to stop a four wheel skid let the vehicle slow down stop turning and stop breaking so hard if you want probably 33 if you think that a tire has blown out you should do in stopping pretty tricky if you think that a tire has blown out what should you do in stopping hold steering wheel firmly and don't touch brakes until the vehicle has slowed 34 what should you do when using a fire extinguisher to fight a fire aim at the base of a fire 35 as a driver for what are you responsible regarding your cargo you are responsible for inspecting your cargo and knowing that it is securely tied down and covered often should cargo inspections be made after every break during driving 37 what is a what is important about the center of gravity of a load a high center of gravity means you are more likely to tip over 38 what can happen if you do not have enough weight on the steering axle this can make the vehicle hard to steer 39 what is the maximum distance between tie-downs to prevent cargo shifting to prevent cargo shifting tie-down every 10 feet 40 what is the minimum number of tie-downs that you should have you should have at least two tie-downs 41 what is the purpose of cargo blocking and bracing to keep cargo from sliding and falling and getting out of balance 42 unless you show your logbook to officers yes 43 how do you test hydraulic brakes for leaks with vehicle stop with the vehicle stop come brake pedal three times apply firm pressure hold for five seconds how do you test hydraulic brakes four they're stopping action go about five miles per hour then push the brake pedal firmly 45 what is the minimum amount of tread depth that your tire should have 4/32 inches on front wheels and 2/32 on others 46 when checking tires what are some problems that you should look for bad where cuts or other damage tread separation cracked valve stems 47 what are some steering system defects to look for missing nuts or bolts or cotter keys or other parts 48 what are some defects to look for into in the suspension system spring hangers that are cracked or broken 49 in holding a steering wheel what is the proper way to place your hands firmly with your hands on opposite sides of the wheel 50 what are some things to do when you are backing your vehicle look at your path back slowly back straight back okay that concludes these questions thank you so much and have a great day you

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  1. Hey I have a question what should I study first for my cdl permit? I’m confused I don’t know if I’m studying for test that I won’t need . . Should I only study the general knowledge. I need the steps to what should I be studying and what should I learn for the cdl permit I’m in Philadelphia thank Barry

  2. I’m trying to get my cdl class b to be a concrete mix truck driver. Is the test long? & what exact study guide should I be studying for ? I heard it’s only 2 exams the general knowledge and air breaks…. please let me know

  3. Hey Barry ! What's steps do I need to get my cdl class A license in Delaware and also does your questions and answers videos is also for someone like myself who's lives in Delaware !

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