(1/1) Taranis Q X7 Radio: Tips for setting up a new radio (from Banggood.com)

(1/1) Taranis Q X7 Radio: Tips for setting up a new radio (from Banggood.com)

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You can see the radio link we used to order ours here – radio:

You can download the SD card contents from the FrSky site using this link –

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27 thoughts on “(1/1) Taranis Q X7 Radio: Tips for setting up a new radio (from Banggood.com)”

  1. Great review, bought one a while ago, to be honest I'm still using my flysky fs-i6x. I was in the air within 10mins with my flysky. Frsky…2 hrs and counting.. 😤

  2. Great videos, thanks. I'm new to Taranis so these videos are most helpful. I've been advised to purchase the Q7 and the Xr8 receiver for my easystar2. I am fitting an action cam and using flaperons etc and need more than the 6 channels I currently have . Would you agree that this TX and rx is the way forward? Thanks again. Mick.

  3. Hello Pianlesa360! Does this Transmitter support L9R and S8R Receiver?
    Thank you and waiting for your response.
    And which receiver would you suggest for a fixed wing with this Transmitter

  4. Nice clear setup lesson, but I have the same transmitter with X8R receiver and 2 turnigy R/C switches for 2different leds circuit on and of, and now I wouldt like to let work the 2 switches because nothing happend til now. bnd is OK Pixhawk is OK so what is wrong in the settings, and how should I handle.

  5. Good afternoon. I'm a new owner of a Qx7 and I have a port near the bottom on the right side (on the angled part of the radio) that is not on the radio in your video. Do you have any idea what this port does? This is not mentioned in the manual either. Thanks for your fantastic videos on opentx, it's made the learning experience quite enjoyable.

  6. Hi Painless , love the videos. have you done one on setting up a two servo wing using two channels on the Q X 7 ?
    I've Got both working but I can't get the duel rates to work on both channels. Many thanks.

  7. OK.. so I realise that this is a year on, but am having difficulties. Have the Q X7S and the first thing I noticed is that they have incorporated a piece of foam in the supplied 7.2v NiMH battery pack (under the shrink wrap plastic) – Kudos Painless360. Next thing is that they re-designed frsky-rc.com website so your link doesn't work. Next, there are no SD Card contents available for the Q X7S and the TX does not come with a pre-installed microSD card. Do I use the Q X7 SD Card download for my Q X7S? Last but not least, they say that OpenTX 2.2.0 is pre installed and call it opentx-x7s – is this a customised version of OpenTX and would I be best served going to open-tx.org and downloading Companion, Sounds and Firmware from them? Finally, OpenTX.org mention the Q X7 and not the Q X7S (compatibilty list) – please help 🙂

  8. Hi again just watched the video with the qx7 and s6r… my umx timber is bnf with the irangex which binds okay and all surfaces move as intended but still struggling on setting up as3x and safe….anymore pointers….all reviews on youtube describe it as being awesome!!! but everyone seems to be using spektrum and i have just got rid of my dx6i which was getting beyond it's use… anymore pointers? cheers Alan

  9. Hi thanks for your videos on the QX7 which i just received as a birthday present along with a umx timber. I would love to see a video on a full plane setup including flaps, as3x and safe mode. I can pull bits and pieces from the net but not enough to put it all together. A video showing one being done from start to finish would be a wonderful template. In anticipation…

  10. Just ordered one today, looking forward to watching your series and learning everything I can about the radio. Seems a little overwhelming but cant wait. Thanks.

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